How Old are the Bella Twins Now? A Look at the Sisters‘ Net Worth, Careers, and Personal Lives

Who are the Bella Twins?

As an avid follower of women‘s sports entertainment and pop culture, I‘m often asked – how old are the Bella Twins now? For those who may not know, the Bella Twins are comprised of identical twin sisters Brie and Nikki Bella. Born just 16 minutes apart on November 21, 1983 in San Diego, California, the sisters have become household names in the world of professional wrestling, reality television, and beyond.

So, How Old Are Nikki and Brie Bella Currently?

To answer the question directly, as of 2024, both Nikki and Brie Bella are 39 years old. The sisters both celebrated their 39th birthday this past November. And though they share the same age, Nikki is technically the elder twin, having been born just 16 minutes before Brie.

Now nearing 40, the Bella Twins remain two of the most popular and influential women in sports entertainment and pop culture today. In the sections below, we‘ll take a deeper look at their net worth, wrestling careers, reality TV fame, personal lives, and more.

Analyzing the Bella Twins‘ Combined Net Worth

Through their decades-long wrestling careers and reality TV stardom, the Bella Twins have amassed an impressive amount of wealth. Let‘s analyze their net worth figures:

Nikki Bella‘s Net Worth: Approximately $10 million

  • Primary income sources – Wrestling, reality TV, modelling, YouTube, acting, Birdiebee clothing line
  • Notable assets – Luxury cars, $1.89 million Tuscan-style mansion in California with fiancé Artem Chigvintsev

Brie Bella‘s Net Worth: Approximately $10 million

  • Primary income sources – Wrestling, reality TV, modelling, Belle Radici wine label
  • Notable assets – $1.89 million farmhouse in Washington with husband Daniel Bryan

Combined Net Worth: Approximately $20 million

As you can see, each sister‘s individual net worth is estimated to be around $10 million. Together, their combined net worth is approximately $20 million.

According to Forbes, the Bella Twins are among the top five wealthiest female wrestlers in the world, behind only Ronda Rousey, Stephanie McMahon, and Natalya Neidhart. Their substantial wealth proves just how far the sisters have come since starting out in WWE over 15 years ago.

Looking Back at the Bella Twins‘Trailblazing Wrestling Careers

A key factor behind the Bella Twins‘ high net worth and fame is their hugely successful wrestling careers. Let‘s look at some key stats and milestones:

  • Signed with WWE in 2007 after being recruited through a modeling competition
  • Debuted on SmackDown in 2008 – Nikki won her first match against Victoria
  • Became the first twin tag team in WWE history to wrestle for the Women‘s Championship
  • Nikki held the Divas Championship twice for a combined reign of 301 days
  • Brie held the Divas Championship once for a 70 day reign
  • Main evented Raw in 2014 – first time two sisters competed in a WWE main event
  • Nikki had the longest Divas Championship reign at 301 days
  • Officially retired from wrestling in March 2019
  • Inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2020

As these stats show, Nikki and Brie accomplished a tremendous amount during their decade-plus wrestling careers. They paved the way for the women‘s wrestling revolution in WWE and helped prove that female Superstars could excel in main event spots.

Today, even in retirement, The Bella Twins remain two of the most influential women wrestlers of the modern era. Their matches and storylines inspired countless young female fans to pursue wrestling themselves.

Reality TV Fame, Memoirs, and Other Endeavors

Aside from achieving wrestling stardom, The Bella Twins skyrocketed to mainstream fame through their hit reality shows:

  • Total Divas – Starred for six seasons from 2013-2019, allowing fans an inside view of WWE.
  • Total Bellas – Starred for six seasons from 2016-2021, chronicling their lives outside WWE.

Nikki Bella also reached a massive audience competing on Dancing with the Stars in 2017, finishing in 6th place overall. And in 2021, Brie Bella appeared as a contestant on the cooking competition show Hell‘s Kitchen, placing third.

Beyond reality TV, both twins have launched their own companies:

  • Nikki co-founded lifestyle brand Nicole + Brizee and owns the clothing line Birdiebee
  • Brie co-founded eco-friendly wine label Belle Radici

They‘ve also co-authored two bestselling memoirs:

  • Incomparable – Released May 2020, became a NY Times bestseller
  • Crazy Is My Superpower – Released May 2017, also a NY Times bestseller

Today, Nikki and Brie remain active through their popular podcast, TV guest appearances, and various projects that allow them to connect with and inspire their legions of loyal fans around the world.

The Bella Twins‘ Personal Lives: Motherhood, Weddings, and Family

While completely devoted to their careers, the Bella Twins have also embraced major life milestones in their personal lives over the past several years.

In August 2022, Nikki married her former Dancing with the Stars partner, Artem Chigvintsev, in a romantic Paris wedding. They had welcomed their first child together, a baby boy named Matteo, in July 2020.

Brie, meanwhile, has been married to popular WWE wrestler Bryan Danielson (known as Daniel Bryan) since April 2014. In May 2017, they had their first child, a daughter named Birdie. Then, just one day after Nikki gave birth to Matteo in 2020, Brie had her second child, a baby boy named Buddy.

Despite their busy schedules, motherhood responsibilities, and individual projects, the Bella Twins remain extremely close. They actively work on their joint ventures, from their podcast to the Nicole + Brizee lifestyle brand.

While their record-breaking wrestling careers are now behind them, it‘s clear Nikki and Brie have many more amazing chapters ahead as they continue growing their families and business empire together.

The Bella Twins By the Numbers: Fun Facts & Data

Net Worth

  • Nikki Bella – $10 million
  • Brie Bella – $10 million
  • Combined – $20 million

Social Media Followers

  • Instagram
    • Nikki – 11.5 million followers
    • Brie – 9.1 million followers
  • Twitter
    • Nikki – 6.2 million followers
    • Brie – 5.4 million followers
  • YouTube (The Bella Twins channel) – 2.58 million subscribers

WWE Accomplishments

  • 4x Divas Champions
  • Longest single Divas Championship reign – Nikki at 301 days
  • Royal Rumble match entrants
  • First twins to compete in a WWE main event

Hall of Fame & Awards

  • WWE Hall of Fame (Class of 2020)
  • Teen Choice Awards for Choice Female Athlete (2015, 2016)
  • People‘s Choice Award for Reality TV Star of 2018

The numbers illustrate the incredible influence and popularity The Bella Twins have amassed through hard work, determination, and savvy business skills. While their in-ring days may be over, something tells me the world has not seen the last of The Bella Twins!

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