Best Commercial Dehumidifiers

Knowing what you need for your space is important especially if there are problems with moisture, dampness, or perhaps even mold. A commercial dehumidifier will resolve your moisture issues at home and even make your health better and more relaxing.

Buying the best commercial dehumidifier should be simple, but there are more options than you realize. Why? Because humidity issues are not comforting or relaxing an effective dehumidifier is key.

Top Picks: Commercial Dehumidifiers Highlights

Humidity problems and even issues of mold can lead to poor productivity and as well bad ventilation. A commercial dehumidifier  can be very positive in preventing  mold growth, but also just making your life more relaxing.

Commercial Dehumidifiers

Buying the right commercial dehumidifier can help in making things comfortable for your surroundings and for everyone. Continue to read more and discover how these commercial dehumidifiers from brands like Aprilaire and Dri-Eaz.

Why is a Dehumidifier Beneficial in Your Place?

Whether you have a small office space or a room or even basement in your home, there is a chance that you could have an issue of a large concentration of moisture in the air.

Why? Living spaces because of activities we do even pets or electrical and refrigeration configurations create moisture buildips and of course natural humidity. Therefore, getting a powerful dehumidifier will really help to alleviate and better the quality of the air. In the end, a dehumidifier will add more comfortability for either you, your family, or whomever.

Top 8 Best Commercial Dehumidifiers

Best Overall Commercial Dehumidifiers

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Alorair makes the hIghest rated commercial dehumidifier on the market. Consumers and reviewers have expressed their love for this commercial water damage restoration dehumidifier.
Why? The Alorair unit comes with a powerful pump, high performing water removal of 85 pints a day and more!

The Alorair dehumidifier is chock full of features. In fact, expect thirty one features that can do everything from removing high water volume of moisture per day to other appealing things like a digital control, timer, pump, and more importantly a user friendly operation overall.

Highly innovative design and lightweight for portability. Moreover, more importantly this dehumidifier has an easy touch and user friendly control panel. There is a bright LED display that shows display temperature and more personalization.

Expect to remove up to an 85-pint removal for this dehumidifier per day. As well, an RH range of 60% that will cover a large area of around 2,600 ft. The high performance of this dehumidifier is unmatched thus making it the best overall.

Moreover, the Alorair is not difficult to use and very user friendly. Why? Furthermore, you can bypass the air sensor, memory functions and options, and an HVAC remote system for ultimate personalization and control.

Overall, the Alorair dehumidifier is on the top for dehumidifiers for popularity, high performance water removal, and amazing features.

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Why We Recommend It:
  • Highly rated and popular with consumers for its high performing reputation
  • 85-pint removal for this dehumidifier per day and RH range of 60%
  • Over 30 featuring air sensor, memory functions and options, and an HVAC remote system for ultimate personalization and control
  • Durable and high quality build and design
You need to pay attention to It:
  • Heavy dehumidifier unit may be too bulky for some who prefer a smaller portable unit
  • Price Point is not as economical as the budget options for dehumidifiers

Best Budget Commercial Dehumidifier

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This Whynter dehumidification unit is the best and most economical option in the workplace. As well, the dehumidifier is able to work as a highly functional low temp operatiotion for ultimate dehumidification; portable design.

You will not find a cheaper commercial dehumidifier, but this is not the only selling point. Moreover, you are able to appreciate the fact that this model will provide just enough removal capacity to satisfy your needs.

Expect about 95 pints, which is around 45 liters, removal capacity. The potential and capacity issue needs to be evaluated because every commercial dehumidifier has different purposes and needs.

Moreover, the Whynter dehumidifier model works well with air scrubbers. Therefore, this is a great dehumidifier for anyone into pet grooming. As well, this is great for anyone seeking to maintain their workspace dry and tidy. A dehumidifier will do well with removing the smells and grime of wet pets.

Overall, this is a great option for anyone wanting to save money as well for anyone who needs to maintain dry space especially pet owners. The removal capacity is not strong as the competition but it is a popular and high quality option.

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Why We Recommend It:
  • Best budget option compared to most other dehumidifiers in the marketplace
  • Pet groomers will like this dehumidifier because of its air scrubbers
  • Runs quietly so this is a relaxing option that won’t be challenging or restrictive to use overall
You need to pay attention to It:
  • Less removal capacity than higher end commercial dehumidifiers
  • Service department complaints have been noted on Amazon reviews especially in terms of customer service

Best Portable Commercial Dehumidifiers

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The XPower XD-125 is an easy to move and portable dehumidifier. This model XD-125 can operate in different conditions and features advanced digital control customizations.

There are an extensive range of functions that utilize standard refrigeration. In addition, the XPower XD-125 is able to operate from 33 degrees to one hundred degrees. This dehumidifier is designed to withstand hot to cold conditions.

Moreover, there is a high sense of efficiency with this dehumidifier. Expect a highly agile and intuitive and innovative design for personalization. For example, there is a digital control that is easy to program and use for your use.

