25+ Social Media Post Ideas To Boost Engagement in 2024

Social media has never been more important for businesses to connect with customers, promote products and services, and drive growth. With 4.74 billion active social media users globally, having an engaging social media presence is no longer optional for brands.

But creating original and high quality social media content on a regular basis can be challenging. That‘s why having a strong understanding of the types of social media posts that resonate best with audiences is crucial.

In this guide, we‘ll explore 25+ of the most effective social media post ideas, share examples and best practices, and provide tips on how to develop an overall content strategy that helps boost engagement across key platforms. Let‘s dive in!

Product Teasers

One of the most popular techniques brands use to generate interest is by posting teasers and "sneak peeks" of new and upcoming products.

This builds anticipation among your audience and incentives them to stay tuned for more details. Some examples of great product teaser posts include:

  • A short 8-10 second video showing a new product but not revealing the full details
  • A photo showing part of product packaging or design with a cryptic caption
  • A "guess what‘s coming" graphic with hints about a new product

When posting product teasers, you want make sure to follow up within 1-2 weeks with more details and give people a reason to get excited.

User-Generated Content

User-generated content (UGC) from real customers can be extremely effective at providing social proof and authenticity.

Some ideas for UGC posts include:

  • Sharing photos and videos posted by users on Instagram or TikTok
  • Reposting positive reviews and testimonials
  • Featuring user-submitted FAQs or tips for using your products

To encourage more UGC, you can run photo contests challenging users to get creative with your brand, or create a branded hashtag for people to use. Offering free products/discounts for top content can help drive more submissions.

How-To‘s, Tips & Tricks

Educational posts focused on quick tips or "hack" for using a product tend to perform very well, especially on a platform like Instagram.

Some post examples include:

  • An Instagram Reel walking users through a simple recipe with your ingredients
  • A short video share a simple life hack that relates to your industry
  • An infographic of 5 tips for being more productive with your software

These posts allow you to showcase your industry expertise while providing value. They also give users creative new ways to use your products they may not have known about otherwise.

Interactive Polls

Including interactive polls is great for boosting engagement across social platforms. For example, you could post:

  • A Twitter poll asking people to vote on two new product variations your launching
  • An Instagram poll testing different names for a new product line
  • A Facebook poll getting opinions on changes you‘re making to product packaging

The results can provide valuable consumer insights while getting more user comments and shares at the same time.

To encourage poll interaction, you can even mention you‘ll pick one random voter to win a free item.

Celebrity/Influencer Collaborations

Partnering with influencers on co-branded content or sponsorships can expose your brand to targeted new audiences. Some examples of influencer collaborations brands leverage include:

  • Sponsoring an Instagram giveaway on an influencer‘s page
  • Co-creating a co-branded product or collection
  • Paying influencers to post reviews and content with your products on their social channels

When reaching out to influencers, make sure to find ones that are a natural fit with your brand – in terms of aesthetic and target customer demographic. Christiano Rolando (@youlovechris) is an example of a fitness influencer you might want to collaborate with when launching a sporting goods line.

Micro-influencers (with 5k-50k followers) tend to drive higher engagement too since their audiences are very targeted and passionate.

User-Generated Polls/Questions

Soliciting questions from your social audience then posting video or blog content answering them is an excellent way to create relevant content while interacting directly with your customers.

Some ways to get questions include:

  • Doing an Instagram AMA (Ask Me Anything)
  • Tweeting asking people for common issues they have with X product
  • Creating a recurring "#askbrandname" hashtag for people to share questions under

You can then take the most common questions people have an create blog posts, IGTV videos, or short-form video content providing helpful answers. This helps strengthen your relationship with customers while showcasing your specialized knowledge.

Creative Short-Form Video

Given people‘s short attention spans on social today, creative short-form video content can be one of the most eye-catching post formats.

If launching a new cosmetics product line for example, you could create a 15-30 second stop motion style Instagram Reels video showcasing the packaging and products in an artistic way.

Or if you sell sports apparel, creating slow motion b-roll videos of people wearing your clothes adds visual interest.

Platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels tend to reward more polished, entertaining short video content with increased visibility in their feeds too. So getting creative with short-form video pays off.

Launch Announcements/Updates

Letting your social audience directly know about big company announcements or product launches keeps them involved and shows you value them.

