HEXXEE Socks Review: Bold Designs Meet Athletic Performance

Express Your Personality While Powering Through Your Workouts

As an avid runner and weekend warrior myself, I‘m always on the hunt for socks that can keep up with my active lifestyle. From marathon training to kickboxing class, I need something that wicks moisture, prevents blisters, and brings a little flavor to my fitness wardrobe.

So when I stumbled upon HEXXEE—a UK-based brand spicing up performance socks with over 200 vibrant designs—I was immediately intrigued. Could these eccentric socks really deliver on both style and function?

After testing out several pairs myself, I‘m excitement to share my thorough HEXXEE socks review today, including:

  • The proprietary materials and technologies that set them apart
  • Sizing guidance for the perfect fit
  • Spotlights on top-rated designs customers love
  • Care instructions to make them last
  • Close look at social proof and reviews
  • Where to score discounts and shop the brand

If you want compression socks built for athletic endurance but crave more self-expression, read on for the full scoop.

An Innovative Design and Unparalleled Variety

Established in 2019, HEXXEE brings over 200 dynamic sock designs to runners, gym rats, yogis and beyond. But they don‘t just rely on loud colors and patterns to make a statement…

These performance socks are intricately engineered for comfort, compression and blister-prevention. The founders brought years of R&D into fabric technologies and fit testing to the drawing board.

The result is a moisture-wicking sock that provides ample arch support and protective cushioning. Over 20 color-rich designs feature anti-abrasion fibers to prevent painful blisters. Ankle and toe cushioning absorbs impact as you sprint, cycle and stomp through HIIT workouts.

For enhanced comfort, airflow circulates around your feet to prevent stuffiness. And the 15 mmHg of graduated compression encourages healthy circulation.

So beyond just making a fashion statement (which they excel at too), HEXXEE socks equip your feet to perform their best.

Cutting-Edge Materials For Optimal Function

HEXXEE constructs their high-performance socks using an innovative blend of 4 premium yarns:

70% DriFIT Polyester: Made popular by athletic brands like Nike and Lululemon, this quick-drying fiber whisks sweat away from skin during movement. By keeping feet dry and comfortable, DriFIT allows you to stay focused on crushing your next sprint or lifting record.

20% Cotton: Offering supreme softness, breathability and moisture control, cotton makes this athletic sock gentle on sensitive skin.

10% Elastane: Allowing the fabric to stretch and rebound into shape, this spandex-like yarn provides mobility.

4-Yarn Terry Loops: Built to cradle your feet in cushiony support, this smart construction offers shock absorption and luxurious comfort across the sole and upper foot.

Together, the moisture-wicking performance, temperature regulation and four-way stretch facilitates active movement. Meanwhile plush terry loops treat your feet to pillowy support right where you need it most.

Find Your Perfect Fit

Finding the ideal compression that keeps socks firmly in place comes down to proper sizing.

Luckily, HEXXEE provides detailed size charts for both men and women. Here‘s a helpful breakdown:

Men‘s Sizing

  • Medium: Fits shoe sizes 7-8.5 (UK) / 8-10 (US)
  • Large: Fits shoe sizes 9-12 (UK) / 10.5-13 (US)

Women‘s Sizing

  • Small: Fits shoe sizes 3-6 (UK) / 5-7.5 (US)
  • Medium: Fits shoe sizes 6.5-9 (UK) / 8-10.5 (US)

For the ideal compression, performance and blister prevention, be sure to reference these metrics against your own shoe size. HEXXEE also recommends measuring the length and circumference of your feet if you‘re between sizes.

5 Bestselling Designs Customers Adore

Okay, now for the fun part—a peek into some of HEXXEE‘s vibrant style offerings. From tie-dye to baby dinos, there‘s a pattern to suit every personality.

I‘ll spotlight a few favorites that combine moisture-wicking tech and eye-catching motifs to take your workout style up a notch:

1. HEXXEE Tie Dye Socks – Ice Blast

When summer temps climbed above 100°F, I needed something bright and cheery to stay motivated. I instantly fell for these tie-dye socks dubbed "Ice Blast."

