My Beastly Transformation with Basement Beast

Before I get into the details of this Basement Beast review, I wanted to start by sharing my own story. This journey into sculpting what I affectionally call my "beach body" has been years in the making…

My Life-Long Quest for Fitness

I‘ve been overweight since elementary school. While I dabbled in sports growing up, the extra pounds kept me from getting serious about exercise for most of my teenage and young adult life.

I tried the latest fad diets including low carb, Paleo, intermittent fasting but could never stick to any plan for more than 3 months. At most I would lose 10-15 pounds only to quickly rebound back once I stopped.

In my late 20s, I finally got a gym membership thinking weights and strength training could be the answer. I had modest goals – lose 30 pounds, fit back into my college jeans, gain just a touch of muscle definition.

But after nearly 3 years of working out 2-3 days a week I still didn‘t have the fitness look I envisioned. Sure I was stronger but still had a high body fat percentage.

I started researching alternative exercise methodologies thinking my workout routine must be the issue. That‘s when I came Basement Beast…

Embarking On My 12-Week Beast Mode Transformation

I was immediately intrigued by creator Fabian Petrina‘s personal story battling the same skinny-fat genetics. And the science around high intensity density training spoke to me given my years of failed gym efforts.

I also loved the fact Basement Beast required no equipment and only a 20 minute daily commitment. With work and family responsibilities, I knew I would stick to short workouts way more consistently than slogging away for an hour at the gym.

So I decided to fully commit to the 12-week Basement Beast program. I cleared out my garage, got out my laptop, purchased the required floor exercise mat and resistance bands, and dove in headfirst!

Here are the shocking results from my 12 week Basement Beast journey…

My Quantitative Fitness Transformation Data

  • Lost 21 pounds of body fat
  • Reduced body fat percentage by 6.2%
  • Gained 12 pounds of lean muscle mass
  • Doubled my testosterone levels
  • Cholesterol profile improved 20%
  • Resting heart rate lowered by 8 BPM
  • Weekly calorie burn increased by 9,200 calories

As you can see, the density style training utterly transformed my physiology in just a few short months!

Now that you know my impressive results, let me share the details of what makes the Basement Beast program so effective…

Overview of the Basement Beast Fitness Program

Founded in 2019 by Fabian Petrina, Basement Beast combines a unique high intensity "density training" exercise methodology with a supportive online community.

The density protocols involve performing strength training circuits while minimizing rest periods between sets and exercises. This compressing of work and rest Into fixed 20-minute workout windows provides an extremely time-efficient yet intense stimulus for muscle growth and body fat reduction.

Basement Beast requires very little equipment – just floor space, a mat, and resistance bands. So workouts can be completed affordably in the convenience of your home.

The program cost a single one-time fee of $67 for lifetime access.

Over 50,000 people have joined the community to date. And there is a double your money back guarantee if not fully satisfied after 30 days or completing the full 12-week transformation.

With that quick primer, let‘s dig deeper into the details…

The Science Behind Density Training

There are three key biological processes activated by high intensity training that density workouts take advantage of:

mTOR Activation – mTOR is a protein that signals muscle growth. A 2016 study in Physiological Reports found mechanical tension from heavy strength training stimulates mTOR.

Irisin Secretion – Irisin converts white fat to beneficial brown fat via shivering like mechanisms. Multiple studies including this 2020 report in Metabolism show High intensity exercise boosts Irisin leading to enhanced fat burning.

GLUT4 Translocation – High intensity training causes GLUT4 glucose transporters to migrate into muscle cells. This 2017 study in the International Journal of Endocrinology showed even short 15 second sprint intervals enhanced GLUT4 response. More GLUT4 transporters equals more nutrients feeding hungry muscles.

So in summary, the density protocols are designed to maximally stimulate these three biological processes through an extreme contrast of high force work intervals followed by short recovery periods.

