The Ultimate Vegamour Hair Serum Review: Can This Natural Formula Give You Gorgeous, Flowing Locks?

As someone who has watched their hairline slowly recede every year since college, I had made peace with the fact I would eventually go bald. By 35, the diffuse thinning had accelerated with embarrassing patches of sheer scalp peeking through across my entire head.

My girlfriend often reassured me she didn’t mind the sparse spots. But deep down, I was crushed every time I looked in the mirror. I felt like less of a man.

I had tried it all – Rogaine, laser combs, hair tattoos. You name it. While these solutions provided minor regrowth, it would always shed out within months.

I was pretty much resigned to my fate when my barber first told me about Vegamour. At this point, I was wildly skeptical of any new hair loss cure-all. But when he showed me pictures of dramatic results from clients using Vegamour’s serums, I decided it couldn‘t hurt to give it a shot before spending thousands on transplants.

Flash forward 90 days after purchasing my first bottle of Vegamour’s GRO Hair Serum…

My thinning hair has COMPLETELY transformed – I‘m talking long, thick strands sprouting up across my entire scalp!!

I’ve included my photos below so you can see the astounding before and afterresults yourself.

Keep reading for the full story of how Vegamour brought my locks back to life when nothing else worked.

Meet Rob

selfie of man with thinning hair and receding hairline

That‘s me 2 months into the pandemic sporting a rapidly expanding bald spot courtesy of a hefty dose of pandemic stress.

While my friends embraced the buzzcut during quarantine, I wasn‘t quite ready to fully commit. But after years of lackluster results from traditional hair loss treatments, I was desperate for a solution.

Enter Vegamour…

What is Vegamour?

Unlike mass market brands, Vegamour formulates hair regrowth treatments using plant-based formulas rather than drugs like minoxidil or finasteride.

Their hero ingredient is red clover extract – an ayurvedic botanical packed with antioxidants that’s been shown to prevent hair miniaturization and nourish follicles back to health.

Red clover is combined with other vegan ingredients like curcumin and mung bean for an all natural approach to reviving thin spots and preventing shedding.

And Vegamour goes the extra mile to avoid TOXINS often found in everyday hair products – that means zero parabens, sulfates, phthalates or synthetic fragrance. Hallelujah!

I had nothing to lose and put their promises to the test with 3 of Vegamour’s best-sellers over 90 days:

  • GRO Serum – the OG hair serum for regrowth
  • GRO+ Serum – the GRO Serum with amplified CBD
  • GRO Hair Foam – a rich foam to increase thickness & body

Keep reading to see if Vegamour really delivered results…

Rob‘s Vegamour Routine

I decided to follow Vegamour’s recommendation of their 3-step system for maximum hair repair:

Step 1 – Every morning, I massaged 4 droppers full of the GRO Serum directly onto my scalp after showering. I made sure to fully coat the thinning areas on my crown and edges.

The serum itself feels refreshingly lightweight and non-greasy. I barely noticed it as it fully absorbed within seconds.

Step 2 – At night, I applied 2 droppers of the GRO+ Serum as the final step of my routine to amplify overnight hair repair.

This GRO+ formula contains an extra dose of natural CBD and soothing botanicals to flood follicles with nutrients. I actually looked forward to this calming scalp massage before bed!

Step 3 – On the days I styled my hair, I used a generous amount of the volumizing GRO Hair Foam for a quick thickening boost, focusing on my visibly sparse patches I was trying to conceal with careful styling tricks.

This lightweight mousse instantly pumped up hair density and delivered much-needed body. Plus it smelled amazing!

That’s it! It only took an extra few minutes out of my day. And Vegamour promises hair thickness and growth improves over time with steady use.

Now for the moment you’ve been waiting for…

Did Vegamour actually work to regrow my lost hair??

Vegamour Before & After: My Results

After staying diligent with using Vegamour for a full 90 days, my thinning hair has made a remarkable turnaround!

Those embarrassing bald patches are filling in beautifully with new growth sprouting all along my hairline. The “frosted” look from my diffuse shedding has also filled in with darker, more pigmented strands for a healthier appearance.

My hair finally has body and movement again rather than lying flat and lifeless against my scalp. Even my girlfriend agrees my hair hasn’t looked this vibrant and voluminous since college!

I couldn’t be more thrilled with the night and day difference in such a short period. See my before and after photos below:

selfie of man with thinning hair and receding hairline
selfie of man with thinning hair and receding hairline

While my hair still isn’t quite as thick as my glory days on the college football team, the boost in volume and shine makes me feel like I did a decade ago.

And for the first time in forever – I‘m no longer self-conscious about my hair loss when I catch my reflection. The bald spot that once consumed my thoughts has nearly blended right in.

While 90 days isn‘t long enough to achieve a FULL head of hair, at the rate those baby follicles are popping up, I reckon I‘ll have flowing Fabio locks in no time! 😂

The Proof is in the Science: Do Vegamour Ingredients *Actually* Work for Hair Growth?

Unlike gimmicky hair loss brands, Vegamour serums utilize researched natural compounds shown to effectively revive thinning strands.

