No BS Skincare Review: Honest Opinions on This "Clean" Beauty Brand

Overview of No BS Skincare

No BS Skincare is a self-proclaimed "clean" skincare brand on a mission to provide real results using honest formulas free from harmful ingredients. Founded in 2017 by Diana Briceno in New York City, the company promises transparency with a radically different approach to beauty.

While the FDA has banned only 11 ingredients from skincare, No BS has its own "No No List" banning over 1,500 questionable ingredients like parabens, sulfates, phthalates and more. Their products contain naturally-derived, vegan formulas focused on hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, retinol and other proven anti-aging ingredients.

With features in Vogue, Forbes and Refinery29, No BS is gaining attention for its clean formulations, sustainability initiatives and charitable partnerships.

Key Highlights of No BS Skincare:

  • Cruelty-free, vegan and clean formulas (except SPF moisturizer)
  • Free of over 1,500 potentially harmful ingredients
  • Glass packaging and recycled materials to reduce waste
  • Gender-neutral branding and marketing
  • Affordable pricing compared to similar clean beauty brands
  • Generous return policy and subscription savings
  • Partners with charities like Feeding America and She Recovers

Next, our No BS skincare review will take a deeper look at some of the brand‘s best-selling skincare products.

In-Depth Product Reviews

No BS Vitamin C + E Serum

No BS Vitamin C + E Serum is a reparative antioxidant serum aiming to visibly improve signs of aging like fine lines, uneven texture and dark spots.

Key Ingredients:

  • 15% Vitamin C: Brightens skin and builds collagen
  • Vitamin E: Softens skin and absorbs UV damage
  • Pomegranate Extract: Fights free radicals
  • Green Tea Extract: Soothes inflammation

Ingredients are suspended in a base of squalane, jojoba oil and hyaluronic acid to deeply nourish skin without greasiness.

The easy-to-layer serum absorbs quickly without stickiness. After 2 weeks of use, most reviewers note brighter, firmer skin with improved tone and clarity. It‘s gentle enough for daily AM/PM use on all skin types.

The 1 oz dropper bottle offers good value at $40. Overall, this serum combines proven ingredients at effective percentages for significant anti-aging results.

No BS Caffeine Eye Cream

No BS Caffeine Eye Cream tackles puffiness, dark circles and fine lines around the delicate eye area.

Key Ingredients:

  • Caffeine: Constricts blood vessels to reduce puffiness
  • Hyaluronic Acid: Binds moisture to skin
  • Squalane: Nourishes without clogging pores
  • Quinoa: Smooths and tightens

Feedback shows visible results within 2 weeks when used twice daily. The cream is lightweight yet supremely hydrating. It absorbs well without pulling or tugging delicate skin.

At $35 for 0.5 oz, this eye cream is affordable yet outperforms similar options from Burt‘s Bees and Yes To. It‘s especially effective on puffiness and ideal for all skin types.

No BS Retinol Night Cream

No BS Retinol Night Cream aims to speed up cellular turnover to reveal brighter, younger-looking skin overnight.

Key Ingredients:

  • 0.01% Retinol: Stimulates collagen and healthy cell growth
  • Aloe Leaf Juice: Soothes inflammation
  • Vitamin E: Neutralizes skin-damaging free radicals
  • Pomegranate Extract: Protects against UV rays

Despite the low percentage, the time-released retinol delivers noticeable improvements in firmness, acne breakouts, scars and sun damage when used consistently.

The nourishing formula contains safflower seed oil, shea butter and squalane for long-lasting moisture without irritation or redness. At $50 for 1 oz, it‘s an affordable starter retinol cream.

Verdict: An ideal retinol for retinol newbies or those with sensitive skin. Leaves skin more radiant, youthful and resilient overnight with continued use.

Who is No BS Skincare For?

No BS Skincare aims to have something for everyone – whether you‘re a skincare minimalist or ingredient-obsessed.

Skin Types: All formulas cater to normal, dry, oily and combination skin. Those with sensitive or acne-prone skin seem to tolerate the clean, fragrance-free formulas well.

Skin Tones: The Vitamin C serum works well for those looking to even out skin tone. Dark skin tones may need higher vitamin C percentages for brightness.

