My Trusted House Sitters Review: 5+ Years of Booking Excellent Pet Sitters

As an avid traveler with two beloved cats at home, finding reliable pet sitters used to be a huge source of stress. But over the last 5+ years, I‘ve come to fully trust to provide exceptional care for my fur babies.

In this first-hand THS review, I‘ll explain how the service works, key background details, pricing and feature options, safety protections, other customer experiences, pros vs cons, and final recommendations. My goal is to provide a comprehensive perspective so you can determine if Trusted House Sitters (or THS as I‘ll refer to them) is right for your situation.

Let‘s start with an overview of my positive experiences using their home and pet sitting platform…

How I‘ve Successfully Used Trusted House Sitters for Multiple International Trips

As a busy marketing consultant, I travel frequently for work and leisure. I used to rely on family or hire costly pet sitters to check on my cats, Tilly and Luna.

But the anxiety over whether they were being properly cared for always lingered in my mind, putting a damper on my trips.

On a friend‘s recommendation, I discovered THS back in 2017. After their ID verification and background checks, I posted a house and cat sitting request for an upcoming conference in Australia.

Janice, a lovely retired teacher with stellar reviews, responded enthusiastically. We messaged, then talked by phone to confirm details. My gut said I could trust her to follow my care instructions and treat my home/cats kindly.

While in Australia for 2 weeks, I felt fully at ease knowing Janice was sending me cute pics and updates about the girls. She left my home spotless. Tilly and Luna clearly loved her since they were happily purring in her lap on return!

Since then I’ve used THS sitters for multiple 1-3 week trips including Spain, Scotland, Greece and recently a house swap in Mexico. With over 20 successful sits under my belt, I feel very confident recommending their services.

Next I’ll overview key background before diving into details potential customers would want to know.

Who Founded THS and How Did It Become So Successful?

Trusted Housesitters was founded in 2010 by a UK entrepreneur named Andy Peck. After recovering from a serious mountaineering accident abroad, Andy house and cat sat as a way to afford more global adventures.

He recognized an opportunity to help both travelers and homeowners by facilitating house sitting arrangements through an online platform. Along with his wife Rachel, was born.

Over the past 12+ years, this ingenious service has seen impressive growth as more people discover the benefits. THS now has over 2 million registered members across 130+ countries.

Major media outlets like Forbes, BBC and The New York Times have all featured this innovative house sitting network. They‘ve also built an Instagram following of over 63K demonstrating their influence and authority in this space.

Some key stats about Trusted Housesitters‘ global reach:

  • 130+ countries with Homeowners needing sits
  • 2M+ Total members
  • 650K+ Homeowners helped to date
  • 5.3M+ Pets cared for through platform
  • 400K+ Home sits successfully completed
  • 63K Instagram followers

With an average 79% annual member retention rate, THS has clearly won over millions with their services facilitating home and pet care. But what exactly does the platform offer?

A Breakdown of THS Membership Options & Benefits

The basic premise of TrustedHouseSitters is simple. Pet owners pay an annual subscription fee to access pre-approved sitters that have undergone identity verification and background checks.

In exchange for caring for someone‘s home and furry friends, registered sitters get free accommodation and often appealing locations to explore.

For Pet Parents Seeking Sitters

  • Background checked candidates with house sitting experience
  • Review detailed sitter profiles highlighting skills/experience
  • Browse location/date specific sitter availability
  • Use secure messaging system to communicate
  • Get guidance preparing your home and pets
  • Access 24/7 veterinary advice line
  • Cancellation insurance

For Sitters Joining the Platform

  • Find house sitting opportunities worldwide
  • Create a compelling profile highlighting your capabilities
  • Use messaging system to apply for promising listings
  • Get advice on preparing for sits and setting proper expectations

There‘s also different membership tiers I‘ll break down next with pricing…

Breakdown of THS Membership Costs: Tiers & Fees Explained

As a subscription service, Trusted House Sitters requires an annual membership fee to access homeowner listings and apply for sits.

For Homeowners Seeking Sitters

There are three options annually:

  • Basic: $129/year
  • Standard: $169/year
    Adds ID verification checkmark for your profile
  • Premium: $259/year
    Includes sitter cancellation insurance

For House Sitters

Annual membership options are:

  • Basic: $129/year
  • Standard: $169/year
    Adds ID verification checkmark for your profile
  • Premium: $259/year
    Includes homeowner cancellation insurance

You can also do a combined House Owner + Sitter membership which offers a small discount.

Membership Type Annual Price
Basic Owner $129
Standard Owner $169
Premium Owner $258
Basic Sitter $129
Standard Sitter $169
Premium Sitter $258
Basic Owner + Sitter $189
Standard Owner + Sitter $229
Premium Owner + Sitter $319

As you‘ll see in my experience and other reviews, THS delivers excellent ROI making the modest membership fees well worth it!

