Best Wireless Gaming Keyboards

The best gaming keyboard and mouse combination is a performance and productivity advantage. Whether for PC gaming like Logictech or KLIM you need the best wireless keyboard combo.

If you are looking to make your gaming more fun and easy then look no further. A wireless gaming keyboard is important because you want the ultimate gaming response and power.

A wireless gaming keyboard will make your gaming easier and less messy. No more cluttered cables and delayed accessibility. Instead wireless gaming keyboards offer versatile mechanical switches, quick responsiveness, and gaming advantages.

What kind of wireless gaming keyboards are best for your needs? The ideal gaming keyboard is important for ultimate personalization, control, reliability, and comfort. When you have a good wireless keyboard there needs to be attention to detail to a variety of factors.

Top Picks: Wireless Gaming Keyboards Highlights

Top 10 Best Wireless Gaming Keyboards

Best Overall Wireless Gaming Keyboard

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Drevo makes an all around high performing keyboard packed with gaming functionality. The keyboard offers various switch configurations, and full personalization capability. You can not beat this keyboard for overall power and functionality and quality.

This wireless keyboard is attractive and compact, so it does well for anyone looking for a more portable keyboard option. Bluetooth optimization is key with this keyboard. Moreover, the Drevo has the 71 key mechanical option along with a variety of switch formations.

Gaming essentials are crucial and the Drevo keyboard does deliver the goods with unique features like the anti-ghosting, keystroke options like the roller, and full optimization for programming.

The ability to customize and make your keyboard work for you is key for the Drevo Calibur. You get the ability to customize by controlling the backlighting with up to 7 preset effects. In addition, you get downloadable software to highlight your keyboard and wireless experience.

All in all, this is one of the best wireless gaming keyboards because of the all around features like the quality mechanical switches, bluetooth innovation, and RGB illumination and optimization.

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Why We Recommend It:
  • Exceptional wireless features and top notch Bluetooth capability
  • Smart and intuitive design and stunning features for gaming and functionality
  • Incredible accessibility by connecting 3 devices simultaneously
  • Good price point considering all the features
You need to pay attention to It:
  • Limited battery lasting power and recharge potential
  • Build and durability is questioned by some reviewers for manufacturing design

Best for Gamers Wireless Gaming Keyboard

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The SteelSeries keyboard is the ultimate gaming keyboard with mechanical precision, smoothness, and customization control along with easy programming capacity. Overall, you can not get a better mechanical keyboard for gaming and control.

In general, the variety of this keyboard runs the gamut from featuring the best technology. What we have with this keyboard is that the Steelseries features linear Omnipoint switches that give it an advantage for versatility. Why?
Basically, there is the advantage of customizing your game control because this is what makes the Steelseries a very unique and powerful gaming keyboard. The customization is easily done with force and touch sensitivity as well preset preferences in software.

One of the most unique features is that the Steelseries lets you manage the amount of pre-travel distance and actuation force for typing. This keystroke advantage is incredible for gamers.

Overall, the keyboard is top grade in quality consisting of aircraft grade aluminum alloy. Durability is key when it comes to a viable wireless gaming keyboard and the Steelseries delivers the goods.

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Why We Recommend It:
  • Ultimate gaming control, customization, precision, and versatility among many other top and varied keyboards
  • High quality manufacturing build guarantees that the keyboard is durable
  • Special features to let you manage the amount of pre-travel distance and actuation force for typing
You need to pay attention to It:
  • Not as affordable as gaming keyboards so be prepared to pay more
  • The keyboard lacks macro keys for specific programming

Best Budget Wireless Gaming Keyboard

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Logictech makes one  of the best gaming bargain wireless keyboards. This is a keyboard that will deliver ease and comfort, programmable keys, and a long battery life. Not many keyboards will offer the amount of features at this low price.

A budget item is supposed to deliver the basic functions of any product, but the Logictech more than delivers the goods. Why? For example, you have a budget keyboard that is more than an excellent selection for any gamer.

