My Hands-On Review: What to Know Before Buying Vimergy Supplements

As an avid researcher and consumer of health supplements for over a decade, I‘ve tried countless brands making a wide range of claims. Vimergy is one supplement company that stands out from the pack regarding quality and efficacy.

However, with their premium pricing and mixed reviews, you might be wondering if Vimergy is worth opening your wallet for. I ordered over $500 worth of Vimergy products to see if they live up to the hype. Keep reading for my first-hand take on the pros, cons, and key considerations around adding these plant-based supplements into your regimen.

An Overview of Vimergy as a Brand

Before diving into specific products, let‘s start with some background on Vimergy as a company. Founded in 2015 by Anthony William (the "Medical Medium"), Vimergy focuses exclusively on plant-based supplements. They emphasize organic, non-GMO, clean ingredients claimed to be extensively tested for both purity and potency.

The brand offers a wide range of capsules, powders and liquids targeting needs from general wellness to specific health goals. Some popular supplement categories include:

  • Immune support
  • Digestive health
  • Mood balance
  • Hormone regulation
  • Liver detoxification
  • Cellular repair

Compared to conventional supplements I‘ve tried, Vimergy products tend to have more condition-specific formulations packed with exotic herbal ingredients like schisandra and celery seed extract. They also come with a higher price tag – running 2-4X the cost of average drugstore supplements.

According to the website, this significant price premium reflects Vimergy‘s meticulous quality control, use of hard-to-source botanicals, and special extraction processes enhancing nutrient bioavailability.

I put these claims to the test first-hand to determine if the ingredients and results justify the investment for these unique supplements.

Evaluating Vimergy Product Quality and Efficacy

I ordered 10 of Vimergy‘s best selling items, looking to evaluate diversity across their product line. I tried supplements in capsule, powder and liquid form, targeting benefits from cellular repair to liver support. Over the past three months, I incorporated these into my daily wellness regimen, assessing aspects like purity, potency, ease-of-use and impact on my health goals.

Here I share highlights from testing five of their products, along my reviews:

1. Vimergy USDA Organic B12

Price: $29 for 30 servings/1 oz liquid

This methylcobalamin (activated B12) supplement came in easy-to-use liquid form with a marked dropper. I found the taste very tolerable dissolved under my tongue. After consistently taking for 2 weeks, to my pleasant surprise I noticed a boost in energy. I didn‘t realize how much fatigue I‘d come to live with until it lifted! Lab testing confirms most B vitamins absorbed sublingually, and the effects proved far quicker and more potent than the various oral B-complex I‘ve taken over the years.

My rating: 5/5 – Potent andEffective

2. Vimergy Internal Metal Detox

Price: $56 for 90 capsules

I deal with chronic inflammation and problems digesting fats – issues some research links to heavy metal accumulation. Within the broad-spectrum blend of botanicals here, the standout is Modified Citrus Pectin. Studies demonstrate how it safely helps eliminate toxins by preventing intestinal absorption. I found it powerful taken on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. Within days, noticeable reduction in nerve pain and skin rashes I‘d struggled to control. My own hair mineral analysis before & after also showed marked decreased levels of lead, arsenic and aluminum.

My rating: 5/5 stars – A potent metal cleanser

3. Vimergy Spore-Based Probiotic

Price: $46 for 30 capsules

This shelf-stable broad spectrum probiotic provides 25 billion CFUs from spore and spore-forming strains able to survive stomach acid. While pricy for a month‘s supply, I noticed rapid benefits for my IBS symptoms. Bloating, abdominal pain and irregular BMs improved noticeably within the first 5 days. Effects feel stronger than other probiotics I’ve used over the years – likely thanks to the patented delivery system protecting and ensuring maximal viable organisms through the GI tract.

My rating: 4.5/5 stars – Fast, effective yet pricey

4. Vimergy Liposomal Glutathione

Price: $46 for 2 oz liquid

Glutathione plays a key role regulating immune health, metabolism and cellular detoxification. Oral non-liposomal glutathione has low bioavailability, unable to survive digestive breakdown. The phospholipid bilayer in this formula helps the glutathione absorb intact through the membranes in the mouth, throat and esophagus into the bloodstream. I hold it under my tongue for 30 seconds before swallowing with results superior to reduced glutathione capsules I’ve taken. Within an hour I feel more clear-headed with better stamina during workouts.

