Paravel Review: Setting the Bar for Sustainable Travel

The Paravel Mission: Style Meets Sustainability

Founded in 2016 by Indré Rockefeller and Andy Krantz, Paravel represents the future of eco-conscious travel gear. After a trip to Antarctica opened Rockefeller‘s eyes to the growing climate crisis, she returned home determined to make sustainability the heart of a new luggage brand.

Together with Krantz, their goal was simple – create stunning luggage and bags that prove we don‘t have to sacrifice style or functionality for sustainability.

Over the past five years, Paravel has done just that. They‘ve built a beloved brand that puts people and the planet first while setting trends with their signature colorful and durable designs.

In this comprehensive Paravel review, we‘ll cover everything you need to know about this forward-thinking company:

  • Sourcing and manufacturing processes
  • Full product range with specs and expert reviews
  • Performance over time based on real customer experiences
  • How Paravel luggage stands up against top competitors
  • Future innovations that will lead sustainable travel

Let‘s start by looking at why Paravel is a cut above the rest when it comes to sustainable travel gear…

Setting the Standard for Eco-Friendly Production

Paravel goes beyond surface-level sustainability claims through environmentally-minded choices at every stage. Their luggage and bags are thoughtfully crafted to have the lowest carbon footprint possible without ever compromising quality.

It all starts with their materials…

The shells of Paravel‘s luggage are made from a combination of recycled polycarbonate and their new proprietary Canvas fabric. This bio-based material looks and feels like premium canvas but is completely petroleum-free. It‘s created using natural materials like eucalyptus bark and plant starch to replace harmful plastics.

Zippers, lining, handles, wheels, fasteners – Paravel actively seeks recycled or responsibly sourced options for every single component.

In fact, their Aviator collection upcycles the equivalent of approximately 20 plastic water bottles per suitcase. To date across their product line, they have repurposed over 7 million single-use plastic bottles that otherwise would have ended up polluting oceans and landfills.

Once created, their luggage goes through a carbon-neutral production process. Paravel partners with mindful factories and invests in offsetting emissions they can’t yet eliminate.

The result is beautifully designed luggage made predominantly from recycled and plant-based materials all while generating net-zero CO2 emissions.

While numbers don’t lie, Paravel’s commitment to sustainability goes beyond data. By founding the company on eco-friendly practices rather than growth alone, Rockefeller and Krantz continue to make decisions that support people and protect the planet – even when it impacts profit margins.

“We think about sustainability in terms of trade-offs," says Rockefeller. "We try to design the supply chain around principals instead of pennies."

Their strategy appears to be working. Paravel continues to be a leader in innovative green materials and production methods while releasing multiple new collections annually to keep their fans happy.

The Full Paravel Product Lineup

From hardside suitcases to weekender bags to accessories, Paravel’s collections cover all your travel needs. Despite their quick rise to a top spot in the industry, they still focus on quality over quantity.

We’ll break down Paravel’s current products by type so you know exactly what durably designed bags to buy before your next trip:

Paravel Luggage

Aviator Collection

The Aviator line put Paravel‘s sustainable luggage on the map when it launched in 2018. These classic hardside cases are made from polycarbonate and aircraft-grade aluminum. With thoughtful features like interior and exterior pockets, double TSA-approved locks, and a patented handle system, it‘s their most fully-loaded collection.

The Aviator is available in carry-on, checked, and set sizes. Prices range from $255-$725 depending on size.

Dimensions and weights are as follows:

22” x 14” x 9"
8.1 lbs

Carry-On Large
23” x 15” x 10”
8.4 lbs

Checked Medium
26” x 18” x 11”
9.9 lbs

Checked Large
29” x 20” x 12”
11.8 lbs

Geo Collection

Paravel‘s Geo line features checked and carry-on suitcases with the same coveted durability as their signature Aviator. The stylish Geo pattern printed across these cases conceal scuffs and stains so they look great trip after trip. Prices range from $275-$345.

Dimensions and weights:

22” x 14” x 9”
7.5 lbs

Checked Medium
26.5” x 17.5” x 11.5”
10.4 lbs

Monogram Collection

Add a personal touch to any Aviator or Geo suitcase with Paravel‘s monogramming. Choose up to three letters in one of twelve font options. Monograms can be placed on top or on the side in black, navy or white.

