19 Hottest Girls to Follow on Instagram

Can you handle the top hottest girls and models on Instagram?

1. Cindy Kimberly

The Dutch-born famous model, former babysitter, and fan-favorite; Cindy Kimberly is all of 1.75m tall. The 21-year-old didn’t miss out on the opportunity to convert her Justin Bieber shout out into fame. With a fan base of a rising 6 million Instagram followers and 484 posts, she once was linked to Tyga.
Cindy Kimberly

2. Yovanna Ventura

Yovanna Ventura is arguably one of the hottest girls on Instagram. With a niche covered, the fitness model has a budding 5.5 million followers. The multiracial star with 621 posts has had an ingrained love for modeling since she was young. Yovanna is 5.8 inches tall. She also holds an American nationality.
Yovanna Ventura

3. Valeria Orsini

The scantily clad American model can be seen taunting her 4.4milion Instagram followers. Never seem to run out scintillating content to tease her audience, the 29-year-old Valeria Orsini is also a fitness trainer. She puts in the work as seen in her over 3,340 posts on Instagram.
Valeria Orsini

4. Emily Garcia

The self-acclaimed digital influencer boasts of a strong 4.4m fan base with her 578 posts. Her hot pictures with drop-dead gorgeous backdrops can be seen through her Instagram page. Emily Garcia is of Brazilian roots and has stolen the hearts of many since she came into the modeling scene. She holds a few ambassadorial positions.
Emily Garcia

5. Arianny Celeste

The 34-year-old Arianny Celeste, adorned in her ring-girl outfits, is a darling on UFC. Standing at a whopping 1.6m followers, she once modeled for a Playboy publication. The founder of GirlfriendBox has over 5500 posts as seen on her Instagram page. Arianny is also a fitness model. She has shown us over and again that style is ageless!
Arianny Celeste

6. Valentina Vignali

Valentina Vignali easily makes the list of the hottest girls on Instagram. With the followership of 2.3m and 3409 posts, Valentina has won our hearts over with her caramel eyes and her penchant for picturesque backdrops. The 29-year-old Italian model is a basketball enthusiast and can be seen playing on her Instagram page.
Valentina Vignali

7. Erika Gray

The famously acclaimed Brazilian model, Erika Gray has been said to close in resemblance with Kim Kardashian. Known for her love for fashion, this Instagram star has collaborated with fashion-forward brands, like Veve Swimwear in the past. The fitness model who has over 700 posts and a 2.3million followership and climbing on Instagram, is certainly a star.
Erika Gray

8. Natasha Oakley

@tasoakley on Instagram is another hot girl to look out for. A fashion and lifestyle blogger, Natasha Oakley is known for her ‘A Bikini A Day' blog, co-founded with her friend David Brugman in 2014. The Australian born Natasha is an Instagram model that appreciates the little things of life. She has donned the cover page of magazines like Modeliste.
Natasha Oakley

9. Jennajenovich

The polyglot and self-accomplished model, Jenna Jenovich, was introduced to the modeling world at the young age of 14. Jenna has graced the cover pages of renowned magazines throughout the years. With posts over 4400 and her followers on Instagram exceeding 2m, she has succeeded in placing herself as a force to be reckoned with.

10. Shaninam Shaik

The Australian born model with interracial roots, Shaninam Shaik, has been modeling for 12 years now. Her record-breaking walk in the Victoria Secret fashion show of 2011, paved the way for her. Shaik has been the face of many fashion and lifestyle brands. Her over 2.1m followers on Instagram have a choice pick of hot fashion tips embedded in her 3853 posts.
Shaninam Shaik

11. Alana Blanchard

American model and professional surfer, 1.73m tall Alana Blanchard, has graced our screens on the fashion and sports scene. She appeared in the 2011 movie, Soul Surfer. The 30-year-old Instagram model is a mom and has a fanbase of over 1.8m followers with 2180 posts. She is vegan. Alana also publishes a weekly vlog along with her partner, Jack Freestone.
Alana Blanchardt

12. Nina Agdal

The 28-year-old Danish model, Nina Agdal, is in a class of her own. With over 2,500 posts and 1.6m followers on Instagram, the model has a contract with Elite Model Management. She was the face of the 50th-anniversary swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated. Nina is also a fitness and wellness coach.
Nina Agdal

13. Cindy Prado

Born in Miami, Cindy Prado began modeling from the age of fifteen. The 28-year-old Instagram model is currently signed to Elite Model Management, Miami. Her semi Instagram nude photos can be seen to excite her 1.8m followers on her Instagram page. She’s presently a brand ambassador of Celsius Energy Drinks.
Cindy Prado

14. Renee Somerfield

As one of the most booked models in the world, Renee Somerfield, is an all-round entrepreneur. Known for her hot body and emerald green eyes, Renee has sure made a mark for herself in the modeling industry. Referred to as the bikini queen by some, she has a 1.5m followership on her Instagram page. The Australian beauty has 474 posts.
Renee Somerfield

15. Ellie Gonsalves

Ellie Gonsalves’ 800+ Instagram posts are to die for. The actress and model currently have over 1.3m followers on Instagram. With a passion for ecological conservation, Ellie is also a Wildlife Warriors ambassador. She engages with her followers daily to create a healthy and fitter community. Ellie’s summertime body is perfect!
Ellie Gonsalves

16. Dannie Riel

Popular on YouTube for her travel vlogs, Dannie Riel puts her fans first. She always includes her followers in the step by step process of her photoshoots. Dannie’s cheeky and sultry 1557 Instagram posts are the highlights of the day. Although Canadian born, the 32-year-old model has some interracial ancestry. She presently has 1.1m Instagram followers.
Dannie Riel

17. Brittney Palmer

As an avid art enthusiast, Brittney Palmer is familiar with her abstract paintings. Her love for colors and mural designs is breathtaking. She is also a ring-girl, Octagon girl, for the UFC. Brittney, an American model is about 1.68m tall. She has 1.1m followers with over 5000 Instagram posts.
Brittney Palmer

18. Anastasia Ashley

Born in California, USA, Anastasia Ashley stands as 5.8 inches tall. Anastasia is a professional surfer and model who won her first surfing title at 16. Her bio reads, ‘I do fun things’ and she sure does. Ashley’s almost 2500 Instagram posts are reminiscent of fun and playful activities. She currently has 1m Instagram followers.
Anastasia Ashley

19. Jaclyn Swedberg

With over 900k followers, Instagram model, Jaclyn Swedberg sits pretty on this list. The 30-year-old and Instagram model has almost 2000 hot posts on her Instagram page. Her bikini photos and sharp features are so hot. The American model was a Playboy Playmate as far back as 2011.
Jaclyn Swedberg

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