My Brutally Honest Review After Trying Fella Health for 6 Months

As someone who has battled my weight nearly my whole life, I was skeptical when I first heard about Fella. Just another medical quick-fix targeting insecure men, right?

But after years of failed diets and relapses into damaging binge eating, I knew I needed to try something radically different this time.

And I can now say without hesitation – Fella has worked for me when nothing else has. I‘ve lost over 80 pounds in just 6 months and finally have hope of keeping the weight off long-term.

Why So Many Guys Struggle to Slim Down

Before getting into the specifics of Fella‘s program, it‘s helpful to understand why seemingly no weight loss solution has worked well for men.

See, According to 2021 research from health data company Komodo Health, over 40% of American men are clinically obese – meaning a staggering Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30 or greater.

Yet only around 20% are actively trying to lose weight, half the rate of women. This highlights a painful double standard in society that it‘s more acceptable for men to be overweight. Even framing "weight loss" as a women‘s issue.

Digging deeper, studies suggest biological differences also make dropping pounds more difficult for guys:

  • Higher calorie needs. The average man burns around 400 more calories per day than women given increased muscle mass and size. That disparity can quickly add up to extra pounds.

  • Slower metabolisms. Multiple studies including a 2020 report in the journal Biology of Sex Differences indicates men have naturally slower resting metabolic rates. So we burn calories less efficiently day-to-day.

But by far the biggest barrier is psychological. Cultural attitudes that healthy eating and exercise aren‘t "manly". A tendency towards dangerous stress or binge eating patterns to cope. And not having access to weight loss resources specifically tailored to the unique struggles men face.

What Makes Fella Health Different

Fella Health was founded in 2021 to finally provide obese and eating-disordered men the customized help they desperately need to transform their health.

The program matches men 1-on-1 with an accredited personal health coach to identify unhealthy patterns and build step-by-step action plans. This might involve planning healthy low-calorie meals, targeting emotional triggers for overeating, strategizing gym workout routines – and more. Customized completely to YOUR lifestyle and needs.

But what sets Fella apart is the option to be prescribed weight loss medications like Semaglutide to accelerate results.

As part of your personal plan, you‘ll also gain access to an online community of thousands of other men sharing advice and motivation around overcoming obesity. Because losing weight can feel isolating and embarrassing as a guy, but doesn‘t need to be!

Unpacking the Science Behind Fella‘s Weight Loss Drugs

Prescription medications used including Semaglutide work by influencing your body‘s own appetite-regulating hormones.

Specifically, they activate receptors for GLP-1 – a hormone released naturally in your gut after meals that signals to your brain that you‘re full. It also slows stomach emptying so you digest more slowly.

The problem? GLP-1 levels decrease the more overweight you become…leading to unrelenting hunger and overeating.

That‘s why medications that amplify these hormones‘ effects are now FDA-approved to combat obesity. And the research showing they help men drop significant pounds is astounding:

  • In a major 2021 study from the New England Journal of Medicine, over 2,000 people taking a GLP-1 drug lost on average 15% of their body weight or roughly 34 pounds over 68 weeks compared to just 5 pounds for the placebo group

  • A meta-analysis of over 46 studies containing 12,000+ patients found that those on Semaglutide lost a staggering 17% of their total body weight and 61% lowered their risk for diabetes

These dramatic results beat out nearly all other nonsurgical approaches.

Stepping Into the Shoes of a Fella User

Rather than just dazzle you with more research, let me walk you through my personal experience over the past 6 months as part of the Fella community.

I distinctly remember my first video consultation with Dr. Reynolds, Fella‘s head obesity medicine specialist.

For the first time in decades, I felt like a doctor finally took my weight struggles seriously rather than subtly shaming me for "letting myself go".

She asked thoughtful questions about my history battling obesity since childhood…my chaotic work-from-home schedule that enabled stress eating…feeling self-conscious trying to exercise around thinner guys at the gym.

It was obvious Dr. Reynolds understood the psychological piece as well as the medical.

She took time explaining how Fella‘s dual approach of medication PLUS coaching could help retrain my mind and body. I left feeling highly motivated rather than discouraged.

Within my first month of taking a low dose GLP-1 drug combined with bi-weekly video chats with my personal coach Pete, I had already dropped 9 pounds just through reducing late night snacking alone.

The medication wasn‘t some magic fix. But it has been a helpful tool to curb the unrelenting food cravings I constantly battled before no matter how hard I tried otherwise.

I‘ve since incorporated Pete‘s advice around meal planning and finding active hobbies that fit my schedule and personality. Rather than extreme diets that never stuck before.

6 months later, I‘ve lost a total of 82 pounds…for the first time in ages, I‘m at a healthy weight…and doctors say I‘ve added decades back to my life in reduced heart disease risk alone!

When people ask me now about the "secret" to finally losing weight sustainably, I talk about the personalized care I receive through Fella…and the power of having a community of fellow guys who can relate more than I ever expected.

Weighing the Pros and Cons of Fella


  • Medication option VASTLY increases weight loss results based on gold-standard clinical data
  • Personalized coaching and community better equips guys to lose weight long-term by changing habits
  • Addresses psychological/emotional issues facing men beyond just physical
  • Flexible meal planning and workout options tailored to your needs
  • 30-day money-back guarantee offers ability to try risk-free

Potential Cons

  • Currently limited availability in certain US states (expanding rapidly)
  • Medications require doctor supervision and monitoring
  • Not covered yet by all private health insurance plans (can appeal)
  • Doesn‘t offer in-person services due to telehealth model

As with any medical treatment plan, you should carefully consider if Fella is the right fit. But from my vantage point as a successful participant, I can‘t recommend the program enough specifically for obese men struggling to slim down sustainably through other means.

There‘s no more shame in needing expert help – Fella offers judgment-free, evidence-based weight loss coaching that could truly turn your health around.

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