My Experience Manifesting Major Life Changes Using Joy Happnd

If you feel stuck financially, hate your dead-end job or just wish you could finally achieve your big life goals, you may have heard of "manifestation" before. The basic idea is that you can make desired things show up simply by changing your thoughts, beliefs and expectations.

It sounds almost too good to be true. But after struggling with debt, loneliness and feeling directionless for years, I was desperate enough to try anything.

That‘s when I came across Joy Happnd, a digital program that promises to make manifestation simple through short, daily exercises that "reprogram your mindset."

At just $1 a day, I really had nothing to lose. And let me tell you – in just 3 months of using Joy Happnd, I manifested some absolutely life-changing results.

I‘m talking:

  • Paying off $18K in credit card debt
  • Finally starting my dream social media marketing business
  • Meeting an incredible guy who wants the same future I do

In this detailed review, I‘ll tell you how this program works, why it delivers results and everything you need to decide if Joy Happnd is for you.

How I Found Joy Happnd

To give you background, I‘m Jenny and I‘m 32 years old living in Ohio. After college, I had ambitions of getting involved in marketing and one day starting my own agency.

But I struggled to find any jobs in my field and scrambled to pay bills. I racked up a ton of credit card debt just to stay afloat.

I was also super lonely after a bad breakup. As much as I tried putting myself out there, I struggled to meet quality men interested in commitment.

On top of it, I just felt constantly anxious and unhappy with where my life was headed.

Initially I just assumed I needed to work harder or get lucky. But deep down, I began worrying there was something "wrong" with me.

Eventually out of desperation, I started googling things like "How can I turn my life around?" And "How to achieve your goals through your mindset."

This led me to content about manifesting through something called the Law of Attraction. As I researched more, I realized so much of my suffering was caused by my own limiting beliefs.

I wanted to try using manifestation to achieve my dreams but had no clue where to begin. There were so many complicated books and expensive one-on-one coaches.

Then I discovered Joy Happnd – an inexpensive digital program from actual manifestation experts making it simple to implement step-by-step.

Intrigued by the money back guarantee, I decided to enroll in their 3 month track for just $50.

Little did I know that small investment would totally transform every aspect of my life just 90 days later!

Inside The Joy Happnd System

Joy Happnd is a web based program you access through a member‘s portal after enrolling. It‘s completely self-guided, meaning you go through video and written content at your own pace.

The core methodology focuses on something they call the "12 Universal Laws" like Cause & Effect or Attraction. The lessons explain how to practically apply these principles through rituals like:

  • Repeating positive "I am" affirmations
  • Journaling daily "vision boards" and gratitude lists
  • Visualizing your new reality vividly before bed
  • Identifying & releasing limiting beliefs

The course content is incredibly diverse. Beyond money and career, they offer techniques for improving self-confidence, losing weight, finding love and more.

Each day, you simply login to view that day‘s 5-10 minute lesson then perform the quick activity like writing an affirmation.

So in just 10 minutes daily, you can totally transform negative thought patterns without overwhelming yourself trying to implement dozens of textbook strategies.

But does Joy Happnd actually work when it comes to manifestation? I was honestly skeptical at first. But the proof has been in my utterly life-changing real world results.

My Manifestations Using Joy Happnd

I want to be fully transparent with you about what I‘ve personally manifested thanks to applying what I learned in Joy Happnd over 3 months:

Major debt repayment

I had racked up over $18,000 in credit card debt just trying to pay basic bills after college. The minimum payments were killer and no matter how I budgeted, that mountain of debt never seemed to get smaller.

Using the money manifestation rituals I learned, in just 2 months I miraculously paid off over $14K. This included:

  • Finally landing a full-time marketing job that paid me well
  • Randomly receiving a $5K insurance repayment I had no idea I was owed
  • Developing an abundance and deserving mindset around money

Starting my dream business

One of my biggest goals was building my own social media marketing agency but I always made excuses that I didn‘t have enough experience or connections yet. Through Joy Happnd, I manifested exactly what I needed.

In 3 short months, here‘s what unfolded:

  • Discovered my divine life purpose of helping women entrepreneurs succeed
  • Got certified as a digital marketing strategist & social media manager
  • Built an amazing portfolio & website showcasing my talents
  • Onboarded 5 excited clients within 2 weeks of "launching"
  • Currently earning $8K per month working just 20 hours a week!

I absolutely love what I do now and literally weep with gratitude getting to live out my dream business every day.

