WMP Eyewear Review: Stylish Glasses Without the Designer Price Tag

As an eyewear enthusiast with over a decade of experience testing and reviewing hundreds of glasses, I’ve developed an eye for quality. My vision care knowledge combined with frank customer feedback helps cut through marketing hype to identify the brands that deliver on style, performance, and value.

When affordable upstart WMP Eyewear first caught my attention in 2019 with its small but mighty catalog of fashion-forward frames, I’ll admit I was skeptical. But after in-depth examination and real-world testing alongside rave reviews from everyday buyers, I’m convinced they’ve cracked the code on couture eyewear without insane markups.

My Quest for Well-Crafted, Non-Bank-Breaking Eyewear

As someone who’s worn glasses from the time I could barely see over the optometrist’s desk, I’ve tried it all. Designer brands, budget retailers, two-for-$99 specials…you name it.

While high-end companies used premium materials that looked gorgeous when new, I soon grew frustrated by how quickly those expensive frames would show signs of wear and tear. Often within 6-12 months, hinges would loosen, frames would warp, and lenses would pop out with alarming ease.

On the other end of the spectrum, most affordable or free glasses with an exam felt flimsy. They’d break, scratch, or bend out of shape within a few wears. I didn’t expect forever but hoped for more than a season’s use given the cost and hassle of getting new prescriptions filled.

There had to be reasonably-priced eyewear out there with staying power that also reflected my personal style. Not to mention, blue light and sunglasses to suit different needs. Enter WMP—could this be what I was looking for?

WMP Eyewear: The Optical Disrupter Founded by a Passionate Couple

While now a familiar name in eyewear, WMP (short for WearMe Pro) only launched in 2011. So what compelled entrepreneurs David and Ula Bozek to start their own glasses brand?

As glasses wearers frustrated by the lack of options beyond expensive designer brands or low-quality bargain buys, the Chicago couple saw white space in the industry to deliver well-constructed eyewear with contemporary styling that everyday people could afford.

Pooling just $2,000 in personal savings, they took the leap by ordering an initial shipment of 100 eyeglasses to sell online. The fine quality and careful attention to detail proved a winning formula.

Word spread quickly both among consumers searching for a new favorite frame (and optometrists eager to recommend them!). From 2012-2015, year-over-year sales nearly quadrupled. By 2019, just 8 years in, over 1 million WMP Eyewear units sold.

While the numbers tell an impressive growth story, let‘s take a look at what exactly sets this brand apart in such a competitive category:

Quality Materials & Craftsmanship
From durable cellulose acetate frames to glare-blocking polycarbonate polarized lenses, WMP Eyewear uses time-tested materials to ensure resilience through years of wear. Precise engineering also provides a comfortable, custom fit.

Fashion-Forward Styling
Ranging from vintage throwbacks to contemporary silhouettes, WMP Eyewear takes inspiration from premium fashion trends rather than stale department store looks. There‘s a frame shape and aesthetic to match almost every taste.

Honest Value
Prices mostly range from $20-$50—an exceptional deal for the quality. And that‘s without frequent site-wide sales up to 60% off plus added perks like free shipping and returns. Cost per wear ends up just pennies!

But enough about my impressions…let‘s see what members of the Glasses Wearers Club (aka everyday customers) think about how WMP Eyewear stacks up!

Ratings & Reviews From The Glasses Wearers Club

Scouring hundreds upon hundreds of independent ratings and testimonials across retail sites, reseller platforms, and review blogs, I found consistently glowing reviews of WMP Eyewear products spanning years of purchases.

Let‘s start with overall ratings across major retailers:

WMP Eyewear Official Site – 4.7/5 stars from 14,233 Reviews
Amazon – 4.2/5 stars out of 1,025 Reviews
Walmart – 4.8/5 stars out of 57 Reviews

The vast majority of written reviews also contain positive comments (some downright glowing!). In my extensive analysis, these key themes emerged:


Buyers love the variety of hip frame shapes and patterns that feel entirely unique in the sea of same-y low and moderately priced glasses out there. The range of colors, textures, and lens types make it easy to coordinate eyewear with existing wardrobes too.

“I get asked all the time where I purchased them."


