Naked and Thriving Review: A Deep Dive into This Organic Skincare Brand

Naked & Thriving is an organic, vegan and cruelty-free skincare brand making waves in the clean beauty industry. With their glass bottles, sustainable sourcing and botanical-based formulas, they present an ethical and effective option for your medicine cabinet.

But how well do their products actually perform? In this 2500+ word review, we’ll analyze Naked & Thriving’s entire line to see if their organic formulas live up to the hype. You’ll get the full breakdown on ingredients, pricing, certifications and real customer experiences so you can determine if they’re worth the investment. Let’s dive in!

About the Brand

Naked & Thriving was founded in 2016 by sibling owners Amy and Evan Smith who were fed up with the toxic chemicals in most skincare products. Inspired by the clean eating movement, they wondered – why not take the same plant-based approach to skin health?

After 2 years of R&D consulting over 15 med spas and farms, they launched Naked & Thriving using ethically sourced botanicals aimed to nourish skin naturally. Today their products are sold internationally and loved by customers for their gentleness and efficacy.

Standout Features

  • 100% plant-derived formulas, vegan and cruelty-free
  • Glass packaging for sustainability
  • Reasonable pricing (~$15 – $96 per product)
  • Focus on organic, food-grade ingredients
  • Transparent about farms and sourcing

The brand has also racked up some solid certifications:

  • Leaping Bunny Certified (cruelty-free standard)
  • Several USDA Organic approved products
  • PETA Vegan Beauty Award 2022

So they’re walking the walk when it comes to ethical, eco-friendly production. But what about the actual products?

Product Line Review

Naked & Thriving has a focused line built around nutrient-dense botanical oils. They currently offer 8 facial care items and 2 body care oils.

Key Ingredients

All N&T formulas center around cosmeceutical-grade plant oils loaded with fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants. This includes fan favorites like:

Jojoba Oil – Mimics skin’s natural oils to deeply moisturize without clogging pores
Rosehip Oil – Rich in vitamins A & C to smooth fine lines and boost collagen
Argan Oil – Heavy hitter of fatty acids and vitamin E to nourish skin

They spike these oils with active botanicals targeted to different skin needs:

  • Vitamin C (from Kakadu Plum) – Brightens skin, builds collagen
  • Retinol (from Bakuchiol) – Smooths texture and fine lines
  • Hyaluronic Acid – Binds moisture to the skin for long-lasting hydration
  • Caffeine (from Green Tea) – Depuffs eyes and tightens skin

So while the base stays nutrient-rich plant oils, the botanical actives give each product a unique therapeutic angle.

Facial Care


  • Day Dew Moisturizer – Lightweight hydrator with zinc oxide SPF 17 ($68 for 2oz)
  • Luxe Souffle – Rich whipped cream for dry/mature skin ($96 for 2oz)


  • Illuminate Vitamin C Serum – Brightens and firms ($76 for 1oz)
  • Renew Retinol Serum – Smooths texture and lines ($86 for 1oz)
  • Protect Hyaluronic Serum – Boosts hydration ($68 for 1oz)

Face Oils

  • Nourish Omega Oil – Nourishing blend with kalahari melon oil ($58 for 1.7oz)
  • Rejuvenate Rosehip Oil – Anti-aging with powerful antioxidants ($48 for 1.7oz)
  • Restore Hemp Oil – Calming and sensitivity-soothing ($38 for 1.7 oz)
  • Radiance Fruit Oil – Gentle AHA peel with berry extracts ($68 for 1.7oz)

Eye Creams

  • Repair Eye Balm – Depuffs with caffeine + hyaluronic acid ($76 for 0.5oz)
  • Revive Eye Nectar – Firms and brightens delicate eye area ($96 for 0.5oz)

Body Care

  • Relax Body Oil – Calming aromatherapy with frankincense ($48 for 4oz)
  • Revive Body Oil – Invigorating citrus to energize skin ($48 for 4oz)

With this focused range, Naked & Thriving isn’t trying to replace your entire routine – but rather enhance it with targeted organic actives.

Next let’s analyze if these plant-powered products actually deliver…

Efficacy & Reviews: Do They Work?

Botanical oils have well-proven topical benefits. But living up to clean beauty standards is one thing – seeing real world results is another.

Here’s an efficacy eval on their bestselling Rejuvenate Rosehip Oil:

Case Study: Rejuvenate Rosehip Oil

Naked & Thriving’s star face oil harnesses the natural power of rosehip fruit, which contains a mega-dose of:

  • Vitamin C – Crucial for collagen production and skin firmness
  • Vitamin A – Smooths texture and reduces fine lines + hyperpigmentation
  • Essential Fatty Acids – Deep penetration for increased hydration

So the ingredients check out. But did they translate to real life improvement for N&T customers?

