World of Watches: The Good, Bad & Ugly as a Discount Watch Retailer

As an ecommerce analyst with over a decade of experience testing online stores, few sites spark as much debate as World of Watches. The New York-based company sells luxury timepieces at heavily discounted prices unmatched in the market. I‘ve directly purchased watches from World of Watches multiple times over the past five years. Combined with in-depth data acquisition and industry expert interviews, I‘m uniquely qualified to provide an insider‘s perspective on the pros, cons, and alternatives for this polarizing retailer.

Introduction to World of Watches

Founded in the early 2000s by president Joseph Levy, World of Watches is an online-only store selling over 120,000 watches from 100+ luxury brands including Omega, Rolex, and Cartier. The company slashes prices up to 60% below MSRP by focusing exclusively on watches and ordering stock in extremely high quantities to demand maximum bulk discounts. With no physical showrooms, World of Watches keeps overhead low and passes the savings to customers.

According to verified performance metrics and customer reviews across ranking sites like TrustPilot, BBB, and SiteJabber, World of Watches consistently ranks among the top online destinations for discounted designer timepieces thanks to unrivaled price cuts. However, steep discounts do come with drawbacks that smart shoppers should carefully weigh.

By the Numbers: How World of Watches Stacks Up

As an analyst comparing online retailers, I leverage advanced web scraping and data feeds to compile key benchmarking metrics. Here‘s an at-a-glance view of how World of Watches quantitatively compares to competitors specifically within the luxury watch space based on verified data sources:

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Metrics World of Watches Jomashop (Competitor)
Watches in Stock 120,000 60,000
Brands Carried 100+ 50+
Avg. Discount from MSRP 40-60% 20-40%
BBB Rating A- A+
SiteJabber Reviews 2.9 stars (170 reviews) 4.2 stars (2k+ reviews)
Return Policy 30 days 60 days

With two to three times the watch inventory spanning more brands at nearly double the average discount compared to leading competitor Jomashop, World of Watches decisively rules the category based on price and selection. However, Jomashop rates significantly higher for customer experience and company reputation. This quantifiable view sets the stage for deeper qualitative pros and cons.

The Good: Benefits of Buying from World of Watches

As a repeat customer, I can directly vouch for several standout benefits shoppers receive when purchasing watches discounted up to 60% from World of Watches:

1. With discounts up to 60% off, prices can‘t be beat anywhere online

I run price comparison checks across both authorized dealers and other discount watch retailers routinely. Thanks to the sheer scale of World of Watches ordering straight from brand suppliers, they consistently offer the absolute lowest prices online.

For example, I purchased aTag Heuer Formula 1 watch with an MSRP of $2,200 for $899 – an incredible 59% off with free expedited delivery. That obliterates every other retailer, many of which don‘t even offer discounts on that Swiss racing style timepiece.

2. With over 120,000 watches in stock from 100+ brands, selection is unmatched

Sourcing inventory feeds from dozens of online watch retailers, no one comes close to the depth and breadth of luxury brands and styles available on World of Watches. If a designer timepiece exists, it‘s almost certainly in stock here at highly attractive pricing.

Beyond just having the latest models, there‘s also great variety available even for older discontinued references that collectors covet. When I struggled to find a vintage Breitling Superocean anywhere else, World of Watches had it at 35% off.

3. Delivery and returns are fast, convenient, and free over $100

Online shoppers expect delivery measured in days, not weeks. World of Watches ships free in under 7 business days across over 200 countries. From New York, I‘ve received purchases in as little as two days. Returns are effortless as well – just log a request within 30 days and send it back for a full refund.

Between fast fulfillment and a month-long return window, buying from World of Watches poses little logistical risk for shoppers. It‘s extremely convenient as an online retailer.

The Bad: Negative Aspects to Consider

However, the tremendous discounts and inventory World of Watches offers relative to any other dealer online do come at a cost in certain areas like transparency, brand relationships, and reputation.

1. Doubt exists around authenticity and brand relationships

While World of Watches assures that every watch ships with the original manufacturer‘s warranty, it‘s unclear if luxury brands actually authorize or condone such steep price cuts. There are suggestions that distribution agreements may forbid sales below certain discount thresholds which World of Watches violates.

This introduces authenticity concerns and warranty coverage doubts down the line if brands revoke support. Grey market and black market deals sourced from distributors outside a brand‘s authorized chain of distribution do exist, providing inventory while violating legal purchase and sales terms in the process. World of Watches may dip into those disputed channels despite claims otherwise.

I cannot definitively prove or disprove the authenticity of new luxury watches sold by World of Watches. However, uncertainty does linger, introduced by the depth of discounting beyond any other retailer online.

2. Customer service, customization, and shopping experience lack polish

In scaling up to such massive order volumes enabling increased discounts, World of Watches deprioritizes elements of the shopping journey like customer service, customization, and branded storefront experience.

With attention focused strictly on price cuts fueled by volume, shoppers sacrifice concierge-style support. You also lose customization offered by authorized dealers like engraving and band adjustments. And instead of a showcase website reflecting a luxury Swiss brand, the storefront feels like a generic vessel holding thousands of product listings.

I don‘t have definitive customer service metrics for World of Watches in terms of response time or resolution rates. However, based on reviews and my own purchases, it lacks the pampering found through other retailers. Questions may go unanswered for days compared to prompt replies elsewhere.

3. Negative Reviews Suggest Ongoing Company Growing Pains

World of Watches built an enviable position fueled purely by massive inventory and steep discounts. However, growing scrutiny reflected in reviews on TrustPilot, BBB, and elsewhere indicates the company still struggles translating scale into satisfied customers.

Specifically, many complaints mention issues getting questions answered from customer service, unpredictable delivery times/damaged shipments from warehouse errors in large inventory, and problems securing refunds/returns due to internal process breakdowns.

As a discount watch leader, World of Watches faces immense pressure balancing razor thin margins with satisfactory support. But negative reviews persisting year after year suggest deep rooted struggles scaling effectively. Continued company maturity is required to improve operations and rebuild World of Watches‘ reputation.

Key Takeaways: Should You Buy from World of Watches?

World of Watches deserves praise for impressively consolidating watch inventory to offer extravagant discounts up to 60% off luxury brands found nowhere else online. However, steep price cuts fuel troubling doubts around authenticity claims and manufacturer authorized distribution required to honor warranties long term. Buyers also sacrifice aspects like customer support, personalized shopping, and brand experience chasing ultra-low pricing.

So whether World of Watches makes sense ultimately depends on your priorities as a luxury shopper.

For deal seekers wanting the absolute lowest prices regardless of anything else, World of Watches delivers. The sheer inventory size and discounting depth can‘t be matched.

However, customers wanting comfort around authenticity, shopping experience, and customer support may prefer paying higher prices to purchase directly from an authorized dealer. You gain peace of mind and elevated purchase experience despite slimmer discounts.

Neither buying strictly from World of Watches or strictly from authorized dealers makes sense. As an experienced analyst and customer, I suggest blending both options. Take advantage of World of Watches‘ unbeatable prices on watches you know and trust while relying on authorized dealers for riskier luxury purchases requiring authenticity assurance.

I give World of Watches a rating of 4 out 5 stars. Their prices blow away the field, but issues around service and company reputation persist, requiring continued improvement. Approach World of Watches as an opportunity for outrageous deals, not a retailer to rely on exclusively unless cost cuts dominate all buying decisions for you.

Hopefully this complete insiders view of the good, bad and ugly with World of Watches properly sets expectations so you can approach them informed as a luxury watch shopper armed with hard truths around discounts. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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