Next up, let‘s look at what actual THS reviews say from real customers…

Assessing Trusted Housesitters‘ Reputation Through Customer Reviews

With over 2 million members to date, has thousands of reviews assessing experiences using the platform. As a pet owner and sitter myself, these public testimonials provided helpful insight before signing up.

On TrustPilot, THS currently scores an “Excellent” rating averaging 4.7/5 stars. Out of 13,753 reviews, 81% award the maximum 5 stars. Multiple positive testimonials praise their reliable vetting, quality sitters and attentive service.

However the most common complaints relate to tech problems with the site or poor customer support responses. But overall most reviews are glowing, as this 5-star comment summarizes:

“I cannot rate THS highly enough. The repeat sitters we’ve had have been wonderful! Our pets and home are cared for as if they were their own…”

Between their long track record and overwhelmingly satisfied reviewers, THS has built significant credibility as a quality house sitting platform.

As an experienced user myself, I wholeheartedly agree with the praise. But naturally prospective members have questions around safety and protection…

Assessing the Security and Vetting Standards

Responsible pet lovers considering THS will rightly ask about security protections and sitter screening. I had the same questions at first!

I’m happy to report THS also delivers assurance on safety:

  • All sitter applicants undergo identity, criminal and background checks
  • Homeowners can optionally run video interviews before finalizing a sit
  • Communication occurs only within THS’s secure, encrypted messaging system
  • Homeowners decide what contact information sitters access and when
  • Support staff available to quickly address concerns around troubling sitter behaviors
  • Premium memberships include cancellation insurance for both parties

Additionally all members receive 24/7 access to veterinary advice in case of pet health emergencies.

As someone who’s arranged 20+ sits, I appreciate these thoughtful measures giving me greater peace of mind.

Weighing Key Advantages and Disadvantages of THS

In my experience, these are the main BENEFITS of Trusted House Sitters:

  • Global network of 5M+ pre-approved home & pet sitters
  • Very affordable compared to boarding and almost always cheaper than daily drop-in visits
  • Identity verification for all sitters protects against scams
  • Pets stay comfortable at home vs scary kennels
  • Sitters provide updates and photos for further owner reassurance
  • Develop relationships with recurring sitters in your area
  • House sitters get free stays enabling more travel

Potential DRAWBACKS to note:

  • No payment offered to sitters (some argue it’s exploitative)
  • Technical frustrations dealing with their customer service “bots”
  • No guarantee you’ll find an ideal sitter match for given dates
  • Damage liability limited to credits not cash reimbursement
  • Some homeowners want video introductions before finalizing

The pros have far outweighed the cons in my 5 years with over 20 successful arrangements through THS. But weigh your unique priorities in making the right call.

Now let‘s tackle some frequently asked questions…

Answers to Common Trusted Housesitter Member Questions

Who are the key executives running

The original co-founders Rachel and Andy Peck continue leading the company‘s strategic vision. Chris Doggett serves as CEO overseeing global operations. Corporate headquarters are in Brighton, England.

What options exist for contacting THS customer support?

You can reach member services via live chat, email from their help page or call 844-294-8535. However many users report frustrations with “George” the chatbot. Directly emailing often gets better results.

What does their privacy policy entail?

The TSH privacy policy details how they process member information providing services, safety and communication. Rest assured all data remains encrypted and confidential.

Can I get any discounts on membership fees?

Yes, refer a friend to get 25% off their first year while you get two free months added when they join! TSH also occasionally offers holiday sales around 10-15% off memberships.

Final Thoughts – Is THS Worth Recommending?

For pet parents wanting reliable home and fur baby care during travels, I wholeheartedly recommend TrustedHousesitters. Their global platform removes so much stress!

After 20+ successful sits over 5+ years, I’m very confident in the effective vetting, security protections and attentive support THS provides. Communication has enabled me to form virtual relationships with fantastic recurring sitters.

The small annual fee is absolutely worth it when considering costs for daily drop-ins, kennels or even damage risks if leaving my home vacant. My precious cats get to stay in their familiar environment instead of cages. And I get regular photo updates giving me peace of mind!

While managing 2M+ members comes with occasional tech hiccups, largely positive reviews reinforce most customers share my favorable experience. For avoiding horrendous boarding bills alone, THS delivers outstanding ROI with thoughtful features to boot.

If wanting to explore this house and pet sitting concept yourself, I‘d suggest joining THS for just one year to try it out. But based on continually hearing rave reviews from fellow members, I bet you’ll stick around!

Have you used Trusted Housesitters yourself or are you considering it? I‘m happy to answer any other questions from my first-hand experiences in the comments below!

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