Noteworthy Scents Review: All You Need to Know About the Personalized Perfume Brand

The Scoop on Noteworthy‘s Concierge-Level Scent Service

Finding your signature scent is deeply personal, and it typically involves endless rounds of trial and error. Industry veterans Ashley Boyce and Luke Weston know the struggle firsthand, so they set out to create a better way: Noteworthy.

Launching in 2022, Noteworthy leverages groundbreaking AI to match you with a fragrance tailored to your unique preferences. With an almost 90% success rate, they guarantee you‘ll love at least one of the thoughtfully-curated samples that land on your doorstep.

As a fragrance fanatic who‘s endured her fair share of blind buys and impulse purchases gone awry, I was eager to see if Noteworthy could predict my perfect perfume. After diving into the details of their spot-on matching system, testing out top-rated scents, and poring over customer feedback, I‘m breaking it all down in this comprehensive Noteworthy review.

Consider this your inside look at how the brand‘s concierge-level scent service works, from personalized quizzes to quality eau de parfums designed never to disappoint. I‘ll also cover need-to-know intel on pricing, sustainability efforts, gifting options, and more so you can determine if their one-of-a-kind approach is right for you.

Let‘s get spritzing!

Behind the Brand: The Founders, Funding and Origin Story

Ashley Boyce brings over 15 years of leadership experience shaping top beauty and personal care brands like Olay, Vichy, and Avene. Luke Weston likewise boasts an impressive resume spanning L’Oreal, P&G, and Estee Lauder.

As execs with major corporate labels, the co-founders witnessed firsthand how celeb-centric, sea-of-sameness marketing drowned out consumers’ voices. They knew women struggled to find fragrances aligning with their tastes amidst the deluge of irrelevant ads.

After too many conversations with friends frustrated by the perfume purchasing process, Ashley and Luke set out to create a better way — one rooted in personalization and transparency rather than Madison Avenue splash.

Scoring pre-seed funding from angel investors allowed them to make this vision a reality. Combining Ashley‘s branding brilliance with Luke‘s background in AI and consumer testing, the pair launched Noteworthy in early 2022.

The brand quickly captivated consumers with its customized scent solutions, landing coverage in leading outlets like Vogue, Glamour, Harper‘s Bazaar, and more. Further cementing Noteworthy as a rising star in beauty‘s AI vanguard.

Uncovering Your Olfactory DNA: How The Fragrance Finder Works

Finding a fragrance that genuinely feels like "you" typically requires endless rounds of lackluster blind buys. Thankfully, Noteworthy removes the guesswork through their proprietary Scent Quiz.

The digital questionnaire taps into your olfactory DNA, identifying key odor descriptors and dissectors that map to perfume formulas you‘ll love. After answering a series of questions about scent memories, color and travel preferences, personality traits, and desired fragrance strength/longevity, their algorithm gets to work deciphering your odor perception genome.

Here‘s a sneak peek at a few of the quiz questions that aid the analysis:

  • What country did you spend most of your childhood in? Location shapes our early scent associations.

  • How extroverted or introverted do you consider yourself? Character traits align with certain fragrance families.

  • Do you prefer sweet gourmand notes like caramel, vanilla and tonka bean or fresh ozonic accords like sea spray, cucumber and gin & tonic? Pinpointing odor preferences is key.

  • Imagine the scent of wet pavement after summer rain. How appealing is this to you? Reaction to ambient aromas indicates orchestral accords you‘ll enjoy.

Next comes the most critical part: the sniff test. You‘ll rate your affinity for essence accords spanning everything from "kitten fur" and "freshly mowed grass" to "smoky campfire" and "sketched on notepaper." This analysis of your psychological perception of common scents is integral to the matching process.

Once you complete the 5-minute quiz, Noteworthy’s algorithm gets to work examining your odor perceptome against an aggregation of hundreds of consumer data points. You‘ll soon receive a starter kit with 4 personalized sample vials to experience in the comfort of your home, with no pressure to purchase.

If you find your custom scent match, scan the QR code on the vial‘s packaging to order it as a rollerball, purse spray or full-size bottle.

With a nearly 90% success rate in identifying at least one winning fragrance per customer, it‘s clear Noteworthy cracked the code to scent satisfaction through the power of technology and psychology.