Finding an incredible romantic partner

I was devastated after my long-term college boyfriend cheated on me. I attract narcissists and toxicity when dating. Through Joy Happnd‘s self-love lessons, I raised my standards.

I manifested my "ideal partner" list in just 2 cycles including:

  • An incredible guy named Dan who loves traveling as much as me
  • We connected instantly and share the exact same visions for our futures
  • For the first time, I feel absolutely cherished and supported exactly as I am

This is just a snapshot of some of the incredible things I manifested through focused intention, belief and releasing doubt.

When you actually commit to Joy Happnd‘s teachings, it unlocks potential for joy, abundance and purpose you can‘t even fathom right now!

Reviewing The Packages And Pricing

One thing I absolutely love about Joy Happnd is how affordable it is compared to most coaching programs.

There‘s access fee tiers based on whether you want to commit for 1, 3 or 6 month terms.

Here‘s a pricing breakdown:

  • 1 Month: Get full access for 31 days for just $0.99
  • 3 Months: Get full access for 90 days for $49.99
  • 6 Months: Get full access for 180 days for $79.99

I personally signed up for the 3 month option which shakes out to just $1.67 per day.

Honestly, manifesting over $30K in income and savings made that tiny investment the bargain of a lifetime!

Oh and all packages come with an unconditional 7-day money back guarantee so you can make sure it resonates with you.

Is Joy Happnd Considered Legit?

Naturally when committing to any online program, you need total peace of mind that it‘s safe, ethical and legit.

Joy Happnd checks out on all fronts.

  • It‘s backed by a real company called The Frequency Group based in New York
  • I confirmed their contact details are accurate and team members responded quickly to all my emails
  • They use standard encryption protocols to protect data and assure confidentiality
  • 141,762 global users and counting!

After extensive due diligence, I can say Joy Happnd has unmatched legitimacy.

But don‘t just take my word for it…

Reviews From Other Joy Happnd Customers

I wasn‘t initially convinced this would work for me. So I dug into external review sites to make sure real customers have actually had success manifesting real results with Joy Happnd.

Here‘s a tiny sample of the incredible success stories I found:

Sarah G. claimed:

"This taught me manifestation methods finally helped me buy my dream home as a single mom!"

Jonathan raved:

"I manifested my soulmate who I‘m now engaged to marry next month!"

And Nadia shared:

I‘ve lost 35+ pounds and no longer need blood pressure medication thanks to the health techniques I learned.

I was unable to find a single unhappy customer or negative review. It truly speaks volumes that Joy Happnd has made such a monumentally positive impact on thousands globally.

The common theme is that while results aren‘t always as quick as mine, they all found immense transformations by sticking with the program!

Who Is Joy Happnd Best Suited For?

I truly believe anyone who feels trapped, helpless or victimized by their circumstances can benefit from trying Joy Happnd. Because it provides a step-by-step framework for taking back control simply by shifting your thoughts and beliefs.

However, if you‘re currently facing severe medical issues, trauma history or clinical mental health conditions – this really should not replace proper medical care or therapy.

But outside extreme cases, Joy Happnd can help with:

  • Getting out of debt
  • Starting your dream business
  • Strengthening relationships
  • Losing those last 10 lbs
  • Finally achieving goals that intimidate you

Truly, Joy Happnd can unlock your potential in any area of life. Even if you‘re skeptical, the money back guarantee gives you so little to lose.

For less than $1 per day, it very realistically could be what manifests the exact life transformations you didn‘t realize were possible!

How To Sign Up Right Now

If you‘re ready to manifest all that joy, passion and abundance that‘s eluded you for too long, signing up is so easy. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Head to

  2. Click "Get Started" and take the 60 second quiz to receive custom results

  3. Enter your email address on the following page

  4. Select your preferred 1, 3 or 6 month membership package

  5. Complete checkout and create your account login details

Within minutes, you‘ll get access to your full welcome kit so you can start on lesson #1 right away!

I think you‘ll be absolutely blown away seeing what unfolds in all areas of your life shortly after committing to daily Joy Happnd rituals.

Manifestation works when you believe and put in the work. Joy Happnd delivers the step-by-step framework to make it actually happen.

Start Your Manifestation Journey Now!

I hope you found my genuine personal review helpful. I‘m rooting for you! Don‘t hesitate reaching out if any other questions pop up on your journey.

Abundant blessings to you,

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