MKF Collection Purses: An In-Depth Review of Quality, Style and Value

MKF Collection offers glamorous designer-inspired handbags at affordable prices. With luxury vegan bags made to rival big names like Michael Kors, Tory Burch and Coach, they‘ve earned quite the fan following.

But how does the quality actually stack up? Can these budget-friendly bags really pass as high fashion? I decided to take a close look at some of MKF‘s bestselling purses.

After comparing hardware, materials and craftsmanship details to premier designers, along with gathering feedback from customers, I‘m giving my honest take on whether MKF bags are actually worth it. I‘ll also share style recommendations, tips on how to save money, and everything else you need to shop this brand with confidence.

So if you love the look of luxury labels but don‘t love the prices, keep reading to learn if MKF Collection might be a suitable alternative for your wardrobe!

Overview of MKF Collection

MKF Collection was founded in 2010 in New Jersey, selling luxury-inspired accessories that don‘t break the bank. Their handbags mirror the look of top fashion houses by using high quality vegan leather, luxe hardware and meticulous attention to detail.

The "MKF" initials have fueled speculation about associations with mega stars Michael Kors and Mia Farrow. But the true brand name meaning remains an intentional mystery.

While affordability is central to their mission, MKF also aims to produce ethically conscious products that don‘t harm animals. They use exclusively vegan leather across their collection of handbags, wallets, shoes, belts and more.

Beyond fab faux leather, here‘s an overview of MKF Collection‘s key highlights:

Variety of styles – Totes, satchels, hobos, crossbody bags; available in neutral, bold and playful colors

High quality hardware – Detailed custom metal zippers, buckles, protective feet and insignia charms

Budget prices – Handbags average $200-$300

Celeb aesthetic – Many styles nearly identical to $400+ contemporary brands

Ethical and eco-friendly – All vegan materials, no animal testing

Easy returns – 30 day return policy for unworn items

Now that you know the MKF Collection basics, let‘s look at some of their most popular handbags. I‘ll evaluate quality, function, price value and how they stack up style-wise to competing luxury brands.

Review of Top MKF Collection Handbag Styles

MKF Collection Twister Hobo Bag

The MKF Twister Hobo Bag features super soft vegan leather with distressed edging and whipstitch details for visual interest. The slouchy shape works well for daily use, travel or even as an overnight work tote.

With a strap drop that adjusts from 12 inches up to 48 inches, you get the versatility to carry this hobo bag as a shoulder tote or crossbody style. It comfortably fits a 13 inch laptop along with other daily essentials.

The tone-on-tone logo hardware and custom detailing look remarkably similar to Tory Burch‘s $378 McGraw Hobo Bag or the Michael Kors Voyager Large Leather Hobo at $428.

For less than half the price, the MKF Twister Hobo gives you nearly the same high fashion look. And reviewers confirm the quality and durability match the premier designer aesthetic.

Materials – 7/10
Hardware – 8/10
Craftsmanship – 7/10
Value – 9/10

MKF Price – $279

MKF Collection Isobel Satchel

For those who prefer structure over slouch, the Isobel Satchel offers a sharply tailored look. The geometric paneling provides modern edge to this ladylike bag.

It‘s crafted out of ultra supple vegan leather with custom MKF hardware in a glossy gold finish. The embossed top handles contrast beautifully against smooth exterior panels. Interior pockets keep your small essentials neatly organized.

Reminiscent of the Tory Burch Lee Radziwill Double Bag that retails for $698, the MKF Isobel gives you a nearly identical satchel style for far less.

Reviewers say it looks incredibly expensive and holds up well to daily use. My assessment is you get fantastic quality for the price with this structured satchel.

Materials – 8/10
Hardware – 9/10
Craftsmanship – 8/10
Value – 10/10

MKF Price – $269

MKF Collection Samantha Backpack

Backpacks start looking outdated after high school and college. But the Samantha Backpack proves that backpacks can also channel mature, sophisticated style.

It‘s crafted in MKF‘s signature vegan leather with light gold hardware. The minimalist design pairs nicely with business casual outfits or weekend wear. And it comfortably holds a 15 inch laptop.

At $269, the quality stands up to backpacks double the price. Both the Coach Tabby Shoulder Bag (currently $395) and the Tory Burch McGraw Backpack ($428) offer similar polished looks for over $100 more.

Materials – 8/10
Hardware – 7/10
Craftsmanship – 7/10
Value – 9/10

MKF Price – $269

MKF Collection vs Michael Kors Handbags

As the initials suggest, MKF Collection handbags share an aesthetic resemblance to MICHAEL Michael Kors bags. Clean lines, luxe hardware and Saffiano-style vegan leather are signatures of both brands.

I compared details between the MKF Samantha Backpack and Michael Kors Viv Large Backpack to gauge similarities.

The MKF version appeared slightly less sleek upon close inspection. But overall quality and materials seemed on par with each other. And the MKF design still mirrored the polished luxury look impressively well.

For less than half the $450 Michael Kors ticket, MKF gives you a vegan leather backpack conveying nearly equal style. Ultimately quality differs slightly, but both use great craftsmanship and structure.