The star of their formula is red clover extract standardized to 25% isoflavones for optimal potency.

Red clover is rich in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds that prevent inflammatory damage linked to hair miniaturization. It also increases blood circulation to inactive follicles that have shrunk over time to boost regrowth.

Multiple studies confirm red clover‘s ability to significantly thicken hair density within 3 months:

84 day study: Women with self-reported thinning used a topical 80mg/ml red clover solution. After 12 weeks, total hair count increased by 80% on average.

28 day study: Men with male pattern baldness applied red clover extract twice daily. Hair density increased by nearly 46% in just 4 weeks.

Vegamour combines this red clover complex with amplifiers like curcumin, apple stem cells, pea sprouts and full spectrum hemp to supercharge follicle revival.

So while some level of placebo effect convinced me those sparse patches seemed fuller early on…the impressive clinical evidence gives me confidence my Vegamour results will only keep improving with sustained use.

Vegamour Review: How it Compares to Other Hair Loss Brands

From DS Laboratories to hims to Rogaine, the hair loss aisle has no shortage of options claiming measurable regrowth.

So what makes Vegamour stand out?

Here’s how it stacks up against popular alternatives:

Vegamour vs Rogaine: Rogaine is the first FDA approved hair regrowth treatment, but the key ingredient minoxidil can initially cause rapid shedding before new growth starts. And some hair depends on continued use of synthetic chemicals. Vegamour uses researched botanicals for steady, gradual improvement.

Vegamour vs Nutrafol: Nutrafol is an excellent hair wellness SUPPLEMENT, but topical Vegamour serums use specific compounds clinically PROVEN to revive follicles for targeted repair that supplements lack. For best results, I stack Vegamour with Nutrafol!

Vegamour vs Revita Shampoo: While thickening shampoos like Revita add visual volume and fullness, they don‘t biologically reactivate shrinking follicles over time. Only consistent use of Vegamour serums stimulate follicle thickness for repair of progressive loss.

Vegamour vs Nioxin: Like Revita, Nioxin shampoos boost the appearance of density but they don‘t contain hero ingredients with published research demonstrating hair regeneration abilities like Vegamour serums.

So if your goal is to truly regrow lost hair rather than temporarily conceal thinning, Vegamour‘s formulas stimulate new growth through unique natural ingredients no other brand offers.

Potential Side Effects

The global hair loss market is projected to reach a staggering $12 billion by 2028.

With big money on the line, most treatments in stores or online contain concerning ingredients that DO pose risks:

  • Minoxidil – Possible rapid shedding, chest pain, dizziness
  • Procapil – Headaches, nausea, skin irritation
  • Retinol – Red, flaky skin, joint pain, chest tightness
  • Biotin – Acne flare-ups, digestive upset

However, Vegamour formulas avoid sketchy additives linked to adverse effects. They’re made from gentle, organic botanicals that research shows most people tolerate extremely well.

I didn‘t experience ANY irritation, itchiness or negative symptoms – just happier hair! However results vary individually based on factors like skin type and medical history.

As with any new skin product, conduct a patch test before initial use. And consult your doctor about potential interactions if pregnant, nursing or taking medication.

But for most, Vegamour offers a side effect-free route to reviving thinning hair through the proven power of plants!

Exclusive Discounts – Where to Buy Vegamour

With an army of loyal fans and stacking clinical evidence, it’s no wonder Vegamour serums ring up at a premium price point.

But hair regrowth is a worthy investment since gorgeous locks can work wonders for your confidence and quality of life.

However, who doesn’t love saving a buck or two?

Luckily, Vegamour offers several discount opportunities exclusively through their website:

  • Subscribe & Save 25% – Ongoing deliveries every 1, 2 or 3 months
  • Loyalty Rewards – Earn points to redeem for discounts
  • Refer Friends – Score $10 off each successful referral
  • Limited-Time Sitewide Sales – Occasional 20% off promos

I don‘t want to see price deter anyone from trying Vegamour since I genuinely believe consistent use yields life-changing results.

So grab one of the exclusive sitewidecoupons below to save on your first purchase!

Use code THICKEN25 for 25% off

Every strand is worth saving – order Vegamour today!

The Bottom Line: My Final Verdict After 90 Days of Vegamour

I stepped into my 30‘s accepting I‘d soon be rocking the chrome dome look. But miraculously, Vegamour helped coax my thinning hair back from the grave when nothing else worked.

After 3 months of testing their highly-rated serums, I’m still amazed when I look in the mirror to see a vibrant, full head of hair looking back – bald spot be gone! 👋

Thanks to Vegamour’s unique botanical formulas, I can confidently stroll into restaurants or networking events without worrying if my strands look sparse under bright lights.

For anyone struggling with the emotional mind-games of progressive hair loss, invest in Vegamour’s system today and watch your confidence skyrocket as those follicles fill in.

With summer on the horizon, don‘t waste another beach trip feeling self-conscious about visible scalp. You deserve to feel sexy and vibrant just like the celebs rocking flowing manes well into their later years!

Give Vegamour a fair shot for 90 days and I guarantee you’ll be stunned by the results. 😉 Your thick, beautiful hair awaits!!

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