6 Ways to Remove Scratches Out of Glass Window

You are probably wondering if you have what it takes to rid scratches off your house or car’s glass window. If in doubts, try out these procedures.

The natural light, good air, and the comfort of your house or vehicle depend on your glass windows state. At times upgrading is always the best turn, but what happens when they get a scratch just after the upgrade?

If scratched, your windows can be a nuisance, especially if you need to see through it. Many times, the fading of the resplendent pristine look can make you panic for repairs, relax.  The scratched window can regain its look. All you have to do is follow these little home procedures, and your window will be good as new.

Preliminary Actions Before Commencing on Scratch Removal

Before you commence the scratch removal process, you should start by cleaning. Cleaning can be done in different ways. One way can be contacting commercial cleaners from the market. However, if that turns out to be too expensive for you,  opt for a home recipe.

Preliminary Actions Before scratch removal process

That will involve a consistent amount of distilled water and vinegar in a spray bottle. Should you choose to use vinegar, the acetic acid will clean and deodorize the glass surface. On the other hand, distilled water, unlike tap water, will not leave any streaks on the window's surface.

Drying the surface is after the cleaning process. However, you should not use rough towels and fabrics as they will cause further scratching. As a substitute for fabrics, you can use coffee filters.

Ways of Removing Scratches out of your Glass Window at Home

removing scratches from your glass window

When you decide on removing scratches from your glass window by yourself, consider these six how-to process.

1. Apply baking soda (sodium hydrogen carbonate)

Before you put the baking soda in a bowl, ensure no impurities can cause more scratches. Add water in the baking soda and mix it using a spatula until it becomes a paste. After that, take a piece of clothing and wrap it around your first finger. Press the wrapped finger into the paste.

Removing Scratches with baking soda

With the small paste on your finger, circumnavigate it on the scratched zone. If the procedure is done correctly in about 45 seconds, you will notice the scratch's extinction. Thereon, you should proceed by rinsing the glass with the aid of clothing to ensure all the baking soda is removed.

Up to you

Depending on the mixture you are using, it will take some time and monotonous procedures for the scratch to diminish. You have to patient.

2. Use Metal Polish

Any metal polish can work, but the method is ingenious when it's mixed with cerium oxide. The application should only be made when your glass is dried off after cleaning, or you will get damaging results.

Removing Scratches with Use Metal Polish

To apply, wrap a piece of clothing on your first finger and dip it in the polish. Pick a logical amount of polish on your finger as more will also lead to negative results. Proceed by applying it on the scratch in circular motions.

Again after 45 seconds, if correctly done, you will notice that the scratch is fading.  If so, clean your window using a piece of clothing to ensure there are no remains of the polish.

3. Use Nail Polish

When it comes to nail polishing, you have to harmonize a damp cloth, nail polish, nail polish remover, and an applicator. Should you choose this method, a nail polish that is devoid of any pigmentation will suffice. Save your fingers as nail polish is presented with applicators.

Removing Scratches with Nail Polish

Deep the applicator in the polish, afterward remove it and apply on the scratch. Once it's on the scratch, it seeps through. It would help if you, therefore, left the scratch spot undisturbed for an hour.

After an hour, wrap your finger with the damp clothing, apply on it the polish remover. Proceed by wiping the spot with the damp cloth. Boom! Just that way and the scratches on your glass windows are gone.

4. Buff it Up With Toothpaste

You should start this process by sterilizing your window. That's done to ensure nothing bizarre gets in the way. The cloth you use for sterilization must as well be clean. Now on the toothpaste selection, make sure it's non-gel and non-pigmented. Other forms can also work under the condition that they have baking soda.

Removing Scratches with Toothpaste

Following the finger wrapping trend, squeeze out the toothpaste from the tube and place it on your finger. Proceed by pasting it in circular motions on the scratched spot. Should you not witness any diminishing of the scratch within a minute of this process, it will be best if you repeat the process.

If efficacious, proceed by wiping the paste off using a damp cloth and rinsing with water.

5. Invoke the Use of Cerium Oxide

If you want to work magic on your scratch, then the expenses you will undergo on cerium oxide are worth it. Cerium oxide is ideal for deep scratches, such as those that can be present on the windshield.

Removing Scratches with Cerium Oxide

Once your glass surface is cleaned, mix the cerium oxide with water thoroughly until it forms a paste. Proceed with its application, this time using a brush to paste it on the scratch. When you are one, clean the window and make sure your working area is tidy.


Pressure exertion during this application must be consistent, or you will get undulating finishing. Furthermore, the process is not one touch. It will be wise for you to repeat it until you attain the wanted outcome.

6. Try out glass polish

Rub glass polish in a circular motion using a clothed-wrapped finger or a cotton ball. Upon completion, use a damp cloth to wipe off excess glass polish.

Removing Scratches with glass polish

A clean surface will ascertain your efficacious results. Even though glass polish gets rid of scratches, it would be wise if you don't use much of it. Too much glass polish will wreak more havoc on your window. That's due to its abrasive properties.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I call a glass scratch technician?

Given that you are not successful in the scratch removal process, there might be underlying factors. Sometimes the scratch is too deep for a home repair. So, if your fingernail fits into the scratch, you should seek assistance from glass professionals.

Can you buff out scratches on auto glass windows?

They can be buffed out if you use an acrylic scratch remover or even nail polish in the scratched area. The product will dry out, resulting in minimal buffing. On the other hand, you can use cerium oxide. Fill the scratch with the cerium and begin to buff it gently.

What causes scratches on glass windows?

When dust and other debris fall on your window, and they are not removed. They go on fusing on the glass's surface. Afterward, when the glass is being cleaned, the debris is disengaged and pushed through the surface. That way, it leaves visible scratch marks behind.

Okay, ladies and gentlemen, facing things on your own is usually a smart choice. However, there are circumstances where you can get stuck when helping out yourself on glass window scratches. That may be deep cracks or expanding spider cracks. Your home methods probably won't work out; you should be smart and seek professional assistance.

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