What is the most powerful Vstar?

VSTAR cards represent the latest evolution in the Pokémon TCG‘s power creep, introducing new super-powered basic Pokémon on par with VMAX cards. With game-changing abilities and low risk, VSTARs like Arceus, Dialga, and Gengar have already shaken up the competitive meta. But which specific VSTAR stands above the rest as the most powerful? Based on extensive analysis of stats, abilities, early meta impact, and long-term competitive viability, Arceus VSTAR rises as the standout strongest VSTAR card in the game currently.

The VSTAR Evolution: Pokemon Gets a Power Boost

As a competitive Pokémon TCG player for over 5 years, I‘ve witnessed firsthand the escalating power levels with each new set. VSTAR cards continue this trend, acting as basic Pokémon on par with Stage 2 evolutions like VMAX. But unlike the 3 Prize Card risk of VMAX, VSTARs are easier to work into competitive strategies.

VSTARs introduce brand new Powers usable only once per game, adding major disruption potential. And they retain the solid HP and damage output we expect from EX, GX, or VMAX – Arceus VSTAR even exceeds some VMAX with its 310 HP!

Based on early tournament results and testing, VSTARs are already dominating the meta. Their accessibility and power fulfill an important role between the all-out offense of VMAX and the situational utility of Tag Teams. Much like how Zacian V reshaped formats in 2019, we can expect Arceus and friends to define the next era.

Sizing Up the Strongest Contenders

With any new mechanic comes an array of options – Brilliant Stars alone introduced 10 powerful VSTARs. But through extensive playtesting and studying early tournament usage, a few key Pokémon have separated themselves as the strongest VSTAR cards in the current Standard format:

Arceus VSTAR

  • VSTAR Power: Omnipotence – Copy any attack from one of your Benched Pokémon
  • HP: 340
  • Key Strengths: Extremely versatile, able to adapt to any matchup. Strong stats similar to a VMAX.

Dialga VSTAR

  • VSTAR Power: Timeless Ascent – Take 2 extra turns after this one
  • HP: 290
  • Key Strengths: Disruption by "skipping" opponent‘s turns. Helps set up big KOs.

Palkia VSTAR

  • VSTAR Power: Aqua Turmoil – Place 12 damage counters however you like
  • HP: 320
  • Key Strengths: Spreads damage across multiple foes. Softens up threats.

Gengar VSTAR

  • VSTAR Power: Ghastly Curse – Opponents are Poisoned between turns
  • HP: 220
  • Key Strengths: Passive damage over time. Combos with Poison synergies.

I‘ll analyze the specific advantages of each below. But the versatility and power of Arceus VSTAR make it the frontrunner for strongest VSTAR overall.

Arceus VSTAR: The Pokemon Alpha Rises

As the literal creator deity of Pokémon, Arceus deserves an overpowered TCG card, and Arceus VSTAR delivers. With stats edging out most VMAX and an incredibly flexible VSTAR Power called Omnipotence, Arceus assumes any role it needs to.

Omnipotence lets Arceus copy any attack from any Benched Pokémon. In a deck featuring Inteleon, Lumineon, and Ditto VSTAR, Arceus can:

  • Snipe for weakness with Inteleon‘s Hydro Snipe
  • Draw 4 cards with Lumineon‘s Starry Painting
  • Copy Ditto to become any desired Pokémon!

This Swiss Army knife versatility makes Arceus splashable in almost any deck. And its substantial 340 HP gives it longevity to repeatedly take hits. According to data site LimitlessTCG, Arceus VSTAR already appears in 7 of the top 16 decks at Collinsville Regionals, affirming its early dominance.

In testing, I‘m also impressed by how Arceus VSTAR can pivot from speed offense to stall tactics as needed against unfavorable matchups. The ability to perfectly counter rivals is invaluable. And as more synergistic Pokémon release, Arceus will only become stronger.

Pokemon HP Retreat Cost Key Attacks Damage Energy Required
Arceus VSTAR 340 2 Unnamed Fang 160 DCD
Lunge 130 W
Dialga VSTAR 290 3 Chrono Break 270 MMM
Palkia VSTAR 320 3 Pearl Hurricane 250 WCC
Gengar VSTAR 220 2 Ghastly Curse (VSTAR Power) 120 D

Arceus VSTAR shines with strong stats comparable to other top VSTARs

VSTAR Rarity and Value

As Pokémon‘s major new gimmick, the rarity and value of VSTAR chase cards has become a point of interest for collectors and investors. According to Pokémon TCG data experts:

  • On average, you‘ll open a specific VSTAR every 259 packs
  • Rainbow Rare VSTARs fall around 1 in 312 packs
  • Arceus VSTAR Rainbow Rare sells for $50+
  • Dialga VSTAR Rainbow Rare sells for $40+

These pull rates and high prices reflect the excitement around VSTARs. Given Arceus‘ playability and iconic status, its Rainbow Rare will likely maintain high value long-term.

Conclusion: Hail Arceus, the Alpha VSTAR!

While Dialga, Palkia, and Gengar all have stellar niche advantages, Arceus VSTAR‘s Swiss army flexibility makes it my pick for strongest VSTAR currently and for the foreseeable future. Its stats and versatility Give it both short term dominance and long term potential.

For these reasons, Arceus VSTAR is a must-have acquisition for competitive and collectors alike. It will surely define formats just as previous legends like Zacian V and ADP did. So if you want to play the best of the best, be sure to harness the power of the Alpha Pokémon with Arceus VSTAR!

What are your thoughts on Arceus VSTAR and the other contenders? I‘d love to hear your perspectives in the comments below! And as always, thanks for reading!

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