So How Does the Quality Actually Stack Up?

MKF Collection aims to produce bags that meet premier designer standards at non-designer prices. But does the execution truly live up to the aspiration?

After inspecting hardware, materials and construction across their bestselling handbag styles, I would assess quality as follows:

  • Vegan leather – Soft, supple and convincingly luxe with a glossy finish
  • Hardware – Substantial feel with cleanly finished edges and high polish
  • Lining – Durable cotton canvas print that withstands moderate wear
  • Stitching – Consistently neat and tight throughout
  • Structure – Handbags largely maintain shape with moderate filling

There were a few instances of looser stitching but overall construction conveyed durability. While not quite on par with $400+ contemporary brands, MKF bags reflect impressive quality relative to price points under $300.

They withstand daily use well. And small quality issues don‘t seem prevalent enough to diminish the perceived luxury you get.

Customer Reviews from Reliable Sources

Beyond my own assessment, I wanted a broader opinion on how MKF quality withstands reality. So I dug into customer reviews from Overstock, Amazon, and other retailers selling these handbags.

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Numerous reviews praised buttery soft vegan leather, compliments received assuming bags were premier designer, and durability with frequent use.

A couple customers had issues with loose hardware or stitching. But MKF has an excellent track record resolving quality problems through exchanges.

Overall most felt they got fantastic bang for their buck. And many remarked the website photos don‘t fully convey how luxurious bags look in real life.

Style Recommendations for Top MKF Collection Bags

With runway looks at wallet-friendly prices, MKF bags work beautifully for the office, travel, evenings out or everyday wear.

Here are my top picks to complement different settings and outfits:

Work Tote – The Christine Tote or Chi Tote spaciously fit laptops, files, and extras for commuting or workdays on the go. Their structured shapes convey polish.

Business Casual Hobo – The slouchy Twister Hobo Bag infuses professional looks with laidback vibes. It works well with blazers, trousers, sheath dresses or crisp denim.

Happy Hour Clutch – Compact crossbody bags like the Ketsy Belt Bag transition effortlessly from work to cocktail hour. Carry essential cards and cash for hands-free socializing.

Weekend Backpack – Pack the Samantha or Jessie Backpacks for traveling, festivals, city exploring or casual hangouts. Luxe details dress up jeans, jumpsuits and boho dresses.

Girls‘ Night Satchel – Make date nights or GNOs more convenient (and photo-friendly) with smooth satchels like the Christine or Isobel. Their neat structure keeps essentials organized.

Care Tips to Prolong Your MKF Collection Handbags

MKF bags require some care maintenance to uphold their pristine look and prevent damage over time. Here are my top tips for keeping vegan leather bags looking their best:

  • Weatherproof before wearing – Spray with a protective coating to prevent color transfer
  • Avoid direct heat or sunlight – Can cause cracking or fading over time
  • Clean regularly – Gently wipe down with damp cloth and let air dry
  • Use bag inserts/organizers – Help structures hold shapes and prevent interior wear
  • Store properly when not using – Keep in dust bags away from direct heat or moisture
  • Get professional help for scuffs – Don‘t try DIY fixes that could harm the vegan leather

Proper care goes a long way towards enjoying these bags for many seasons!

Smart Ways to Save on MKF Collection

As you‘re probably noticing, MKF Collection handbags don‘t require nearly the financial sacrifice as premier luxury labels. But who doesn‘t appreciate saving extra money?

Here are tips for scoring MKF bags at the best discounted prices:

  • Check sale section first – Sort by newest markdowns up to 80% off
  • Sign up for email list – Early access to new arrivals and exclusive promos
  • Shop third party retailers – Overstock, Amazon and more offer special deals
  • Use sitewide sales and coupons – Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc.
  • Buy bundle sets – Handbag + matching wallet combo sets equal built-in savings

And remember, MKF Collection offers free shipping within the continental US. So no need to meet order minimums to avoid delivery fees.

The Bottom Line: Are MKF Bags Worth It?

For shoppers lusting after luxury looks without four-figure price tags, MKF Collection makes a strong case forvalue designer alternatives.

They expertly replicate the aesthetic of contemporaray brands for a fraction of the cost. Both quality and style punch far above their under $300 price points.

Based on my inspection of materials and construction, combined with overwhelmingly positive feedback on durability, MKF bags live up to their aspirations. For the prices, most styles reflect remarkable attention to detail.

There are occasional issues with stitching or hardware. But the brand readily addresses quality concerns. And overall impressions lean strongly towards luxury sophistication.

So if you adore celebrity-approved contemporary styles from Tory Burch, Coach and MICHAEL Michael Kors but need budget options, MKF Collection constitutes a great value purchase.

Just take advantage of proper care and maintenance tips provided above. With some added effort, these vegan leather bags should uphold their refined elegance for seasons to come.

For the quality and execution, MKF Collection handbags prove decisively worthy investments in my book!

I hope you found this comprehensive brand review helpful. Please feel free to reach out with any other questions. And happy luxury bag shopping!

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