10+ Websites and Apps for Better College Education

Being a student is no piece of cake these days. You are expected to keep up with lots of courses, hand in all papers on time, and always be ready to participate in some extracurricular activities.

No doubt, it can get overwhelming at times, but this is where technology comes to the rescue.

Luckily, there are tons of websites and apps that will help you become more efficient with your studying and make your time at college so much more fun. Here are some of the apps and websites you should definitely take a look at if you want to revolutionize your studying experience and make some time to spend with your friends.

apps and websites

1. TED


TED is a well-known website where you can listen to all sorts of talks for free. The people who deliver those speeches usually have some very impressive background and achievements like opening their own company, making some groundbreaking discoveries in science, etc. It is a great chance to learn from the great.

2. Quizlet


Quizlet is a great website if you want to have some fun while studying. It can help you master all sorts of subjects and even languages by offering interactive learning techniques. What is even better, you can do all of it free of charge, which makes it a very valuable find for students.

3. Dictionary.com Mobile

Dictionary.com Mobile

Sometimes professors get carried away when speaking about the subject they are passionate about. They start using complex terminology, or eloquent words students don’t really understand. This free app will help you translate what your professor is saying into simple words.

4. EssayService


This one is a great website for the students who want to make sure their papers are of the finest quality. On this website, you can order professional help from academic writers who will help you do all of your papers and finish your courses. Essay writing service is a great solution for the students who believe in the philosophy “work smart, not hard.”

5. Alarmy (Sleep If U Can)


Alarmy app is a great helper to all the students who tend to sleep in. If you are one of those sleepers but don’t want to miss some important class, make sure to download it. The alarm sound is so annoying here that you will have no other choice but to wake up.

6. Quetext


Plagiarism is always a source of trouble when it comes to academic writing. If you want to be in the safe zone, make sure to use quetext to double-check if your paper is free of plagiarism.

7. SelfControl


Social media can be the main source of distractions when you study. It reduces your productivity and kills your time management. This app will help you gain control over your productivity by blocking all of the social media distractions while you are busy studying.

8. Rate My Professors

Rate My Professors

It’s quite intimidating when you are about to meet a new professor and know nothing about them. You can read some feedback about your professors on the Rate My Professors website to know what to expect when you take a new class.

9. Audible


Reading is not always an option. Some people don’t have time for it, while others just don’t like it. Audible is an app that gives you an alternative: instead of reading books, you can listen to them, which can also make you much more efficient. You can work out and listen to a book at the same time.

10. Mint


Mint is an app that will help you gain that financial wisdom many students are lacking. The app will help you calculate all of your expenses and be more reasonable when it comes to your spendings and budgeting.

11. Student Rate


This website will be of great help to you when it comes to saving money. Many students struggle when learning how to make a steady income, afford tuition, textbooks, and other expenses like traveling or going out. Here you can learn about a lot of discounts and special deals on everything from technology to textbooks or travels.

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