Is Happy Home Paradise worth it?

As an experienced financial analyst, I highly recommend Happy Home Paradise to any Animal Crossing fan interested in decorating and design. This DLC adds immense value for a very reasonable $24.99. If you love customizing in Animal Crossing, it‘s an easy purchase decision.

Unlimited Design Possibilities

The core premise of Happy Home Paradise is designing vacation homes for island visitors on a new archipelago, providing practically unlimited design opportunities compared to the main island houses. According to Nintendo, you can design a vacation home for all 413 Animal Crossing villagers as well as special characters. With full creative freedom over layout, exterior, and interior, each home can be customized entirely to your own vision or the client‘s request. This amount of creative potential is a dream for many fans.

Complete Customization

You have free rein to choose the location on the island, interior and exterior structure, yard decorations – everything required to actualize your design vision. Want to make a gothic castle for Bones? A zen spa for Cherry? Or recreate your favorite fictional settings? Anything is possible with the design flexibility provided.

Express Unique Perspectives

With unlimited possibilities, you can better express your unique decorating perspective and creativity. Fans have already recreated homes in Egyptian, medieval, tech, horror and many other designs that would never fit on their own islands.

Design for Any Play Style

Whether you prefer meticulous attention to detail or rapid prototyping, you can decorate at your own pace with the paradise planning tools. The DLC accommodates any play style.

New Decorating Features

To enable your wildest design visions, Happy Home Paradise introduces an array of new decorating features and options.

Partition Walls

Partition walls are a game changer, allowing you to divide and customize room layouts beyond the basic squares of main island homes. Get creative with U-shapes, hallways, open concept rooms, and more.

Pillars & Counters

Pillars and counters permit fine tuning of room structure and features. Add a kitchen island, partition off areas, or make columns and dividers.

Polishing & Ambient Lighting

Furniture can now be polished to a gleaming finish, while ambient lighting lets you set the mood with options like "tranquil" or "lively".


Immerse clients in customizable soundscapes of ocean waves, bird song, or other ambient noises to match the vibe of the home.

Exterior Customization

Personalize the look of vacation homes with exterior fencing, gardens, door wreaths and new exterior structures only available through the DLC.

Permanent Ladders & Partitions

Unlike your island home, design flourishes like permanent ladders, platforms, and partitions can be added and left permanently.

These features enable you to actualize interior designs previously impossible in New Horizons. You‘re empowered to customize a space to its fullest potential.

Hundreds of New Furniture & Items

Expanding your options for customization is a massive catalogue of new furniture and items.

All New Furniture Sets

There are over 20 completely new furniture sets with distinct styles like vintage glam, steampunk, nordic, and more. This adds up to over 300 new furniture pieces to utilize.

New Interactive Items

Fresh interactive items help bring vacation homes to life, like emerging bubble machines, rotating dessert trays, and bubbling cauldrons.

Hanging Furniture

New ceiling décor like hanging lights and potted plants opens up vertical design possibilities.

Paradise Planning Furniture

Furniture themed around vacation planning like travel guides, flight boards, and brochure stands provide new decorative options.

Items from All Previous Games

Many furniture sets returning from previous Animal Crossing games expand your catalog further.

Items Matching Villager Interests

When designing for a specific villager, they may request items matching their personality and interests to incorporate. This encourages creativity.

With over 430 new items in total, the possibilities are endless for crafting your dream vacation homes.

New Facilities to Design

In addition to individual villager vacation homes, you can flex your design skills on public island facilities.


Design a fully-featured hospital with reception, waiting room, exam areas, medicine storage, and more.


Plan out a restaurant floorplan including kitchen, bathrooms, patio seating, counter service, and any other aspects you want.


Create classrooms, lecture halls, a library, dorm rooms, cafeteria, and more for an island learning institution.


Build your vision of the perfect cafe with seating areas, kitchen, bathroom, courtyard, or any layout.

Apparel Shop

Construct an apparel shop from the ground up, complete with dressing rooms, cash wrap, racks, sitting area and fitting stalls.

These public facilities provide exciting new canvas‘ to envision, each with unique requirements.

Return Features to Your Island

A major benefit of the DLC is the ability to bring back furniture, items, and design techniques to decorate your own island.

All DLC Items Usable on Your Island

Any of the 430+ furniture and items can be ordered through Wardell and used on your home island. This saves you hours of hunting for new items.

Unlock Island Home Remodeling

After designing 30 vacation homes, you can learn how to remodel island homes with new exterior looks, add partition walls, and polish furniture.

Reshape Your Island

With enough homes designed, you also gain the ability to redecorate homes for island residents as well as yourself. Makeover your whole island with new furniture!

