The Complete Everyday Dose Review: My Brutally Honest Guide After 1 Year of Daily Use

As a long-time biohacker and health optimzer, I‘m always on the lookout for supplements that can boost my performance. So when "adaptogen lattes" started trending, touting the benefits of medicinal mushrooms, I knew I had to give them a try.

Enter Everyday Dose – a rising star in the functional beverage realm. I‘ve now used their mushroom coffee daily for over a year. And let me tell you…it swiftly became my secret weapon!

In this brutally honest review, I‘ll share everything I‘ve learned after 365 mornings fueled by Everyday Dose:

  • What it is and what‘s inside
  • Detailed benefits for mind and body
  • How the taste and texture compare
  • Results from my year-long personal testing
  • Cost breakdown and discount hacks
  • Plus answers to common questions

I wasn‘t paid to write this. I‘m just a fan who wants to help others discover how Everyday Dose can change their lives too. So whether you‘re curious about medicinal mushrooms or want to break up with coffee, stick with me.

Let‘s get started!

What the Heck is Everyday Dose?

Launched in 2019 by health guru Jack Savage, Everyday Dose offers a delicious spin on the trendy mushroom coffee concept.

It consists of two main drink mixes promising to level up your mornings:

The Mushroom Latte – Vanilla-laced and packed with nootropics lion‘s mane, chaga, collagen and L-theanine to sharpen mental acuity

The Chai Latte – An immunity-boosting elixir with reishi, turkey tail, cordyceps and adaptogenic herbs

Unlike gritty mushroom powders, Everyday Dose goes down smooth thanks to creamy coconut milk powder and a touch of sweetness.

But how exactly does it deliver such powerful benefits? Let‘s break it down…

Inside the Everyday Dose Formula

Peering at the label reveals a strategic blend of organic superfoods and fungi extracts:

Lion‘s Mane Mushroom – Revered in ancient Chinese medicine, lion‘s mane repairs and regenerates nerves. Expect serious gains in memory, learning and creativity.

Chaga Mushroom – Hailing from birch trees, chaga wields mighty antioxidant activity to fend off chronic inflammation.

Reishi Mushroom – Dubbed the "mushroom of immortality", reishi fortifies immunity, combats fatigue and protects vital organs.

Turkey Tail Mushroom – Rich in disease-fighting polysaccharides, turkey tail is a scientifically-proven warrior against viruses and harmful bacteria.

Cordyceps Mushroom – Rare Tibetan cordyceps oxygenate cells, refuel muscles, spark energy and boost stamina.

Coconut Milk Powder – Lends Everyday Dose its signature creaminess and subtle coconutty aroma. Also aids metabolism and electrolyte absorption.

L-Theanine – An amino acid in green tea, L-theanine synergizes with caffeine to prolong smooth energy sans the crash.

Cold Brew Coffee – For a hint of caffeine (39mg per scoop) minus the acidity and gut grief of regular coffee.

So while it functions like coffee, Everyday Dose works VERY differently thanks to those mushroom and herbal extracts. Pretty amazing, right?

Now let‘s get into the good stuff…

Everyday Dose Benefits: What This Stuff Actually Does

After a year of near-daily use, I‘m blown away by how Everyday Dose transforms my days.

Here‘s the life-changing impact it‘s had on me:

Skyrocketed Energy Levels – I used to drag myself through mornings relying on 3+ cups of coffee to function. Now I spring out of bed, brimming with long-lasting vitality sans crashes.

Fired-Up Focus – No more brain fog! I can zap through tasks with next-level clarity, concentration, and god-mode productivity.

Vanished Anxiety – I tend to get stressed easily. But Everyday Dose melts away tension, replacing panic with zen-like calm.

Next-Level Immunity – Despite lots of exposure risks, I rarely get sick anymore thanks to amped up defenses.

Smoothed Skin – The collagen gives me a radiant glow plus reduced fine lines and wrinkles.

No More Digestion Drama – Everyday Dose healed my coffee-ravaged stomach. No more acid reflux or post-cup trips to the bathroom!

Of course, results can vary based on the individual. But judging from the astounding benefits I received, Everyday Dose packs an immense therapeutic punch.

Next let‘s get into the million dollar question…

How Does Everyday Dose Taste Though?

This was my biggest hesitation trying medicinal mushrooms. I assumed it would be gassy, gritty and downright gnarly.

Boy was I wrong!

Everyday Dose tastes DELICIOUS – like a creamy, dreamy vanilla latte.

There‘s no earthy medicinal flavor whatsoever thanks to smoothing coconut milk powder and a touch of stevia. I often gulp it down black because it‘s so tasty on its own.

But the frother included with the Power Pack lets you concoct a silky microfoam topping. I mix my daily cup with foamed oat milk and a dash of cinnamon. Utterly decadent!

So if you fear mushrooms will ruin your morning mojo, Everyday Dose proves functional can also be scrumptious.

Next let‘s break down pricing…

Everyday Dose Pricing: Worth the Investment?

I won‘t pretend Everyday Dose comes cheap. A 30 serving tub costs $65.

Is it worth shelling out over $2 per cup? As a self-proclaimed biohacking fanatic, I‘d pay DOUBLE.

But how does the cost measure up for average Joes and Janes?

Let‘s compare it to Starbucks, the hivemind nationwide coffee choice.

The average Starbucks latte rings in around $5 plus tip. Multiplied by 30 days a month, that‘s a heart-stopping $150 monthly latte bill!

