Best Energy Monitor

The best energy monitor is able to reduce and cut down on energy and usage. Save money when you add a home energy monitor to your home. Many models to pick from based on consumer needs and electrical consumption.

If you are looking to save at home then an energy monitor is best for you. This type of monitor simply measures and monitors your electricity in real time use. However, the next step is how to find the most ideal energy monitor? What monitor offers the most saving?

There are a variety of energy monitors, which provide a number of benefits, features, and model brand advantages. Also, there is of course price and how much you are willing to spend to save on energy.

Different types of energy monitors can track your usage in a variety of ways. Check out the latest brands from Sense, Neurio, Eyedro, and more to realistically and accurately track your consumption on all appliances.

All in all, the point of an energy monitor is savings, spending less money, and avoiding any future electrical issues that will create consumption waste and costs.

Top Picks: Energy Monitors Highlights

  • Best Overall Energy Monitor: Sense Energy Monitor “All around high performing energy monitor that delivers the complete electricity usage of your home; easy to use and no monthly fees. “
  • Best Advanced Energy Monitor: Eyedro Home Energy Monitor “The ultimate energy monitor for customizing how you want to save and view your electricity usage; integrates with Amazon Echo and even monitors solar power.”
  • Best for Accuracy Energy Monitor: Aeotec by Aeon Labs ZW095 ZW095-A Home Energy Meter “One of the more economical options for accurate energy monitoring claims of up to 99% along with wireless accessibility. “
  • Best for Convenience Energy Monitor: Emporia Vue Smart Home Energy Monitor “Simple easy set up makes the Emporia quite attractive; 24-7 real time energy monitoring along with easy WiFi accessibility. “
  • Best General Energy Monitor: Neurio Technology W1-Hem Home Energy Monitor “Overall, a high quality monitor that will give you detailed reports of energy usage; highly interactive display for evaluating electricity usage. “
  • Best Budget Energy Monitor: Efergy Engage Hub Kit Energy Monitor “A well rounded monitor that is able to be used with wireless capacity; real time monitoring with up to date features at a reasonable price. “

Top 6 Best Energy Monitors

Best Overall Energy Monitor

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Sense Energy Monitor is able to give you an all around high performing energy monitor that delivers the complete electricity usage of your home. It may take some to establish a full evaluation, but it will be; easy to use and also have no monthly fees.

The energy monitor unit is made up of a box of your actual energy monitor and placed in your home. In addition, you have a WiFi antenna, a couple of sensors, a mounting kit for stability, and of course an installation guide.

This monitor is widely popular and fairly well reviewed for a reason. You will be able to track more effectively as users will be able to evaluate more data and detection of devices in your home. Detecting bigger problems before they arise is key; therefore the advanced notifications give you that advantage to save money.

Moreover, you have the real advantage of using historical data to clearly track usage. You need to have information at your fingertips to save and monitor your electricity usage. The app that is provided on your phone is friendly and easy to install.

In conclusion, the Sense monitor has the great potential to give you a lot of savings. Despite the price tag, of around $299, you will not face any more bills because there is no monthly fee. As well, the main goal is you will be able to dramatically lower your electricity bills.

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Why We Recommend It:
  • Historical and long period evaluation of electricity use is key in preventing potential electricity problems and waste
  • Complete and thorough tracking to effectively record and calculate costs
  • Easy setup that is convenient and once it is up and running is immediately effective
You need to pay attention to It:
  • $299 price tag is costly compared to other energy monitors
  • Sometimes will misidentify an energy source like a TV for a router

Best Overall Energy Monitor

Eyedro Home Energy Monitor

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Eyedro makes the ultimate energy monitor for customizing how you want to save and view your electricity usage. There is not a monitor that will beat Eyedro for tech and innovation. Why? Eyedro integrates with Amazon Echo and even monitors solar power for detailed separation or usage.

