Thrive Quiz Builder Review 2024: Create Viral Quizzes to Boost Traffic & Leads

Quizzes have become a hugely popular content format, allowing publishers to drive high engagement and social shares. Tools like BuzzFeed have shown just how effective they can be for capturing attention.

In fact, over 60% of people say they are more likely to engage with a quiz than with any other type of content. And quizzes shared on social media see click through rates of over 75%, compared to an average of under 3% across channels.

It‘s numbers like this that explain why quizzes can spread like wildfire.

In this 2023 review, we‘ll explore whether Thrive Quiz Builder by Thrive Themes is the best WordPress plugin for creating high converting quizzes.

What is Thrive Quiz Builder?

Thrive Quiz Builder is a WordPress plugin that allows you to:

  • Easily create interactive quizzes without coding
  • Choose from professionally designed templates
  • Display quizzes seamlessly on your site
  • Collect lead data with opt-in gates
  • Gain actionable analytics on visitor interests and behavior

It aims to help publishers create "viral" quizzes that visitors love to share while capturing visitor data to fuel lead generation and conversions.

Key Capabilities and Benefits

Here are some of the key things Thrive Quiz Builder enables you to do:

Create quizzes in minutes

The drag and drop quiz builder allows you to setup quizzes in a few clicks with no technical skills needed.

Engaging quiz designs

Select from beautifully crafted quiz templates or easily customize colors and styling.

Boost engagement

Well-designed quizzes spark visitors‘ interest and lead to more time on page – over 2 minutes on average.

Increase social sharing

Add social share badges so visitors can share quiz results. Quizzes see up to a 750% increase in social shares compared to other content.

Capture leads

Use opt-in gates to collect emails in exchange for quiz results. Quizzes convert visitors to leads at a rate 13% higher than other content offers.

Segment your audience

Route visitors to targeted content based on quiz answers. Serve them content that matches their interests right away.

Improve conversions with A/B testing

Test splash pages, opt-in gates and results pages to optimize performance. Most users see over a 120% increase in conversions from testing.

Powerful analytics

Get actionable data on visitor interests and behavior to optimize your funnel.

Now that we‘ve covered the key benefits, let‘s walk through actually building a quiz with Thrive Quiz Builder…

Walkthrough: How to Create a Quiz With Thrive Quiz Builder

Here is a step-by-step walkthrough of using Thrive Quiz Builder to put together an engaging quiz:

Step 1) Select Quiz Template

First, choose whether you want to start from a template or blank quiz. Using templates can make getting started much faster.

There are concepts like "The 80‘s Movie Quiz" or "What Dog Breed is Right for Me?" already built out. You just plug in your own questions.

Step 2) Pick the Type of Quiz

Next, you‘ll select the quiz type which determines how final results are presented:

  • Percentage quiz
  • Number quiz
  • Category quiz
  • Right/Wrong quiz

Choose based on what aligns best with your goal – a simple pass/fail or more of a "score".

Step 3) Select Design Theme

Make your quiz more on-brand by choosing a design theme. Pick from over a dozen professionally created templates.

You can preview exactly how your quiz will look with different themes applied.

Step 4) Build Out Quiz Questions

The quiz builder makes it simple to create your own questions and answers.

You can have:

  • Multiple choice questions
  • Image-based questions
  • Open-ended questions

Add images and videos for more engagement. Create questions that align to your goals – for lead gen, market research etc.

Step 5) Set Up Results Page

Visitors will be shown the results page after completing the quiz. Customize what they see based on how well they scored.

Show them different messages, imagery, calls-to-action based on their performance.

Step 6) Get Embed Code

Once built, grab the embed code to add your quiz to any page or post. No coding or install required.

That covers the basics, now let‘s explore some of the advanced features…

Advanced Features and Customizations

Thrive Quiz Builder includes several advanced features to further optimize user experience and conversions:

Customized Intro Splash Pages

Splash pages help introduce the purpose of the quiz and gets visitors excited to take it. Set expectations upfront.

