Does Walmart Have ATMs In 2023? [Fees + Withdrawal Limits Explained]

As a savvy shopper in 2024, having access to cash when you need it is crucial. With over 4,700 Walmart stores across the United States, you may be wondering – does Walmart have ATMs? And if so, what fees and withdrawal limits should you expect?

The short answer is yes, most Walmart locations do have ATMs available for customer use. However, there are some key details around potential ATM fees and maximum withdrawal amounts that are good to understand before using a Walmart ATM.

In this detailed guide, I‘ll cover everything you need to know as a shopper about accessing cash through Walmart ATMs, including:

  • How many Walmart stores have ATMs and where are they located?
  • What fees you may incur from using a Walmart ATM
  • Daily/weekly withdrawal limits to be aware of
  • Tips for avoiding fees and getting cash back without an ATM
  • How Walmart ATM access compares to other major retailers

Let‘s dive in and unpack all the ins and outs of getting cash from Walmart ATMs in 2024!

How Widespread are ATMs at Walmart Locations?

With over 4,700 Walmart stores throughout the U.S., including Supercenters, Neighborhood Markets, and more – the majority provide ATMs for customer convenience.

According to Walmart‘s website, over 3,000 ATM machines are located inside its stores across the country. So statistically, around 63% of all Walmart locations have an ATM available.

The ATMs themselves are not owned or operated by Walmart – rather, they are installed and managed by various third-party companies like Cardtronics, PayPal, and Cummins Allison. Walmart simply provides the real estate and access to customers.

You‘ll typically find the ATMs situated near the front of the store, often close to the customer service desk area for optimal visibility and ease of use. However, smaller Walmart Express stores or Neighborhood Markets may not have enough space to house an ATM.

If having ready access to cash is important for your shopping trip, I‘d recommend calling ahead to confirm there is an ATM at your specific store. This avoids an unexpected surprise if you rely on being able to withdraw funds when you arrive.

Understand Fees Associated with Walmart ATMs

The convenience of getting cash right inside a Walmart is great. But are there any fees associated with using their ATMs that might impact your budget?

The straight-forward answer is Walmart itself does not charge you a fee to use their in-store ATMs. They provide this as a free access service for shopping customers.

However, you may still incur fees from other sources:

  • ATM Surcharge Fee: The ATM owner charges this per transaction fee, ranging from $1 to $3 at most machines. Look for notices on the ATM or receipts alerting you to potential surcharge fees.

  • Out-of-Network Fee: Your own bank may charge you an extra $1 to $5 fee if you use an ATM outside of their network. Check bank policies.

  • Foreign Transaction Fee: Using an ATM card or credit card issued from a foreign bank may incur an additional international transaction fee.

To avoid the most fees, I recommend using a domestic debit card from a major U.S. bank like Chase, BofA, or Wells Fargo. Also consider getting a Walmart MoneyCard – these debit cards allow surcharge-free withdrawals at Walmart ATMs.

Below is a comparison of potential fees by bank and card type:

Bank Fees at Walmart ATM
Chase $3 surcharge, $2.50 out-of-network
Bank of America $3 surcharge, $3.00 out-of-network
Wells Fargo $2.50 surcharge, $3.00 out-of-network
Walmart MoneyCard No surcharges, out-of-network waivers available

As you can see, using a Walmart MoneyCard as your debit card is the best way to avoid fees when withdrawing cash from Walmart ATMs.

What Are the ATM Withdrawal Limits?

In addition to fees, it‘s good to understand the maximum withdrawal amounts permitted from Walmart ATMs.

The exact withdrawal limits can vary based on:

  • The ATM provider
  • Your bank and account type
  • Your debit/ATM card limits
  • Time of day restrictions

Here are some general guidelines on Walmart ATM withdrawal maximums:

  • Daily Limit: $300 to $500
  • Per Transaction: Up to $500 or $600

Keep in mind, those are the caps built into most ATMs. Your bank may set lower limits on your individual debit card based on your account history and status.

For example, the Walmart MoneyCard has the following defined limits:

  • Daily ATM Withdrawal: Up to $3,000
  • Monthly ATM Withdrawal: Up to $5,000

So MoneyCard users have higher maximums through Walmart ATMs specifically.

No matter your debit card source, if you need to withdraw more than the ATM limit allows per transaction, you‘ll have to swipe your card and go through the process multiple times in one day.

I‘d advise checking with your bank directly to confirm your account‘s exact daily and weekly cash withdrawal allowances when accessing funds through any ATM.

Best Ways to Get Cash Without ATM Fees

Given the potential for ATM fees, what are some alternatives for getting cash to spend at Walmart without getting hit by surcharges? Here are a few handy options:

Ask for Cash Back at Checkout: When paying by debit card for your Walmart purchase, ask the cashier for some cash back up to $100. This avoids ATM fees.

Use Walmart Pay: Load cash onto the Walmart Pay digital wallet through the app and retrieve it inside the store. Minimal fees and no ATM required.

Third-Party Gift Cards: Purchase a small-load gift card from Netspend or GreenDot at Walmart and use the card to withdraw cash from an ATM.

Money Orders: Buy a money order at Walmart‘s service desk payable to yourself, then cash it at your own bank for free.

Cash Checking: Cash your paychecks or tax refund checks inside Walmart stores to obtain cash without ATM fees. Available at Customer Service.

For heavy Walmart shoppers, using services like Walmart Pay and occasional cash back keep cash in your pocket while avoiding pricey ATM fees from third-party machines.

How Do Other Major Retailers Compare?

To give some additional context, how does Walmart‘s in-store ATM access compare to other major retailers in 2024? Here is a high-level overview:

  • Target: Over 1,900 locations with ATMs provided primarily by Cardtronics. Free access for RedCard debit/credit users, charges fees otherwise.

  • Costco: Limited ATMs available (under 200 warehouses with machines). Primarily located at gas stations and front entrances. Transaction fees are charged.

  • Kroger: Around 2,000 Kroger-owned ATMs across store brands with no fees for customers. Also provide check cashing.

  • Home Depot: More than 2,000 ATMs provided through Alliance Cash network. Fees are typically charged per transaction.

  • CVS: With over 9,900 stores, most CVS pharmacy locations have ATMs onsite provided by Cardtronics and charge access fees.

  • Walgreens: Similar to CVS, most Walgreens locations offer Cardtronics ATMs charging transaction fees.

Based on total store count and number of ATM machines available, Walmart provides the greatest retail ATM access nationwide for shoppers needing cash on the go. And their policy of no direct customer fees makes it a cost-friendly option versus other major chains like Target, Home Depot, and Costco.

The Bottom Line – Cash Access at Walmart

As a frequent Walmart shopper, it‘s valuable to understand the ins and outs of getting cash through their in-store ATM network. Here are some key takeaways on using Walmart ATMs:

  • Over 3,000 Walmart locations nationwide feature on-site ATMs for customer convenience.

  • While Walmart itself does not charge ATM fees, you may face surcharges from the ATM owner or out-of-network bank charges.

  • Withdrawal limits are typically $300-$500 daily, but can vary based on your bank and account.

  • For fee-free access, use a Walmart MoneyCard or ask for cash back when paying by debit.

  • Walmart provides extensive retail ATM availability compared to other major chains.

Knowing the nuances around Walmart‘s ATM network will allow you to access the cash you need during shopping trips, while saving on avoidable fees that drain your spending power. Now you can head into Walmart prepared and in control when you need to withdraw funds on the go!

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