One of the bigger advantages you can get from this monitor is you can use this monitor in real time and in other intuitive ways. You are able to utilize this monitor manually for full self-control. Moreover, you have the ability to do more for accessing and monitoring than your typical energy monitor.

What is included is an ethernet connection to utilize Amazon. As well, you have a couple of 200A sensors as well as 10 foot cable for ethernet. The installation requires more advanced experience so beware of this before buying.

The biggest draw to the Eyedro is the customizable features. For example, you are able to use MyEyedro units to view in a variety of modes. Moreover, you have the capacity to see and view usage through dollars and currency values, watts, amps, and more.

Overall, there is not much that this can’t do in terms of personalization. The detailed readings are helpful as well as the compatible wireless accessiblity.

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Why We Recommend It:
  • Ultimate control and customization, precision, and versatility that goes beyond the average energy monitor
  • Compatible for using along with Amazon Alexa for control and accessibility
  • You can monitor solar power; a unique feature for anyone trying to separate usage rates
You need to pay attention to It:
  • Expensive compared to some other more economical energy monitors
  • Requires professional setup, so beware before buying that you need to have advanced experience

Best for Accuracy Energy Monitor

Aeotec by Aeon Labs ZW095 ZW095

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Aeotec is often praised as one of the most accurate and precise energy monitors in the market. This company claims that it has “99%” accuracy that shows how much energy you are using and ultimately paying for overall.

In general, this energy monitor will connect to the main power box or component of your home or living space. Please note that professional installation may be recommended.

Expect real time monitoring with measurements of your energy use being in watts or kWh.

There is a range of 492 feet in wireless range when you use the wireless Z-Wave Plus Monitor. Reviewers have given the Aeotec monitor a lot of praise as well because the monitor was able to help with energy costs and problematic appliances.

Furthermore, diagnostics of appliances that may be costly are warned, so the Aeotec is good for saving money. You can pair the Aeotec monitor with the Z-Wave hub as well. You will not get advanced features because this is not a costly monitor, but you get great basic coverage.

In summary, the main advantage to this monitor is that you are able to save money and get great results. The aim of any energy monitor is accuracy and savings; the Aeotec delivers on both aims to guarantee you will see a cost benefit with precise results.

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Why We Recommend It:
  • Price is reasonable and not as costly as more advanced monitors on the market
  • Accurate and precise energy results to correctly evaluate your usage
  • Good compatibility especially with Z-Wave for wireless monitoring
You need to pay attention to It:
  • No external display for viewing monitoring or available app
  • Basic design and less advanced features than some of the costlier monitors

Best for Convenience Energy Monitor

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Emporia makes an easy and convenient monitor that requires no advanced setup. So, expect a simple and easy set up that makes the Emporia quite attractive. As well, you will have 24-7 real time energy monitoring along with easy WiFi accessibility.

Convenient and easy to set up is the main draw of this monitor. Therefore, setting up the Emporia monitor requires little effort. You don’t need a professional electrician, instead all you end up doing is trying to set and mount the monitor around your electrical panel for a signal. So, it is a quick set up all in all.

The monitoring is all day and every hour and minute of evaluative reporting. You get the ability to prevent costly repairs for potential electrical issues, to enhance conserving energy, and even do solar monitoring along with net metering if desired.

In conclusion, the Emporia monitor will be a great deal in terms of its price. In addition, the data usage evaluation and monitoring is fairly precise. Moreover, another worthwhile thing to point out is how the circuit monitors give you the ability to pick what particular devices you want to monitor and evaluate for energy usage and consumption.

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Why We Recommend It:
  • Affordable price for anyone looking to save money compared to other brands
  • Precise and accurate data monitoring
  • Individual monitoring of different appliances for more accuracy of energy usage
You need to pay attention to It:
  • Less sophisticated in terms of features compared to higher end monitors
  • Visual displays of energy usage are harder to read

Best General Energy Monitor

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Neurio makes a great and high quality monitor that will give you detailed reports of energy usage. This is a highly interactive monitor that displays a lot of information to precisely evaluate electricity usage.