This dehumidifier model has the potential of removing 125 pints of moisture per day. Therefore, in a very wet environment you are able to get a lot of effective results. The XPower XD-125 is able to control humidity efficiently.

Overall, the advanced control panel makes this dehumidifier easy to use and compatible to many environments. The main appeal of this XPower is the design with sturdy and firm design. Moreover, there is a shock absorbent design that makes this viable for moving around including a 25 foot power cord and 20 foot drain hose.

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Why We Recommend It:
  • Easy to move and quickly operate; high efficiency and user friendly
  • Innovative digital display is great for personalization and customization
  • Very agile and highly portable; can work in many different environments
  • Affordable price makes hit for anyone seeking a budget or economical portable oxygen concentrator
You need to pay attention to It:
  • Price is on the high end and not practical for more economical consumers
  • Customer service has been criticized on Amazon for lack of responsiveness

Best for Small Spaces Commercial Dehumidifier

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Aprilaire has created a sturdy unit intended for smaller spaces. This is a smaller and more compactly designed dehumidifier that is intended to be in crawl spaces so it is highly portable. Moreover, it removes up to 130 pints of water a day as well as being simple and easy to set up.

The Aprilaire Dehumidifier is one of the best and of course effective on the market. Why? Simple because it has a fairly high threshold or moisture removal rate that can operate at temperatures of 50 degrees to 104 degrees.

This model is valuable because it is built to last and truly will work efficiently. Moreover, there is a corrosion resistant design within the aluminum coils that make this unit highly durable.

In terms of the overall function, the Aprilaire is wonderful because it is easy and fuss free. You won’t get dirty or have a cumbersome experience because you will not have a water tray to empty.

Furthermore, you can simply put a hose or put a dehumidifier on top of a drain. From there, you plug it in and set the intended goal for your preferred humidity level.

You can as well establish parameters to your own liking with this dehumidifier. How? You can quickly and easily start your dehumidification automatically when a targeted humidity is met or programmed.

Overall, the Aprilaire Dehumidifier is ideal for anyone looking for a nicely compact and well designed unit for a crawl space or tiny area.

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Why We Recommend It:
  • Smart and compact design that will appeal to anyone looking for an appealing dehumidifier option
  • Wide range for moisture removal this unit can operate at temperatures of 50 degrees to 104 degrees
  • Easy set up and convenient operation that is not messy or difficult in terms of set up
You need to pay attention to It:
  • Some complaints in regards to customer service and as well warranty information and guarantee
  • Problems in terms of operation with wooden floors and functionality for long term use

Best for Pump Commercial Dehumidifiers

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The best commercial dehumidifier for a pump is clearly the BlueDri 130-BL. This dehumidifier features a tube that is about 38 feet. The drain hose used is able to quickly pick up and pump water to take the water out of a space like a basement or home.

The BlueDri BD-130P has the ability to give you twice the amount of water in a day. For example, you can take out and dehumidify around 130 pints in a single day. Moreover, the BlueDri is able to remove and take out as much as 225 pints in one day.

If you had water damage then this is the ideal dehumidifier because it is a powerful and highly efficient machine. Moreover, as a commercial dehumidifier is quite durable and strong, so you can use this even at construction zones and sites.

In terms of efficiency and power, the Bluedri is able to cover up to 1,500 square feet. Furthermore, you are able to remove and take out mold and mildew and stop it from spreading further and getting worse.

In conclusion, the BlueDri features an automatic water pump, hour counter, electrical control , and temperature sensors. The BD-130P High Performance Industrial Dehumidifier brings together innovative and stylish design along with professional grade performance. Overall, this dehumidifier is user friendly and makes it easy to use in any home.

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Why We Recommend It:
  • Ideal for commercial use because of the powerful pump feature
  • High tech and professional grade and industrial dehumidifier
  • Ability to cover up to 1,500 feet so great for bigger spaces
You need to pay attention to It:
  • Expensive price point compared to other commercial dehumidifiers
  • Some operational malfunctions as well as other functionality problems for some users

Best for Basements Commercial Dehumidifier

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The AlorAir Sentinel features a gas valve defrosting system. This commercial dehumidifier is special because it is ideal for basements because it is best to suit these environments because of remote operation possibilities.

The dehumidifier functions at low temperatures, which start at 33 degrees or so up to 104 degrees. One of the more noteworthy features is the unit is able to work continuously.

You will save energy with this dehumidifier because you don’t have to stop the unit from functioning to defrost the unit. As well, the AlorAir features corrosion protection that helps prevent freon leaks. All in all safety and energy saving makes this ideal for usage in a basement and powered on for a long period of time.

The remote controller features creates much easier use for users to feel at ease to put the dehumidifier in places usually unseen like a crawl space or attic or hardly visited like a basement. Why? Because you can use the remote to operate the dehumidifier.

Overall, this particular unit of the AlorAir is exclusively designed for residential use, especially basements. Another positive is that the advantage of Hot Gas Valve Defrosting System is that it is quick and efficient.