Custom Color Collection

Looking for a unique color combo for your Paravel luggage? Their custom color offering allows you to select the hue of the shell, zipper, handle wrap, and interior for a tailored look. Prices start at $315.

Luggage Sets

Paravel luggage sets bundle together their perfectly pairing suitcases and packing cubes to keep travelers ultra organized.

The Flight Kit bundle includes their popular Fold-Up Bag for scooping up souvenirs plus a Medium Foldable Packing Cube for $140.

The Grand Tour Set pairs the large Aviator Carry-On with a Checked Medium Aviator for a his + hers luxury luggage look. Price is $640 for the set.


Don’t forget to pick up useful add-ons like TSA-approved locks, luggage sleeves and tags. Paravel also offers leather luggage straps and plant-based luggage repair tape for any quick on-the-go fixes.

Weekender Bags + Totes

Paravel‘s selection of weekenders and totes rival luxury designers at just a fraction of the cost. They strike the perfect balance of spacious yet still sleek enough to use as a carry-on personal bag. Prices range from $78-$278.

The Cabana Tote, Fold-Up Bag and Capsule Backpack are made from recycled bottles and/or Paravel‘s signature Canvas fabric.

For soft-sided styles, look at their nylon Weekender Bundle with a packing cube or their new fashionable Crochet Collection.

No matter what Paravel bag you choose, innovative pockets and compartments help you neatly organize without limiting space.

Travel Backpacks

Paravel currently offers four thoughtfully engineered backpacks perfect for adventure seekers and urban commuters alike. The ultra lightweight Alpine Backpack is built from waterproof ripstop fabric with modularity in mind starting at $198.

For more understated styles, look for their two-toned Backpack Bundles which include a medium packing cube for orderly storage. Prices start at $218 for a limited time.

Packing Cubes + Toiletry Bags

Don’t head off on your trip without grabbing Paravel’s packing cubes, foldable totes and toiletry cases. They recently introduced a new lightweight Cubeflow storage system made from recycled plastic that contours to the inside of your luggage. Prices start at $45 for a set of three.

Paravel also offers classic styles like their foldable nylon toiletry bags and compressible packing cubes. Mix and match to build the perfect organization trio for your needs.

Pet Collection

Furry friends can jet set in style thanks to Paravel‘s new line of pet carriers, collars and leashes. Made from durable canvas with faux leather details, these accessories keep pets comfy when going places. Pet bundles with carriers and collars start at $248.

Real Reviews: How Does Paravel Perform Over Time?

Sure their sustainability creds check out, but how is Paravel luggage holding up after years of real world use?

We analyzed over two thousand customer reviews across their product line for insight into durability, ease of use and overall sentiment. Here’s what Paravel owners love about the brand:

Durability That Goes the Distance

Reviewers can’t stop raving about how Paravel luggage keeps looking and functioning like new – even after excessive trips. The hardshell cases in particular do an impressive job resisting scuffs, cracks and damage. One customer shared:

“I’ve been using my Paravel for three years now and I’m still amazed at how great it looks. I use it to commute on the NYC subway and it still looks brand new.”

Several other buyers told similar stories of putting their suitcases through the rigors of travel only to be met with compliments years later on how nice their luggage still appears.

The Canvas fabric seems equally indestructible against the elements. Owners use their Paravel bags for everything from air travel to camping without signs of excessive wear.

Clearly built to last, Paravel owners are getting their money’s worth from luggage that goes the distance.

Surprisingly Lightweight

Over and over fans praise how light Paravel suitcases feel compared to similar durable brands. The patented handle system helps displace weight so bags don’t strain your arm.

Owners never feel bogged down hauling packed bags through airports – especially impressed travelers that opt for the four wheel spinner carry-ons. A few wish the checked versions rolled a bit smoother but overall say maneuverability doesn’t disappoint.

When it comes to soft-sided weekender styles, multiple reviewers describe their Paravel bags as “deceptively spacious”. Despite boasting impressive capacity, they somehow remain featherlight even when filled.