This is an energy monitor that delivers all around quality without any fancy features. In essence, what you get with the Neurio are 3 separate monitoring channels for evaluating and measuring your electricity usage.

Neurio Technology touts a 99% accuracy rate that is pretty remarkable considering its price point and features. Moreover, you have the ability to store up to one year of data and information for your electricity usage.

The monitoring measures active power, reactive power, and as well energy consumed. You are able to see a variety of factors that include voltage, frequency, and power variables on different channels.

In summary, tracking consumption with the Neurio is easy. Reading the display on the interface of the Neurio monitor is easy to set up and comprehend for maximum value.

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Why We Recommend It:
  • Claims a 99% accuracy rate that aims as high as other top energy monitors
  • Three separate channels for monitoring and measuring your electricity usage
  • Easy interface to understand readings and consumption usage
You need to pay attention to It:
  • Basic features compared to higher end monitors
  • Price is on the expensive side considering lack of advanced options

Best Budget Energy Monitor

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Efergy makes a  well rounded monitor that is able to be used with wireless capacity; real time monitoring with up to date features at a reasonable price. You are able to monitor your own energy from anywhere with varied accessibility.

The benefit of the Efergy is that you are able to show some detailed calculation for complete understanding. Varied parameters give you the advantage to see and view different settings for measuring your electricity usage.

Online monitoring is an attractive feature because you are able to monitor from anywhere. You can set notifications for warning before any energy drains or cost issues. How? You have the benefit of an audio alert; as well a reading and indication of peak time usage.

Another big perk is that you can easily read and monitor your usage. The flexibility of being able to put this in a variety of places also makes it very appealing. The range works for up to 328 feet or about 70 meters. In addition, you have a nice wall mount for display.

Overall, this is a great value energy monitor considering the price point and advanced features. Battery power is stable at length for up to 12 months minimum. Other notable features include solar tracking as well as mobile and web support.

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Why We Recommend It:
  • Top quality mobile and web tracking ability for prime accessibility and convenience
  • Good price considering the advanced features; savings and high performing capacity
  • Design and portability to mount anywhere in your home for maximum monitoring
You need to pay attention to It:
  • Accuracy and precision complaints are reflected on some customer review sites
  • Tech support issues when dealing with malfunctioning or problematic situations with energy monitoring

Benefits of Buying an Energy Monitor

For many people, saving money is key for obvious reasons as well as other important things. If you have simple reasons to buy an energy monitor then these are the following things that may ultimately persuade you to buy one.

  • Save Money

You will spend less money on electricity when you realize how much you are spending overall or specifically with appliances.

  • Environment and Conservation

If you see how much you use in electricity it may help you realize how you can reduce your carbon footprint.

  • Measure Electricity Usage

If you want to see what each appliance or light uses in electricity then a general monitor will make evaluations much easier.

Energy Monitor Buying Guide

Whenever you buy a major home product especially something related to electricity it can be challenging. The numerous options and confusing advertising can make things less clear. Energy monitors can come in a variety of ways and also be mistaken for other products entirely completely.

  • Household Monitors vs. Individual Appliance Monitors

This is crucial because you don’t want to confuse this because one only monitors one appliance at a time while the other gives detailed monitoring for an entire home or living space.

  • Real Time Tracking

Not all monitors have real time tracking so be sure to buy a monitor like Sense or Eyedro that do real time cost tracking for electricity consumption and costs.

  • Installation

Some energy monitors require advanced installation, so be prepared to discover what you expect to do and can do. If you want a simpler monitor then look for an easier setup in a monitor.

  • Features

Some monitors have basic controls and functions while others have more personalization and intuitive features. Consider what you want; as well some monitors have high tech and advanced interfaces.

  • Cost and Budget

Watch your budget and make sure you can afford the more advanced features found in top brands like Sense, Eyedro, or Efergy.

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