The Noteworthy Difference: Quality Craftsmanship Plus Conscience

Beyond next-gen personalization, Noteworthy also sets itself apart through:

Uncompromising Quality:
While AI aids selection, expert perfumers craft each artisanal eau de parfum by hand in the US. The higher 18-20% fragrance load delivers superior staying power compared to typical department store offerings.

Eco-Conscious Efforts:
From FSC-certified paper packaging to post-consumer recycled glass bottles, Noteworthy bakes sustainability into every scent. All fragrances are also Leaping Bunny certified cruelty-free.

Gifting Appeal:
Still searching for the perfect present for Valentine‘s Day or Mother‘s Day? Noteworthy‘s personalized fragrance kits garner rave reviews as gifts, especially with free custom engraving on full-size bottles.

By leveraging AI for good, Noteworthy satisfies shoppers and the planet. Allow me to expand more on their standout scents next.

Scent Snapshot: Customer Favorites

With expert perfumers handcrafting each plant-based formula in the USA, the eau de parfums shine through with depth and dimension. While your nose knows best, I‘ll spotlight a few reviewer favorites that I encourage sampling:

N,551 – "The New Sexy"

Top Notes: Lily of the Valley, Vetiver
Middle Notes: Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Patchouli
Base Notes: Musk, Amber

The brand‘s #1 top seller, N,551 seduces with its sensual contrast of delicate white florals and earthy woodsy depth. Fans dub it "sexy" and "absolutely intoxicating."

N,743 – "Good Vibes Only"

Top notes: Magnolia, Bergamot, Green Apple
Middle notes: Jasmine, Tuberose
Base notes: Cedarwood, Vanilla, Peppercorn

Sunny, creamy and peppery fresh, this vibrant floral radiates playful charm for fast friends and fun days. I‘d describe it as the olfactory equivalent of an ice cream truck jingle.

N,307 – "Endless Summer"

Top notes: Mandarin, Clementine, Basil
Middle notes: Water Lily, White Pepper
Base notes: Sandalwood, Cypress

Capture those carefree vacation vibes well beyond Labor Day with this breezy and green citrus scent nuanced by beachy white florals.

Based on overwhelmingly positive feedback across the board, it‘s clear Noteworthy consistently over-delivers on finding each shopper‘s signature scent.

By the Numbers: The Noteworthy Difference

Still on the fence about whether Noteworthy‘s customized eau de parfums are the missing puzzle piece in your perfume wardrobe? Perhaps these standout stats will convince you:

200% higher fragrance load than typical department store scents means superior longevity with each spritz

90% success rate matching shoppers with at least one beloved fragrance

99% of customers say Noteworthy fragrances exceed or meet expectations

500+ cumulative years of fragrance R&D expertise across their team of perfumers and evaluators

With numbers like these demonstrating consistent customer delight, Noteworthy clearly has scent satisfaction down to a science.

Noteworthy Reviewer Feedback

Beyond the data, what are real shoppers saying? I combed through first-hand Noteworthy reviews to spotlight the most common compliments:

"My husband can‘t stop complimenting this perfume!"

Across Facebook, YouTube and blog posts, husbands and partners can‘t get enough of the alluring scents. Reviewers also frequently call them "intoxicating" and "sexy."

"People asked me all day what I was wearing!"

The eau de parfum‘s superior sillage leaves a lingering aura that entices those around you, sparking spritz envy.

"This captures my essence perfectly."

The pinnacle of personalized fragrance is when it clicks as "your scent." Noteworthy reviewers often proclaim feeling seen through their custom formula.

"I wasn‘t expecting to love gourmands, but this vanilla is incredible!"

Part of the magic lies in AI expanding your olfactory horizons beyond your usual aroma comfort zones.

"My girlfriends are getting so sick of me making them smell me!"

When you find your footing with a fabulous fragrance fit, you can‘t wait to share the sensorial delight with friends.

I‘m thrilled to see so many shoppers found their scent soulmate through Noteworthy‘s hyper-personalized approach. Next up: need-to-know pricing intel.

Cost Breakdown: Noteworthy Pricing

Ready to unlock your custom perfume but wondering what to budget? Here’s a pricing primer:

Fragrance Finder Quiz: 100% free

4 Sample Vial Discovery Kit: $24.99

0.27 oz Rollerball: $37.49

0.27 oz Rollerball + Refill: $59.99

3.3 oz Signature Scent Bottle:</b $124.99

All US orders ship free, with reasonable international delivery rates. Refills run $55 for 0.27 oz and $99 for a 3.3 oz replenishment.

