A Thorough Review of Ora Organic Supplements

Getting to Know Ora Organic

Ora Organic was founded in 2015 by co-founders Will Smelko, Erica Bryers, Sebastian Bryers, and Chef Ronald Chang. Their headquarters is based out of San Diego, California. The inspiration behind the company‘s name comes from the New Zealand Maori greeting "Kia Ora," meaning "be well."

The brand‘s mission is to help health-seekers improve their vitality through plant-based nutrition products. They aim to create supplements they would take themselves, avoiding anything artificial and striving to use organic ingredients when possible.

Ora Organic has rapidly grown in popularity since their appearance on Shark Tank in 2017. They‘ve also won awards from the natural products industry and have been featured in major media outlets like Women‘s Health.

The Good and Bad of Ora Organic

Here is a deeper look at the pros and cons of Ora Organic and their product line:


  • Wide variety of supplements for different needs
  • Mainly natural, organic, GMO-free ingredients
  • Great tasting products with positive reviews
  • Can purchase directly or find at many major retailers
  • Subscribe & save option available for 20% off orders
  • Good customer service and satisfaction guarantee


  • Powder textures can be grainy or chalky for some
  • A few reports of unpleasant aftertastes
  • Can be pricier than average supplements
  • Mixed reviews on whether products work as claimed

While Ora Organic has mostly positive feedback, they still have some downsides around taste and pricing. Overall their commitment to organic, plant-based ingredients is admirable.

Spotlight on Bestselling Products

Now let‘s take a deeper look into Ora Organic‘s most popular powders and capsules:

Vegan Protein Powder

Their vegan protein uses 20 organic superfoods like pea, pumpkin seed, and sacha inchi to deliver 22g protein without animal products. It has only 5g net carbs so it fits lower carb diets.

I like that they use really clean ingredients but some feel the texture is too gritty. Flavors include chocolate, vanilla, and vanilla chai.

Greens Powder

This green powder packs in over 20 fruits, vegetables, herbs and algaes like spinach, kale, broccoli, and chlorella. The mild citrus flavor masks the usual grassy green taste.

It provides antioxidants to strengthen immunity and improve digestion. Some consumers say it upset their stomachs initially before adjusting.

Pre-Workout Powder

The pre-workout combines adaptogens, nitric oxide boosting superfoods, and 90mg caffeine from green tea to give you energy and stamina.

It comes in tantalizing flavors like beet pomegranate, matcha, and raspberry lemonade. Most love the taste but a few found it has an odd medicinal aftertaste.

Probiotics Powder

This powder delivers 1 billion colony forming units (CFUs) from strains like Bacillus coagulans to reinforce your microbiome. It tastes delicious thanks to flavors like apple raspberry and lavender lemonade.

Some did complain about the lemonade flavor being too tart and sweet for them. But most agree it improved their digestion.

The Good and Bad: Ora Organic Reviews

Here is a summary of positive and negative customer feedback on Ora Organic products:


  • "Tastes amazing and gave me great energy at gym"
  • "Helped my digestion and bloating issues"
  • "My skin looks hydrated and plump after 2 weeks"
  • "Mixes easily into smoothies with no bad aftertaste"


  • "Too sweet and artificial tasting"
  • "Awful grainy, chunky texture I can‘t get over"
  • "Made my stomach hurt every time I drank it"
  • "Didn‘t see any difference taking this regularly"

As you can see reviews widely range from outstanding to very poor. Results clearly depend highly on the individual.

I appreciate all the positive testimonials, but the negative ones concern me regarding texture and stomach issues some experienced.

How Ora Organic Compares on Price

Ora Organic is competitive but falls on the pricier side for supplements. Their powders average $35 for a month supply without discounts or subscriptions. Their vegan capsules are more reasonable at $25-30.

By comparison, top brands like Garden of Life and Amazing Grass run $30-45 for greens and proteins. Ora is along those lines. Coupon sites can usually find 20% off most brands.

One upside is Ora Organic‘s subscribe & save which gets you 20% off plus free shipping over $50. That puts costs more on par with big players in the space.

Should You Buy Ora Organic Supplements?

Based on my extensive analysis, here is my final take on Ora Organic:

The brand has many admirable qualities – their organic, innovative ingredients, transparency, great taste and textures (for some), and mostly rave reviews.

However, I have some reservations around their miss rate. Too many people experienced no results or initial side effects like stomach pain. And chalky textures are disappointing for a premium brand.

I applaud what Ora Organic is trying to do but think they need to improve quality control and formulation to better ensure products work for the majority.

For those on a budget or wanting smoother powders, lower cost brands like Vega One or Amazing Grass may suit you better. But if you resonate with Ora‘s plant-powered message and want to support an eco-conscious business, give them a shot.

Just know results may vary and be prepared to return products if you have issues. Their customer service is excellent about refunds.

So is Ora Organic worth it in my book? Yes…..with a grain of salt.

Getting the Best Deal on Ora Supplements

Don‘t want to pay full price? Here are tips to save on Ora Organic:

  • Sign up for their newsletter for 10% off coupons

  • Check Groupon and coupon sites like Honey for 20% off deals

  • Subscribe to save 20% plus get free shipping

  • Buy bundled sets that offer 25%+ discounts

I hope this comprehensive review offered the insights you needed to determine if Ora Organic is right for your needs. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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