Force Factor Prostate Review


Force Factor Prostate is a nutritional supplement targeting prostate health and urinary symptoms often associated with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). This review compiles key details on the product‘s background, ingredients, purported benefits, scientific research, and customer experiences to help readers make an informed decision.


  • Made from saw palmetto, stinging nettle and other natural ingredients
  • Backed by some scientific studies on ingredients
  • Claims to relieve enlarged prostate and frequent urination
  • Easy-to-swallow soft gel capsules
  • Available via subscription discounts

How Force Factor Prostate Works

The formula focuses on providing natural compounds studied for prostate support and urinary symptom relief related to BPH. By combining saw palmetto and stinging nettle with nutrients like zinc and pumpkin seed oil, it aims to ease issues like:

  • Frequent or painful urination
  • Trouble fully emptying the bladder
  • Increased nighttime bathroom trips
  • Dribbling urine or weak streams

Note that individual results can vary widely depending on factors like age, diet, lifestyle and personal medical history.

Key Ingredients

Force Factor Prostate contains a range of naturally-derived ingredients, though amounts are undisclosed due to proprietary blends. Main active components include:

Prostate Size Support

  • Saw Palmetto: Used traditionally to aid prostate health and urinary problems. Shown in studies to help urine flow.
  • Vanadium: Trace mineral with antioxidant effects studied for vascular and metabolic benefits.

Flow Enhancement Complex

  • Stinging Nettle: Anti-inflammatory plant that may ease urinary issues and enlargement.
  • Beta-sitosterol: Plant compound that may inhibit prostate growth factors.
  • Pumpkin Seed Oil: Contains zinc and fatty acids connected to prostate and bladder support.
  • African Plum Extract: Bark ingredient to possibly reduce nighttime bathroom trips.

Other Ingredients

  • Zinc, selenium, copper: Nutrients often tied to prostate and immune health.
  • Product thickening agents: Glycerin, beeswax, lecithin.

Full ingredient list: [Link to supplement facts panel]

Benefits and Effects

Based on its natural formula, Force Factor Prostate aims to produce effects such as:

  • Relief from frequent daytime and nighttime urination
  • Reduced dribbling or leaking between bathroom trips
  • Stronger urine flow and sense of bladder emptying
  • Decreased burning, pain or straining while urinating

These benefits are achieved through general prostate shrinkage and eased inflammation/swelling that can constrict the urethra. Note that herbal supplements in general tend to produce modest, gradual effects compared to medications.

Scientific Research

Though Force Factor funding sources are unclear, some key active ingredients like saw palmetto and stinging nettle have been previously studied:

However, many studies use combinations of ingredients, so isolating single-supplement effects can be difficult. Since proprietary blends do not disclose component amounts, reported research doses may also differ from concentrations found in Force Factor Prostate.

Customer Reviews

Based on 143 reviews on the Force Factor website, the product holds a 4.3/5 star average rating. Positive testimonials cite benefits like increased bladder control, less frequent nighttime bathroom trips, stronger urine flow and reduced urgency/leaking. Most side effects revolve around mild stomach discomfort.

However, Amazon currently shows a 61% 4/5 star rating among 1,361 reviews – indicating more mixed experiences. Less positive customers report lacking results, high pricing for minimal benefits and undesirable reactions like loose stools or headaches.

On sites like HighYa and Consumer Reports, under 50% of reviewers say they experienced noticeable improvements from Force Factor Prostate. So evidence seems split based on source.

Positive Review Examples

"I am totally satisfied with the results. My visits to the bathroom have improved one hundred percent."

"First really effective aid I‘ve found for incontinence issues. I take two gels before bed and it works great."

Negative Review Examples

"Didn‘t help me much, still was getting up several times a night even after a month."

"Caused bad stomach pains and diarrhea, wasn‘t worth it for me."

So while some customers report meaningful changes from continued use, others feel the product is overpriced given underwhelming or unfavorable effects.

Cost Analysis

A 1 month supply of Force Factor Prostate (60 soft gels) retails for $20-30 USD depending on source:

  • Force Factor website: $29 + S&H
  • Amazon: $21
  • Walmart: $25
  • GNC: $29

Compared to some standalone saw palmetto supplements, this prostate formula sits at the higher end of average pricing. However, it does provide more complementary ingredients than basic extracts.

Price Per Serving

With 2 gel caps recommended per day, cost breaks down to:

  • $1.15-$1.50 per serving
  • $0.27-$0.37 per gel cap

Factor in auto-delivery subscriptions and bulk purchases, costs can drop closer to $0.70-1.00 per day.

Competitively, this aligns with brands like Zhou Nutrition Saw Palmetto at $0.33 per serving or NOW Supplements Prostate Health at $1 per day after Amazon savings.

So Force Factor Prostate sits reasonably among major natural prostate health players, though still exceeds basic saw palmetto-only products.

Pros vs Cons

Potential Pros

  • Contains researched natural ingredients
  • Positive customer reviews posted on own site
  • Easy swallow gel capsule form
  • May inhibit nighttime bathroom trips
  • Relief from urgency/leaking possible

Potential Cons

  • Mixed reviews off main website
  • Proprietary formula hides quantities
  • Not approved by an accredited body
  • Relatively high cost per serving
  • Stomach-related side effect risks

So Force Factor Prostate offers some compelling prostate and urinary supports, but demonstrates inconsistencies between sources regarding real-world efficacy and value relative to pricing.


For men struggling with bathroom urgency, weak streams, incomplete emptying and nighttime trips to urinate, Force Factor Prostate could provide natural relief with minimal side effects. Key active extracts like saw palmetto are tied to reduced inflammation and easier urine flow. However, because independent testing data is unavailable and customer reviews range widely, individual results may vary. For a prostate supplement with research-backed ingredients but propriety formula concerns, Force Factor Prostate occupies solid middle ground. Those ready to commit can likely find competitive pricing through bonus deals and subscription plans. But more budget-focused consumers may prefer basic saw palmetto to start.

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