5 Tips To Get Followers in Instagram

Instagram is possibly today the most used social network. This is the reason why searches like “get followers on Instagram”, “free followers on Instagram” or “how to have many followers on Instagram” are in the top positions of Google Trends. This time we will show you five simple tricks to gain easy followers on Instagram.

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simple instagram tasks

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Instagram followers

Here is the 5 tips for you:

1. Change Account from Instagram to Company

The first thing we must do to analyze our profile and get followers based on user interest in our personal brand is to change our account to a company. Thanks to this, we can see the number of people who visit our profile, as well as the age range, location and sex.

Instagram business account

We can also see the statistics of our photos (global reach, people who have saved our photography etc.). In this article we show you how to do it easily.

2. See the People Who have Stopped Us from Following Instagram

Unfollow tools for Instagram

To grow our account, one of the most recommended tricks is to see which people have stopped following us recently. Not only to control the number of followers, but to see their profile and the reasons why they have stopped following us. We can do it through various applications for Android and iOS. We leave you below with several of the most popular currently:

  • Unfollow for Instagram
  • Unfollowers for Instagram
  • Unfollowers and Ghost Followers
  • Participate in Instagram Hashtags to Get Likes
  • Gain instagram followers 3

The next trick to get followers, likes and all kinds of interactions on our profile is to participate in popular hashtags. Since most of the websites to monitor their popularity are paid, it will be best to search within the Instagram followers app.

Instagram hashtags

To do this, as simple as going to the Search section, click on the pad icon ‘#' and enter the term that we are looking for. Then a list will appear with the hashtag in question and the number of publications with its tag. The higher the number, the more popular the topic in question will be.

3. Follow Users Who Follow Accounts Similar to Our

One of the oldest methods to gain lots of followers on Instagram. Doing it is as simple as going to accounts similar to ours with more followers than us. Once we are inside, we will open some of the last photos of the profile in question and we will see the people who have liked the publication.

followers on Instagram

Now we just have to follow each of the profiles that have liked or like some of their photos. Inevitably, the user will enter our profile to view our content.

4. Comment in Publications of “Type” Accounts with Content Similar to Our

Instagram Comment in Publications

This trick to get followers goes hand in hand with the previous one. Commenting on other users' profiles is not always the best way to get them interested in our profile. Therefore, it is best to do it in accounts called “type”, which are characterized by uploading content not related to people or brands, but to some area of ​​life. Music cover accounts, lifestyle, home exercises, food … Leaving a funny comment can be a good way to attract other users.

5. Post Afternoon and Preferably on Wednesday

Best Time To Post On Instagram

This will depend largely on the people who follow us (we can see it in our account statistics), however, according to various sources, the number of active users is higher during the afternoon. Generally, from 3:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m., the higher the degree of engadgement (“reception” or “commitment” in Spanish), all publications tend to have.

Regarding the day, the recommended thing here is to publish from Wednesday, although we can also do it on Thursday or you come. The weekend is when people least use their mobiles.

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