My Complete 2023 Creative Market Review: Insights from a 5-Year Power User

As a graphic designer and Creative Market customer for over 5 years, I‘ve purchased hundreds of fonts, graphics, templates and other digital assets to fuel my creative projects. From book covers to branding design, UI kits to icon packs, this platform has become an indispensable resource.

So I‘m excited to provide this 2023 updated review featuring my hands-on perspectives as a Creative Market power user. You‘ll discover how this digital marketplace for creative assets stands above competitors through fair creator compensation, stellar customer support and continually rising selection.

Let‘s dive in!

A Quick Intro to Creative Market

Founded in 2012 by Chris Davis and Aaron Rutley, Creative Market started with a simple yet powerful idea – build a digital marketplace connecting independent creators with customers seeking creative assets.

Over 20,000 artists and designers from across the globe now offer their digital products to over 5 million members. Spanning 7 categories like fonts, templates, graphics and more, new high-quality assets get added daily.

Creative Market handles all the licensing logistics, delivery infrastructure and support issues – creators simply upload artwork and get paid. It‘s been rightly called the "Etsy for digital goods" and maintains tremendous growth:

Year Active Sellers Buyers
2022 35,000 350,000
2021 25,000 250,000
2020 15,000 100,000

As both buyer and aspiring seller, I‘ll provide perspectives from both sides throughout this Creative Market review.

An Ocean of Creativity Waiting to Be Tapped

The sheer depth and variety across Creative Market‘s catalog blows my mind. I can spend hours curating bundles of assets tailored to a specific project, client or personal design experiments.

Within the major categories like graphics, fonts and templates exist endless niche styles from bright and playful to Swiss minimalism. Here‘s a quick tour:

Creative Market homepage showcasing assets

Graphics feature textures, backgrounds, shapes and more. I often use subtle paper and paint textures as design elements or overlays.

The font selection utterly dominates with over 73,000 options last I checked. I like pairing classic serif body text with a funky display fonts for headings.

For building websites and apps, the templates make it easy to quickly launch new projects. Many integrate with popular platforms like WordPress and Tailwind CSS.

Of course photographers, illustrators and artists have tons of options too like Icons, Mockups and Print goods.

While AI-generated content floods other marketplaces, everything on Creative Market comes from actual human creators. And finding exceptional new artwork is easy with weekly "Staff Picks" and sales spotlighting rising stars.

I‘ll share my strategies for discovery later in this Creative Market review!

Smooth Licensing and Instant Delivery

Deciphering licenses, fees and usage rights makes my head spin on some digital asset platforms. Creative Market keeps it simple:

Personal – Non-commercial use
Commercial – Paid products within limits
Extended Commercial – Expanded commercial applications
Enterprise – Large businesses and broadcasts

Pricing scales based on license scope. A $15 personal fonts license might jump to $500 for enterprise usage. More expansive licensing means more earnings funneling back to creators.

Once I complete a purchase, immediate downloading begins directly from Creative Market. No tedious transfers or external vendors to manage.

This instant delivery never ceases to amaze me compared to waiting weeks for physical products to arrive!

For sampling quality before committing, 4 totally free assets get released every week. Grab them quickly as quantities are limited.

Empowering Creators Through Fair Compensation

As a designer myself, I understand the importance of valuing creative work appropriately. That‘s why Creative Market‘s creator-first business model and impressive payouts stand out from the competition.

There‘s zero cost for creators to set up shop. Upload products, configure licenses and pricing then kickback as you earn 50% commission on each sale.

Even better, new products score creators 80% sales royalties until reaching the first $1000 in lifetime revenue. This initial boost makes building long-term passive income through the marketplace much easier.

And since creators fully own their work, it‘s easy to sell on other platforms simultaneously or offer extended licenses directly. This flexibility and independence contrasts with rigid exclusivity deals common elsewhere.

Between 2020 and 2022, Creative Markets sellers collectively earned over $150 million.

Opening My Own Shop Was Shockingly Easy

After buying from Creative Market for years, I finally opened a seller profile last year to offer some personal branding packages I had designed.

Preparing product photos, setting up licensing options, entering pricing info and uploading files took less than an hour for my first 5 products.

Since then, it‘s been smooth sailing with Creataive Market handling all the business operations like:

  • Secure handling of payments
  • Customer messaging and questions
  • Distribution and downloads
  • Anti-piracy protections

This frees me to focus on my passion – creating new artwork!

Their seller tool dashboard provides real-time sales statistics and visibility into global exposure through Creative Market. Last I checked shoppers from over 150 countries had purchased my branding templates.

So far I‘m earning roughly $500 per month in passive revenue. And the platform continues suggesting ways to optimize listings and expand my catalog.

Considering it costs nothing to get started, I believe any designer can find some success selling through Creative Market. Give it a shot!