The Logictech K350 offers 104 keyboard programmable keys for gaming versatility and the cool wave shaped frame. The curved designs give this keyboard an advantage for comfort and usability. Why? You can easily get in the right position with the ergonomics of this keyboard.

Moreover, the Logictech has a long battery life that gives gamers the extra advantage. User experience may vary, but the longevity and sturdiness is very surprising considering the price. The mobility issue is the key here as you can twist, turn and move around without any fuss or cords.

Overall, this wireless keyboard is a wonderful addition to anyone looking for design advantages, multimedia control and mobility, and various Logictech features. You get the headstart for ultimate comfort for your hands and wrist for gaming fun.

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Why We Recommend It:
  • Overall ergonomic advantage with Wave shape design keyboard
  • 104 Keyboard programmable features and capacity
  • Convenient and long lasting battery life for durability
You need to pay attention to It:
  • Limited features compared to higher end and more expensive wireless gaming keyboards
  • The design may be tacky and negative for some looking for more sleek or customized control

Best for Portability Wireless Gaming Keyboard

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Logictech makes a great keyboard with bluetooth accessibility and all around options and more. The 810 model is a bluetooth keyboard that is illuminated; best for on the go use for any tablet or device anywhere!

Outside of portability, you have a keyboard that manages to do a lot with functionality and comfort. As well, the magic of this keyboard is with the ease of use you get with the easy switch bluetooth technology. This is a wireless keyboard that will make things easier.

Some other features include the bright backlit keys on the keyboard for ease of use. You can type in the dark as well because of illumination that is ideal for gaming in darker situations.

Other notable features include quick pairing that makes it very convenient for going between different devices. Moreover, there is a powerful and robust battery; as well as attractive design that is stylish to some consumers.

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Why We Recommend It:
  • Maximum portability as you can use the keyboard anywhere on the go
  • Convenient  pairing and more changing between phone, tablet, laptop, and more
  • Smart backlight is ideal for night and dark gaming situations
You need to pay attention to It:
  • Design can be seen as cramped and not as ergonomic as other keyboards
  • Expensive price tag is a big turn off for many budget minded customers

Best Popular Wireless Gaming Keyboard

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Razer is very popular for good reason as it ts the #1 best selling gaming peripherals manufacturer. This is a high-Performance Mecha-Membrane Switches and ultimate customization.

There is no better option for getting a keyboard with intuition, tactile sensitivity, ergonomic design quality, and more. The Razer is popular for a reason as it is ideal for customization and as well gaming integration and power.

In addition, the Razer offers a fully programmable experience that allows users to make things more to their own preferences. For example, you have key combinations that can be remapped to do more challenging commands.

The best thing about the Razer; customization of gaming is done with finesse as you can sync with popular games. Moreover, you have Razer hardware that has the capacity to work with gear from numerous partners and as well supporting 16.8 million colors. How? The colors are supported on individually backlit keys.

Overall, this is a keyboard renowned for quality, fast typing capacity, intuitive prowess especially for customization and personalization for programming and other functions.

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Why We Recommend It:
  • Most intuitive keyboard from a top notch manufacturer with a great reputation
  • Ideal for fast typing and programming usage especially for gaming
  • Good design and ergonomic comfort
You need to pay attention to It:
  • Complaints on the quality and durability o the keyboard for sturdiness
  • Some keys seem to malfunction to some reviewers

Not compatible with Spotify

Best for Battery Life Wireless Gaming Keyboard

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G-Cord makes an outstanding and highly versatile gaming keyboard for tactile typing needs; packed with extra features like RGB backlight and more. The G-Cord is a great line of keyboards with a lot of features for intuitive keystroking to customized shortcuts.

Overall, you can’t get a better keyboard that suits many needs. Why? Overall, the intuitive nature of this keyboard means that you are able to utilize switches that react quickly for every keystroke in variable purposes.

