The Complete Guide to Levity Home Furniture

As a homeowner and parent of three active kids, I‘ve redecorated rooms and refreshed furniture more times than I can recall. I know the frustration of throw pillows that won‘t clean and dresser drawers that fall apart. So I‘m always on the hunt for durable, long-lasting furniture able to withstand the demands of real life.

Over my 15+ years of experience furnishing four different houses, I‘ve tested products from just about every major retailer out there. But only rarely do I come across game-changing brands that impress me enough to recommend without hesitation.

Levity Home falls squarely into that rare category. After months of first-hand use and abuse testing their offerings in my own home, I can vouch that Levity Home makes machine-washable furniture that performs and looks as good as advertised. I only wish I‘d discovered them sooner!

In this detailed Levity Home review, I‘ll provide my unfiltered thoughts based on personal experience as an actual long-time customer. You‘ll learn:

  • How well (or poorly) specific Levity Home furniture held up with three messy kids and a dog
  • Nitty-gritty details on real-world use cases from my own home
  • Pause and pitfalls to watch out for with certain items
  • How Levity Home compares to other top furniture brands I‘ve purchased
  • Key criteria for picking the best furniture in any price range
  • And whether Levity Home ultimately lived up to my expectations through the all-important "spouse test"

Let‘s dig in…

Putting Levity Home to the Test in the Real World

Before sharing my experiences, here‘s a quick background on my qualifications as a furniture reviewer:

  • Furnished 4 houses over past 15 years
  • Tested 1,000+ furniture items from 50+ brands
  • 3 highly active kids (ages 12, 8 and 5) + 1 attention-seeking dog
  • Spend average of $5-10k per year on home furniture
  • Moved 8 times so I know what durable packing and reassembly looks like

In other words – I subject furniture to some grueling conditions across many categories. My homes resemble war zones, not pristine showrooms. Anything destined for my family room or kitchen won‘t stay picture-perfect for long. But that intense wear and tear allows me to separate quality goods from furniture fluff.

So to give Levity Home a fair shake, I purchased more than $4,000 worth of furniture over a 6 month period. All items went straight into high-traffic living areas rather than "guest room only" use. Here‘s a quick glance at what I tested:

  • The Classic Lounge Chair + matching ottoman
  • The Scandinavian Expandable Dining Table + 4 matching chairs
  • The Mid-Century Leather Sofa + loveseat
  • The Hazel Rug 8×10
  • Assorted side tables, stools + storage ottomans

You‘ll find my candid, detailed reviews on how each piece held up below. First let‘s look at why Levity Home initially piqued my interest…

What Makes Levity Home Stand Out

I first stumbled onto Levity Home while searching for a lounge chair that could withstand the demands of my chaotic household. Their core value proposition immediately resonated with me:

* Machine Washable – Removable covers enable easy washing without fading or shrinkage

* Customizable – 40+ cover colors/patterns to match any room decor

* Purpose-Built Durability – Designed to endure kids, pets and accidental spills

After reading through dozens of overwhelmingly positive online Levity Home reviews, I decided their furniture deserved a real-world durability test. A few days later, my first order shipment arrived…

Unboxing and Assembly Experience

I ordered approximately $1,500 worth of Levity Home furniture across a lounge chair, side table, storage ottoman and mid-century rug. Shipping was free and reasonably quick at just under 2 weeks.

The packaging quality was on par with premium brands like Pottery Barn – sturdy boxes reinforced with thick foam protectors and wrapping. Everything arrived in perfect shape. No concerns about damage here.

Assembly also proved smooth across the board following the included instructions. It probably took me 30-45 mins per piece working solo – about average for furniture you need to put together. The benefit is that unlike bulky pre-assembled items, I could carry the flat boxes anywhere myself up the stairs solo without help.

So far so good! With setup complete, it was time to test whether Levity Home‘s durable design could survive the non-stop action of my household. Let‘s look at how the lounge chair fared under intense use…

The Classic Lounge Chair Review

My oldest daughter immediately claimed this stylish lounge chair in gray linen fabric as "her spot" for reading. And that‘s where she could be found most afternoons after school, often snack in hand while our dog competed for lap space. In other words – a messy multi-species perfection storm!

Yet after nearly 8 months of daily use (and occasional naps), the Levity lounge chair still looks fantastic with no visible wear. The cushions maintain perfect form factor and fabric remains in flawless shape. Most stains wiped clean without issue. Anything that set came right out after removing the covers for a machine wash.

My daughter did manage to create a small puncture hole on one cushion after leaving a sharp pencil in the seat crease. But Levity Home shipped me an affordably-priced replacement with no hassle. And I only noticed the hole when stripping the covers to run through the wash – during everyday use the damage was undetectable.

