My Hands-On Review: Does Strut Health‘s Customized Telehealth Care Restore Hair or Disappoint?

I signed up three months ago as an early user of Strut Health – the promising new telehealth startup focusing specifically on destigmatized conditions traditional doctors overlook like hair loss.

Frankly, the convoluted state of hair restoration left me beyond frustrated.

Overpriced shampoos never prevented my creeping hairline recession. Mass produced online treatment services bombarded me with generic finasteride and minoxidil without considering my hormone imbalances. And I dreaded explaining my daily angst over clogging shower drains to an awkward in-network physician lacking specialized expertise.

Enter Strut Health – a potential oasis for my follicly distressed head. I decided to thoroughly scrutinize their customer experience, physician vetting, formulas efficacy and overall value to cut through the hype and share an authentic consumer perspective you won’t find anywhere else.

Why I Needed A Better Hair Loss Solution

By 34, I already spotted an expanding forehead and thinning crown no combover could conceal. Having endured bad reactions to over-the-counter Rogaine years earlier, I hesitated to retry hair meds fearing side effects. Yet the increasing psychological toll of accelerated shedding compelled me to re-engage my treatment journey.

And judging by worsening baldness stats, I’m not alone in seeking solutions.

By age 35, two-thirds of American men already suffer significant hair loss. Despite its prevalence, most fail to discuss hair retention options with their doctors. Dermatology appointments often lead to costs exceeding $1000 annually when including lab tests, office visits and medications for comprehensive treatment.

Telehealth emerged as an expedited and affordable alternative to in-office hair restoration, but I still felt perplexed choosing between flashy startups all touting magic pills for pending baldness. The options even on leading online platforms seemed rather superficial and uninspired.

Then I discovered Strut Health in an r/tressless Reddit thread highlighting personalized compounded hair formulas. Intrigued by this customization angle, I booked a free consultation.

Little did I know therelief ahead…

How Strut Health Stands Out From Other Telehealth Brands

You’ve likely seen ads for popular telemedicine sites like Hims, Keeps and Lemonaid promising generic Finasteride and Minoxidil to combat increasing hair fall. Their pre-set concentrations suit some shedders.

However after wasting months on ill-fitting formulas, I yearned for tailored guidance accounting for my unique situation. Rather than merely ship out average strength hair meds, I sought care custom-built just for me.

This hunger for personalization led me to Strut Health.

Rising as a next generation telehealth disruptor, Strut Health connects patients to specialized physicians who collaborate with pharmacists to create fully customized medical therapies. This means rather than selecting a pre-configured hair formula from your couch, actual doctors assess your case and craft treatments catered to your distinct needs.

By decentralizing prescription power away from pure play pharmacies, Strut Health closed worrisome credibility gaps undermining earlier telemedicine brands while upholding focus and discretion regarding stigmatized healthcare topics.

Let‘s analyze the strengths powering Strut Health‘s ascent:

Personalized Formulas
Shedding from hormones, genetics or dietary triggers varies wildly between patients. Strut Health’s medical team identifies your unique hair loss drivers then mixes formulas with ingredient ratios catered to your situation.

Topical Innovation
Rather than solely offer oral tablets linked to sexual side effects, Strut Health pioneers custom topical treatments with sustained follicle delivery while limiting systemic absorption.

Holistic Support
Your care plan may blend pharmaceutical and naturopathic solutions like medicated scalp serums plus oral supplements to synergistically nurture growth.

On-demand video chats replace waiting rooms. Prescriptions arrive at your doorstep monthly. Dermatologist house calls get reimagined for modern telehealth era.

I realized Strut Health stood poles apart from the cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all approach I tried before. This rigorous customization convinced me to give them an earnest shot.

Now let’s examine if my novel personalized protocol performed as promised.

My Strut Health Hair Restoration Experience

Like 64% of hair loss sufferers, I felt too self-conscious scheduling a physical appointment to discuss my early onset thinning. I feared judgment or dismissiveness from general practitioners lacking specialized trichology training.

Strut Health‘s online intake form allowed me to freely share lifestyle factors, family history, diet and supplement regimens contributing to my hair fall progression. I also submitted photos showing troublesome activity around my temples and crown.

Within 48 hours, an affiliated Ohio-based physician reviewed my case file then called to clarify outstanding questions related to my bloodwork indicating vitamin deficiencies. We discussed customized interventions beyond traditional Finasteride/Minoxidil pathways. He felt confident we could stabilize shedding through a multi-angled approach.

