Scentbird vs Scentbox: My Perfume Subscription Experience

After testing perfume subscription boxes for over a decade, Scentbird and Scentbox stand out for making it easy and affordable to discover your perfect signature scent.

I’ve tried them both pretty extensively at this point – to the tune of about 50 different fragrances between the two services so far! So if you’re debating between Scentbird or Scentbox for your monthly fragrance needs, let me provide some guidance from my firsthand experience.

At a Glance: Scentbird vs Scentbox

Scentbird Scentbox
Founded 2013 2016
# of Scents 500+ 850+
Plans $16 for 1 fragrance $15-$33 for 1-2 fragrances
Key Perk Fragrance quiz matches you Huge designer catalog

How Perfume Subscriptions Work

If you’re new to the concept, perfume subscriptions from Scentbird and Scentbox provide an ingenious way to sample from designer fragrances before committing to an expensive full bottle.

They work very similarly – you pay a monthly fee to receive a small refillable spray bottle. Then each month, you can select a new 8-10mL designer perfume or cologne to have shipped to your door.

The refills contain around 140 spritzes – enough to wear daily for a month before your next shipment arrives.

I love the flexibility both services offer to switch up my scent monthly. And if I ever do fall absolutely head over heels for one, I can purchase the full bottle for myself or as a gift.

Below I’ll dig into the key differences between Scentbird and Scentbox when it comes to fragrances offered, plans, customization, and policies.

Scentbird vs Scentbox: Subscription Plans

Scentbird and Scentbox take slightly unique approaches when it comes to pricing and subscription plans.

Scentbird Pricing & Plans

Scentbird keeps things simple with one monthly plan priced at $16. For that fee, you’ll receive one 8mL designer perfume refill.

The cool thing about Scentbird is you take a short fragrance identity quiz when signing up. This helps match you with perfume suggestions suited to your preferences. But you can still browse their entire catalog of 500+ fragrances if you have something specific in mind too.

Over 1 million members trust Scentbird for discovering new signature scents. The refills contain an average of 140 sprays, providing a month‘s supply. And the sleek magnetic caps and carrying cases make it super convenient to throw in my purse and go!

Scentbox Pricing & Plans

Scentbox offers new members two flexible monthly plans:

The Standard plan provides 500 designer scents to pick from. It‘s priced at either:

  • $15 per month for one 10mL refill
  • $25 per month for two 10mL refills

The Premium plan unlocks 850+ designer options with pricing of:

  • $20 per month for one 10mL perfume
  • $33 per month for two fragrances

Both options include a stylish refillable spray bottle and protective carrying case. The 10mL size averages about 120-140 sprays.

Over 600,000 users trust Scentbox to discover new scents, which speaks to how convenient and affordable it is!

I love having the choice between plans and one or two monthly scents. It’s perfect for sharing with my sister or friend too. We often swap our second vial between each other to double the perfume fun!

Scentbird and Scentbox Brands Available

Both services boast an impressive designer fragrance catalog from coveted luxury perfume houses. We’re talking big names like Gucci, Prada, Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs, and so much more.

Scentbird offers 500+ options covering both women’s and men‘s scents across niche labels to classic designer names.

And Scentbox takes things up a notch with 850+ fragrances and counting available, depending on your subscription plan.

I can personally vouch for finding pretty much any major designer brand I’ve looked for on both platforms. Top sellers tend to include crowd-pleasers like Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Viktor & Rolf, and my personal favorite, Tom Ford.

But there are always fun, unique hidden gems in their ever-growing catalogs too!

Here’s a peek at some of the 50+ popular designers accessible across Scentbird and Scentbox:

popular perfume brands

And guys – there are plenty of fantastic men‘s cologne options as well, ranging from fresh and spicy to warm and musky scent profiles.

Trying Out the Services First-Hand

I’ve been a devoted scent subscription user going on three years now between Scentbird and Scentbox. In that time, I estimate I’ve sampled over 50 designer fragrances!

Here’s my experience using both services first-hand…

Scentbird Review

As someone who loves a good quiz, I really enjoyed how Scentbird matches you with recommended perfumes suited to your tastes upfront. Their short fragrance identity quiz asks you to:

  • Pick words that describe your ideal scent (fresh, warm, sweet, etc)
  • Share your current favorite perfumes/styles
  • Indicate intensity and longevity preferences

It probably took me 5 minutes total. But those questions alone helped Scentbird nail my favorite scent categories – fruity florals and soft orientals!

My first three monthly Scentbird deliveries included Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb, Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium, and Gucci Bamboo. All spot-on picks I never would have thought to try beforehand but ended up adoring.

Beyond their spot-on recommendations, a few other favorite things about Scentbird:

Convenience – With my busy schedule, I love that subscriptions come straight to my door without having to remember to reorder.

Flexibility – I can easily push back my next delivery if I’ll be traveling or still working through a bottle. Or skip months entirely online without fully cancelling my membership.

Affordability – For $16 monthly, Scentbird feels like an incredible bargain to access expensive niche fragrances I’d never blindly buy full sizes of.

Gifting – I gifted my mom a 3-month Scentbird gift card last Christmas. The gift packaging made it fancy and now we bond monthly picking her next scent!

Customer Service – The few times I had minor account or shipping issues, the support team responded quickly by email and phone to make it right.

With hundreds of Five star reviews and over a million subscribers, clearly I’m not alone in my praise. Scentbird just hits all the right notes when you want guidance discovering signature scents.

Scentbox Review

As amazing as Scentbird’s matching is, I know some perfume lovers want full control over which scents they try. That’s where Scentbox shines.

