How much is pink diamond worth GTA?

Let‘s start with the key question – the maximum value of the rare pink diamond in GTA Online can reach up to $2.5 million when selling on hard difficulty with full bonuses! This makes it one of the most lucrative heist targets in the entire game.

As an expert heister and business data analyst, I‘ve compiled this comprehensive guide on maximizing your profit from this exclusive diamond – from spawn rates and payouts to expert stealing tips. Read on to become a pink diamond pro!

What Makes the Pink Diamond So Valuable?

Before we dive into the numbers, it helps to understand what makes this pink gem so enormously valuable in GTA Online and the real world:

Extreme Rarity – Natural pink diamonds occur in less than 0.1% of diamonds mined globally. This supreme scarcity heavily inflates its value.

Prestige and Status – Owning such a rare stone provides huge prestige. Pink diamonds are ultimate status symbols amongst celebrities and ultra high net worth individuals.

Iconic Color – The striking pink hue is incredibly unique and desirable. Pink diamonds mesmerize with their flawless magenta tones.

Perfect Grading – The highest graded pink diamonds fetch astronomical prices. Flawless clarity, color, cut and carat push values into the stratosphere.

By understanding the key factors that make pink diamonds so highly coveted worldwide, it becomes clear why this singular stone can command such an astronomical price tag.

Pink Diamond Payout and Rarity Statistics

Let‘s take a look at some key statistics about the pink diamond‘s value and rarity:

  • Base Payout – $1.3 million (normal), $1.43 million (hard)

  • Chance to Spawn – Roughly 5% chance

  • Highest Recorded Sale – $71.2 million (CTF Pink Star)

  • Average Price per Carat – Up to $1 million per carat

  • Rarity – 0.001% of all natural diamonds

  • Max Payout in GTA Online – $2.5 million (with bonuses)

As you can see, its unparalleled rarity and real-world value is directly reflected in the pink diamond‘s astronomical GTA Online price tag.

How to Get the Pink Diamond to Spawn

Given its lucrative payout, you‘ll want the pink diamond to spawn as much as possible. Here are some pro tips to make it appear more frequently:

  • Scope out the island first and cancel the heist if it‘s not the pink diamond. Repeat scoping until it spawns. This forces a reroll for the primary target.

  • Complete heists rapidly back-to-back. The quicker you finish them, the faster you can reroll for the diamond.

  • Target the main compound during scoping. The pink diamond only spawns here.

  • Pray to RNJesus! There‘s always an element of luck, so say a prayer to the RNG gods.

Follow these tips to tilt the odds in your favor and score that glimmering pink payday.

Detailed Walkthrough – Stealing the Diamond on Heist Finale

When you finally get that glorious pink diamond primary target, here is an expert walkthrough for cleanly stealing it on the finale:


The best entry points are the drainage tunnel or main gate, giving direct access to the compound where the diamond is stored. I recommend the stealthy drainage tunnel approach.

Compound Infiltration

Silently take out guards one-by-one. The key is controlling the area before they sound the alarm. I prefer stealth melee takedowns to avoid detection.

Reaching the Office

Work your way through the compound towards Rubio‘s office. Keep an eye out for patrolling guards and security cameras. But don‘t sweat getting caught – you have plenty of lives.

Grabbing the Diamond

Inside Rubio‘s office is a glass case containing the pink diamond. Simply smash the case and grab the diamond – don‘t forget to admire its beauty!

Escaping the Island

Retrace your steps back through the compound and exit however you entered. Then make your way to the escape point, where a boat will be waiting offshore.

And that‘s it – cleanly steal the diamond without breaking a sweat using this professional step-by-step guide!

Tips for Maximizing Your Payout

Once acquired, there are several ways to maximize your pink diamond payout above the base value:

  • Hard Difficulty (+) $130k – The extra 10% really adds up. Always run the heist on Hard.

  • Players (+) $200k-$500k) – Add 2-4 players to boost the value up to $500k per additional player.

  • Elite Challenge (+) $100k – Finish in under 15 minutes for a solid $100k bonus.

  • Fence Bonus (+) $50k – Sell in a highly populated session for an extra $50k.

  • First Time Bonus (+) $100k – Earn an extra $100k for your first completion of the heist.

Utilize all these bonuses and you can easily clear $2.5 million off a single pink diamond heist!

Fun Fact: Famous Pink Diamonds

The pink diamond‘s enormous value has drawn plenty of celebrity and royal collectors over the years. Here are some of the most famous pink diamonds:

  • The CTF Pink Star ($71.2 million)

  • The Williamson Pink Star ($57.7 million)

  • The CTF Cullinan Dream ($25.4 million)

  • The Sweet Josephine ($28.5 million)

  • Queen Elizabeth II‘s Williamson Diamond (23.6 carats)

Owning a rare pink treasure represents the pinnacle of wealth and prestige worldwide. Just like the real world, the pink diamond in GTA Online sits firmly atop the gemstone hierarchy.

How to Invest Your Massive Pink Diamond Earnings

With up to $2.5 million in your pocket after selling the pink diamond, you‘ll have some big decisions on how to spend or invest your sudden windfall. Here are some smart moves:


  • Buy a Kosatka – Run Cayo Perico heists back-to-back to earn millions more.

  • Purchase an Arcade – Unlock the Diamond Casino heist which can also net over $1 million per run. More heists equal more fast cash!


  • Supercars – Treat yourself to that multi-million dollar Pegassi or Grotti supercar you‘ve always wanted.

  • Armed Vehicles – Hydras, Oppressors, Deluxos – own the skies and streets with a fleet of weaponized vehicles.


  • Penthouse Suite – Enjoy luxury living and VIP casino perks in your own personal paradise in the sky.

  • Luxury Mansions – Live like a king in style with tennis courts, home cinemas and 10 car garages.

  • Yachts – Cruise Los Santos in the ultimate flashy status symbol.


  • Cosmetic Upgrades – Customize your character‘s wardrobe, hair, tattoos and more.

  • Vehicle Customization – Apply expensive cosmetic mods and terrify the streets with weapon upgrades.

  • Weapon Modifications – Increase lethality with extended mags, grips, scopes and suppressors.


  • Bank Cash – Earn interest over time on your money through the SecuroServ app.

  • Businesses – Buy profitable businesses like bunkers and nightclubs to setup reliable passive income streams.

  • Stocks – Invest in volatile stocks like Ammu-Nation for potential huge returns over time.

Follow this expert guide on where to park your pink diamond earnings, and you‘ll be living large for a long time to come!

Pink Diamond vs. Other Major GTA Online Payouts

Let‘s compare the pink diamond payout against other major high value activities in GTA Online:

  • Pink Diamond (Max): $2.5 million
  • Cayo Perico (Average): $1.3 million
  • Diamond Casino Heist: $1.5 million
  • Doomsday Heist Payout: $1.5 million
  • Freemode Events: Up to $1 million
  • Business Sales: Up to $1 million+

With its potential $2.5 million total take, you can see why the super rare pink diamond reigns supreme when it comes to lucrative scores.

Closing Thoughts

The pink diamond stands in a league of its own when it comes to valuable heist targets in GTA Online. With a breathtaking pink color, extreme rarity and real world value in the tens of millions, it‘s no wonder its payout potential rivals anything else in the game.

Hopefully this detailed guide has provided you with all the tips and knowledge needed to consistently land huge $2 million+ paydays from this ultimate gemstone. Just don‘t stare at its mesmerizing beauty too long before making your getaway!

So get out there, scout those targets and say a little prayer to RNJesus. Happy heisting my friend!

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