Beyond the washability factor, the lounge chair scores top marks for comfort and quality too. The rounded arm design with tightly upholstered back provides great ergonomic posture support, even for long reading sessions. All structural elements from the oak wood legs to durable frame joints still feel rock solid.

While pricey at $659, I view the investment as worthwhile based on the chair‘s resilience so far. In fact, my wife liked the Levity lounge chair so much, she ordered the matching ottoman a month later…

The Mid-Century Cocktail Ottoman Review

This compact yet versatile ottoman functions as both a footrest and handy side table in one. My wife keeps it stationed alongside the lounge chair with her feet up while sipping coffee – the lift-off wooden tray perfect for holding mugs without damaging the upholstery.

But the real game-changer is how we reposition the ottoman around the living room as needed thanks to the clever builtin handle holes. It slides easily on the hard floors without scratching to provide extra table space during family game nights and movie marathons when snacks abound!

Much like its matching lounge chair partner, this $259 ottoman delivered on Levity Home‘s machine-wash promise through nearly a dozen trips through our LG front-load washer so far. From markers and coffee drips to crumbs and greasy potato chip fingerprints, no stain has proven indestructible.

The removable fabric covers make washing idiot-proof. But it‘s the stain-proof coating applied to all surface fabrics that does most the heavy lifting when it comes to mess protection. Loveseats and larger upholstered Levity Home furniture come standard with coated fabric shields across all seats and armrests.

Between the washability and portable, multi-purpose ottoman design, this model ranks among my favorite Levity purchases. Next came my biggest investment challenge yet – the dining area…

The Scandinavian Expandable Dining Table + 4 Chairs

With 3 growing kids, I desperately needed a larger dining table that could flex from standard 6-person to party sizes for birthday events and holiday gatherings.

Many expandable table options suffer from stability issues as connections loosen over time after repeated length adjustments back and forth. But the Levity Home Scandinavian design felt reassuringly sturdy thanks to the thick steel cross beam support and durable mitered joint legs.

I selected a gorgeous acacia wood tabletop measuring 36” across standard fitting 6 occupants. Inserting the hidden leaf extensions took under 5 minutes solo to reach a full 60" span able to seat 10. The smooth glide mechanism aligned perfectly flush with no wobble or uneven surfaces across the midpoints – an impressive engineering feat.

To complement the warm wood tabletop, I chose Levity‘s Scandinavian dining chairs in matching oak with white fabric seat covers. They arrived partially assembled but were simple enough to snap together in minutes using the provided hardware and basic tools. Each chair felt pleasingly weighted at 18 lbs with sculpted contours that remind me of much pricier European imports.

With my complete 6-10 person ensemble in place, the dining area immediately became party central. From pasta sauce splatters and wine spills to art projects and homework grinding sessions, no surface stayed spotless for long.

Yet after months of intensive use hosting dinner parties plus everyday life with three messy kids, I‘m happy to report the Scandinavian collection still shines beautifully thanks to the resilience of materials Levity Home selected:

  • The tabletop acacia wood grain remains smooth and rich without any scratches, thanks to multiple layers of factory applied scratch-resistant sealcoating
  • The machine-washable poly/cotton covers on chair seats wiped clean of stains easily and refreshed perfectly after washing
  • Structurally everything still feels solid with all dining chair joints tight and table leaf extensions sliding smoothly

This Levity Home dining set does carry higher than average price tags, with the table coming in around $1,199 and chairs at $250 each. But based on construction quality and everyday performance results, I wholeheartedly believe the investments worthwhile if budget allows.

Next up in testing is Levity‘s waterproof wool rug collection to see if a high-traffic carpet could really withstand my home battlefield…

The 8×10 Hazel Rug Review

Rugs invariably suffer tragic fates in my experience from pet accidents to rowdy kids toppling drinks. At best, pricey professional cleanings simply buy a few more months before inevitable replacement when stains can’t lift out any longer.

In my 15+ years of homeownership, no rug ever survived more than 2 years tops before meeting its demise. Skeptical but inspired by positive reviews, I took a chance on Levity Home’s polyester Hazel wool rug to see if the machine wash promises held up.

The good news – I’m thrilled to report this $399 investment yielded game-changing results, more than paying for itself in cleaner bills savings alone! Going on 10 months since delivery, this 8×10 neutral-toned rug still graces my family room in flawless, like-new condition.