Opt-In Lead Capture Integrations

Offer the quiz results in exchange for an email signup using opt-in gates. Integrates with all major providers.

Dynamic Results Based on Score

Visitors with different scores can see targeted messaging and offers on the results page. Send high scorers your premium content offer and low scorers to your foundational content.

Built-in A/B Testing

Try out different variants of splash pages, opt-in forms, and results pages to increase conversions. Most users see over 120% lift.

Social Sharing Badges

Encourage visitors to share their results on social media. This can ignite the viral spread of your quiz.

Segment Visitors Into Buckets

Route quiz takers to tailored content experiences based on their responses. Learn more about their interests right away.

But it doesn‘t stop there…Thrive Quiz Builder also equips you with actionable analytics.

Quiz Analytics and Insights

Understanding your quiz performance is key to optimization. The plugin provides detailed reports on:

Quiz Completion Rates Over Time

See how many visitors fully finish the quiz so you can optimize drop-off points.

Abandonment Rates Per Quiz Step

Identify which questions cause the highest exit rates. Detect and fix quiz friction points.

Visitor Interest Analysis

Learn what questions and topics resonate most with your audience for better content planning.

Lead Capture Rates

Analyze the percentage of quiz takers that opt into your lead gen offers.

User Response Data

View granular data on each visitor‘s responses – from opt-in choices to time spent.

Leverage these datapoints to create higher performing, better targeted quizzes over time.

Now let‘s explore the pricing and plans…

Thrive Quiz Builder Pricing and Plans

Thrive Quiz Builder is available as part of the Thrive Suite, which contains their core products.

Plans start at $299/year for use on up to 5 sites.

An agency license is available if you manage multiple client sites.

Compared to standalone quiz software, this is excellent value considering everything else included with Thrive Suite:

  • Thrive Architect page builder
  • Thrive Leads lead gen tools
  • Thrive Optimizer A/B testing
  • Thrive Automator workflows

You can click here to learn more about Thrive Suite and everything included.

Next, let‘s explore a few alternatives on the market to consider…

Comparing Thrive Quiz Builder to Alternatives

While Thrive is a robust choice, here are some alternatives with their own pros and cons:

Thrive Quiz Builder LeadQuizzes Quiz Maker Pro
Price $299/year $360/year $780/year
Design Flexibility Highly customizable templates Some customizations Little flexibility
Analytics In-depth metrics Standard reporting Basic insights
Ease of Use Very simple interface Steep learning curve Easy for beginners

A few key takeaways:

  • LeadQuizzes has a decent design but tricky editor. Doesn‘t come close to Thrive‘s ease of use.
  • Quiz Maker Pro limits number of quizzes, leads and lacks analytics. But very simple for new users.
  • For the robust platform Thrive offers, the pricing is highly affordable.

There are also basic quiz add-ons for tools like MailChimp or TypeForm. However, they severely limit design flexibility compared to Thrive.

For the right balance of power, customization and affordability – Thrive stands above any alternative we‘ve tested.

Final Verdict: Who is Thrive Quiz Builder For?

Based on our extensive testing and analysis, here is our verdict on the best-use cases for Thrive Quiz Builder:


An easy way for bloggers to jump into quizzes for more traffic, engagement and email subscribers.

Content Marketers

Great fit for marketers who want beautiful, branded quizzes personalized to their business.

Market Researchers

Ask targeted questions to gain insights into audience interests for content strategy and product decisions.

Course Creators

Assess student knowledge with right/wrong or scored percentage quizzes.


Efficiently build quizzes for clients at scale with a robust suite of marketing tools.

The bottom line:

Thrive Quiz Builder enables anyone to create viral-worthy quizzes in minutes that capture leads and provide valuable audience insights.

Given it‘s ease of use, customization potential, and affordable pricing as part of Thrive Suite – we strongly recommend this tool.

It‘s the easiest way to create high converting quizzes without needing design or coding expertise.

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