Rather than any sort of fragrance quiz, Scentbox’s website makes it easy to self-navigate their incredible catalog spanning popular to niche labels. I spent over an hour happily scrolling and adding new scents to my Wishlist for future months!

Compared to Scentbird, standout Scentbox features for me include:

Flexibility – With Standard and Premium plans, I can choose whether I want to try one fragrance some months and two others when feeling adventurous. At $15 for one vial, it‘s pretty affordable to get two.

Sharing – Two vials means my sister who lives far away and I can swap scents monthly! We coordinate online and exchange our thoughts – it feels like virtual perfume shopping together.

Selection – 850+ scents total means endless options for this picky fragrance fanatic. I can explore classic florals or edgier scents to my heart’s content.

Free Exchanges – One allowed swap per month gives me some insurance if something is just not the right scent match for me. Thankfully that’s only happened once to date!

While Scentbird has a larger subscriber base, over 600,000 Scentbox users proves it’s onto something special in its own right. Both services make finding my next scent love affair incredibly fun and frictionless!

Scentbird and Scentbox Reviews From Others

Beyond my own glowing experiences, Scentbird and Scentbox receive outstanding feedback across the web for their subscription services.

Scentbird boasts over 2,700 reviews on Influenster averaging 4.4 out of 5 stars.

Meanwhile, Scentbox maintains a 4.8-star average across over 600 SiteJabber reviews.

The usual pros called out include:

  • Generous number of sprays in monthly vials
  • Convenient online account management
  • Fun, unique designer fragrances rarely found elsewhere
  • Helps discover new favorite scents
  • Skip, cancel, or exchange flexibility
  • Gift subscriptions make memorable presents

Regarding areas for improvement, some users report occasional shipping delays or issues initially cancelling their subscription.

However, the majority seem thrilled with their experiences – 71% of Scentbox reviewers rate them as "Excellent", with 77% indicating they are "Likely to Recommend” to friends and family.

So while neither service is perfect, they largely deliver on providing an easy, customizable fragrance experience.

Scentbird vs Scentbox: Promotions and Discounts

While already affordable, Scentbird and Scentbox try to sweeten the deal for new subscribers with nice welcome offers.

At the moment, Scentbird advertises 50% off your first month – dropping the $16 fee to only $8 for your starter kit!

And Scentbox also extends 40% off your first monthly vial whether you opt for their Standard or Premium plan.

Beyond the initial deals, monthly prices stay consistent outside occasional limited-time sitewide sales around bigger holidays like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

If gifting is on your radar, Scentbird tends to come out slightly ahead price-wise thanks to lower prices on 3, 6, and 12-month gift cards:

Gift Duration Scentbird Price Scentbox Price
3 Months $44 $45
6 Months $84 $85
12 Months $144 $160

So while pretty on par, gift receivers may enjoy an extra month across a full year Scentbird subscription at $16 less.

Shipping, Returns, and Cancellation Policies

Understanding the fine print around deliveries, refunds, swaps, and skipping months is important depending on your needs:

Scentbird Shipping Policy

  • Free standard US shipping
  • Ships 10-12 days after monthly selection or scheduled delivery date
  • Provides order tracking number

Scentbird Returns Policy

  • 30-day return window for damaged/defective items
  • Refund provided minus shipping costs

Scentbird Account Management

  • Skip months without fully cancelling
  • Reactivate by simply signing back in

Scentbox Shipping Policy

  • Free standard US shipping
  • Ships on 4 select days each month
  • Arrives within 7-10 business days

Scentbox Returns Policy

  • 30-day returns on unopened full-size bottles
  • Customer covers return shipping

Scentbox Swaps

  • One free swap allowed per monthly vial
  • Max of five swaps across twelve months

Scentbox Account Management

  • Can cancel month-to-month
  • Reactivates by signing back in

I love that both services ship direct-to-door for free. And outside factory defects, you can’t really “return” a perfume you’ve sprayed.

But Scentbox having that one swap safety net gives me peace of mind testing edgier fragrances outside my comfort zone!

Which is Better – Scentbird or Scentbox?

So when all is sniffed and sampled, is one perfume subscription service a clear winner in the battle of Scentbird vs Scentbox?

In my opinion, the two brands may appeal to different users:

Scentbird shines if you…

  • Want guidance matching with suitable scents
  • Appreciate a simple one-size subscription
  • Seek flexible account management

Scentbox is ideal if you…

  • Know exactly which scents you want to sample
  • Like picking one or two vials per month
  • Want insurance to swap a perfume you dislike

Personally, I lean slightly towards Scentbird – but it’s very close! I love their quiz then having an expertly curatedMonthly list to pick from, which takes decision fatigue away.

But Scentbox wins on pure selection size and the flexibility to control quantity each month.

Honestly, both services are so evenly matched that you can’t go wrong. They make sampling designer fragrances fun, affordable, and frustration-free!

Ready to Discover Your Next Scent?

Trying new fragrances should be exciting – not overly complicated or expensive.

In this battle between scent subscription trailblazers Scentbird vs Scentbox, both services knock it out of the park.

They transform the perfume buying experience from risky blind commitment to playful monthly discovery filled with luxurious top brands.

So whether you‘re treating yourself or shopping for the scent-obsessed friend in your life, embrace your inner perfume fanatic starting at just $15!

Have you tried Scentbird, Scentbox, or another fragrance subscription yourself? Share your thoughts in the comments – I love hearing service suggestions and new scents to attempt next!

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