While splurging $125 on an untested scent may give pause, keep in mind you‘re investing in 50% more fragrance than typical 1.7 oz designer options. The superior staying power means less spritzing required, ultimately saving you money.

Compared to sampling several standard perfumes at $100+ apiece hoping one sticks, Noteworthy streamlines the vetting process through science-backed selection. Plus you can preview possibilities risk-free via their $25 quiz-aligned sampler kit.

Considering the artistry, personalization and lifted confidence each custom scent inspires, I‘d call Noteworthy a worthwhile value.

Gift With Confidence: Ideal For Valentine‘s & Mother‘s Day

Still searching for a stellar Valentine‘s Day gift that feels unique and ultra-personal? Want to treat mom to luxury this Mother‘s Day without guessing her taste?

Look no further than a Noteworthy fragrance formula designed just for her, bottled with custom engraving for a pampering presentation.

The discovery quiz makes gift-giving easy by deciphering the recipient‘s smell preferences on your behalf. Simply provide her email address to input responses from her perspective.

Noteworthy will soon ship a starter kit of tailored options for her to sample at home. If she finds one suited to her scent DNA, you‘ll receive an email notification to purchase her signature scent as a surprise.

Eachorder also includes a unique gift message with opening instructions so she knows to anticipate something special. For an extra special touch,Opt for custom engraving like "Love, Brian" or "Happy Mother‘s Day!" on full-size bottles.

With nearly 100% of surveyed shoppers saying they‘d recommend Noteworthy as a gift, you can feel confident wrapping up these personalized perfumed presents.

Still have questions? Here’s what you need to know:


Does Noteworthy offer returns?

To ensure satisfaction, they send you multiple tailored samples first instead of one sight-unseen full-size. If any issues with your order arise, reach out to their team right away for next steps.

How should I apply and wear Noteworthy fragrances?

Spritz pulse points like wrists, behind ears and decolletage for best results. Allow the perfume to interact with your natural scent for the most authentic impression. Reapply as desired every 4 to 6 hours.

How often are new fragrances added?

As a niche artisanal brand focused on quality over quantity, Noteworthy takes a careful editing approach when creating new scents. Expect an average of 5-7 meticulously vetted, exquisitely crafted new eau de parfums added per year.

Is this perfume safe for sensitive skin?

All formulas are hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested for peace of mind. That said, always sample first rather than assuming any new scent, natural or not, will necessarily agree with your skin.

What sustainability practices does Noteworthy invest in?

From FSC-certified paper sourcing to recycled glass bottles to carbon-neutral shipping, the brand continually evaluates ways to upgrade their eco-standards. Their Leave No Trace workshop even repurposes leftover perfume oils into home scents.

The Final Sniff: Who Should Buy?

At the end of the day, my Noteworthy review unequivocally awards this ingenious brand with my personalized perfume stamp of approval. The tech-powered customization approach makes scent seeking shockingly simple.

I‘d strongly encourage anyone still struggling in vain to find their signature scent to give Noteworthy‘s Fragrance Finder a whirl. Quit wasting money on mismatched impulse buys and instead unlock formulas catering to your distinctive nose knows best discernment.

Beyond the proprietary pairing technology, I continue to be impressed by the brand‘s insistency on ethical luxe across all aspects of their supply chain and company culture. They wholly walk the walk on conscious beauty done right.

While personalized fragrance comes at a price point exceeding typical mainstream fare, devoted beauty buffs will likely find the clean credentials, quality craftsmanship and confidence payoff well worth the splurge.

Still curious if your preference profile would pair well with Noteworthy’s offerings? Take the complimentary Scent Quiz to reveal your custom formula matches before committing. With a nearly 90% success rate and rave reviews praising the personalized approach, the proof remains in the exquisitely bottled pudding.

Ultimately, if you believe your ideal perfume exists but remains elusively out of reach, why not empower an algorithm to narrow your options amongst indistinguishable industry noise? Noteworthy’s passion for transparency, sustainability and scent science easily wins my wholehearted recommendation.

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