DIY Ecommerce: 27 Things To Make And Sell in 2024

Welcome to my mega handmade product guide revealing this year‘s most promising items across craft categories to start selling online!

The global handmade goods market is projected to grow at a 7.5% CAGR from 2023-2030 to reach $1.9 trillion in sales by 2030 according to the Handmade Goods Global Market Report – with ecommerce driving much of this boom.

61% of consumers purchased handmade items in just the past year alone according to – attracted to the uniqueness, quality craftsmanship and personal touches of maker goods.

Selling online through your own store or platforms like Etsy cuts overhead by eliminating a physical retail location. With low startup costs and built-in site traffic, now‘s the time to turn crafting into cash!

Below I break down today‘s hottest selling handmade products across categories from self-care to wall art. I‘ve researched materials required, profitability potential and showcase real examples of Etsy best-sellers crushing sales.

Let‘s dive in to explore what to consider making and offering in your own online shop this year!

Top Product Categories To Sell Online

🛏️ Textile Home Goods

  • Items: throws, pillows, wall hangings, quilts
  • Materials Needed: fabric, sewing machine, embroidery floss
  • Estimated Profit Per Item: $20-$75+

The revival of cottagecore styles blending modern and traditional has boosted demand for items like macrame plant hangers (13,000+ sales for Etsy top seller WovenNestHome).

Punched embroidery pillows adorned with intricate floral designs are another best-seller (14,000+ sales for LeavesAndFlowers). As are crochet blankets (2,300+ sales for thisgrannyaintsquare).

Focus on natural fabrics like linen, lace and crochet featuring unique textures and patterns – customized with colors and sizes.

🛁 Bath & Body Products

  • Items: candles, bath bombs, soap, lotions
  • Materials Needed: silicone molds, Shea/essential oils, ingredients like dried flowers
  • Estimated Profit Per Item: $5-$15

The self-care market keeps expanding as people splurge on at-home luxury. Best-selling examples include:

  • Flower shaped glycerin soaps (1,900+ sales for Etsy seller LovelyLittleGifts)
  • Harry Potter themed bath bombs with collectible figurine surprises inside (800+ sales for BombshellBathUK)
  • Soy wax candles in trending scents like pink champagne, rose and matcha green tea (6100+ sales for Frostbeard)

Focus on stress-relieving natural scents and oils using biodegradable packaging.

💎 Jewelry

  • Items: earrings, necklaces, bracelets
  • Materials: beads, wire, jewelry pliers
  • Estimated Profit Per Item: $10-$30

Top jewelry trends include celestial designs, sculptural lucite hoops, and birthstone personalization. For example, Etsy seller De —————

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