Age Range: Customers skew female ages 25 to 60. But products work for those in their teens struggling with acne to mature skin needing extra moisture.

Skincare Preferences: Brand attracts consumers looking for affordable clean beauty options using proven anti-aging ingredients like hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and retinol.

No BS avoids making dramatic marketing claims, so products deliver realistic improvements over time that live up to their honest branding.

How No BS Compares to Mainstream Skincare

No BS Skincare sets itself apart from other skincare lines by avoiding widely-used ingredients linked to health concerns. Their banned ingredient "No No List" outstrips even clean beauty favorites like Drunk Elephant or Youth to the People.

Here‘s a brief comparison of No BS formulas versus mainstream skincare:

Ingredients: No parabens, sulfates, phthalates, synthetic fragrance, silicones or chemical sunscreens. All formulas are clean, vegan and non-toxic.

Packaging: Recyclable glass bottles and jars. Plastic-free shipping materials. Focus on refillable containers to reduce waste.

Price: Mid-range pricing but far more affordable than department store or Sephora clean skincare lines. Best value for potent vitamin C and retinol.

Results: Gradual but noticeable improvements. No BS avoids hype in favor of real, honest results from using safe but proven ingredients.

While No BS is not 100% natural, plant-based or organic, their ingredient safety standards aim to balance efficacy with responsibility.

No BS Skincare Reviews: The Verdict?

No BS Skincare reviews from customers and testers are overwhelmingly positive. They become brand devotees thanks to visible anti-aging results without redness, reaction or regrets.

On Influenster, 95% give 4 or 5 stars. One woman shares: "I will never use another skincare brand again! My skin has never looked better and all irritation/redness is gone."

Reviews praise the affordable pricing, clean ingredients, honesty and simplicity of the routines. Negative reviews seem to stem from rare skin reactions or slight changes some want in texture or scent.

Overall, real people genuine love the brand‘s no-fuss approach to clean skincare that simply works.

Are No BS Skincare Products Worth It?

After comparing No BS Skincare to similar clean, vegan skincare brands, their formulas deliver outstanding value. While not 100% organic or natural, their potency and safety standards outshine many competitors.

Price per oz vs. Results

  • Vitamin C Serum – $40 for 1 oz (excellent value)
  • Caffeine Eye Cream – $35 for 0.5 oz (very good)
  • Retinol Night Cream – $50 for 1 oz (moderate value)

Given the fragrance-free, clean formulas using decent percentages of proven ingredients, No BS ensures consumers get their money‘s worth – with an enjoyable routine to boot.

Packaging & Brand Story: Not overpackaged. The founder‘s humble origin story and charitable initiatives make supporting No BS all the more worthwhile.

Customer Reviews: Numerous five-star reviews back up claims with transformative before/after results photos. Building a cult following with their "radical honesty".

Verdict: Highly worth purchasing for clean beauty newcomers or those seeking maximum anti-aging results on a reasonable budget from responsible brands.

Available Discounts & Savings

As a fairly new brand, No BS does not always offer discounts outside flash sales around holidays like Black Friday or Cyber Weekend.

However, here are a few ways to save:

  • Subscribe & Save – Save 15% on custom regular deliveries

  • Bundles – Purchase multiple items in kits or bundles to save

  • Student Discount – 10% off first order with verification

  • Refer a Friend – Both get $10 off a $50+ purchase

Be sure to check the No BS website around major sales events too. We predict they will offer more sitewide discounts as the brand continues its impressive growth.

Where to Buy No BS Skincare

No BS Skincare products are currently available:

  • No BS Website –
  • Amazon – Prime eligible plus additional reviews
  • Gilt – Flash sales site with specials

In terms of brick-and-mortar stores, No BS Skincare does not appear to be stocked nationally yet beyond select boutiques. As they scale, we hope to see them on shelves at Nordstrom, Sephora and Credo given their conscientious approach to clean beauty.

The Last Word

While the skincare market keeps growing exponentially, No BS manages to stand out from the noise. They offer simple routines focused on safe, proven ingredients for real results – just as their founder intended.

This "no BS" brand stays true to its name with ethical standards, affordable pricing and products that work. Our skincare review reveals an ideal option for clean beauty beginners and experts alike.

Have you tried No BS Skincare? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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