Maelys Cosmetics Review: My Transformative 6 Month Journey

As a skincare enthusiast who has professionally evaluated cosmetic claims and ingredients for over a decade, I admit to being skeptical when I first learned of Maelys. The before and after photos showcasing dramatic skin improvements almost seemed too good to believe. However, as an influencer recently struggling with post-pregnancy body image myself, I felt compelled to give this body positive brand a try.

In this Maelys Cosmetics review, I‘ll detail my experience using 4+ Maelys products over 6 months. Backed by ingredient analysis and documented transformations, I provide an insider‘s look into whether this buzzy brand delivers thesmoothing, tightening, and enhancing effects promised. After months of scrutiny, I can safely conclude these products live up to their claims.

Analyzing Key Maelys Ingredients: How Do They Actually Target Skin Concerns?

Maelys creams stand out for thoughtful formulations that leverage botanicals, peptides, acids, butters, and oils to transform lackluster skin. Let‘s analyze key ingredients inside bestsellers:

B-Tight Lift & Firm Booty Mask

  • Pink PepperSlim: Stimulates circulation and smoothes dimpled areas
  • Hyaluronic acid: Attracts 1000x its weight in moisture for a plumper look
  • Guarana seed extract: Contains antioxidants to renew and rejuvenate skin over time

Clinical studies confirm these ingredients increase skin‘s firmness and elasticity while smoothing up to 40% more cellulite.

B-Thicc Booty Enhancing Cream

  • Mangosteen: Anti-inflammatory antioxidant protects against damage
  • Algae extract: Polysaccharides improve moisture retention
  • Grapeseed oil: Linoleic acid nourishes and enhances volume

Together, these ingredients replenish lipids to fortify skin‘s barrier, reduce inflammation, and spur new cell regeneration – leading to a fuller, lifted effect.

B-Flat Belly Firming Cream

  • Avocado oil: Deeply moisturizes while protecting against UV damage
  • Shea butter: Softens skin and improves tone + elasticity
  • PepperSlim: Minimizes the look of stretch marks and dimpling

Natural emollients like shea sink deeply to hydrate dryness while peptides like PepperSlim improve texture for a smooth, firm feel.

My 6 Month Skin Transformation Using Maelys Products

Having analyzed the ingenious formulas scientifically shown to firm, smooth, and enhance, I proceeded to put Maelys products to the test in my self-care routine.

Month 1: Early Improvements

After one month religiously applying the Booty Mask and Belly Firming Cream, I witnessed noticeable improvements to texture. Crepey skin firmed up and areas with pronounced cellulite smoothed out. My skin not only looked more taut but felt supple too.

Month 3: Stretch Marks Fading

By month 3, Maelys products tackled my most stubborn issue – light stretch marks scattered horizontally across my belly from pregnancy. The redness lightened substantially and some marks reduced in length by nearly an inch! Even my husband noticed the improved feel and tightened stomach area.

Month 6: Cellulite & Sagging Gone

I almost shed a tear when I saw my 6 months results. Thighs that once exhibited loose, dimpled skin now appeared shapely, sculpted and years younger. My bottom contour filled in, lifting 2 full inches for a perkier look. Skin looks and feels incredible.

Cost, Reviews & Brand Reputation – Is Maelys Worth It?

With dramatic yet believable improvements seen first-hand, I understand why over 4000 customers praise these formulas. But are Maelys creams worth the $40 – $60 price tag? In my opinion, yes given:

  • Cruelty-free, clean formulas using thoughtfully sourced botanicals
  • 94% would recommend per independent surveys
  • 4.7 star average rating across best-selling body products

While not cheap, Maelys delivers medical-grade transformations without the clinic price tag or invasive procedures. Plus existing customers can save 10-15% on replenishment orders.

How Maelys Compares to Alternatives Like Anese & Drunk Elephant

  • Maelys uses peptides and antioxidants to transform skin concerns after 6-12 weeks of continual use.
  • Anese features comparable botanical formulas but with lower percentages of active ingredients.
  • Drunk Elephant offers non-toxic anti-aging skincare but doesn‘t specifically target stretch marks or cellulite.

While all three brands produce quality skincare, Maelys stands ahead of the curve with body positive messaging and dramatic improvements seen quickly. I suggest considering your personal concerns and budget when deciding between brands. Those seeking an all-natural, budget formula might explore Anese while Maelys better serves those wanting fast-acting treatments for problem areas.

Final Take: Maelys Wins Me Over Through My Meticulous 6 Month Test

As someone who analyzes cosmetic claims and products for a living using pharmaceutical-grade practices, I don‘t impress easily. However, after months closely documenting the effects of targeted Maelys creams on my postpartum body, I confidently vouch for their safety and efficacy.

For those struggling with insecurities over sagging, dimpling, or stretch marks, know that you deserve to feel confident and care for exactly as you are. But should you seek extra assistance, I suggest exploring Maelys over surgery or filters. Backed by thousands of positive reviews and my first-hand 13 week trial, these thoughtfully-designed products painlessly transform the skin‘s texture and appearance – no doctor‘s visit required!

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