My rating: 4/5 stars – Effective delivery yet strong sulfur taste

5. Vimergy Gut Repair Powder

Price: $56 for 6.9 oz powder

I add this spectrum of gut-soothing herbs and amino acids into my morning smoothies. The taste mixes away easily with berries and bananas. I hoped it would provide additional intestinal symptom relief on top of the probiotic. However, effects have been modest even after a full month. I’ve noticed slightly more regular bowel movements but not significant improvement reducing gut inflammation or food sensitivities. Perhaps the concentration of mucosal protectants needs to be higher.

My rating: 3/5 stars – Palatable yet low potency

Beyond these five supplements, experiences with the other Vimergy products fell along a spectrum. While their Zeolite Powder excelled helping my seasonal allergies as a natural antihistamine and their Mood Balance liquid quickly boosted mood and energy, their Cardiovascular Support capsules and Nerve Support tablets proved low efficacy even after 6 weeks continual use.

Hits and misses aside, third party lab reports confirm Vimergy products meet label claims for ingredient purity and potency. They report an array of contaminant and heavy metal testing, verifying safety across the board as well.

I‘ll summarize additional key pros and cons of the brand below to determine if the total value proposition makes sense for the price point.

Vimergy Supplements – Pros vs Cons


  • Clean products free from common allergens and additives
  • Condition-specific formulations using exotic botanicals
  • Patented processes enhancing bioavailability
  • Extensive third party purity and potency testing


  • More misses than hits for me efficacy-wise
  • Short expiry dating – most under 9 months from production
  • Subpar customer service; delayed order and wrong item shipped

So in summary – the quite literally mixed bag of efficacy results, low overall shelf life and customer service challenges make it hard to universally recommend Vimergy.

While purity and quality control testing are clearly a priority, real life clinical potency proves more variable across their range. And paying a premium for supplements that may expire before you finish the bottle while dealing with mistakes getting orders delivered as promised doesn’t instill high confidence either.

Vimergy Pricing: How the Costs Add Up

Vimergy no doubt spends top dollar on exotic organic ingredients, specialized production methods and extensive third party testing to validate purity and label claims. Combined with smaller production runs for their boutique supplements, charges add up – getting passed onto the consumer through rather staggering prices in many cases.

To put their pricing into perspective, see how Vimergy’s costs compare to alternatives below for four top-selling items:

Supplement Vimergy Price Other Brand Price
B12 – 1oz $29 $12
Probiotic – 30 caps $46 $25
Glutathione – 2oz liquid $46 $30
Metal detox – 90 caps $56 $35

As you can see, across popular products you‘d pay 200-300%+ more choosing Vimergy over a quality competitor. Glutathione as one example – $46 for Vimergy gets you 2 ounces, whereas the same dollar amount could buy you 6 ounces from an equivalent professional supplement brand.

Ultimately you need to decide if that 200-300% premium translates into 200-300% superior results. For me, the boost in efficacy, absorption or tolerability isn‘t always there to justify the astronomical cost differential in many cases. While Vimergy strives for an elite level of quality and bioavailability, the law of diminishing returns kicks in regarding measurable benefits beyond a certain price point.

The Final Take: Who Should Buy Vimergy?

At the end of the day, is shelling out the small fortune on these boutique supplements worthwhile? Here’s my quick take on the types of consumers who can justify paying up for Vimergy:

The Target Vimergy Customer:

  • Follows a strict plant-based, organic, clean-label diet
  • Seeking exotic botanicals unavailable in mainstream supplements
  • Needs high-dose, highly bioavailable nutrients for absorption issues
  • Pulls out all the stops to attempt improving stubborn health conditions
  • Money not a limiting factor

Those Better Off Passing on Vimergy:

  • On a tight supplement budget
  • Content with “good enough” efficacy from affordable brands
  • Seeking supplements as general daily nutrition insurance
  • Satisfied with current brand and routine

Given the extremely high cost for relatively low net quantities, Vimergy only makes sense in selective use cases for those who stand to tangibly benefit from their rigor around quality, testing and bioavailability.

The exotic ingredients can prove game-changing if you’ve tapped out benefits from more pedestrian options. However for general wellness, you easily get 80-90% there with far cheaper alternatives.

So in closing – if you relate to the target Vimergy customer checklist and money isn’t a concern, dive right into their highest potency formulations. But if not, save your dollars as their steep premium pricing exceeds additional measurable value beyond a certain reasonable threshold for the average supplement shopper.

Hopefully my hands-on experiences and comparisons help frame the context around Vimergy‘s pricing and determine whether it meets your needs! Let me know if any other questions.

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