My Go-To Review for PetCareRX: Tips from a Pet Parent

As a passionate pet owner with over a decade of experience testing pet products and services, PetCareRX quickly won me over. I want to share everything other pet lovers should know – from how it works to maximizing savings.

What Makes PetCareRX Stand Out

Before I highlight my personal experience, let‘s do a quick rundown of PetCareRX itself:

Founded in 1998 after one dog owner‘s struggle finding affordable medications, their mission is providing simple and cost-effective pet health. Headquartered in New York, they offer a huge range of prescription and over-the-counter pet medications, food, wellness products and more.

What sets them apart in the growing market of online animal pharmacies?

Fully-stocked pharmacy: With both brand name and PetCareRX‘s own generic formulas, they can supply almost anything your vet prescribes. No chasing down that unusual med!

Robust rewards program: PetPlus members earn points for serious savings on every order plus free expedited shipping.

Access to vets 24/7: Get personalized guidance whenever you have a question about dosing, side effects or your pet‘s symptoms. So convenient!

Now let‘s look at my first-hand experience over the past 6 months as a PetCareRX shopper and loyal PetPlus member…

Ordering My Dog‘s Specialized Medications

As a parent to my 11-year old lab mix Bella who battles arthritis and heart disease, medications are a big part of our lives. The costs were really mounting making frequent trips to the vet pharmacy.

On a friend‘s recommendation, I signed Bella up for PetCareRX to manage her prescriptions. Here is the smooth process I followed:

1. Selected Bella‘s Medications

Searching for "heart disease dog" or "arthritis treatments," PetCareRX‘s website displayed all related medication options for Bella. I easily found what she takes – Vetmedin, Rimadyl, plus supplements.

2. Submitted Background Details

At checkout, PetCareRX gathered details on Bella‘s history, current script doses and our vet‘s office. This facilitated the…

3. Prescription Verification

PetCareRX efficiently handled reaching out to my vet, getting the medications pre-approved before order fulfillment.

4. Fast, Free Home Delivery

Thanks to my PetPlus membership (more on this later!), expedited 2-day shipping was free. No more driving back and forth to the pharmacy counter for refills!

I‘m so relieved to have an online pharmacy I can trust to safely deliver Bella‘s sensitive prescriptions straight to our door.

Why I Love the PetPlus Program

As soon as I saw the perks, I knew PetPlus was a no-brainer addition to boost my PetCareRX experience:

Price Matching

PetPlus guarantees I‘ll pay the lowest prices on Bella‘s medications, even beating competitors by up to 40%! They constantly cross-reference rates across major outlets like Chewy Pharmacy, PetMeds and more. I score every medicine for less.

Free Expedited Shipping

Normally I‘d pay $15 extra for 2-day shipping. With PetPlus, it‘s completely free no matter the order size or frequency. Saving money AND getting quicker access to Bella‘s heart and arthritis medications is invaluable.

24/7 Vet Line Access

As anxious pet parents know, questions and worries can pop up anytime. Now I have direct phone and online chat access to licensed vets around the clock. It‘s incredibly reassuring chatting about dosage changes, side effects, wellness concerns right when they arise.

Considering PetPlus costs just $100 annually, it pays for itself almost immediately with the exclusive discounts and perks. Absolute game changer!

Reviews of PetCareRX‘s Top Medications

What kind of pet prescriptions and over-the-counter treatments can you buy through PetCareRX? I regularly order the following for my pup:

Rimadyl Chewables (60 count) – Carprofen anti-inflammatory for arthritis

The only thing that helps manage Bella‘s joint inflammation so she stays active and comfortable. PetCareRX offers her exact prescription formula for 35% less than my vet!

Vetmedin (90 count) – Pimobendan for heart disease

This keep‘s Bella‘s heart failure in check so effectively. Having PetCareRX auto-deliver her life-saving heart medication gives me peace of mind.

Dasuquin Joint Health Supplement (150 chews)

My vet recommended this nutritional supplement to support Bella‘s arthritis alongside her main medication. It has improved her mobility letting her play like a puppy again!

With PetCareRX, I have confidence I‘m giving Bella the absolute best medications formulated specifically for her needs. Their pharmacy team triple checks every order for accuracy and potential interactions too.

How PetCareRX Compares to Other Options

When it comes to preparing for your pet‘s prescription needs, you generally have 3 options – your vet‘s onsite pharmacy, traditional pharmacies or online outlets. How does PetCareRX compare?


  • PetCareRX offers wholesale rates up to 40% cheaper than brick-and-mortar pharmacies by cutting overhead costs. PetPlus members save even more.


  • No driving back and forth or waiting in line! PetCareRX delivers to your door at preferred intervals.

Medication Selection

  • From popular preventatives like heartworm medication to specialized treatments like Bella‘s, they have everything in stock. No backordering or hunting down odd meds!

Customer Service

  • PetCareRX‘s pharmacy team is easily accessible by phone and online chat when any needs arise.

When I factor in the discounted pricing, superior convenience getting Bella‘s sensitive prescriptions on time, plus exceptional service, PetCareRX is greater value overall compared to alternatives.

What Fellow Pet Parents Are Saying

Curious what feedback from other real PetCareRX customers looks like? Review sites show a consistent 4+ star rating:

SiteJabber – 4.5/5 based on 500+ reviews

Positive mentions highlight exceptional service and fair prescription pricing. Certain negative reviews pointed out issues cancelling auto-renewing memberships.

TrustPilot – 4.1/5 with 74% recommending

Many customers call out quick delivery, quality medications and the overall savings compared to their vet.

The main complaints I noticed on sites like BBB were around accidentally renewed annual memberships. This signals the importance of understanding the terms fully upfront.

My Tips for Saving the Most

Want to maximize the value you get from PetCareRX? As a seasoned shopper, here are my insider strategies:

Choose Generics Whenever Possible

PetCareRX offers generic equivalents of popular meds at half the cost – huge bargain! These are just as high quality and effective.

Set Up Medication Auto-Delivery

Take advantage of seamless auto-refills so you never run out of a prescription. PetCareRX proactively handles renewals and you save up to 15% off versus one-time orders.

Join PetPlus ASAP!

This one is a no-brainer. An annual membership can save you 10X the fee through exclusive access to discounted medication rates and free expedited shipping.

Refer Friends for Bonus Rewards

PetCareRX gives you and a friend $25 in account credit for every new customer referral. I‘ve earned $100s in PetPlus savings by sharing perks with other pet owners.

Why I‘ll Remain a Loyal Customer

Thanks to PetCareRX, I don‘t stress about having Bella‘s specialized meds consistently available at affordable costs. Together we found an ideal system!

Now it‘s your turn to simplify medication management for your beloved cats and dogs. I hope my transparent PetCareRX review gave you the tips and confidence to move forward. Please reach out if any other questions come up during your pet pharmacy journey!

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