Apple Music Net Worth 2023: How Much Is Apple Music Worth Right Now?

Apple Music is among the top online music services in the global market and was released to iOS and Android customers in June 2015. This platform is available on an annual or monthly subscription basis, with different costs for individual accounts, community accounts, peer accounts, and vocal plans.

In the beginning, many customers criticized Apple Music after the app’s launch for having an intuitive interface. Nonetheless, Apple Music has reclaimed its position in the music streaming sector following many big redesigns and the removal of usability flaws.

Apple Music, one of the most popular songs-playing apps, is already embedded into Apple products, but you can also access it through smart TVs, smart speakers, Android, and Windows devices to listen to your favorite tracks even offline.

Make your customized playlist, access your songs from any device, receive tailored recommendations, and find out what your friends are enjoying.

Apple Music Popularity vs Worth:

With beyond 90 million soundtracks and 30,000+ playlists, Apple Music has introduced “Spatial” and “lossless audio” features. And since about August 2022, Apple Music claimed 4.05 million Instagram followers, making it a well-known influencer.

However, Apple Music Net Worth is unclear and unknown, yet based on available statistics, we can predict the cost. So without further ado, let’s start the guide.

How Much Is Apple Music Net Worth in 2024:

16% of the world's online music market is held by Apple Music which makes its net worth range from $51.1K to $307K with approximately $5 billion income generated in 2021 and around 98 million users worldwide. Apple Music is the world's second-biggest online streaming platform, generating 6.4% of Apple's overall business revenue.

How many members does Apple Music have if you're interested in finding out further about the company's sales and business trends? Continue reading!

Apple Music Net Worth in 2022

Why Is Apple Music So Valuable?

Apple Music Affiliation to Apple:

However, Apple Music, occupies a large audience in terms of subscribers, followers, and users, yet having the affiliation to a top-notch tech company, Apple Inc. ranges high in net worth.

Moreover, being the Apple services attainer, people can be part of a gigantic user audience, which is a great door to the music world.

Apple Music Affiliation to Apple

Remember that Apple spreads over 25 nations and 6 continents as of April 8, 2022, with a total of 518 stores. The company has 271 retail outlets in The United States of America, the top-ranking country and the location of the company's main headquarters. China, the Asian state, stands second in this category with 50 avenues, whereas the UK is ranked 3rd with 38 Apple stores.

World’s 2ND Most Popular Music Streaming Platform:

Apple music, even though, is the second music, audio, and video streaming as well as offline listening platform is very adaptable and user-friendly for all worldwide music listeners. It has provisions for customized settings such as lossless audio etc.

Apple Music Annual Revenue:

Although, Apple Music generated revenue is not reported separately by Apple. Based on total online music income, this can be the prediction:


(Latest to Oldest)

Revenue by Apple Music

2021 $ 5 Billion
2020 $ 4.1 Billion
2019 $ 2.8 Billion
2018 $ 1.8 Billion
2017 $ 1.1 Billion
2016 $ 0.6 Billion

Apple Music is predicted to produce roughly $7 billion in sales and 110 million subscribers by 2025, accounting for a bigger part of overall revenue.

Apple Music Users in 2024:

Even though Apple Music knocked out Spotify in the United States yet still ranks 2nd in terms of global users. Apple Music holds around 98 million users across the world, where the first stood, and Spotify had 116 million users in the previous year i.e. 2021. Check out Apple Music’s user data as per each passing year:

Apple Music Users in 2022

  • As soon as launched in 2015, Apple Music reached 11 million users within a year.
  • In 2016, it grew to 20 million users.
  • The year 2017, brought 27 million total users to the platform.
  • 2018 was the year when Apple Music hit 40 million users.
  • Apple Music saw its 50 million user expansion in 2019.
  • Emerging so rapidly, Apple Music got 72 million users in 2020.
  • 2021 was so close to attaining 100 million users of Apple Music but sadly ended up with 98 million.

What Locations Frequently Use Apple Music?

Above illustrated was the worldwide use of Apple Music in accountings of years, here we divided the most frequent regional users of Apple Music in 2018 regarding premium and free services:


Premium Users

Free Users

North America 59% 41%
Latin America 44% 56%
The Middle East and Africa 43% 43%
Asia-Pacific 38% 62%
Europe 36% 64%

As shown, North America in 2018 was the country with the most premium subscribers i.e. 59%, and the other 41% used Apple Music for free yet North America is the region that completely uses the Apple Music service. Meanwhile, Europe was the first in free users with 64% in contrast with 36% premium users.

Apple Music – Subscription Charges:

After a one-month trial for free, later on, along with access to 90 million songs, 30,000+ expert archiver playlists, streaming no-ad tracks, trending radio stations hosted by professionals and availability on all devices, and much more. Apple Music has 3 subscription offers for those who want to be its permanent service benefiter.

Apple Music – Subscription Charges

In case you are looking for options, here are the offers with monthly charges:

  • Students can obtain these facilities is $ 5.99/ month.
  • Individuals can obtain these facilities is $ 9.99/ month.
  • Families can obtain these facilities is $ 14.99/ month.

Other than these, The Apple Music Voice Plan is another option for your subscription designed exclusively for Siri, Apple Music provides its users access to any song, playlist, or radio station using just voice searches but remember it is only supported on all Apple devices.

Amazing Facts and Statistics About Apple Music:

Amazing Facts and Statistics About Apple Music

  • Apple received approximately $4.1 billion from its users in 2020.
  • Apple Music is serving 167 countries across the world.
  • Even 30 seconds of song playing duration is counted as a stream by Apple Music.
  • In 2018, 17% of Apple Music users were between 18 to 24 years.


From a little studio idea to the leading tech corporation with a gigantic cost of capital, approaching billions of dollars, Apple Inc. has become a roaring success that owns many services as well as products including iPhones, iPods, iPads, iOS, and others.

On the other hand, Apple Music is an example of one of the Apple services, headquartered in Cupertino, Los Angeles, United States of America. It was launched on June 30th, 2015.

Despite criticism in the beginning, it has had rapid growth in terms of subscribers, followers, users, and revenue making a net worth ranging from $51.1K to $307K with approximately $5 billion in the income generated in 2021.

According to a new study, Apple Music comprises 15% of the worldwide songs streaming industry, as compared to trailing streaming powerhouse Spotify, which controls more than 30%.

Analysts forecasted that in 2025, Apple Music will grow roughly up to $7 billion in sales and 110 million subscribers for a bigger part of overall revenue.

As per the recent MIDiA study, Apple Music is the second most popular music, video, and audio streaming service. The Cupertino-based tech behemoth serves 15% of the world's almost 524 million listeners.

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