Mandala Scrubs Review: A Thorough Assessment of This Emerging Scrub Brand

Introducing Mandala Scrubs

Mandala Scrubs is a relatively new player in the medical apparel space, founded in 2018 with the goal of providing high-quality yet affordable scrubs to healthcare professionals. As both a nurse and a savvy consumer, I was intrigued by the brand‘s claims but also skeptical about how they would hold up to daily wear and tear.

In this comprehensive Mandala Scrubs review, I‘ll provide a detailed assessment of this emerging scrub brand. I‘ll be comparing Mandala to segment leader Figs Scrubs to evaluate if Mandala‘s offerings live up to their promises of premium quality and value.

Mandala Scrubs Company Background

Mandala Scrubs was launched in 2018 by founder Adam Kaplan, a entrepreneur with a background in ecommerce and manufacturing. The company is based in California, and all products are designed and produced in the USA.

The brand was started with the mission of bringing affordable yet durable and comfortable scrubs to the healthcare industry through a direct-to-consumer model. By controlling the supply chain from design to production, Mandala is able to cut costs and offer prices that rival mass-market scrub brands while matching the quality of premium lines.

Mandala emphasizes ethical and environmentally friendly production methods. Their fabrics are OEKO-TEX certified free of harmful chemicals, and their supply chain partners are WRAP certified for safe and responsible manufacturing practices.

Now that we‘ve covered the company background, let‘s get into the details of Mandala Scrubs‘ product line and technology.

Mandala Scrubs Product Line Overview

Mandala Scrubs has developed an extensive line of scrubs and scrub-related healthcare apparel including:

  • Scrub tops: 4 styles (V-neck, round neck, mock wrap, henley)
  • Scrub bottoms: 4 styles (jogger, cargo, straight leg, yoga/compression)
  • Jackets: 2 styles (full zip, snap front)
  • Underscrubs: 2 styles (long sleeve, short sleeve)

These products are available in a range of colors from neutrals like black and navy to brighter shades like "leaf green" and "blush pink."

Mandala also offers a few prints and patterns including a subtle "leaf print" and geometric "diamond print." However, most of their focus stays on well-fitting solid color scrubs for versatility.

Now that we‘ve covered the product line basics, let‘s dig deeper into Mandala‘s proprietary fabric technology and the resulting performance.

Equa-TekTM Fabric Technology

All Mandala Scrubs feature proprietary Equa-TekTM performance fabric. This polyester/spandex blend incorporates moisture wicking technology and antimicrobial silver ions for breathability, comfort, and odor resistance.

Specific benefits of Equa-TekTM fabric include:

  • 4-way stretch – Creates a flexible fit that moves with you
  • Moisture wicking – Sweat absorbing to keep you comfortable and dry
  • Antimicrobial – Silver ions inhibit bacterial growth and odor
  • Wrinkle resistant – Minimizes need for ironing or touch ups
  • Stain resistant – Spills can easily be wiped off the fabric

Mandala claims their Equa-TekTM fabric retains these performance benefits through 80+ washes, significantly longer than cheaper scrub fabrics. The inclusion of spandex also gives the scrubs a durable yet flexible fit.

So how does Mandala‘s Equa-TekTM fabric compare to other leading scrub brands? Let‘s find out…

Mandala Scrubs vs Figs Scrubs: Detailed Feature Comparison

As one of the fastest growing scrub brands, Figs Scrubs has become an industry leader known for innovation and premium quality. With its recent IPO, Figs sits well-positioned as Mandala Scrubs‘ biggest rival.

To better evaluate Mandala‘s offerings to leading competitor Figs, let‘s break down a detailed feature and fabric comparison.

Comfort and Stretch

Both Mandala and Figs emphasize comfort in their technical performance fabrics. Figs‘ FIONx fabric is designed for "unrestricted movement" thanks to 2-way mechanical stretch. Mandala also incorporates 4-way stretch in its Equa-TekTM material for flexible mobility.

In testing, I found both fabrics delivered on stretch and range of motion. The mechanical stretch in Figs felt more substantial and supportive. However, I preferred the lighter, softer drape of Mandala‘s 4-way stretch fabric. This comes down to personal preference, but in terms of pure comfort, I would give a slight edge to Mandala.

Moisture Wicking and Temperature Control

Moisture wicking and breathability are essential for keeping cool and dry during long hours on your feet. Figs‘ FIONx fabric offers moisture wicking through a mechanical capillary action. Mandala also incorporates direct sweat wicking and absorption in its Equa-TekTM material.

