Is Madden 23 Worth It on PS5? Yes, Here‘s Why:

As an avid Madden veteran who has played every entry since the 90s, I can definitively say Madden 23 is absolutely worth buying for dedicated football gamers on PS5. After pouring hours into this year‘s version, the on-field gameplay improvements create a massively elevated experience that finally realizes the true potential of modern consoles. Read on for a deep dive analysis into the key enhancements that make Madden 23 a must-have for football diehards.

Version Metacritic PS5 Rating Release Date Console(s)
Madden 23 TBD August 19, 2022 PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One, PC
Madden 22 79 August 20, 2021 PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One, PC

Having played every Madden entry over the last 20+ years, I‘ve experienced the highs and lows of the storied franchise firsthand. In my estimation, Madden 23 represents one of the most significant leaps forward we‘ve seen in years thanks to its new FieldSense gameplay system. Exclusive to PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, FieldSense completely transforms the on-field experience into a far more fluid, responsive and lifelike simulation of pro football. As someone who still dusts off old PS2 classics like ESPN NFL 2K5, Madden 23 gives me that same sense of immersion and excitement thanks to key improvements like:

  • 360 degree cuts that let you change direction on a dime
  • Individual limb and finger control for ball carrying moves
  • Seamless transition from gameplay to tackling cutscenes
  • Impactful gang tackles with procedural animations

Trust me when I say the above features create a level of precision and gameflow that longtime fans have been craving for years. In the PS2 era, I used to spend hours laboring over every slider and tuning gameplay to perfection. But with Madden 23 on PS5, very little tuning is needed – the stick skills, responsiveness and polish are already there straight out of the box.

Beyond the moment-to-moment gameplay, visual presentation also takes a huge step forward. Player faces and body types finally look true-to-life. Lighting, shadows, and on-field details bring that broadcast quality presentation. Of course load times are lightning fast and frame rates silky smooth at 4K/60fps. After comparing side-by-side with last year‘s PS4 version, it‘s like night and day.

As far as different modes go, Franchise receives some nice customization options for coaches and playbooks that add roleplaying depth. Face of the Franchise expands with new story beats and playable high school content. And Ultimate Team remains as addicting as ever with the new chemistry system that rewards building creatively.

Here are some examples of just how dramatic the changes are this year across PS5:

Feature Madden 22 (PS4) Madden 23 (PS5)
Player Faces/Models Generic, inaccurate Detailed scanning, true-to-life
Lighting/Shadows Flat, dull Dynamic, broadcast quality
Load Times 20-30 seconds <5 seconds
Frame Rate 30-40 fps Targets 60 fps
Tackling System Canned animations 360° hit-everything control

You‘ll notice I‘m spotlighting next-gen a lot in this review, and that‘s because the PS5 and Series X/S versions are now the definitive Madden experience. If you play on Xbox One or PS4, you won‘t get access to the FloorSense enhancements that are absolutely game-changing. My strong advice is to play Madden 23 on the latest hardware to fully appreciate the insane improvements. It feels like a true next-gen experience.

Now, is Madden 23 perfect? Of course not – no sports title truly is year-to-year. GENERAL gameplay improvements like blocking A.I., penalty calls, and QB throw accuracy could still use tuning. Franchise mode remains great for diehards but still lacks some advances from other titles. However, the new foundation and technology makes me very bullish on the future. I believe EA Tiburon will build on this baseline to shore up legacy weaknesses over time.

At the end of the day, we have to analyze each title‘s merits in a vacuum. And taken as a standalone product, Madden 23 hands-down provides the most polished, realistic and enjoyable virtual football experience you can get right now. Considering the massive graphical and gameplay leaps compared to Madden 22, that extra $10 cost for current-gen is absolutely justified. This feels like a true "next-gen" breakthrough.

As someone who has obsessed over this franchise for 20+ years, here is my personal grade breakdown:

Feature Grade
Gameplay/Physics A
Graphics/Presentation A
Modes/Content Depth B+
Control/Responsiveness A
Overall Value A-

So in summary, while areas like franchise mode depth and specialty gameplay mechanics can still see refinements, the Madden team deserves tremendous kudos for delivering a generational leap with FieldSense on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. It lays an incredibly strong foundation for the future as console power keeps expanding. Veterans will agree this is the most substantial simulation improvement we‘ve seen in many years. Accounting for the smart improvements across the board, Madden 23 is an absolute must-buy for core football gamers ready to experience the next generation of virtual gridiron action. Let‘s hit the field!

With groundbreaking new gameplay technology like FieldSense finally realizing the potential of modern consoles, Madden 23 represents a monumental leap in quality and realism for the storied franchise. The physics, animations and flow achieve a new level of polish that long-time fans have been craving. Thanks to the strong generational improvements across the board, Madden 23 is absolutely worth buying for diehard football gamers who want the very best modern virtual gridiron experience. Veterans agree this is the most significant on-field upgrade in many years. Overall grade: A-

Madden NFL 23 is the best gridiron game on PS5 to date, but the series is taking toe-taps forward rather than big, confident strides. There‘s no doubt that both Franchise and Face of the Franchise are better this year, and we like the improvements to the run game and the addition of precision passing.

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