Moreover, you have the advantage of using a keyboard comparable to the  Steelseries Apex 7 so you can enjoy amazing keyboard action with dark room gaming. Basically, you are able to utilize a full RGB backlight that can be used in variable methods.

In addition, the G-Cord has great ergonomics that go a long way in making this a very popular and praised keyboard. The keyboard features a wonderful wrist rest that is part of the keyboard. The design is attractive and soft to the finish for long periods of use. Battery life is very good for long term usage and heavy gaming.

In conclusion, the keyboard responds well to many situations and is quick to set up via USB. In addition, you have no problem pairing and making this keyboard up and ready for working as soon as possible.

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Why We Recommend It:
  • USB Receiver makes for easy connectivity of the keyboard
  • Less hassle for pairing and accessibility
  • Very long battery life for working remotely and wirelessly; lasts up to 200 hours with heavy use
You need to pay attention to It:
  • Some keys are hard to see while in use; battery indicator light is not functional at times.
  • Keys are hard to press and a bit clunky

Best for Comfort Wireless Gaming Keyboard

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The Logictech is known for its ergonomic comfort, design, and appeal. The Logictech G613 is a keyboard that gives the user the ultimate comfort for long term usage and game playing if this is an interest.

What makes this keyboard shine are the built-in wrist support for rest and comfort. The ideal keyboard would provide for a serious and intense gaming because ergonomic design and comfort is key with this model.
This keyboard delivers the next wave of cutting edge technology for wireless keyboards. Basically, you have a keyboard that is meant to be used for gamers who seek high performance functionality.

Some of the more outstanding features include mechanical switches that have the capacity for the ability for wireless gaming. Because Logictech delivers lightning fast wireless technology with Bluetooth connectivity.

Moreover, expect as well amazing longevity from your battery. As well, the Logitech makes challenging keystrokes much easier. Why? You are able to program with ease custom macros, in-App commands, and at the same time utilize Logictech software for gamers.

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Why We Recommend It:
  • Great Ergonomic comfort provided by the wrist rest support
  • Perfect for serious gamers because of the intuitive customization and comfor
  • Innovative technology that is fast and quite accessible with Bluetooth
You need to pay attention to It:
  • Problem with some of the programmable options
  • Proprietary Switches are not as durable as some users have complained

Best Value Wireless Gaming Keyboard

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The KLIM keyboard is an incredible and durable keyboard for the cost. This wireless keyboard is jam packed with noiseless and smooth functionality and responsiveness along with a long lasting battery.

You can not get a higher performing keyboard for this price. The KLIM model offers extra responsiveness because of its fast membrane keys. In addition, you have a special function for ultimate accessibility and other shortcuts.

Comfort and ergonomic quality is ideal so you will get a keyboard that is quiet and smooth compared to a clunkier mechanical keyboard. The set up for your gaming is comfortable and optimal as you will be more able to use for long periods of time.

Overall, this wireless keyboard is a great value because of the attractive aesthetics and larger design build, responsive key and typing capacity, a long battery life, and a sturdy build. You even get a free eBook about “Productivity and Gaming Skills Through Faster Typing” after your purchase.

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Why We Recommend It:
  • Responsive typing and keystroke capacity with fast membrane keys
  • The keys have 10,000,000 keystrokes so this is set up for the ultimate in gaming
  • Free eBook with purchase on increasing productivity and gaming skills with typing
You need to pay attention to It:
  • Bulky build of keyboard is large and may be a negative for some setups
  • Quality of build and durability has been questioned by some users

Best Desktop Wireless Gaming Keyboard

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The Corsair K63 offers a full featured mechanical gaming keyboard for all around use. This is a consistent performer with complete dedicated media controls and ideal for desktop and media settings.