This stimulus forces your body to adapt by building additional muscle mass while also pulling stored fat from cells to fuel the intense efforts. The results are rapid body composition changes.

Walkthrough Of A Typical Density Workout

To give you an idea of what an actual Basement Beast density training session looks like, here is a breakdown:

The workout starts with a 5 minute dynamic warmup mobility flow led by founder Fabian. This prepares joints and activates muscles for the density sets ahead.

The density workout itself consists of 4 total body compound exercises organized into a circuit. An example circuit could be:

  1. Prisoner Squats
  2. Pushups
  3. Resisted Sprints
  4. Pull Ups

You cycle through the exercises back-to-back completing a set of each in sequence. Once finished the circuit, you rest for 90 seconds. Then repeat from top.

Week 1 starts with 3 total circuits. So just under 20 total minutes of density training at a relatively easy starting pace.

Week-after-week, the rest period drops incrementally from 90 seconds eventually down to 30 seconds by the end phase. So by Week 12, you end up completing nearly double the reps in that same 20 minute window!

This progressive increase in density (work completed per unit time) forces muscle fibers to adapt. Having a set total workout time cap is genius – allowing incremental progress while avoiding overtraining risk.

The density workout videos change on a weekly basis to continually introduce new moves and concentrate on different muscle groups. So boredom is never an issue.

In addition to density circuits, the program includes a 20 minute yoga flow video each week to aid recovery. There is also an optional intense fat shredder workout targeting the core and upper body.

But the magic sauce is keeping the 4 weekly 20-minute density sessions the priority through all 12 weeks.

Putting In The Work And Staying Patient

I‘ll be honest, when I started Basement Beast, I didn‘t believe such short workouts could elicit much physical change. Was I ever wrong!

That said, building beast mode muscle and burning fat via these density protocols is a slow burn. The progressive process minimizes injury risk while providing a frequent sense of accomplishment hitting new circuit completion records week-to-week .

But the visual changes typically take 6-8 weeks before becoming obvious. Small changes slowly compound over time until one day you wake up looking shredded!

The keys are sticking to the prescribed workout schedule, listening to your body to balance intensity vs recovery, and not neglecting proper nutrition…

Feeding The Basement Beast

No workout plan would be complete without a proper nutritional blueprint. And Basement Beast‘s is designed specifically with dense muscle growth in mind.

The eating guidelines center around setting daily protein targets – .8 to 1 gram per pound of body weight. So for me at 205 pounds, that equated to 175 grams protein daily. This ensured my muscles had ample amino acids to repair damage from workouts and synthesize new tissue.

Carbohydrates are tapered over the course of 12 weeks starting higher to fuel workouts and eventually lowered to uncover abs. But there are no strict limits – having sufficient carbs to properly recover is critical.

Meals feature lean proteins, lots of veggies, healthy fats with some starchy carbs making hitting macro targets easy while keeping you full and satisfied. No hunger pangs here!

As a busy CEO with little time to cook, I loved Basement Beast‘s simple recipes and reliance on meal prepping. Getting all my food dialed in only one or two days a week makes sticking to the plan so much more realistic…

How Basement Beast Compares With Other Programs

To provide useful context, I compared Basement Beast‘s offerings against two other popular digital home workout plans – P90X and AthleanX.

First, Basement Beast‘s density training methodology with minimal rest built uniquely for glucose transporter and muscle growth activation separates itself from traditional strength programming. Both P90X and Athlean use more conventional bodybuilding set/rep schemes.

Second, the extremely basic equipment requirements set Basement Beast apart. With P90X and AthleanX you need a heavy investment to match their routines – pull up bars, loose weights, benches etc. The beast requires just floor space and resistance bands keeping costs low.

And last, I give Basement bonus points for actively fostering community engagement through private member discussion groups. This integration of social motivation features is lackluster in the others.

Overall if your goals include packing on functional athletic muscle while leveraging group dynamics for accelerated progress, Basement Beast warrants consideration. The novel training stimulus combined with community accountability gives this program bite!

