The Ultimate Zeelool Review: What You Should Know Before Buying

As someone who has worn glasses from a young age, I‘ve purchased eyewear from my fair share of retailers. However, it wasn‘t until recently when a friend suggested Zeelool that I gave this lesser-known brand a try. Now, after testing over a dozen pairs of their eyeglasses and sunglasses, I‘m convinced Zeelool is an affordable option worth considering.

About Zeelool: Who Are They and What Do They Offer?

Founded in 2017, Zeelool is a China-based eyewear company focused on providing quality frames at budget-friendly price points for customers globally. They aren‘t a household name like Warby Parker or Ray-Ban, but with over 300 styles and new arrivals daily, Zeelool competes by offering variety similar to giants like Zenni Optical without the premium cost.

Further setting themselves apart in the saturated online eyewear space is their specialty line of blue light glasses. Recognizing the increasing demand, especially amongst gamers and office workers, over 30 percent of Zeelool‘s inventory incorporates built-in blue light filtering lenses.

While quality frames start under $10, most cost between $15-$30 – quite comparable to competitors once you factor in coatings and prescriptions. Zeelool also routinely offers sitewide sales up to 80 percent off.

From classic wayfarers and aviators to cat eyes and Clubmasters with every color between, let‘s look at what customers really think about one of e-commerce‘s best kept eyewear secrets.

Zeelool Frames Review: Durability Put to the Test

The most critical measure of value for money when shopping for glasses online is how well they hold up over months and years of use.

Analyzing verified purchase reviews with long-term ownership experience, I‘m pleased to report most Zeelool frames receive high marks for durability. Multiple reviewers stated their glasses remained intact through accidental drops, falls, and even their kid chewing on them!

The ladies‘ Emma sunglasses, for example, are constructed from quality metal components rather than plastic. One purchaser wore hers every day for over a year before replacing scratched lenses, noting the frame itself "held up perfectly."

For plastic frames, Zeelool incorporates innovative materials like TR90 into leading styles like the Dolores eyeglasses. Lightweight yet flexible, several owners comment on enhanced strength and a comfortable fit. Multiple fans replaced broken frames from high-end designers with these Zeelools for a fraction of the price.

While the construction lacks the refinement found with luxury brands, Zeelool‘s everyday frames should hold up fine for most assuming responsible use. At these bargain prices, even replacing a pair annually costs less than one set from most brick-and-mortar shops.

Are Zeelool‘s Prescription Lenses Accurate?

Ordering prescription glasses online worries some about receiving improperly made lenses. From what I gathered scouring buyer feedback, Zeelool‘s optical laboratory is just as competent as any in the industry. The few complaints mentioning vision issues predominantly resulted from customers inputting incorrect pupillary distance (PD) measurements.

As long as you accurately provide your latest script details, Zeelool delivers quality prescription lenses fully capable of correcting vision. If for whatever reason their lab makes a mistake, you can request a remake under their standard 1-year warranty.

To showcase lens precision, the Arthur men‘s eyeglasses incorporate advanced lens treatments like blue light filtering and transitions technology seamlessly. Reviewers confirm the intricate details of landscape shots and computer screens appear crisp and vivid.

So as long as you know your required specifications, feel confident entrusting Zeelool‘s capable team to produce spot-on prescription lenses catered to your needs. And if you prefer an in-person fitting, you can always take Zeelool frames to your neighborhood optician for lenses instead.

Top 5 Best Selling Zeelool Frames Reviewed

Rather than selecting a few styles to showcase arbitrarily, I thought it more practical to highlight Zeelool’s current top sellers as identified by the number of customer ratings on both their website and Amazon store. Let’s see what everyday buyers proclaim as their most beloved pairs:

1. Elinor Blue Light Glasses – 4.4/5 Stars

Over 700 satisfied customers praise the Elinor as lightweight yet durable blue light computer glasses. The translucent pink and purple frames measure 5.7 inches wide and 1.57 inches high. Multiple reviewers appreciate the muted color elongating face shapes versus bolder options. Owners with migraines and chronic dry eye say these help reduce headaches and irritation. At around $17 given routine sales, they make for affordable office or gaming glasses.

2. Alessia Blue Light Glasses – 4.3/5 Stars

For those desiring oversized, vintage appeal, the Alessia blue light rectangle frames garner over 550 glowing reviews. Their rounded edges, keyhole bridge, and angular silhouette resembles iconic 50’s looks. The patterned arms and range of colors from crystal to blush pink to gray green inject artsy flair. Praised as “sturdy yet flexible,” buyers say these complement round and heart face shapes nicely at 5.9 inch width.