Overall, you won’t get a better keyboard for gaming and non-gaming needs because this is a more well rounded option. This is a durable and wireless keyboard with mechanical capacity and hands off functionality. Not an ideal keyboard for gamers, but compatible with Xbox One to play other games.

There are cherry red switches, which give this keyboard an appeal of its own. Expect 8MB profile storage along with hardware macro and multi color RBG backlight capacity and convenience. You will have fairly limitless color personalization and control with this wireless keyboard option.

In general the Corsair keyboard is accurate and precise, it will provide optimal lighting control macro capacity programming, great intuitive synchronization. You won't have a keyboard with as much consistent high performing features at such a price level.

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Why We Recommend It:
  • Consistent and reliable high performing keyboard for the price level
  • MX mechanical switches with high functionality
  • 87 key keyboard with Bluetooth and 2.4GHz Wireless accessibility and capacity
You need to pay attention to It:
  • Not ideal for Gamers because of some keyboard limitations and design
  • Ergonomic limitations and complaints for long term usage

Best for Mobile Devices Wireless Gaming Keyboards

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Logictech has created a compact mobile device. Overall, the benefit tends to be its smaller sized keyboard for quick on the go functionality and gaming on the road. This is a special needs keyboard made for mobile and smaller devices.

Overall, Logictech does a great job of providing a keyboard that is enabled for smaller devices and operates anywhere and everywhere. This wireless keyboard connects to your Mac, iPad, but it is ideal for your iPhone or other mobile device. Also, accessible for tablets like Samsung and Huawei. A perfect wireless keyboard companion that supports external sources with Bluetooth.

The best aspect of this keyboard is that you can go between devices with simply the press of a button. The functionality and ease of use is incredible. You will not regret a keyboard known for hands on smoothness and convenience.

All in all, a keyboard meant to go in your bag and work along your mobile phone. Wonderful typing experience and helpful in terms of ergonomic comfort.

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Why We Recommend It:
  • Compact size of the keyboard makes this perfect for mobile and phone users
  • Comfort in typing for a variety of functions and ease of use
  • Easy set up makes this quick and accessible for convenient utilization
You need to pay attention to It:
  • Small keys make this difficult for some bigger hands and usage
  • Accessibility and website problems as well software configuration challenges

Wireless Gaming Keyboard Buying Guide

Knowing what to buy is the most challenging question for any product, especially a wireless gaming keyboard. So, when you are picking the best keyboard you need to consider a number of key things that would enhance or change your setup.

  • Switch Type

In terms of technology, you need a keyboard with a switch that determines how long the keys will last. Also, you need to know the switch to figure out how responsive, sensitive, and effective it is overall.

  • Design

The material and build of a keyboard is crucial and would determine how the keyboard would fare for long term gaming usage. Heavy gaming play or intense requires a build that can sustain and be sturdy.

  • Features

Some wireless keyboards have various switch types while others have more personalization and intuitive features for programming keystrokes. Consider what you want; as well some keyboards have fancy back lights.

  • Cost and Budget

Wireless keyboards can be more affordable but depending on your budget you need to make sure what your budget can get overall.

  • Comfort

Ergonomic styling means that the keyboard will be comfortable for long term usage. If you are gaming you need ergonomic features that are comfy like a wrist rest or support.

Why Buy a Wireless Gaming Keyboard?

A wireless gaming keyboard can be a wonderful and easy to experience gaming device. The main difference between a wireless keyboard and mechanical keyboard is the convenience. Here are the main reasons why buying a gaming keyboard will provide the best wireless gaming combination for you.

Wireless Gaming Keyboard

  • Less Clutter

You will have less cables and mess to deal with so the convenience of a more clean space is a big advantage.

  • Easier to Use

Wireless technology has made gaming and any keyboard use much easier and more intuitive. The gaming experience should not be challenging, but smooth.

  • Customization

You can personalize your gaming experience to your needs. Tailoring your needs and programming keystrokes of your preference are what make any keyboard especially a wireless gaming keyboard more attractive.

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