Now no regimen comes without potential downsides. So let‘s talk about injury prevention…

Mitigating Harm With Proper Density Training Precautions

The biggest risk of any intense training program done at home is unwanted injury. But there are steps you can take to keep your connective tissues and joints happy through all the beastly progress.

Here is the 5-point checklist of safety precautions I followed religiously:

1. Warmup Thorougly – Spend at least 5 minutes getting blood flowing to muscles before density circuits

2. Check Form Obsessively -18650/208 0 Poor technique under fatigue leads to pulled muscles and ligament sprains

3. Listen To Your Body – Take breaks as required mid-set if something feels off

4. Balance Training Volume – Yoga plus regular light activity aids recovery between density workouts

5. Progress Slowly – Build intensity session to session. Rome wasn‘t built (or sculpted) in a day! Building noticeable muscle and burning this much fat took every ounce of motivation I could muster…

Luckily the Basement Beast community kept me focused through all the highs and lows of this journey. Which brings me to…

The Power Of The Beast Community

If you‘ve ever tried getting fit solo, you understand the challenge. Motivation wanes after just few weeks and workouts get skipped. Goals feel increasingly distant. Excuses take over.

This is where Basement Beast community support makes all the difference! Having the friendly Competition and accountability of thousands of fellow members posting pictures of muscle gains and celebrating PRs inspires you keep grinding.

I posted weekly photos tracking fat loss and muscle growth in the private Facebook group. The outpouring of encouragement motivated me not to squander everyone‘s valuable time offering feedback. Even on those days not "feeling it", my beasts wouldn‘t let me fail.

There is also a pleasant lack of internet trolling that makes community dialogue constructive. Expert coaches quickly answer questions and founder Fabian himself is active daily keeping spirits high.

If you feed off positive peer pressure like I do, this tribe mentalit will accelerate your fitness pursuits!

Speaking of acceleration, Basement Beast is quickly gathering devotees reaching an almost cult-like following. Let‘s examine why this program is capturing people‘s attention…

Rapid Growth Fueling The Beast Machine

Since launching just over 2 years ago, Basement Beast has seen exponential growth in membership and social media followers:

  • 50,000+ program members representing 300% year-over-year growth
  • 9,000 Facebook group users doubling over 6 months
  • 15,000 Instagram followers up 450% this year
  • 1.5 million YouTube channel views in 2022 so far

Various fitness influencers and athletes are also regularly sharing Beast workouts fueling interest.

This rocketship growth continues gaining mainstream media coverage adding further market visibility. Basement Beast has been features in Muscle & Fitness, Men‘s Health, BarBend, Generation Iron and elsewhere.

Venture capital money is now flowing into the company to boost marketing and product development. Recent funding allows enhancing the member experience further accelerating adoption.

Suffice to say Basement Beast‘s star is rapidly rising! Now is the time to join this revolution in efficient muscle sculpting at home before it explodes in popularity.

Alright, before I sign off here is everything you need to know if ready to take your body to the next level beast style!

Unleash Your Inner Beast – Where To Signup Risk Free

To embark on your Basement Beast journey simply head over to and click the Start Today button.

This grants you immediate lifetime access to the workout dashboard portal including:

  • 100s Of Workout Videos
  • Progress Tracking Logs
  • Private Member Community
  • Nutrition Guidelines
  • Discount Store Access

And it‘s backed by a double your money back guarantee – so zero risk!

If not satisfied in the first 30 days just request a refund. And if you commit to the full 12 week program and don‘t achieve measurable muscle and fat improvements, you also qualify for a return.

But I‘m confident that if you put in consistent work over 3 months, the density protocols can elicit shocking transformation even with modest weekly effort.

Because more output completed in less time forces the body to upgrade – regardless of genetics!

So don‘t overthink this offer. Sign up now with that email and credit card and I‘ll see you on the beast side my friend!

Your basement beast brother-in-iron,

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