Even basic homemade coffee costs around $0.50 per cup once you calculate brewing equipment, electricity, milk, sweeteners and waste. That still tallies up to $45 for enough joe to fuel 30 mornings.

Suddenly Everyday Dose seems like a steal given the outsized benefits!

Could it be cheaper? Sure. But premium organic ingredients cost more. And you really do get what you pay for.

To save money, take advantage of:

  • 10% Subscribe & Save discount
  • $10 referral bonuses
  • Bundling deals on packs of 3 or 6

So while not dirt cheap, Everyday Dose offers SERIOUS value while transforming your days. A wise investment for biohackers, solopreneurs and high performers.

But is it right for YOU? Let‘s see…

Who Is Everyday Dose Good For?

Thanks to collagen and coconut creamer, Everyday Dose appeals to many diets:

❌ Not vegan or vegetarian (contains bovine collagen)
✅ Dairy-free
✅ Soy-free
✅ Gluten-free
✅ Keto-friendly
✅ Paleo approved

It also suits a wide range of needs:

Coffee lovers – Sick of acid reflux or migraines? Everyday Dose offers flavor without the gut grief or crashes.

Wellness junkies – If you already use collagen, mushrooms or adaptogens, Everyday Dose condenses multiple regimens into one drink. Hello, convenience!

Biohackers – Want an unfair advantage at life? Everyday Dose moves the needle on energy, immunity, longevity and performance.

High achievers – The clarity, focus and flow state it delivers can massively amplify your output and dominance in business.

Remote workers – Tired of blowing cash at coffee shops? Everyday Dose brings barista-quality beverages to your home office.

As you can see, whether you‘re a health nut, biology nerd, hustler or laptop jockey, Everyday Dose packs universal appeal.

But I suggest avoiding it if:

  • You avoid caffeine (Everyday Dose contains 39mg per serving)
  • Require dairy for health conditions like intestinal sensitivity
  • Have mushroom allergies (uncommon but check with a doctor if unsure)

Next let‘s peek at what fellow Everyday Dosers think…

Everyday Dose Reviews: Uncensored Thoughts From Actual Customers

Scouring social media and credible review sites reveals 4+ star praise across the board.

Fans rave about boundless energy sans crashes, insane productivity gains and next-level immunity. Negative reviews mostly cite cost or rare allergic reactions.

Here‘s a peek at standout Everyday Dose reviews:

"Everyday Dose is my daily ride-or-die! I used to get dragged down by 3pm despite chugging coffee all day. Now I breeze through 14 hour days starting at 5am without an ounce of fatigue."

"I‘m OBSESSED! I can focus like a monk on Adderall thanks to Everyday Dose yet still relax and sleep. Game changer!!!"

"I haven‘t gotten sick once since I started drinking Everyday Dose, even working with snotty kids! Plus it gave me a natural facelift – friends keep asking if I got Botox lol!"

"Tastes like a dream and made my chronic skin issues vanish. Hooked for life!"

"Everyday Dose is my sanity saver as an entrepreneur and mom! Cost is high but it literally fuels EVERY area of my life so I will pay anything."

With thousands of glowing reviews and loyal followers, Everyday Dose clearly lives up to expectations.

Next I‘ll cover discounts plus where to score this drink of the divine.

Everyday Dose Coupons, Discounts & Deals

While no public coupon codes exist, Everyday Dose offers incentives exclusively through their site at

💲 Subscribe & Save – Shave 10% off by customizing recurring delivery frequency

💵 Referral Bonuses – Share your unique link and score $10 credit for every new customer

💰 Bundles – Purchase 3 or 6 packs simultaneously to slash ~15% off

Added bonus – orders over $75 ship with a FREE milk frother!

Tip ➡ Create an account and opt into emails for special subscriber-only deals and early access to new products.

So don‘t waste money on marked-up Everyday Dose listings elsewhere! For best pricing with perks, order directly from

Where To Buy Everyday Dose

As covered above, I strongly advise buying straight from the Everyday Dose website to access the best combo of value, selection and savings.

However you can find Everyday Dose in limited quantities on Amazon or at specialty boutiques like Rejuvenation Pharmacy.

Just keep in mind inventory and pricing tend to be WAY better going direct to the source.

Wherever you shop, enjoy free shipping, speedy delivery in 2-5 days and the peace of mind of a 60 day money back guarantee.

Let‘s wrap up with some handy FAQs:

Everyday Dose FAQs

Before we part ways, let‘s rapid-fire some common questions about Everyday Dose:

Does Everyday Dose offer samples or a trial size?

Yes! They offer a $20 Taster‘s Kit so you can sample all flavors before committing.

What‘s the caffeine content?

39mg per scoop, equivalent to about 1/3 cup of coffee.

Can kids under 18 use Everyday Dose?

Likely fine for older teens but consult a pediatrician before giving to young children as safety has not been established.

Does Everyday Dose ever go on sale?

They run limited time deals around holidays like Cyber Week. Sign up for the email list to get first dibs.

What happens if I don‘t like Everyday Dose?

No worries! Every order is backed by a 60 day return policy for a full refund (excluding shipping).

Who is the founder of Everyday Dose?

It‘s the brainchild of Jack Savage, a natural products pioneer dedicated to functional beverages.

And that‘s a wrap! I hope this tell-all guide gave you the real deal on this life changing drink.

If you have any other questions, drop them below. I‘m happy to help fellow biohackers find products that push limits!

Now go forth and upgrade your days with Everyday Dose. See you on the other side! 🍄

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