How to Fix Broken Vertical Blinds Slat without Replacement Slats & Parts?

Do you want to avoid the high cost of replacing your broken vertical louver? Are you in need of simpler ways to repair the damaged blind slats? Read on to find out the answer. 

3 Simple Ways to Repair a Broken Vertical Blinds Slat

1. Repair your vertical blinds slat with a Paperclip

Paper clips are one of the simplest ways of repairing a damaged vertical blinds slat. Paper clips are popular office equipment used for holding documents and pieces of paper together.

The good news is you can also use it for repairing a damaged vertical blinds slat. However, the effect of its repair is short-lived, meaning that it is a temporary repair option.

How To Use It

The process involved in using paper clips to repair damaged vertical blind slats are simple and the steps involved are as follows;

  • You start by placing the paper clip over the broken vane. Remember that there used to be a piece of plastic on top of the vane. The metal in the paper clip will replace the piece of plastic.
  • Apply a tape around the paper clip to secure it.
  • After applying the tape, use a hole puncher to create one or two holes in the middle of the paper tape.
  • The next and last step is to test the repaired vane and ensure that it fits into the clasp. Once you ensure this, you have a wholesome and functioning vertical vane again.

Tip: It is important to note that It's easy to damage again, maybe just one day. This solution is temporal and should remain in place till you get a more permanent solution.

2. Clear Vertical Blind Repair Tabs to Fix

Clear Vertical Blind Repair Tabs

Rather than use the paper clip which is more of a temporary solution, you may want to consider a more permanent solution. An example of this permanent solution to repairing a damaged vertical blind slat is the Clear Vertical Blind Repair Tabs.

One of best is the The SOGEWO Clear Vertical Blind Repair Tabs are sets of blind repair tabs (16 sets translating to 32 pieces) and a pair of alcohol pads that are used to permanently fix damaged vertical blinds.

Why We Choose It

  • The SOGEWO Clear Vertical Blind Repair Tabs has a lot of impressive features, which are reasons for its usage. Some of the features include;
  • Ease of use. The SOGEWO Clear Vertical Blind Repair Tabs is easy and simple to use.
  • Transparent nature. Due to its transparent nature, the repair tab works with almost all types of vertical blinds.
  • 3M Glue. The use of 3M Glue in the repair tabs makes it more effective as the adhesion has more viscosity to it.

How to Use It

Using the SOGEWO Clear Vertical Blind Repair Tabs is very simple and straightforward. The steps involved are as follows;

  • The first step is to use the alcohol pad that comes with the repair tab to clean the ripped blind. This step is to prepare the damaged blinds for the repair process by removing any dirt on the surface and increasing the surface area for adhesion.
  • Pick up a tab you intend to use and take off the covering on the back of the tab.
  • Apply the tab to the damaged area, and do the same for the other side of the damaged blind.


  • The SOGEWO Clear Vertical Blind Repair Tabs are made from strong and durable PVC materials.
  • The material measures 5mm and features upgraded areas and durable edges that ensures that your vertical blinds keep on working for long periods.
  • The repair tabs also come in different materials including vinyl, PVC and fabric.

Apply To: Any vertical shutter or blinds slat.

Tips: Using alcohol pads to clean the surface of the damaged vertical blind is a sure way to remove dirt and debris on the blinds and increase adhesion.

3. Metal Vertical Blind Repair Vane Savers

Vertical Blind Repair Vane Savers

The Metal Vertical Blind Repair Clips also know as vane servers is another option when it comes to permanent vertical blinds repair. While it comes from the same manufacturer, it is made from a different material and also works differently.

Like the clear repair tabs discussed above, the SOGEWO Metal Vertical Blind Repair Clips is also a set of metal clips numbering up to 30 pieces.

And what’s more, the metal clips work perfectly with all types of blinds, regardless of their materials.

Why We Choose It

The SOGEWO Metal Vertical Blind Repair Clips features many impressive characteristics, some of which are;

  • Environmental Protection. The clips are safe to use and have no adverse effect on the environment.
  • Reusability. The clips are durable and made from sturdy materials which makes them reusable for a long period.  

How to use It

The SOGEWO Metal Vertical Blind Repair Clips is also very easy to use. There are no complex processes to its use, as its straightforward steps show below;

  • Clean and prepare the broken blind slat and the metal clip
  • Put the clip over the broken slat as a form of covering
  • Firmly attach the clip with a hammer or a pair of pliers. It is important to state that you should watch for the use of excessive force while hammering the clip. This is to prevent damage to the vertical louver window panel.


  • As the name suggests, the clips are made from metal materials.
  • Now, this material is sturdy, heavy and durable. This means that the metal clips will last long for a long time.

Apply To: This clip works for vertical shutters and blind slats. (The SOGEWO Metal Vertical Blind Repair Clips also shares the compatibility feature of its counterpart discussed above. It sports a solid white color which is compatible with almost all colors of window blinds.)

Tips: You want to be careful with the amount of excessive force that you apply to the blind slats when using the hammer. This is because excessive force can damage the louver window panel.


Vertical blinds are important to the home and office accessories. Rather than replace them every time they get damaged, you can repair them using simple approaches. Some of these approaches were discussed in this article.    

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