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Why We Recommend It:
  • Remote operation capacity means that this dehumidifier is best to use anywhere
  • Best safety features for home and residential because of alerts and sensors
  • Sound insulated and lightweight design makes this quite attractive for portability
You need to pay attention to It:
  • May be an expensive price point compared to other leading and premium commercial competitors
  • Not as durable or sturdy as other commercial dehumidifier as the unit may easily break or malfunction

Best Easy to USe Commercial Dehumidifier

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If you are seeking a dehumidifier for purely ease of operation then this is the best option for you. This option is perhaps the single most complete dehumidifier available.

All in all, the Dri-EAZ is easy to access whatever controls you desire. Moreover, it is easy to clear and maintain, which is a plus overall. In general, you will not find a commercial dehumidifier that works in such a simple manner thus proving its user friendly praise.

Moreover, in terms of the size, it is quite simple to operate and use overall. You can easily use this dehumidifier in smaller spaces like attics and stairwells. Also, another feature, the Humidistat function determines when the dehumidifier should come in relation to humidity levels.

Some of the more helpful and appealing features include the auto restart feature. Why? This feature guarantees that if there is an issue with a power outage then you can have some backup. Furthermore, the dehumidifier will quickly come back to power and be operable again.

All in all, this is a high performing humidifier that provides a highly efficient drainage system. Moreover, you can use this continually in situations that are wet. The dehumidifier is able to continue even when it is shut off as well.

The Dri-EAZ includes innovative and remarkable design and features that is able to remove moisture with great efficiency and power. However, some of the cons include that it is not operable for low temperature weather and demands.

In conclusion, this is a very easy dehumidifier to use in regards to its high power functionality and capacity. The rate control for the controls is easy to read and makes operating the humidistat very simple.

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Why We Recommend It:
  • Humidistat function that determines when the dehumidifier should come in relation humidity levels
  • Lightweight and easy to move around so highly portable
  • Easy to use because of the clear panels for manually operating and auto restart feature
You need to pay attention to It:
  • Build design has been questioned in general when it comes to quality and durability
  • The dehumidifier unit is not workable for low temperature operation.

Best Large Space Commercial Dehumidifier

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The Dri-Eaz is perfect for large capacity dehumidification. All in all, this Dri-Eaz dehumidifier is equipped with a large capacity reservoir. The capacity overall is the ability to remove 264 pints of water in total in one day. Moreover, the Dri-Eaz can store up to 170 pints per day.

Reputable dehumidifier that is approved by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers, moreover with the ability to withstand harsh conditions with incredible effectiveness.

As well, the Dri-Eaz unit is portable, and lightweight, so you can move it to various places you need. The design is convenient with 4 castors and intuitive as well.

There is an automatic restart option that is ideal for using with linked humidity controllers already in your space. As well, the design and build of the dehumidifier increases as a heavy duty metal casing that guarantees reliability and power.

This particular dehumidifier has the sturdiness to last for long periods of use and sustain damage as well. Overall, the high level of pints of moisture removal in a single day’s period of time is extraordinary and built for high performance.

In conclusion, you can’t get a better dehumidifier for larger spaces, especially harsh environments. One of the positives is the digital control panel for the Dri-Eaz because it is simple and quick for push button operation.

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Why We Recommend It:
  • Can be used in harsher environments and is accessible for heavy use
  • Sturdy build guarantees that this unit can withstand use for long periods of time
  • Ability to remove 264 pics of water in a day and can store up to 170 pints a day
You need to pay attention to It:
  • Much more expensive and costly than most other dehumidifiers
  • Unclear warranty conditions have left some customers unsatisfied

Why Buy a Commercial Dehumidifier?

By definition, a commercial dehumidifier is defined as a machine unit that is designed to remove significant amounts of water and moisture from the air. If you have serious issues with moisture, humidity, or perhaps even mold then continue further to discover about the value of commercial dehumidifiers.

The thing that makes a commercial dehumidifier special is that you can use this machine for home use. For example, a good and effective dehumidifier can help alleviate moisture in bigger spaces. Essentially, if there is an issue heavy amounts of moisture then a dehumidifier is key in resolving this problem.

Commercial Dehumidifier Health Benefits

  • Prevent Mold and Mildew

Everyone needs to be careful about mildew and mold because it is not healthy. Mildew and mold are able to grow and become a problem in high humidity environments. A commercial dehumidifier will resolve this problem by decreasing humidity and lessening the effects of mildew and mold health problems.

  • Helps with Allergies

Various allergens, like mold and dust mites,  prefer humid and wet environments. Therefore, places where water builds in the air need a decrease in moisture and improve air quality and therefore deter types of bacteria and virus growth.

  • Minimizes Pest Related Problems

Numerous pests, like roaches, are attracted to moist environments. However, a dehumidifier has a good chance of preventing pest issues and infestation, or if you're having a problem on moths, Moth Prevention clothes and carpet moth traps will do the trick. A space with pest activity will increase health issues so getting a commercial dehumidifier safer and cleaner and better overall with less moisture in the air.

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