Is Your Old Wii Worth Anything in 2022? Let‘s Take a Look.

Hey there! With the Wii turning over 15 years old, you may be wondering if that old console gathering dust in your closet still holds any value. As an avid gamer and business data analyst, let me walk you through whether your Wii is worth holding onto or selling in 2022.

The short answer is: it depends! An original Wii in great condition with some rare games can sell for over $200 to collectors. But more common bundles typically go for $50-100. I‘ll break down all the key factors so you can decide if selling your Wii is worthwhile.

What Impacts Your Wii‘s Current Value

Several variables determine what retro gaming fans will pay for a used Wii in 2022. Here are the main ones:

Console Condition

Like most electronics, a pristine, scratch-free Wii with flawless plastic will sell for much more than one that‘s yellowed or beat up. Minor scuffs and scratches are expected, but major cosmetic issues can cut value in half.

Specific things that hurt condition:

  • Large cracks, dents, or discolored sections
  • Lots of small scratches all over
  • Yellowed or stained plastic from smoke
  • Missing or damaged power/eject buttons
  • Problems reading discs

Ideally, your Wii should look gently used – not brand new, but no major blemishes. Test all functions too – games, online, controllers.

Wii Model and Version

Not all Wiis are made equal! Here are the versions to look for:

  • Original Launch Model: Plays GameCube games. Most valuable at $100-$150.
  • Family Edition: No GameCube support. Worth less at $50-$100.
  • Wii Mini: Compact budget model. Least valuable at $30-$60.

The launch model is most in-demand, especially with GameCube support. But any working Wii has nostalgia value.

Included Accessories

Got the original box and manuals? Score! Complete in box (CIB) systems can sell for 2-3x a loose console.

Bonus points if you have:

  • Wii Remote & Nunchuck
  • Wii MotionPlus add-on
  • Wheels or plastic attachments
  • Rare special controllers

Even the sensor bar, power cables, and styrofoam inserts matter to serious collectors!

Installed Homebrew Apps

Some buyers pay more for "hacked" or modded Wiis that can run emulators, homebrew apps, and backups. But selling modded consoles does violate copyright in many regions.

My advice would be to sell it unmodified, but mentioning installed homebrew could attract interested groups.

Expected Used Wii Prices in 2022

Based on recent eBay sales data, here are typical used prices based on bundle contents:

Bundle Used Price
Original Wii CIB $100-$200
Original Loose $50-$150
Family Edition CIB $50-$100
Family Loose $25-$60
Wii Mini CIB $30-$60
Wii Mini Loose $15-$40

Complete in box systems command a hefty premium. But even loose consoles can fetch good money if condition is decent.

Inspect your Wii closely before pricing – minor issues add up. Test everything to identify problems early too.

Valuable Wii Games to Look For

Most Wii games sell for only a few dollars these days. But here are some of the most valuable titles for collectors:

  • Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn – $50-$150
  • Metroid Prime Trilogy – $60-$150
  • Xenoblade Chronicles – $60-$100
  • Mario Kart Wii – $15-$30
  • Super Mario Galaxy 1&2 – $15-$50
  • The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword – $15-$50
  • Super Smash Bros Brawl – $15-$30

Sealed copies or special editions command even higher premiums. But even loose discs in nice shape can get great prices for the classics.

Where Should You Sell Your Wii Bundle?

Once you‘ve prepped and priced your Wii bundle, it‘s time to pick a sales channel. Here are my top recommendations:

Local Classifieds

Selling locally via Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, or garage sales gets you cash quickly without fees. But you‘ll need to handle meetups and limit your buyer pool.


eBay is the #1 marketplace but takes 10% fees. You‘ll also need to pack and ship carefully. Take detailed photos showing any imperfections.

Game Stores

Stores like GameStop offer convenience but 30-50% less than online rates. Consider them if you prefer quick store credit.

Buy/Sell Apps

LetGo, OfferUp, Decluttr give you local buyers. Just expect lower quotes than eBay/Facebook.

Amazon / Facebook Marketplace

Selling "like new" on these sites can work well, but buyers expect mint condition. Handle returns promptly if unhappy.


Gaming subreddits connect you with engaged niche buyers. But be cautious of scams on Reddit and avoid shady buyers.

Tips to Get the Most Cash for Your Wii

Follow these tips to maximize your Wii‘s resale value:

  • Thoroughly clean the console, cables, and accessories – dust lowers value
  • Test all functions, games, and controllers to catch issues early
  • Note any defects in listings and show in photos – transparency builds trust
  • Format the system memory before sale
  • Bundle games and accessories for more total value
  • Create detailed listings with serial #s and condition notes
  • Be upfront about any mods – don‘t surprise buyers
  • Price 10-20% below current rates to attract buyers
  • Offer free insured shipping so more buyers will bid
  • Respond quickly to questions and allow returns if unhappy

Should You Keep or Sell Your Vintage Wii?

With supply limited, Wii prices will likely keep slowly rising among collectors – especially for rare games and accessories.

But if your Wii is just gathering dust, selling it now is a great way to free up space and make some bonus cash. Newer retro consoles like the SNES Classic also offer an easier way to play those nostalgic games too.

Decide whether you still play and enjoy your Wii or see it as an unused keepsake. Finding it a new engaged owner is often better than letting it sit unseen in storage!

I hope this guide has helped explain exactly what an original Wii is worth today and how to get top dollar selling it. With the right buyer, that "worthless" old console could net you some nice extra funds! Let me know if you have any other questions – happy gaming!

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