Some examples include:

  • An Instagram video from your CEO previewing a big change that‘s happening
  • A post with images officially announcing when a new product will be available
  • Posts recapping or highlighting key details after a launch announcement

Giving followers an insider look helps them feel special and connected to your brand story. These milestone posts also provide anchors for press coverage and customers to share and engage more with your brand around launches.

Shoppable Posts

As social media becomes a leading destination for product discovery for online shoppers, more platforms are embracing shoppable posts.

These allow users to instantly click on products featured in posts and easily complete purchases without leaving the social app.

Examples include:

  • Instagram and Facebook posts with shoppable product tags
  • Pinterest product pins linking directly to online checkout
  • Snapchat and TikTok collaborations with Shopify to add "Shop Now" buttons

As social platforms continue adding ecommerce functionality, brands should take advantage by making buying frictionless for users that discover products they love.

Countdown Series

If you have a major product drop, sale event, or company anniversary coming up, consider creating a series of teaser posts in the lead up to build anticipation.

For example, you might create a 10-day countdown campaign on Instagram posting a new photo and exciting detail each day for what‘s coming.

Or if a big 50% off site-wide annual sale is approaching, posting once a week leading up to it highlighting exactly which items will discounted drives buyer urgency.

This countdown series tactic works extremely well to spike awareness and gives loyal followers something new and exciting to engage with daily.

Spotlight Loyal Customers

Featuring and celebrating your most passionate, loyal customers on social media helps drive engagement while making those highlighted feel special.

For example, when one customer‘s Instagram Story post showing them decorating with your home goods products starts going viral, you could share that as a main Instagram post.

Or if a buyer emails about how your company went above and beyond for outstanding customer service, consider asking to feature them in a testimonial video or blog post.

This provides powerful word-of-mouth marketing and social proof. It also incentives other customers to post about your brand in hopes of being featured too!

Unique Partnerships

Collaborating with complementary but unexpected brands on limited product collections or experiences captures attention while exposing your brand to new audiences.

Some examples might include:

  • Fashion label Coach partnering with Disney on a Mickey Mouse themed collection
  • Nike teaming up with PlayStation on cobranded sneaker designs
  • Starbucks installing pop-up coffee shops inside select Apple retail stores

These partnerships tap into multiple loyalty customer bases, generating buzz and visibility. The product mashups also lend themselves extremely well to captivating social media posts showcasing the collaborative designs, messaging, and events.

Spotlight Internal Team Members

While companies naturally promote finished products on social media, providing a "behind the scenes" look at internal team members keeps things personal.

For example:

  • Quote graphics showcasing inspiring things passionate employees have said about your company culture and values
  • An Instagram Reel documenting a day in the life of a designer that conceptualizes product prototypes
  • Short interviews on TikTok with longtime employees answering fun questions

This gives followers an authentic inside look at the caring people that make up your brand. Especially for smaller businesses, putting faces and personalities behind the company helps connect with supporters.

Interactive Augmented Reality

Brands like Gucci have had enormous success with "try before you buy" augmented reality features that allow online shoppers to virtually try on products.

The company created an Instagram ar filter that uses smartphone cameras to digitally overlay Gucci sneakers in real-time. People can record videos of themselves walking around wearing various designs, driving huge engagement.

As AR/VR technology advances, finding creative ways to implement it provides cutting-edge interactive experiences followers love engaging with and sharing. Big opportunities still remain for savvy brands.

User Reviews Re-shares

Positive reviews and testimonials from verified buyers provide authenticity that promotional product descriptions alone often lack.

Select real 5-star reviews (with permission) to repost on social media, adding commentary about why your team is so proud of the outstanding feedback.

For extra engagement, you might even ask the author of the review to join the conversation when you share the post – having them pop into comments showing gratitude tends to drive more likes and comments overall.

This again offers that transparency people seek today – willing customers advocating your business holds tremendous influence.

Unique Brand Hashtags

Hashtags help curate branded conversations while increasing discoverability. But generic tags like #newproduct or #wearehiring make it harder stand out today across crowded feeds.

Brainstorming customized hashtags tied to specific campaigns or initiatives gives supporters a specialized label representing internal culture customers admire and feel part of.

Some examples:

  • Sustainable clothing company tentree uses #teamtrees underscoring their mission where each purchase plants 10 new trees
  • Protein snack brand Perfect Snacks uses #SnackSmarter reflecting their nutrition-focused ethos
  • Burt‘s Bees originated #hivehoney highlighting company‘s commitment to ethical food production

Rallying social media audiences around customized hashtags that embody core values makes for a more tight-knit community eager to share topical conversations.

