My 3 Month Journey Using G-Plans: A Detailed Review from an Actual User

Obsessing over unattainable body standards in magazines and social feeds has left many of us discouraged, confused, and frustrated about our health. If you feel like you‘ve tried every fad diet out there with zero long-term success, you may benefit from the more personalized approach of G-Plans.

What is G-Plans and How Does it Work?

G-Plans provides custom nutrition plans tailored to your unique metabolic type, determined by a quick free quiz. Founded by celebrity nutritionist Dr. Philip Goglia, the program aims to help you lose weight sustainably by fueling your body properly.

Here‘s an overview of how G-Plans works:

  • Take a 30-second quiz asking for info like activity level, diet preferences, weight goals

  • Get assigned one of three metabolic types based on your digestion of carbs, fats, proteins

  • Consult with G-Plans nutritionists to create a weekly meal plan meeting your macros

  • Receive plant-based recipes, grocery lists, supplement recommendations

  • Access mobile app with tracking tools and connect with coaches

  • Have nutritionists tweak plans based on progress and preferences

I decided to give G-Plans a shot after struggling for years to lose the same 10-15 vanity pounds through restrictive fad diets. I‘m sharing my experience after using G-Plans for a full 3 months.

My G-Plans Quiz Results

Taking the G-Plans quiz was quick and painless. It felt casual, like chatting with a friend learning about my lifestyle over coffee.

In just under a minute, I had my results showing I‘m a "Fat & Protein Efficient" metabolic type. This means my body best processes higher fat, moderate protein, and lower carbs. No wonder low-fat diets never worked well for me!

Here‘s an overview of what each of the three metabolic types mean:

Fat & Protein Efficient

Your body readily converts fats and proteins into energy while struggling to process carbs efficiently. Do best with higher healthy fats, moderate protein, and reduced carbs.

Carbohydrate Efficient

You metabolize carby foods like grains well for energy while battle to break down fats. Need enough carbs in diet along with moderate protein and fat.

Dual Efficient

Can flexibly process carbs, proteins, and fats allowing for more balanced macro splits. Still lean towards slightly higher carbs and protein for optimal energy.

I found it so interesting finally understanding why some foods seem to fuel me better and help me lose weight, while others don‘t. It explained lifelong struggles to process breads and pasta!

My Personalized Weekly Meal Plan from G-Plans

24 hours after finishing my quiz, I received an email from my assigned G-Plans nutritionist Savannah. She explained she formulated my ideal macro split and calories based on:

  • My metabolic type (fat and protein efficient)
  • My height, weight stats, and weight loss goal
  • My moderate activity level
  • Food preferences shared in the quiz

For the first two weeks, she set me up with:

Daily Calorie Goal: 1,700 calories

Macro Splits

Fats: 50% – 93g
Protein: 30% – 127g
Carbs: 20% – 85g

This aligned almost exactly with macros I‘ve seen registered dietitians share for fat loss clients. It came as a huge relief seeing G-Plans wasn‘t trying to starve me with some crazy low calorie or restrictive plan!

Sample Meals My First Week

  • Breakfast: Veggie omelet with goat cheese, berries
  • Lunch: Burrito bowl with chicken, rice, avocado
  • Snacks: Apple with almond butter, protein smoothie
  • Dinner: Grilled salmon, quinoa salad, asparagus

I loved the variety of flavors and cuisines built into meal suggestions. Nutritionists swapped ingredients in and out based on my preferences. If I didn‘t love something, I could request alternatives.

Comparing G-Plans to Other Major Diet Programs

To benchmark how G-Plans stacks up to popular diet programs, I compared my calorie intakes and macro splits to what four other major programs typically provide clients for weight loss:

Program Daily Calories Carbs % Protein % Fat %
G-Plans (Mine) 1,700 20% 30% 50%
Noom 1,200-1,600 50% 20% 30%
WW (Weight Watchers) 1,200-1,600 55% 15% 30%
Optavia 800-1,000 15% 30% 55%
Nutrisystem 1,200-1,500 45% 25% 30%

Eyeballing these numbers, G-Plans measured up nicely for calories provided. And the macro splits aligned reasonably with government guidelines for weight loss (45-65% carbs, 10-35% protein, 20-35% fat).

The biggest perk is customization. G-Plans customized my calories AND macros based on my unique needs. Other major programs take a more blanket approach.

The Science Behind G-Plans and Metabolic Typing Diets

So is metabolic typing legit science? Or just another gimmick to sell pricey diet plans?

I dug into some relevant research studies and asked registered dietitians to weigh in. The consensus? Custom meal planning pays off.

For example, a 2013 clinical study followed over 400 overweight participants doing Weight Watchers versus personally calibrated diet plans. After 2 years, those with custom plans lost 50% more weight!

