My Surya Rug Review: Reflections After a Decade of Ownership

As a design enthusiast who has personally owned three Surya rugs over the past 10+ years, I’m often asked about my experience with this globally renowned brand. If you‘re considering a Surya for your home, keep reading for an in-depth review from a devoted longtime customer.

An Overview: Why I First Chose Surya

I discovered Surya back in 2011 when searching for a dynamic contemporary rug to complement my newly remodeled open-concept kitchen and living space. As a interior design blogger with an eye for quality and aesthetics, I was immediately drawn to Surya’s modern patterns, vibrant color palettes, and variety of natural fiber rugs.

Unlike mass-market brands, Surya’s catalog reflected artisanal attention to detail in each hand-knotted weave. Rave reviews from designers confirmed I could trust their construction to withstand my three (now teenage!) kids. I purchased a graphic 8 x 10’ wool Tibby rug and have since acquired two more Surya pieces.

Surya Rugs Review: Key Benefits That Hooked Me

Here’s an overview of standout benefits that have made me a devoted Surya brand ambassador over the past decade:

Superb Style & Customization

  • Over 5000 on-trend rug designs spanning modern, transitional, traditional and more
  • Options like color, size, material, finish and shape can be customized
  • My custom 12 x 15’ wool Portland rug took my living room from basic to bold

Top-Tier Materials & Construction

  • Hand-knotted wool and silk rugs made to last decades
  • Dense pile withstands heavy foot traffic without visible wear
  • Minimal shedding – no loose fibers on my dark wood flooring
  • Vibrant dyes won’t fade even in direct sunlight

Stress-Free Maintenance

  • Low-pile kitchen rug hides spills until steam cleaned seasonally
  • Larger living room Surya tidied up with regular vacuuming
  • Spot treatment resolved wine stain on wool tibby rug
  • Affordable local professional cleaning keeps rugs fresh

Reliable Customer Service

  • Surya reps helped navigate customization options without pressure
  • Quick communication and follow up throughout order and shipping
  • Provided guidance matching rug texture/pattern to furnishings
  • Smooth returns process when 8 x 10‘ rug came damaged

Let‘s delve deeper into why design mavens and families alike make Surya their rug brand of choice.

Surya Construction & Materials: Why Quality Matters

As a materials geek, I took time to analyze what makes Surya rugs outperform lower-priced alternatives that promise durability. Here‘s an overview of my findings after years of first-hand use:

Material Details Advantages
Wool Surya ethically sources ultra-fine wool yarns with long staple length more resistant to shedding. Naturally stain resistant and flame retardant. Softens over time.
Silk Hand-spun pure silk or silk/wool blends add opulent sheen. Shimmering texture delights the eye & feels decadent underfoot
Viscose Silky manufactured fibers look nearly as lustrous as silk for less. Affordable sheen. Easy cleaning like polyester.
Cotton & Jute Natural fibers offer texture largely in flatweaves. Casual, textured charm for high traffic areas.
Polyester Synthetic PET/polypropylene in budget collections. Durable and easy care but lacks luxury feel.

Beyond the fiber type, construction techniques make a major difference. My Surya wool rugs are hand-knotted, not machine made. Artisans meticulously tie individual tufts of yarn to the woven backing. This results in:

  • Firm, consistent pile density up to 0.6 inches deep
  • Surprisingly plush feel and springy cushioning
  • Sharp pattern definition without loose strands

Surya also employs master weavers to create flatwoven cotton or wool rugs. While lacking the pile depth, I love the dimensional textures blended across my kitchen floor.

The bottom line? Surya thoughtfully engineers each rug to balance beauty, longevity and livability. I‘m willing to invest more knowing mine will last decades with reasonable care. Which reminds me…

Caring For Surya Rugs: My Tried-and-True Routine

Surya use quality components designed to be soil and stain resistant with regular maintenance. Over the years, I’ve fine-tuned a routine to keep my light and dark-hued rugs looking pristine:

Daily: I run my Dyson V15 Detect vacuum around high-traffic areas to lift surface dust and dirt before it settles in the fibers. The laser reveals otherwise invisible particles!

Weekly: I vacuum the entire rug, going back and forth in different directions to lift debris from all angles. For flatweaves, I‘ll pop outside first to firmly shake loose particles.

Seasonally: Every 4-6 months, I arrange professional steam extraction cleaning tailored to each rug‘s material. The deep clean revives colors and texture.

As-Needed: For spills and spots, I immediately blot the area with a clean rag or paper towel. Avoid vigorous scrubbing! For water-based stains, I gently spritz on sparkling water and blot again while assessing if specialty treatment is needed.

By taking proactive steps rather than waiting until rugs look dirty, I‘ve maintained a near-new look for 10+ years without significant wear or permanent stains. My kids can happily eat pizza on movie night without anxiety!

Navigating Your Purchase: Where to Buy & What to Expect

Since Surya sells wholesale to design trade partners not directly to consumers, I get asked frequently about the purchase process. Here‘s the low-down:

Sourcing Your Rug

Your best bet is browsing online catalogues first to curate options, then visiting local furniture stores like Safavieh that stock Surya rugs regionally. Specialty rug retailers also have wide Surya inventories. If unable to view in person, sites like Overstock or RugsUSA display and ship many designs.

Timelines & Production

In-stock rugs ship within roughly 5 business days once ordered, arriving 2-4 weeks later. For custom sizes, colors or materials expect 8-12 weeks production before 4-6 week covered shipping. Time your order prior to planned decor refreshes!

I budgeted 6 months from initial design meeting to final placement of my Portland custom rug. The production updates and final unboxing made the wait worthwhile!

Pricing Considerations

One tradeoff for artisan quality is above average pricing, especially for premium materials like wool and silk. However, cost per wear makes the investment worthwhile over decades of use. I saved by choosing wool over silk given high kid traffic!

My 10 x 14’ flatweave jute kitchen rug ran $1200. The wool living spaces rugs fell between $2500-4000 for large sizing. Remember dimensions, complexity and fiber quality all impact price.

Returns & Exchanges

Thankfully I haven’t needed to exchange defected rugs since 2011! But Surya offers a 60 day window for returns through originating retailers. Expect fees around 15% deducted from refunds. For quality assurance, thoroughly unpack and inspect new rugs immediately.

The Last Word: Who Should Buy Surya Rugs?

If you prioritize style, quality craftsmanship, and materials made to stand the test of time over upfront affordability, Surya is a phenomenal investment. With livable durability surpassing big box competitors, you‘ll enjoy your beautiful Surya rug for years of gatherings large and small in any room.

I particularly recommend Surya for high-traffic common spaces rather than hiding rugs away in formal living rooms. And if you love making a statement, explore their patterned collections beyond basic solids.

No brand is perfect, but in over a decade I‘ve been thoroughly impressed with Surya‘s customer service, quality construction, and sheer variety of inspired, on-trend designs suiting coastal to modern to traditional spaces.

So next time you‘re browsing for an area rug, I hope this insider‘s Surya rug review helps you shop with confidence! Please reach out with any questions.

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