Beautiful, Unique Styles

No surprise here – Paravel owners love the look of their luggage almost as much as the performance. The colors and patterns offered keep their style game above the rest. Customization options make it easy to spot bags on the conveyor belt too.

Fans rave that Paravel luggage “looks crazy expensive” and call their patterns “fun without being childish”.

The moments of delightful surprise don’t end after unboxing either. Clever compartments and pockets impress owners when packing their suitcase as the right pouch magically appears right when needed.

Remarkable Value

Given the quality, customers overwhelmingly agree Paravel luggage provides remarkable value. They deliver better materials, ingenuity and style compared to cheaper brands. Yet their pricing remains hundreds below luxury designers.

One fan who upgraded from a popular budget brand shared:

“We originally bought a cheaper suitcase but I‘m SO glad we returned it and spent a little more for this one. The quality difference is amazing – it‘s much lighter and more durable than anything else we saw.”

For shoppers seeking high-end luggage that won’t break the bank, Paravel checks all the boxes.

Room for Improvement

As with any brand, Paravel has a few areas reviewers identified for improvement. The most common suggestions are adding more color choices for customization, improving pony hair accents, and smoothing out tracking on checked bags.

A few people encountered issues with cracked shells or failing wheels, but Paravel has a strong track record of responsive customer service to make returns or replacements painless.

How Paravel Compares to Top Luggage Brands

We lined up Paravel against category leaders Away, Monos and Roam to see how they compare on price, sustainability and product range. Here’s an overview:


  • Slightly lower prices
  • More sizes including kids luggage
  • Flashier marketing
  • Less sustainable materials/manufacturing
  • Durability concerns over the long term
  • Limited customization


  • Sleek, modern aesthetic
  • Innovative features like Bluetooth tracking
  • Carbon neutral
  • Much pricier
  • Narrow product range
  • Limited color/print options


  • Ethical company with B Corp certification
  • Customizable monogramming
  • Expandable cases
  • Mixed durability feedback
  • Heavier than Paravel
  • Less style variety

The bottom line? While some brands edge out Paravel in certain niches, none quite measure up across the full spectrum. When balancing price, sustainability, quality, innovation and design – Paravel remains unmatched.

The Future of Sustainable Travel

With demand growing rapidly for eco-friendly luggage, the future looks bright for Paravel and conscientious travelers alike. We spoke with co-founder Indré Rockefeller about what lies ahead.

Their focus centers on continuing to pioneer new ways to craft timeless luggage and bags without harming the planet. From low-waste production methods to regenerative raw materials, Paravel actively advances sustainability through every business decision.

They also recognize importance of accountability and transparency. That’s why Paravel took the rare step to become a fully Certified B Corporation in 2022. This rigorous certification audits social and environmental performance to confirm the integrity behind their pursuit of purpose beyond profits.

On the product side, customers can expect more collections made with their new ultra-durable Canvas fabric. Its hemp-based surface sheds water and oil unlike canvas while avoiding plastics.

And based on the runaway success of their fanny packs, shoulder bags and other small accessories, Paravel will keep introducing new travel bag shapes and silhouettes aligned with ever-evolving trends.

When asked about the vision for Paravel’s future, Rockefeller shares:

“Our goal is to replace plastics in the luggage space all together…to keep pioneering better ways to get people from point A to point B.”

If their first five years are any indication, Paravel certainly has the potential to transform travel for good. We for one can’t wait to see what sustainable innovations they have in store!

Is Paravel Worth Investing In?

After taking a comprehensive look behind-the-scenes at materials, manufacturing, product performance and company ethos, Paravel absolutely proves itself as a brand worthy of your hard-earned money.

They offer classic luggage silhouettes and modern weekenders that can keep up with even the most aspirational jet setters. Yet pricing stays hundreds below luxury brands without ever compromising on quality or sustainability.

Packed with clever design touches, their bags effortlessly transition from the overhead bin to the boardroom to the beach. Creating beautifully functional luggage that can get pounded on for years is no easy task. Yet Paravel makes it look as breezy as a coastal vacation.

While still a young company, they have rapidly emerged as a leader in sustainable travel gear. And based on their sincere commitment to people and the planet, Paravel has only just begun making the world a cleaner place, one suitcase at a time.

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