Get More with Memberships Starting at $7 Monthly

While anyone can shop pay-per-item, a Creative Market membership unlocks nice perks:

😎 Up to 20% discount on purchases
πŸ’° Up to $1000 free monthly assets credits
πŸ”₯ New free weekly assets worth over $5 million yearly

Let‘s compare membership tiers:

Plan Monthly Yearly Free Monthly Credits
Growth $7 $49 $10
Freelancer $15 $119 $25
Pro $25 $199 Full membership cost
Studio $99 $799 $1000

Higher tiers include more credits to redeem for full assets. For example, the $99 Studio plan provides $1000 monthly credits – so I can download $1000 worth of fonts, graphics etc without additional fees if I max out credits.

Credits also dictate the "free" threshold before paying extra each billing cycle. So on a $25 Pro plan I get $25 monthly in downloads beyond credits.

Despite seeming too good to be deal, members can cancel or change plans anytime without strings attached. So test driving higher tiers is low risk.

Stellar Reviews Highlight Happy Customers

Creative Market consistently earns rave reviews across the internet:

Site Rating # of Reviews
Facebook 4.2 stars 1,300+
G2 4.2 stars 15+
Trustpilot 4.0 stars 1,100+

The vast catalog, flexible licensing options, fair pricing and helpful creators draw Continuous praise from shoppers and selling partners.

"It‘s always a joy shopping on Creative Market. Finding what I need is easy with quick access to files after purchase."

Creators also receive appreciation for quality engagement:

"The vendor patiently answered all my questions about usage rights and file formats before purchasing. It gave me confidence I made the right choice."

In my experience, issues are extraordinarily rate. But when they do popup, the support team resolves matters quickly. Additionally, Creative Market‘s fair refund policy protects customers from mistaken purchases.

So how does this platform compare against leading alternatives for creative assets?

Key Differences Compared To Envato and Adobe Stock

The two biggest competitors in digital creative asset marketplaces are Envato Elements and Adobe Stock. Here‘s how they stack up:

Comparison table of Creative Market vs Envato vs Adobe Stock

Envato Elements

  • Over 1 million assets from 40k creators
  • Forced $19 basic monthly subscription
  • New files added weekly
  • Commercial licenses included

Envato offers a gigantic library like Creative Market plus free commercial use. But required monthly pricing and smaller creator royalties (35% commission) seem less appealing from a seller standpoint.

Adobe Stock

  • 200 million assets focused on photography
  • $30 monthly subscription optional
  • Pay-per-item $5 to $100+ otherwise
  • Less diversity across creative content types

Adobe offers more volume yet quality suffers. Must pay steeper rates per item unless subscribing. Photos skew commercial rather than unique art.

Frankly neither alternative achieves the creator-friendly model of independence, flexibility and fair compensation on Creative Market‘s platform.

Verifying Legitimacy Through Trust and Transparency

Recently acquired by major design firm Dribble, Creative Market establishes itself as an stable, credible industry player. But designers like myself find many other reasons to trust the service:

πŸ”’ Secure handling of payments and licensing
πŸ’¬ Supportive customer service team
πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ Public leadership profiles
πŸš€ Continued exponential member and creator growth

Personally vouching for thousands of transactions over 5+ years as a power user, I have absolute faith in Creative Market‘s legitimacy. Their impressive rise now reaching over 5 million members further demonstrates the immense value they bring to the creator community.

Setting Up An Account Takes Minutes

Ready to start downloading amazing design assets for your next project or upload products as a seller? Signing up only takes a minutes:

  1. Visit
  2. Click Sign Up
  3. Enter email and password
  4. Confirm email validation
  5. Start browsing!

Remember, the weekly Free Goods don‘t even require an account. But I suggest registering to unlock full access.

Tips and Tricks from a Creative Market Pro

Before wrapping this review, I want to drop some expert tactics for finding hidden gems in Creative Market‘s massive catalog as a buyer:

πŸ’Ž Use search filters like color, style and file format to narrow options
πŸ’Ž Review Staff Picks and check out emerging Best Sellers for quality work
πŸ’Ž Curate Collections of assets for future projects in your account wishlists
πŸ’Ž Follow your favorite sellers to receive announcements about new product launches and promotions

And if you decide to join the creator community by opening your own shop, focus on niche styles rather than compete with mega sellers in crowded categories.

The Final Verdict

I hope this updated, detailed Creative Market review provides helpful guidance to designers, entrepreneurs, creators and other professionals seeking awesome creative assets.

Everything about the service aims to inspire designers while rewarding artists building unique products. Developer friendliness and continual improvements further solidify them as my favorite digital asset marketplace.

So whether you‘re a buyer or seller, explore today and unlock your creative potential!

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