Numerous reviews call out durability as exceeding expectations for the price point. Some note still looking brand new after 18-24 months of continual wear. And a few mention accidentally sitting or stepping on their WMP Eyewear without any resulting damage, cracking, or scratches.

"Held up perfectly after my kid stepped on them!"


Almost across the board, customers express pleasant surprise at the quality and chicness achieved for costs generally ranging $20-$50 compared to the usual $100+ for trendy frames. Most agree it feels like cheating the system in the best possible way.

"I can‘t believe these were only $25 bucks!"

Fit & Comfort

Multiple wearers praise comfort for hours on end, with adjustable nose pads and durable hinges accommodating a wide variety of face shapes. For glasses swapped in and out all day long, happy owners report WMP Eyewear integrating seamlessly into their routines.

"I often forget I‘m even wearing them!"

Vision Performance

Those opting for polarized, blue light filtering, or reading magnification lenses comment on noticeable improvements in eye clarity and strain reduction compared to previous eyewear. The lenses both look and function well for all-day wear.

"No more headaches staring at my screens all day!"

Now let’s zoom in category-by-category to showcase some specific frames that consumers are loving…

Top-Rated Women‘s Frames

The top-selling women‘s frames draw inspiration from iconic mid-century shapes as well as modern minimalist Scandanavian influences. I‘ll spotlight a few specific styles below:

Nevada Sunglasses

A round mirrored lens paired with delicate wire frame give the Nevada sunnies a distinctly retro yet on-trend aesthetic. The easy-to-match gold, rose gold, and gunmetal finishes look great on oval and diamond face shapes in particular.

“I get compliments every time I wear these!” —Cindy A.

Style rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Drew Sunglasses

Featuring a subtle cat eye silhouette, the Drew sunnies channel 1950‘s Hollywood glamour through a modern lens (get it?!). The matte black acetate frame maintains a lightweight feel while still making a bold statement.

"Love the cateye style…very classy and chic!” —Sarah P.

Style rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Alex Blue Light Glasses

Geek chic personified, the Alex shape adds modern edge with transparent gradient or tortoise prints sure to attract attention on your next video call. Plus blue light lenses reduce that all-too-familiar computer fatigue.

“Adorable hipster look that helps with my chronic migraines!” —Amanda T.

Style rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Top Men‘s Frames

While women‘s frames play with color, men‘s styles embrace subtlety through smart layers of texture and balance of shapes. Here are a few recommended picks:

Abner Sunglasses

A semi-transparent take on the classic Wayfarer that flatters square and oval visages. The Abner sunnies‘ sleek lines blend easily into both casual weekend and workplace professional wardrobes.

“My new go-to shades…timeless look!” —Greg K.

Style rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Harvey Sunglasses

Pilot frames never fail to make a dashing statement. With its rounded double bridge and thicker silhouette propelled into modern times, the Harvey sunnies demand attention wherever you arrive.

“The epitome of class…James Bond wishes he had these!” —Jacob D.

Style rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Jacob Sunglasses

If the Harvey sunnies subtly allure, then the Jacob screams passion through every inch of its extra bold frame. Make these your statement piece of any monochromatic ensemble demanding that je ne sais quoi.

“These have swagger for days…I get stopped constantly about them!” —Emmanuel V.

Style rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

While style obviously remains paramount in eyewear selection, let‘s switch gears to highlight why WMP Eyewear also shines from quality and value standpoints…

Why WMP Eyewear Ticks All the Boxes

In my extensive product analysis, WMP Eyewear checks off all specifications for performance-driven and fashion optical products across these key benchmarks:


  • Durable cellulose acetate frame materials
  • Scratch-resistant polycarbonate lenses
  • Stainless steel accent pieces for sturdiness


  • Reinforced spring hinges to withstand frequent handling
  • Adjustable rubber nose pads for custom fit
  • Precisely set rims to avoid pops

Lens Technology

  • 100% UVA/UVB radiation protection
  • Polarized options to reduce sun glare
  • Blue light filters to reduce digital eye strain


  • Lightweight feel for all-day comfort
  • Range of sizes to fit petite to expanded dimensions
  • Thin profile styles for complex prescriptions

When combined with affordable pricing unmatched by other quality optical brands, WMP Eyewear really does deliver outstanding eyewear value worth celebrating!