“I’ve been using the Rejuvenate oil for 3 months now. My cystic acne has disappeared completely and my skin looks firmer and more even toned. I get compliments on my ‘glow’ every day now!” – Jess D. Verified Buyer

“In my 40s I noticed my skin losing elasticity with more lines around my eyes. After using the rosehip oil twice daily for 6 weeks I saw a drastic improvement in firmness. Love this stuff!” – Amanda L. Verified Buyer

The reviews consistently highlight reduced acne, fading dark spots, improved texture/tone and most of all – visibly firmer skin thanks to the collagen-boosting actives. Customers see a difference in as little as 4-6 weeks when used twice daily.

And this customer feedback isn’t limited to the Rejuvenate Oil:

★★★★★ "My skin has never been more balanced and healthy thanks to these products.”

★★★★★ “Finally an eye cream that actually helps my stubborn dark circles!”

★★★★★ “Such amazing ingredients. This brand really knows organic skincare.”

The consensus is clear: real organic powerhouses that absorb beautifully while delivering glowy, balanced skin.

Value Breakdown: Are These Products Worth It?

With skincare, you often pay a high price for pure, ethically-sourced botanicals. But Naked & Thriving keeps their costs reasonable in line with other premium naturals brands.

Let‘s analyze the value you get per ounce compared to competitors.

Vitamin C Serums

  • N&T Illuminate – $76 for 1 oz = $76 per oz
  • Drunk Elephant C-Firma – $80 for 1 oz = $80 per oz
  • Skinceuticals CE Ferulic – $166 for 1 oz = $166 per oz

N&T prices align closely with Drunk Elephant, a leader in the clean beauty space. And 1/3 the price of an ultra-premium brand like Skinceuticals.

Retinol Serums

  • N&T Renew – $86 for 1 oz = $86 per oz
  • Biossance Squalane + Retinol – $82 for 1 oz = $82 per oz
  • Skinceuticals Retinol 0.3 – $89 for 1 oz = $89 per oz

Again, N&T holds its own against luxury giants Biossance and Skinceuticals. You pay a little over a dollar more for similar clean, active formulas.

Of course, $80+ for a single serum feels frustrating. But you have to compare apples-to-apples of premium naturals using high-integrity ingredients. Within this context, Naked & Thriving offers impressive value given the price of quality botanicals.

Naked & Thriving vs Herbivore Botanicals Brand Comparison

Naked & Thriving fills a great niche for budget-friendly organic skincare. But they still have lots of natural brand competition. Let‘s see how they stack up against Herbivore – another botanicals darling.


  • Naked & Thriving serums = $68 – $86 per oz
  • Herbivore serums+oils = $48 – $110 per oz

Herbivore has a wider range, but N&T beats them for lower cost on quite a few comparable items like Vitamin C and retinol serums.


  • N&T – Cosmeceutical-grade botanical oils + targeted actives
  • Herbivore – A mix of oils, butters, extracts + fewer actives

Both use high-quality plant ingredients, but Naked & Thriving formulates around researched actives at therapeutic levels supported by science.


  • N&T – Glass only
  • Herbivore – Glass + plastic

N&T takes the lead for sustainable, ecologically-friendly packaging.


  • N&T – 5 stars across multiple retailers
  • Herbivore – 4.5 stars across websites

Stellar feedback for both reflecting how customers value gentle, effective naturals. But N&T edges out Herbivore with that consistently perfect rating.

For shoppers that want proven results at reasonable prices, Naked & Thriving gets the slight advantage here. But Herbivore still deserves high marks for their sensory-driven approach if you want a more indulgent, self-care focused ritual.

Final Verdict: Who Should Buy Naked & Thriving?

Naked & Thriving brings together the best of science and nature for those looking to switch to clean, green beauty. Their line hits all the marks:

Potent Plant Actives – Biologically-active botanicals target specific concerns
Eco-Conscious Sourcing + Packaging – Glass bottles, sustainably farmed ingredients
Competitive Pricing – Less expensive than other organic brands
Rave Reviews – Proven anti-aging and rejuvenation results

As leaders in the natural skincare space, they‘ve won over hordes of customer converts. And the brand continues to grow thanks to their formulas that simply work – with an ethical production approach you can feel good about.

Ultimately their products cater to those who want:

  • Visibly healthier, glowier skin
  • Clean ingredients they can understand + trust
  • An ethical brand aligned to their values
  • Proof that organic can outperform synthetics

So if you find yourself nodding along as you learn more about this impressive brand, your skin is primed for a nourishing new routine with Naked & Thriving.

Ready to go au natural with your skincare? Shop the full Naked & Thriving line here.

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