3. Flynn Semi Rimless Glasses – 4.4/5 Stars

Named after the dashing fictional hero of Tangled, the Flynn designer-inspired glasses live up to their adventurous moniker with flexible durability. Weighing 22g, the single bridge full rim frame harbors reinforced spring hinges and TR90 material designed to “withstand high stress.” Owners praise the comfortable adjustable silicone nose pads as well. For narrow faces, its 5.12 inch width and 1.77 height keep these frames in the lightweight category.

4. Lane Cat Eye Glasses – 4.5/5 Stars

This popular women’s pick effortlessly combines retro appeal with contemporary asymmetrical angles. Available in black, pink, purple, tortoiseshell, and more patterns, the Lane’s playful vibe shines through. The acetate construction feels heavier than wire variants at 22g, yet multiple reviewers praise the durability and clever engineering allowing customization of fit. Blue light and polarized versions help reduce eye fatigue as well for all day wear.

5. Noah Semi Rimless Glasses – 4.4/5 Stars

Guys searching for rectangular frames representing the optimal balance of sleek, masculine, and professional may end their hunt with Noah. Its stainless steel brow bar adds durability without compromising 1.2oz lightweight versatility. Owners praise the adjustable nose pads’ uncanny ability to self-contour a custom fit. Blue light and polarized lens options optimize Noah for reading, computer use, and sun protection. Compared to name brand alternatives, this customer favorite delivers tremendous value at $26.

Zeelool Shipping, Returns, and More: What to Expect

Now let’s get down to the fine print to set proper expectations before clicking purchase. Here are the quick need-to-know takeaways buyers should understand regarding Zeelool‘s ordering, shipping, and returns process:

– Free Shipping Over $70 – Single pair orders incur shipping fees from $2-$19 based on speed. Using standard delivery adds zero extra costs for orders above $70.

– 10-21 Day Delivery Times – Unless paying added rush delivery fees, allow 2-3 weeks from ordering to arrival in the U.S. Times range up to 45 days for Australia and other distant regions.

– Hassle Free Returns Within 30 Days – Keep original packaging and request a return authorization within 30 days for refund (minus shipping fees). Replacements offered for some manufacturing defects up to a year.

– Responsive Customer Service – Should issues arise, the Zeelool support team is praised for timely responses and fair resolution. Contact them via email, phone, WhatsApp, or live chat.

While Zeelool‘s operations appear sufficient for a budget eyewear e-retailer, potential drawbacks mentioned in some negative reviews include long refund wait times, incorrect prescriptions from measurement issues, and rarer cases of damaged shipments. Weigh your personal needs, but the savings often justify accepting these risks.

Where To Buy Zeelool & How To Save

As covered earlier, Zeeloool‘s direct to consumer approach helps lower pricing through bypassing middlemen. You can purchase safely through their website or Amazon store.

Routinely monitor both sites forpercent-off promo codes and lightning deals resulting in glasses under $10! Timing it right, you can even snag qualifying orders with free delivery.

Some additional money saving tips for Zeelool:

  • Buy bundles featuring BOGO sales
  • Checkout with discounted gift cards from Raise or Amazon
  • Stack coupons when available
  • Join as a rewards member for exclusive offers and early access
  • Refer friends to earn store credit – $5 per signup!

And if direct ordering through Zeelool itself worries you regarding customer service issues, purchasing their frames via Amazon grants you access to their world class support should problems arise.

One Last Thing Before You Buy…

I hope this guide gave you fresh insight into the pros and cons of shopping with this unique eyeglass company. While Zeeloool may operate a tad unconventional compared to well known players in the eyewear game, they deserve your consideration.

If you feel even a hint of hesitation about purchasing directly from them, grabbing Zeelool frames off Amazon eliminates risks given their customer friendly policies. Just ensure whichever retailer you choose offers free returns in case sizing or style misses the mark upon arrival.

Personally, I believe this brand offers undisputed value built to impress and built to last. Thanks to cult favorites like the Emma sunglasses and Flynn eyeglasses holding up better than $500 designer alternatives at 20x lower cost, the savings with Zeelool speak for themselves.

Feel free to reach out should any other questions arise about your next perfect pair!

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