My Approved Protocol

  • Minoxidil 7% Topical Compounded with Retinoic Acid
  • Nutraceutical Gummies with Omega-7s
  • Low Level Laser Therapy Device
  • Quarterly Nutrient Panel Testing

I started treatment immediately and noticed a tremendous shift in just 8 weeks:

  • Greatly Reduced Shedding – No More Clogs!
  • Improving Temple and Crown Coverage
  • No Dryness or Irritation From Application
  • Hair Feels Thicker and More Voluminous

I finally stopped obsessing over my part width and felt comfortable styling hair away from my face again. My old concoction of foams, sprays and concealers now gathered dust!

Here I share my photo results and core insights after 4 months using my protocol.

16 Week Hairline Progress

You‘ll notice improved density near my temples and retained length around the front hairline. The shedding completely stabilized as well.

The Strut Health Difference

Rather than receiving a generic topical solution like most competitors prescribe, my doctor incorporated specific ingredients and nutriceuticals clinically shown to reverse vitamin deficiency related thinning.

This scientific customization makes ALL the difference by addressing the root triggers in play. I spent years trying every overrated shampoo, peptide serum and hair vitamin with minimal lasting effects because they never accounted for my unique situation.

The personal formulation trumpeted nonstop by Strut Health ultimately unlocked my hair recovery once we identified the key deficiency and inflammation drivers through testing.

Can Strut Health Fix Any Case?

Here’s the reality – several friends did not respond as robustly to their protocols initially prescribed by Strut Health.

Why? In some advanced cases, oral Dutasteride proves necessary to durably thicken hair. For rapidly progressing genetic hair loss, flagship ingredients like Minoxidil and Finasteride fail to move the needle regardless of clever customization tricks or special topical vehicles.

Transplants offer a final but costly resort then.

However, I firmly believe those who catch thinning early AND couple practical lifestyle self-care with Strut Health’s treatment innovations stand an excellent chance of stabilizing hair counts for lasting confidence.

So if you just noticed extra hairs coating your sink lately and desire urgent support, Strut Health could very well halt your shedding and restore your best head of hair if my experience represents the norm.

Cost Breakdown – Strut Health VS Alternatives

Treatment Avenue 16 Week Cost
In-Office Dermatology Care $960+
Hims/Keeps/Lemonaid $240-$360
Strut Health Personalized Plan $430

My customized compounded regimen from Strut Health ran around $430 for a 16 week supply. Had I chosen traditional health channels, I‘d likely shell out $1000+ on appointments, lab tests and oral finasteride costs over the same window.

Compared to mass telehealth companies, Strut Health‘s thoughtful custom preparations understandably net steeper pricing since each formula gets made fresh rather than mass manufactured. However their cost saving convenience and superior results justify the premium for me.

And remember – consultation fees and shipping always come free!

What Extras Do I Get?

My doctor provides complimentary telehealth check-ins every 8 weeks to assess my progress, hair counts and scalp health to make adjustments so I continuously improve. I also receive specialist advice on maximizing results through proper application techniques, ideal complementary products and lifestyle optimizations like diet and sleep based on my data.

This ancillary advice proved a true value elevating my care.

Signing Up With Strut Health

If my first-hand account convinces you to ultimately try Strut Health for your own hair restoration needs, signing up takes just minutes online:

You‘ll Need

  • 5 Minutes
  • Photo of Hair Loss Areas
  • Health Insurance Card

Here‘s How

  1. Request a Free Online Visit

  2. Complete the Custom Intake Form

  3. Get Matched With Specialist Physician

  4. Confirm Your Personalized Treatment Plan

  5. Receive & Start Your Custom Formula

Again, all initial consultations come free without commitment plus your doctor designs a fully tailored treatment plan aligned to your scenario often unavailable through regular healthcare channels.

Go to now to take back control of your hair health on your own terms just like I did. Expect transparent compassionate care on-demand.

The Last Word – Who Should Choose Strut Health?

In closing, if you relate to my early stage hair thinning challenges, Strut Health’s customized telemedicine model could prove life changing by dutifully stabilizing shedding through science-backed protocols before it’s too late.

Combining convenience with personalization, Strut Health wins my glowing recommendation for hair loss suffers neglected by overworked traditional doctors yet underserved by mass market health apps throwing the same generic formulas at everyone.

However, those already attempting advanced treatments like Dutasteride or showing years long aggressively balding patterns may require in-office procedures that custom compounding cannot replace. Regardless, Strut Health‘s free consultations ensure you explore all sensible options discreetly without pressure.

For the majority fighting recent acceleration in hair fall but finding current approaches ineffective, try Strut Health’s custom-tailored formulas catered to your unique situation and get ready to feel strands strong as ever before.

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