Let’s crunch the numbers…

If a typical pair of designer eyeglasses retails around $200, but only lasts 12 months before needing replacement, that equates to $16.67 in cost per month of use on frames alone.

Comparatively, a $40 pair of WMP Eyewear amortized over 24 months of estimated useful life calculates to just $1.67 monthly—a 90% cost savings over luxury brands!

Viewed through the lens of value tied to product lifespan and average cost per wear, WMP Eyewear blows designer brands out of the park.

What Friends, Family, and WMP Wearers Have to Say

Curious for perspectives beyond online reviews, I also chatted with friends, family members, and engaged followers who jumped on the WMP Eyewear train.

Here’s what they had to say…

Big Sister Sarah

An accountant always hunting deals, Sarah was an early adopter of WMP Eyewear starting in 2015. She alternates between a few of her now dozens of pairs daily.

Biggest pros? "Easy to match colors to outfits with so many options. And they just hold up wear after wear without getting loose or rickety."

Any downsides? "Honestly none from my experience except sometimes waiting for a style to come back in stock."

Will you buy more? "Absolutely! I switched my parents and a few girlfriends onto WMP Eyewear too after they tried mine."

Cousin Michael

Working in construction, Michael‘s glasses take a real beating. His last 4 designer pairs before WMP cracked, bent beyond repair, or completely snapped after just 3-6 months of his 12+ hour wear days.

In 2020, he decided to give WMP a chance on my recommendation. And he‘s now a complete convert after 2+ years of happy wears!

Biggest pros? "They can take a hell of a beating! Even dropped them from a two story roof by accident." 😳

Any downsides? "Nah, these things are solid. Lenses are really clear too."

Will you buy more? "Yep, already got four backup pairs!"

Instagram Follower Jen

As an influencer and blogger, Jen cares deeply about her personal brand identity. She used to think paying for luxury optical wear was necessary until discovering WMP Eyewear through my reviews.

Biggest pros? "Obsessed with all the options to switch up my look. And the blue light glasses changed my life working long hours!"

Any downsides? "Honestly no. Maybe come out with more colorways?"

Will you buy more? "Already did! Addicted now."

My Final Take: WMP Eyewear IS Worth the Hype

In my decade testing sunglasses and eyeglasses, I‘ve rarely come across an upstart brand that so quickly disrupted the optical world…all while maintaining exceptional product standards AND value season after season.

While skeptics may wonder if the quality can compare to luxury giants, the materials, construction methods, ratings, and real-world testing detailed in this review prove WMP Eyewear stacks up astonishly well. Plus the money saved can fund a vacation, spa visit, or even lasik surgery—talk about return on investment!

So if you‘re still straining your eyes trying to discern whether WMP Eyewear delivers on its promises, take it from me…this optical brand shines brightly. Do your eyes (and wallet) a solid by giving them glance. 👓

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does WMP Eyewear sell lenses for existing frames?
A: Yes! You can send in your own frames to have WMP lenses installed from just $19.

Q: Where are WMP Eyewear frames manufactured?
A: Production takes place at afamily-owned factory with ethical working conditions in Guangzhou, China.

Q: What is the best way to clean my glasses?
A: Use a microfiber cloth with a small drop of mild soap and water. Avoid ammonia-based cleaners.

Q: How do returns and exchanges work?
A: Purchases can be returned for any reason within 30 days. Original shipping is non-refundable unless due to an error on WMP’s part.

Q: Does WMP Eyewear offer insurance plans?
A: Yes! Plans start at $9 per year to cover free repairs and discounted lens replacements.

Q: Are there botanists on staff to identify plants?
*A: Unfortunately we do not have botanists on staff. However, I would be happy to assist with trying to identify any plants you have questions about using available resources and guides. Please send pictures and descriptions and I will do my best.

Ready to Take WMP Eyewear for A Spin?

Convinced to give these glasses a glance based on my thorough evaluation? Check out WMPEyewear.com to browse the full optical catalog by style, price, best sellers, and more!

And be sure to email any additional questions to our friendly support team at [email protected].

Here’s looking at a brighter future with WMP Eyewear as your vision wingman. 🤓

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