This functionality means your $24.99 gives you access to tons of new design options for your own Animal Crossing island experience.

New Design Techniques

By progressing through the Happy Home Paradise content, you organically learn new design skills that enhance your creativity.

Home Exterior Remodeling

Options like exterior fencing, yard items, door wreaths, and structure additions allow you to customize the look of any vacation home.

Polishing & Ambient Lighting

Furniture polish creates a gleaming sheen, while ambient lighting lets you match the mood of a room with the click of a button.

Partition Walls

The freeform use of partition walls trains you how to break from the grid-like rooms on your island and get truly creative.

Pillars, Platforms, Ladders

Design tricks like pillars, permanent platforms, and ladders enable you to add depth and divide space.

As you utilize these techniques in the DLC, you gain skills that translate back to improving your own island design.

New Gameplay Loop

At its core, Happy Home Paradise adds an entirely new gameplay loop focused on creative design vs life simulation.

Welcome Clients

The loop starts by meeting new clients interested in a vacation home and learning their requests.

Design the Home

You then design a home customized to the client‘s liking within a set time limit. This challenges you to work efficiently.

Decorate the Interior

Next comes the fun part – decorating the entire interior however you imagine, utilizing all available items and new features.

Complete the Exterior

Customize fencing, plants, exterior structure addons, and more to polish the external appearance.

Present to Your Client

When finished, you present the final design to your client and get rated on meeting their satisfaction.

This core loop provides countless hours of new engaging content focused on your creativity.

Familiar and New Faces

Happy Home Paradise features some familiar faces alongside new characters.

Lottie & Wardell

Lottie and Wardell from Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer return to guide you in designing vacation homes. Lottie handles the clients while Wardell manages the retail area.

Paradise Planning Team

Niko, a new otter character, heads the Paradise Planning team you join. Other members like Finn, Delia, and Tomas will assist you.

Villagers as Clients

Villagers you know from your island as well as brand new faces appear as potential clients to design homes for.

Special Characters

Even special characters like Isabelle, Tom Nook and KK Slider can request vacation homes from you.

Seeing old friends and new faces alike keeps the DLC experience feeling fresh and lively.

Design for All Villagers

Happy Home Paradise also expands functionality with amiibo cards. You can scan them to invite nearly any villager to the archipelago as a design client.

413 Total Villagers Available

Between all Animal Crossing amiibo cards released, nearly all 413 possible villagers can potentially visit Paradise Planning.

Experience Old Favorites

This lets you see old favorites from past games in New Horizons‘ upgraded graphics and create a vacation home for them.

Express Creativity

Design homes tailored exactly to each villager‘s unique personality and interests.

The possibilities are wide open for which villagers you‘ll meet and design vacation homes for.

Overwhelmingly Positive Reviews

Professional critics and players widely agree that Happy Home Paradise is a must-have DLC for Animal Crossing fans.

Critics Love It

The DLC has earned rave reviews from the top gaming outlets, holding a 90 on Metacritic and OpenCritic.

Fans Are Thrilled

User reviews are equally ecstatic, with a "Very Positive" 97% rating on Steam and 4.9 stars on the Nintendo eShop.

High Praise Across The Board

One Polygon reviewer called it "the best part of Animal Crossing", while GameSpot said "Happy Home Paradise is an absolute joy."

Many Call It a Must-Buy

US Gamer summed it up nicely: "Happy Home Paradise is a must-own for Animal Crossing fans."

The unanimous verdict is that the DLC is a tremendous value add for New Horizons players.

Incredible Value

Available for only $24.99, Happy Home Paradise offers an immense amount of content and new features.

Hundreds of Hours of Gameplay

With unlimited vacation homes to design plus facilities, the DLC provides hundreds more hours of designing gameplay.

Tons of New Furniture & Items

The over 430 new furniture and item options drastically expand your catalog for decorating.

Whole New Creative Experience

Ultimately it adds an entirely new creative mode focused on designing, differentiated from the core life sim gameplay.

High Dollar-Per-Hour Value

Given the sheer hours of content, the dollar-per-hour value is extremely high. Even 100 hours would be only $0.25 per hour – exceptional value.

Without question, Happy Home Paradise provides outstanding value for only $24.99.

For any Animal Crossing fan who enjoys the decorating, customizing, and design aspects of the game, Happy Home Paradise is a must-have DLC. At only $24.99, it adds practically endless new design opportunities, items, customization features, gameplay, and value. Unless the only part of the game you enjoy is the core life simulation, Happy Home Paradise is absolutely worth purchasing.

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