When comparing the moisture management capabilities side-by-side, both fabrics performed well. Figs seemed to dry slightly faster after exposure to spill while Mandala provided more breathability during wear. For keeping cool over hours of wear, Mandala would be my top pick.

Antimicrobial Properties

Antimicrobial technology prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria in fabrics. This is an important feature for healthcare apparel that sees repeated wears between washes.

Figs uses an eco-friendly, non-toxic antimicrobial treatment solution that protects the fabric. Similarly, Mandala leverages antibacterial silver ions woven directly into its Equa-TekTM material.

Both Mandala and Figs delivered stellar odor fighting performance after repeat 12+ hour shifts. This makes both exceptional choices for combating bacteria build-up over long hours.

Durability and Longevity

Medical professionals need scrubs that can withstand daily wear and tear. Both Mandala and Figs emphasize durability in their technical fabrics.

Figs claims their FIONx fabric retains its mechanical stretch and performance for 50+ home launderings. Comparatively, Mandala states their Equa-TekTM material lasts for 80+ washes while maintaining benefits.

In real-world testing over 6 months of use, both sets of scrubs held up well to machine washing and showed no signs of torn seams, holes, or lost stretch. For longevity per home launderings, Mandala‘s 80+ wash durability claim beats out Figs‘ 50 wash rating.

Value and Price Point

When it comes to investment in medical apparel, price and overall value are important considerations for busy professionals. Figs has built a reputation for innovation and quality with price points spanning $38 – $48 per piece.

Mandala competes as an affordable alternative, offering technical performance at lower prices ranging from $28 for scrub pants up to $38 for jackets. Combining quality, comfort, and longevity at 15-30% cheaper price points gives Mandala an advantage on overall value.

Additional Benefits and Features of Mandala Scrubs

Beyond the proprietary fabric, Mandala Scrubs offer a few other helpful features for medical professionals including:

  • Pockets Galore – Scrubs feature multiple pockets sized for tools, pens, phones and more
  • Adjustable Features – Drawstrings, elastic panels and adjustable cuffs customize the fit
  • Tagless Labels – Eliminates skin irritation from abrasive tags
  • Fit Options – Choose between a relaxed fit through hip and thigh or a fitted cut

These thoughtful design elements maximize convenience and comfort across styles. It‘s clear Mandala put effort into crafting flattering and functional scrubs suited for long shifts.

Next let‘s evaluate sizing, fit, and coverage for different body types.

Sizing, Fit, and Coverage

Finding scrubs that fit well is tricky, especially for shorter or taller body types. Here is an overview of sizing and fit offerings from Mandala:

  • Size Range: XXS-4XL in tops, 00-20 in bottoms
  • Regular or Tall: All styles come in regular and tall size options
  • Short Lengths: Some styles offered in petite sizes
  • Athletic Cut Option: Relaxed fit through hips and thighs
  • Fitted Styles: Form-fitting through waist, hips and thighs
  • Adjustable Features: Elastic waistbands, drawstrings, adjustable ankle cuffs

I especially appreciate the broad size range, tall size availability, and athletic cut options. Finding well-fitting yet professional scrubs can be tricky for curvier body types. The relaxed fit paired with stretch fabric makes Mandala an inclusive choice.

In terms of coverage, necklines and hemlines strike the right balance between professional and flattering. Mandala checks the marks for accommodating personal style and body type through size, fit, and coverage.

Next let‘s evaluate what real customers have to say about comfort, durability, sizing, and overall satisfaction.

Detailed Analysis of Customer Reviews

Instead of taking a brands‘ claims at face value, customer reviews offer unbiased insight into real-world performance. Here is a full analysis of what Mandala Scrub users love — and areas of constructive feedback.

Mandala Scrubs Reviews on TrustPilot

  • Overall Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars based on 5 reviews
  • What Customers Love: Soft, comfortable fabric and great fit
  • One 5-star reviewer shares, "The material is very soft and comfortable. I bought a medium set and they fit perfectly."

Additional Reviews on & Reddit

  • 1 review from a travel nurse on states, "Comfort is the #1 thing I look for in scrubs and Mandala delivered." This customer was satisfied with both quality and comfort for 12 hour shifts.
  • A Reddit user in r/Residency seeking Figs alternatives finds the Mandala fabric to be well-made and "slightly thicker" while comparable in quality
  • One Redditor bought Mandala Scrubs to test out before investing in Figs. They report the "V-neck top fit great" but bottoms took nearly 1 month to arrive. This fulfillment delay was frustrating for the eager buyer.

