7 Exterior Window Trim Ideas To Spruce Up Your Home

Are you considering changing or making a general overhaul of your exterior windows and searching for ideas on replacement types for your home? There’s never been a better time to consider replacing those drafty windows in your home.The design technology has advanced to such a level that you will experience marked and, many times, drastic changes in your home’s comfort level and, most importantly, in the energy savings. The question now is, what replacement windows should you put in your home? Below, I will introduce you to various exterior ideas that will enlighten you and present choices to pick from.

Windows complete any apartment design. They help let in light from an interior point of view and give those inside a chance to view. Windows help complete the look and curb appeal of the house.

While the finishing of interior windows is emphasized in large numbers (with windows and designs that focus on many homeowners’ concerns), external windows often require equal assistance. But although the window coverings are mostly the interior solution, the window trim allows the exterior to look full.

Exterior Window Trim

Window trim helps in framing a window. This idea gives it both definition and scale and style and design. Look at these concept ideas for inspiration if you want to design your exterior windows trim.

Window trim is necessary for every exterior window. Trim helps cover the edge between the side and the window frame, which helps maintain and protect your home. Trim also helps make your home look full no matter what style it is or the material in which you side it.

Cedar or some other form of wood is the popular material used for window trim. And while woods such as cedar are regarded as sturdy and the right option, there are problems. Often double the cost of other materials, cedar is very costly.

Less costly woods are also less durable, requiring a lot of maintenance, including both a high-quality primer and paint before install. Many untreated timber kinds can also be susceptible to moisture issues, cracking, bubbling, and bleed-through.

This high-quality trim has been treated with preservatives, eliminating many of the moisture problems of standard wood and ensuring that your trimming will be more durable, low maintenance, and longer-lasting,

External Window Trim Design

Exterior Window Trim design

Design is one of the all-inclusive components that can be challenging to put on. While some design ideas are easily categorized by distinguishable features such as traditional furnishings or shutters, other designs are harder to define and often fit well with different architectural styles. All lines, edges, form, and consistency with other architectural features should be looked for if we take various exterior window designs into account.

Exterior Window Trim Color

Exterior Window Trim Color

While some owners want their external windows, soffits, and the front door to match a tee, some prefer to use the external window trim to contrast the faces, doors, and other architectural features. Whether you choose a similar color or a contrasting color, you must keep this in mind.

Style / Type of External Window Trim

Type of External Window Trim

The third factor involved in the window’s exterior style or type trim. The selection of materials can also calculate this. Alternative outdoor decoration methods, including stones or mixed-media forms, are also available, while vinyl and wood are classic favorites.

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Ideas for Exterior Window Trim

Below are homes that have been finished with preservative-treated wood trim, each with its unique style and personality, showing you just what’s possible with this innovative material.

Simple Monochrome Trim

Simple Monochrome Trim

Exterior window Trim doesn’t need to contrast the rest of the home or stand out sharply to be effective. These windows have been filled with effortless shade, which blends the pillar and the lighter side perfectly. Above and beneath the windows, the header and footrest are mainly available to allow the decorative shutters first to attract the eye’s attention because the windows appear to be much larger than they were.

Design Continuation Idea

Design Continuation Exterior window Trim

A popular home features and design element for exterior trim. Using an edge that’s just a shade darker than the rest of the house gives it some detail and dimension. The windows are framed in the same trim and design as the rest of the home. This process provides the entire exterior a sense of continuity and a unified style. The windows fit neatly into the design plan, and the trim becomes an extension of the rest of the facade.

Bold Substantial Trim

Bold Substantial Trim

The substantial bold trim is meant to be noticed because it portrays beauty. The gold color stands out sharply against the lighter side. The window trim boasts a heavier bottom ledge on the upper story windows. The Bold, substantial window trim ultimately gives them weight and helps balance them against the larger building window. The same window trim is used just below the roof gables, providing a seamless look to the exterior.

Classic Understated Window Trim

Classic Understated Window Trim

For some architecture styles, it’s often the cleaner, more classical look that works best. This style is the case for this simple ranch. The windows are lined with a straight, clean, white trim that matches the other clean lines for the rest of the house. The color adds a pleasant contrast to the dark gray side, making the smaller windows pop up and stand out in the design.

Normal Substantial Trim

Normal Substantial Trim

The windows trim on this home are set back beneath an overhang. Meaning that the trim needs to be a little more substantial to draw them out and give them the attention they deserve. Therefore, the window trim on both the upper and lower portions of the windows extends out past the windows slightly. It is made of a somewhat beefier window trim than that used on the rest of the facade.

Trimmed Layered Window

Trimmed Layered Window

This home with this window trim brings beauty to the house. The windows reflect using window trim that’s got a layered style to it. Rather than merely framing the windows, the trim adds size and dimension to them. This process helps call attention to them in an exterior that’s already filled with details and design.

Subtle Trim Design

stone brick and wood trim

What makes this a perfect idea is its beautiful two-tone exterior that combines stone brick and wood trim. The subtle window design is already in emphasized areas. It is doing this add more to the window trim and might lead to an overwhelming the facade. The subtle trim design keeps the windows in shape, simple.


There is no disputing the importance of preservative-treated in the wood window trim.

Implementing these window ideas will make them last. You will also finish them with the right specifics for your home in a variety of attractive designs. Use any of these ideas as a basis for your home style to achieve the best possible exterior window trim.

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