Spotlight Current Customers

Similar to employee takeovers, inviting select customers to "guest post" curated content provides user-generated authenticity showcasing real-life use cases.

For example, you might feature:

  • Top fans on an Instagram Story tour of their homes showing your products prominently displayed as decor
  • A TikTok takeover featuring a popular teen creator style hauling their favorite pieces from your new apparel drop
  • A Snapchat spotlight with an athlete customer demonstrating them actively wearing your gear for their sport

This advocacy from others demonstrates products in context, with endorsements from influential consumers carrying far more weight than brands tooting their own horn.

Curated User Photos

In addition to dedicated customized hashtags, prompting users proactively to tag your brand on social media uncovers stellar photos for potential reposting.

Photos often capture products showcased in unexpected, authentic ways – like users having fun with friends while wearing your fashions.

You might create monthly campaigns encouraging photo submissions, cross-posting select images from what users share to increase motivation for participation. Prizes like free products/gift cards for top photos can help jumpstart momentum.

Featured visuals should align with broader brand messaging – highlighting values like sustainability, ethics, quality, etc. This helps reinforce positioning through user lens.

Interactive Live Video

Today‘s social media platforms make streaming live video extremely convenient – providing a great medium for announcing news, connecting in-the-moment with customers, or spotlighting fascinating processes showing product craftsmanship.

Some live video ideas include:

  • Product launches streamed direct from showroom floors
  • Q&A sessions answering pressing customer questions
  • Behind-the-scenes facility tours highlighting quality commitment

Live video allows supporters to actively participate through real-time commenting/polling driving higher value over pre-recorded content – that instant accessibility builds loyal brand affinity.

User Review Roundups

While sharing standout reviews periodically is effective, compiling data-rich roundups underscoring large review volumes/high ratings builds credibility for skeptics needing more proof through sheer numbers.

For example, graphics stating “Over 5,000 Amazon reviews with a 4.8 star average!” demonstrate unanimous advocacy better than isolated testimonials.

Roundup posts also give followers sharable assets reinforcing dominance versus competitors – enabling messages like "More 5-star ratings than any competitor!".

And this social proof holds weight – 92% of consumers read online reviews before making purchasing decisions according to Podium.

Rankings / Awards Announcements

Securing rankings on renowned industry lists or notable awards merits announcment posts – as press mentions signify third-party endorsements that brands can’t claim themselves.

Graphics with logos of publications/organizations naming your company top in class lend credibility in an increasingly crowded market.

Example posts might flaunt:

  • Fortune 500 logo showcasing reaching elite status
  • Graphics showing customer satisfaction/loyalty award wins

These accomplishments suggest competitors validate you as best-in-class – combating consumer skepticism stemming from brands overstate achievements.

Limited Time Offers / Countdowns

Time sensitivity prompts action – when followers know promotional offers won’t last, they‘re incentivized to purchase immediately rather than delay.

Countdown posts building urgency around sales expiration deadlines entice buying better than open-ended messaging allowing audiences to sit on decisions.

Some examples include:

  • “3 days left for 30% off sitewide – biggest sale this year!”
  • "$200 off top-rated laptop for first 100 customers exclusively"

Scarcity principle makes these deadlined offers more desirable. When durations stress narrow windows, conversion rates typically rise from social traffic as visitors flock to take advantage – capitalizing on psychological influence.

Brand Advocate Spotlights

Some superfans become vocal champions constantly raving about beloved brands online – seeking those enthusiasts to feature as formal ambassadors expands awareness further.

For example, a frequent positive Twitter mention-er might be invited as an officlal “advocate” with unique profile badges, early access to new products to review, and be spotlighted in a series showcasing most active evangelists.

This solidifies relationships with loyal brand defenders publicly rewarding support – enabling additional word-of-mouth promotion taping into their spheres of influence.

Implementing a diverse mix of engaging social media content ideas is crucial for brands looking to drive awareness, increase following, boost engagement, and ultimately sell more products online.

This guide covered over 25 highly sharable post formats spanning teasers, celebrations, reviews, collaborations and more.

Now it’s time discover which ideas resonate loudest with your audiences using analytics – test differnt concepts and double down on what gains traction. Proactively engaging supporters through creativity, exclusivity and interactivity builds community and memories that transcend one-way advertising messaging.

Have any other social post concepts proven successful for your brand? Share them below to inspire peers!

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