The difference maker lies in the proprietary substances Levity Home engineers into all their woven rug fabrics:

  • Custom soil and moisture repellants allow most spills to bead up rather than absorbing deep
  • Pet hair and dirt release easier with regular vacuuming between washes
  • Dropped food and drink wipe cleanly without staining if addressed quickly
  • Should deeper cleaning become necessary, entire rugs load right into home units thanks to rubber backing grips

I conservatively estimate this single Levity Home rug survived over two dozen wash cycles so far – from red wine accidents to muddy dog paws traipsing through and everything in between. Each time it emerged fresh as new thanks to the creative fabric science behind these “washable wool” collections.

This rug alone sold me on Levity Home forever. But the true test still remained with upholstered furniture. Time to furniture shop again…

The Mid-Century Leather Sofa + Loveseat

No living room feels complete without a cozy couch and loveseat combo to unwind on while watching movies. But keeping lighter upholstered furniture pristine while raising young kids and pets seemed unlikely given their penchant for stains.

When I saw Levity Home rolled out a new line of full leather sofas and loveseats, I knew they deserved a try based on how well the other washable fabrics performed so far. While unable to remove leather covers for washing, liquid spills can still wipe away easily on wipeable leather while deeper scratches and scuffs become less visible over time.

I took the plunge and ordered Levity’s mid-century leather sofa and loveseat bundle in a rich caramel hue. And I’m delighted to report over 5 months later, they still maintain showroom quality shine and supple feel! All the hidden benefits I hoped leather would provide as an active family furniture material delivered completely:

  • Surface spills, crumbs, and greasy finger smudges wipe away without staining
  • Scuffs and deeper scratches blend into the distressed leather grain over time
  • Durable full grain top layer feels buttery soft yet far thicker and protective than bonded leather
  • Waterproof leather coating prevented soak-through accidents from becoming permanent
  • Easy cleaning allowed me to forgo scary Scotchguard chemical treatments

Despite no removable covers, the leather collection delivers on Levity Home’s reputation for kid and pet-friendly durability. The quality leather coupled with family-tough 15 gauge sinuous coil spring support makes both sofa and loveseat well worth their $2,500 combined price tag in my book.

After nearly six months testing Levity across living room upholstery, dining furniture, decorative rugs and more, only one question remained. Would my discerning wife approve enough to furnish our entire home with Levity long term? Drumroll…

The Levity Home Spouse Test Verdict

I‘ll be 100% transparent here. As much as I enjoy testing furniture, my wife’s vote holds veto power based on aesthetics and style compatibility. If her final verdict landed negatively, no amount of positive durability testing would overturn that.

Thankfully, she wholeheartedly agrees Levity Home outperforms virtually all other upholstered furniture brands we’ve tried over two decades of marriage (and homes)! Here are direct quotes from her Levity Home review notes:

  • “The washable fabric furniture actually gets CLEAN in the washing machine – no more scrubbing stains manually!”
  • “Being able to switch cushion covers allowed me to match dining chairs to my newer wall color.”
  • “That rug still looks as perfect as the day it arrived – even the dogs can’t ruin it permanently!”
  • “I love how the leather holds up to the kids’ messes without getting gross over time.”
  • “The mid-century style looks far more expensive than what you paid – gets compliments from all my friends!”

Success! I couldn’t ask for better feedback even if I tried. We now happily fill new rooms exclusively with Levity Home furniture. While no brand is 100% perfect across every category possible, Levity checks all the boxes that matter most for family-friendly living.

What To Consider Before Buying Levity Home or Any Furniture

Obviously every home and family lives differently. But based on my 15+ years of extensive furniture testing, here are the key factors I recommend considering while shopping:

Room Function + Traffic
Assess how heavily used the room and furniture will be on average. Prioritize easy maintenance and stain resistance for high traffic zones like family rooms over guest areas. Take lifestyle and age factors into account as well around pets, young kids, etc.

Establish Budget Upfront
Setting realistic spending expectations early provides helpful guardrails for narrowing choices. Remember – quality materials often directly correlate with pricing. I encourage allocating enough for durable construction that will last over time rather than cheap disposable furniture you’ll replace frequently.

Seek Transitional Styles When Possible
Classic, timeless silhouettes with neutral upholstery palettes typically outlast quirky trends. Also favor customization capabilities through removable covers or cushions to refresh down the road as color preferences evolve. Doing so protects your original investment in the structural frames.

Don’t Overlook Warranties + Return Policies
Understand how flexible each company’s damage coverage and acceptance of returns may be before buying in case defects arise. For largest purchases, extended third party warranty plans bring peace of mind.

I hope this framework gives you a balanced, unbiased view into my experiences with Levity Home furniture, good and bad. Despite high hopes I still put their livability promises under the microscope as I do with any brand before recommending to family or friends.

In my opinion based on real-world testing, Levity Home delivers outstanding functionality, resilience and style Seamlessly merging practical machine-wash magic with beautiful design made them an instant standout brand that will furnish my home for years to come.

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