Google (Alphabet) Net Worth 2023: How Much Is Google Worth Right Now?

Undoubtedly, Google stands first on the list of the world’s most popular search engines with 86% search accumulation (market share) with the available data on anything from anywhere.

In this digitalized era, Google is not limited to a search engine but it has a vast market with smart gadgets and smartphones like Google Pixel and others which means that Google has grown up from just being a search engine to becoming a brand!

Google Net Worth in 2024:

The predicted net worth of Google in 2024 ranges widely from $ 1549 billion to $ 1770 billion, or $ 1.44 Trillion. Alongside Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon, it has emerged as the largest popular brand around the globe with around 4.3 – 5 billion active users worldwide.

It has an asset value of $ 357 – $ 359 Billion and more than 135000 employees working. Its operating income is USD 48,999 billion with a general revenue of around USD 209.49 Billion.

Google Net Worth in 2022

Google – Company Profile:

In the beginning, Google was created in January 1996 as a research program by Larry Page and Sergey Brin when they both were Ph.D. undergraduates at Stanford University in California.

However, the web address was acquired on September 15, 1997. And on September 4, 1998, the Google Company was officially established with headquarters in Mountain View, California.

What Percentage of the Alphabet’s Income Is Generated by Google?

Percentage of the Alphabet’s Income Is Generated by Google

With 81% of its cash flowing from Google's advertising business, Alphabet posted second-quarter revenue of USD 69.69 billion, which was close to matching well with the USD 69.88 billion average projection among trade researchers.

However, the growth in search ad revenue for Google during the second quarter, which increased by over 14% and totaled USD 40.69 billion, outperformed FactSet projections of USD 40.15 billion. This 14% growth was mostly driven by travel and retailing marketers.

How Much Does Google Earn Annually and What Is Google’s Estimated Income?

Google Earn Annually

Google LLC. is a corporation with multiple tech industries such as Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Marketing/ Advertising, Computer Operating Systems, Hardware, and Internet Services that have estimated income as follows:

Year Estimated Annual Income

Million USD

2021 $ 239,210.
2020 $ 182,527.
2019 $ 161,857.
2018 $ 136,819.
2017 $ 110,855.
2016 $ 90,272.
2015 $ 74,989.
2014 $ 66,001.
2013 $ 55,519.
2012 $ 46,039.
2011 $ 37,905.
2010 $ 29,321.

Whereas, in 2024 up till now, Alphabet, the parent company of Google released the statistics for the quarter's earnings was $57.5 billion, eliminating payouts to dealers and distributors.

Other Products of Google That Makes It Popular:

Google Search:

Google Search

To enable consumers to conduct online data searches through keywords and processors, Google maintains billions of web links.

In 2002, Google launched Google News, an automatically generated engine that collects news articles from many websites.

Google Advertising:

Google Advertising

Google's earnings are primarily derived from marketing and advertising. This covers app sales, in-app revenue, Google, YouTube, and Android online content things, licensing and service charges, as well as Google Cloud computing.

To take advantage of the rapidly expanding online advertising market, Google released “AdSense for Mobile” in 2007.

Google Online Applications:

  • For social contact, many people utilize Duo.
  • Google offers an email service called Gmail.
  • A tracking, navigating, and satellite surveillance service is offered by Google under the name Google Maps.
  • A service for archiving and exchanging photos is called Google Photos. An app for picking notes is Google Keep.
  • You can schedule and organize your time with Google Calendar.
  • Google Drive for cloud-based store space, take advantage of Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides to work more effectively.
  • By installing client software on their computers, users of Google Earth, which originally premiered in 2005, may see high-definition satellite photos from all around the world.
  • Languages are translated using Google Translate, while videos are watched and shared on YouTube.

Google Operating Systems:

Google Operating Systems

The Android smartphone software, in addition to smartwatches, TVs, vehicles, and other connected devices, is all made by Google. Additionally, it develops Chrome OS, a functioning system that relies on Chrome, and the internet web browser Google Chrome.

Google Gadgets:

  • In January 2010, Google unveiled the Nexus One, the company's first-ever Android smartphone.
  • Later on, in 2011, the Chromebook, which utilizes Chrome OS, was made available for users.
  • In July 2013, Google announced the Chromecast dongle, which enables its users to stream content via their cellphones to television sets.

Google Wifi Services:

Google Wifi Services

In February 2010, the Fiber Internet was introduced to Google to conduct experiments. Furthermore, a wireless mobile virtual network driver called Google Project Fi combines cellular and Wi-Fi networks from other telecommunications providers.

Achievements of Google:

Achievements of Google

Google is among the most renowned corporations in the world. It controls more than 75% of the market for search engines. After Apple, Google has been referred to as the second most valuable brand in the world. It is also included in the top four digital corporations around the world.

With apps like Google Calendar, Google Chrome, Google Docs, and Google Drive, among others, Google currently controls the majority of the app industry.

Through the use of marketing, which involves app sales the majority of Google's income comes from online content, in-app purchases, and many other sources.

Google entered the video game industry in March 2019 after launching the Stadia cloud gameplay platform.

This is also an achievement of Google that whatever you are reading now is

Isn’t it enough for the honor and achievement of Google Inc. that whatever you are reading even now in the article, is also because of Google?

Achievement of Google Inc

Did You Know?

  • The search engine was initially known as Backrub until Larry Page and Sergey Brin renamed it Google Inc.
  • Google Inc. owns misspellings or its domain name that include,, and
  • The term Google is inspired by the numeral Googol which is 1 preceded by 100 zeros or (1 multiplied by 10 to power 100).
  • According to a 2013 Pew Research Center Poll, more than half (56%) of internet users had visited Google to seek data on themselves.
  • Google provides customized search results to its users based on their recent history, their contemporary location, and other aspects. The search results for similar locations can also vary even for 2 people sitting in the same room seeking the same knowledge.


Google LLC is owned by Larry Page and Sergey Brin as a research project launched on 4th September 1998. Later on, it became the child corporation of Alphabet, founded based on the Google amendment on October 2nd, 2015. And all alone Google Advertising generated 81% of the income of USD 69.69 billion, in the second quarter income of Alphabet.

Google owns many other apps and services that make it worth $1.44 trillion. Google has become a well popular brand name with 4.5 to 5 million users worldwide and is among the 5 largest tech corporations across the globe where its operating income is USD 48,999 billion with a general revenue of around USD 209.49 Billion, equity ranges from $ 357 – $ 359 billion and 135000+ working employees.

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