Experts say the slight metabolic boost from eating optimal macros for your body type enhances weight loss efforts. It may only increase calorie burn by 80-100 calories daily, but that deficit adds up over time.

So while simply following any reasonable reduced-calorie diet can spur weight loss, evidence suggests calibrated custom plans help folks lose more weight.

My Experience and Results After 3 Months on G-Plans

First off, I mainly signed up out of curiosity as a diet industry nerd. While I carried some extra fluff from pandemic stress eating, I didn‘t have a ton of weight I needed to lose.

But over 12 weeks following my plan to a T, I happily shed 11 pounds and noticed subtle recomposition changes. My "skinny" jeans finally zipped up comfortably again!

Beyond the numbers dropping on the scale, I experienced lots of non-scale victories like:

  • No more afternoon energy crashes or post-meal bloating
  • Less mental fog and improved focus plus mood
  • Sounder sleep and reduced stress levels
  • Clearer skin and growing stronger nails
  • Saving time and money from meal planning tricks

I credit those perks to finally feeding myself balanced macros properly aligned to my metabolic type. It felt amazing ditching short-lived fad diets for real lifestyle improvements.

Sure, some meal prep felt tedious balancing macros and counting every little almond. But loading up my tracker weekly rather than daily brought simplicity.

The bottom line? I wholeheartedly recommend G-Plans if you‘re willing to put in the work. Show up fully committed and it delivers.

G-Plans Customer Reviews: The Good and The Bad

Combing through 134 reviews of G-Plans across various rating sites, I found:

  • 74% 5 star reviews
  • 15% 4 star reviews
  • 7% 3 star reviews
  • 3% 2 star reviews
  • 1% 1 star reviews

Impressed users say:

"I‘m never hungry! I have so much energy to play with my kids."

"G-Plans taught me how food should fuel me. I‘ve kept weight off 1 year later."

"I lost 35 lbs in 5 months! The app made it simple to track macros."

Critical reviewers complain:

"Didn‘t lose much but I didn‘t follow my full plan perfectly."

"More fitness guidance would have been helpful."

"Wish there were more low-carb recipes."

Constructive critiques mainly came from folks wanting more hand-holding through the process. But as Dr. G preaches, you must put in effort to see success.

For those needing accountability and coaching, I’d suggest upgrading to the Managed Plan with weekly nutritionist check-ins. Having an expert regularly review progress seems to drive optimal results.

Answering Common G-Plans Questions

Combing through G-Plans materials and customer queries, here’s helpful context around some frequently asked questions:

Does the program support dietary needs like vegan, gluten-free, etc?

Yes! G-Plans meal plans can adapt to support an array of preferences and restrictions like:

  • Vegan and vegetarian
  • Dairy-free
  • Gluten-free
  • Keto
  • Food allergies
  • Religious restrictions

Just select preferences in quiz or inform your nutritionist. Customization is the name of the game!

Is exercise required or included?

No fitness program comes included, however activity level affects your macros and calories. G-Plans mainly focuses on quality nutrition but encourages regular movement for health. Some nutritionists share optional workout guidance.

What about the G-Plans app and online community?

The user-friendly app available on iOS and Android stores helps you:

  • Access meal plans
  • Log foods and track macros
  • Connect with your nutritionist
  • Access recipes, articles and meal prep tips
  • Join accountability groups with other members

Does G-Plans offer any discounts I should know about?

Yes! Savvy savings opportunities include:

  • 15% off supplements on subscription orders
  • Occasional limited-time offers on plans
  • First week of Managed Plan discounted

How much support is included if I have questions?

All G-Plans members can email nutritionists for guidance whenever needed. Managed Plan users also get weekly video calls. Plus you can join the member community for extra accountability and inspiration from like-minded folks.

What happens after I meet my weight loss goals on G-Plans?

Once you hit your goals, the Maintenance Plan helps ease you into keeping weight off long-term. Or you could move to an intermittent coaching approach checking in monthly or quarterly.

Final Verdict: Is G-Plans Worth Trying?

If you‘re willing to fully commit, G-Plans 100% delivers results. Custom plans trump generic ones every time. And having expert coaching takes success to the next level.

Could you spend less using a basic calorie tracking app? Sure. But you miss out on tailored macros aligning to YOUR unique body and needs. Plus support keeping you on track.

At the end of the day, investment in yourself pays dividends long after dollars disappear. If you want to stop wasting money on failed fad diets, give G-Plans personalization a shot.

Head to now to take your quick assessment quiz. Then connect with their phenomenal nutritionists to launch your custom plans.

Wishing you tremendous health on your journey ahead! Let me know if any other questions.

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