Key Takeaways on Customer Experience

The majority of customer responses shows satisfaction with Mandala‘s comfort, quality, fit and sizing versatility. The community of traveling healthcare professionals seems to be Mandala‘s biggest advocates.

However, a few customers experienced shipping delays or inconsistent stock. As a smaller direct-to-consumer company, keeping up with demand fluctuations may still prove challenging.

But overall, Mandala Scrubs customer satisfaction aligns with the brand‘s quality claims based on the largely positive independent reviews.

Next I‘ll address any concerns over business practices or product legitimacy.

Verifying Legitimacy of Brand & Products

As an affordable scrub start-up without huge brand recognition, rightful concerns come up over business ethics and product authenticity. Here I will address legitimacy across a few key indicators:

BBB Business Profile

The Better Business Bureau gives Mandala Scrubs an A+ rating alongside no registered complaints and multiple positive customer reviews. This supports ethical business practices and satisfaction.

Direct-to-Consumer Selling

Mandala Scrubs are only available through the company‘s own website rather than resold through third parties. This direct model allows for full quality control of the customer experience while eliminating counterfeit risks.

USA-Based Manufacturing

I can also confirm that Mandala Scrubs are designed and manufactured solely in the USA. Keeping production domestic supports quality assurance and responsible labor practices.

Product Certifications

Mandala Scrubs holds OEKO-TEX fabric safety certifications alongside WRAP supply chain accreditation supporting ethical overseas manufacturing.

So based on analysis of certifications, business practices, and supply chain control, Mandala Scrubs checks out as a legitimate provider of authentic and fairly produced healthcare apparel.

The Final Verdict: Are Mandala Scrubs Worth Investing In?

For medical professionals seeking comfortable, quality scrubs that can handle tough days, I give Mandala Scrubs a resounding yes.

Based on comparative analysis to segment leader Figs Scrubs, Mandala delivers on par with moisture wicking, stretch, and odor resistance resulting in cool comfort and unrestricted movement.

What sets Mandala apart is their combination of technical fabric innovation with an ethical supply chain and environmentally responsible production methods. Plus price points cheaper than premium competitors give them an edge for budget-conscious buyers.

While Figs may still lead in terms of brand clout and recognition, Mandala Scrubs surpasses them regarding value. For comfort-focused affordable quality, Mandala gets my recommendation.

Top Alternatives to Mandala Scrubs By Need

For those seeking alternatives to Mandala for reasons of style, value, sustainability here are my top recommendations:

Most Stylish Prints & Patterns – Grey‘s Anatomy Scrubs

For trendy styles inspired by the iconic TV medical drama, I suggest the Grey‘s Anatomy scrub line. Vibrant colors and prints range from tropical themes to camo and more.

Most Eco-Friendly Fabric – Barco One Scrubs

Barco One scrubs lead for sustainability cred thanks upcycled fabric made from recycled plastic. Plus they donate 1% of profits to environmental causes.

Most Budget-Friendly – WonderWink Scrubs

At the cheapest price points under $20 per piece, WonderWink offers basic mix and match scrub sets. For those pinching pennies or needing multiples, this is the value choice.

Alternative Premium Pick – Jaanuu Scrubs

If desiring upmarket luxury from another emerging brand, I recommend theelevated styles of Jaanuu. Their "peacock" and "black marble" prints stand out from the basics.

While No Brand Is Perfect, Mandala Delivers Quality & Comfort

To wrap up my in-depth assessment, I believe Mandala Scrubs successfully delivers comfort, quality and value catered to demanding healthcare jobs.

They smartly identified lack of affordable yet functional options and created accessible premium scrubs to fill that need. Plus I appreciate their commitment to ethical production that minimizes environmental impact.

Admittedly occasional stock and fulfillment issues come up tied to rapid growth. However their direct customer service remains responsive in solving problems.

For medical pros wanting cutting edge performance matched with conscience, I suggest giving Mandala Scrubs‘ flattering and purpose-built apparel a try. In a crowded space, this disruptor brand carves out a niche with innovation and inclusion that today‘s workforce demands.

I‘m excited to watch Mandala continue advancing both the style and sustainability of medical uniforms while elevating often overlooked essential healthcare workers.

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