True to their name, the icy palette helps me feel cooler, while moisture-wicking fibers prevent sweaty slippage inside my neon trainers.

I also appreciate the seamless toe for blister prevention on long jogs. And did I mention the vibrant ‘80s vibe that sparks joy? $25 well spent if you ask me!

2. HEXXEE Leopard Print Socks

A favorite among HEXXEE customers, these fierce leopard print socks let you tap into your inner wild thing. With 11 color variations, you can coordinate your headset, shoes and beyond for a totally fierce gym kit.

I love how the graduated compression keeps my arches supported through agility drills while the cushioned footbed smooths out pavement pounding.

For $25, you can‘t beat top-tier performance and standout style. Roar! 🐆

3. HEXXEE Watermelon Socks

If you‘re craving a fruity fashion statement, HEXXEE‘s mouthwatering watermelon socks hit the sweet spot. Between the juicy red hues and embroidered melon seeds, this summery style scores high marks for cuteness.

But don‘t let the playful exterior fool you. These socks offer legit performance benefits for fitness buffs and weekend warriors alike. Plush terry loops coddle feet to prevent blisters while DriFIT tech keeps toes dry mile after mile.

Treat your feet to sweet hydraulic support and style for just $25.

4. HEXXEE Witchy Socks

For the aspiring witch or wizard athlete out there, these HEXXEE socks cast a spell of comfort and sorcerous style. Funky potion bottles and magic wand motifs let you channel your inner Hermoine during training.

Complete with subtle stripes and stars, this $25 magical pair offers everyday enchantment inside the gym or out.

5. HEXXEE Glow Dino Socks

Drumroll please…this might just be my personal fave among HEXXEE‘s striking designs. These glow-in-the-dark ankles feature glimmering constellations and neon dinosaurs for show-stopping style.

I‘m obsessed with how the glittering dinos transform into vibrant beacons once the lights go out. And the plushy cotton-rich construction keeps my feet blissfully comfy whether I’m crushing a HIIT class or stretching out in yoga.

For $25, I scored both showstopping steeze and high-performance comfort with these must-have dino socks!

Caring For Your HEXXEE Socks

To keep your HEXXEE socks looking and performing their best through seasons of wear, follow these key care instructions:

Machine Wash Cold

Tumble dry low under 30° Celsius using a gentle cycle. This preserves the socks‘ fit, wicking abilities and vibrant colors over time.

Line Dry

While machine drying won‘t destroy your HEXXEE socks, air drying them flat or on a rack helps maintain elasticity and brightness through years of wear.

Avoid Bleach & Boiling

Bleach can degrade performance fibers and dull prints. And excess heat from boiling can damage sock construction. For best results, skip these laundry methods.

Target Customer & Use Cases

Engineered with athletic performance, compression and foot protection in mind, HEXXEE socks shine for:

Fitness Fanatics

Whether you love HIIT classes, running, boxing or lifting, HEXXEE socks stand up to tough training. Targeted compression energizes muscles while plush cushioning prevents foot fatigue.

Endurance Athletes

From marathon runners to long-distance cyclists, HEXXEE socks promote circulation and foot health mile after mile. Anti-blister construction keeps painful hot spots at bay when you‘re racking up the miles.

Weekend Warriors

If you dabble in casual sports and admire athletes, HEXXEE brings pro-level performance to your hobbyist fitness routine. The moisture-wicking fabric keeps up with weekend matches while the fun motifs reflect your vibrant personality.

Gym Fashionistas

For those who care just as much about looking cute en route to barre class as crushing it inside the studio, HEXXEE socks make it happen. Bold prints and go-with-anything neutral tie-dyes take your workout ‘fit next level.

Rave Reviews Across The Web

Scouring the web for customer perspectives on everything from fit to quality and style, HEXXEE socks shine with positive praise.

Here‘s a sample of the social proof that caught my eye:

"These socks are awesome! The quality and design are fantastic. The colors are as bright as the images shown. The material is not thick and bulky so you aren‘t sweating or squeezing your feet into trainers. And the range of designs is unbelievable!"

"Perfect for working out, the amount of compression/support is spot on. So good in fact I have about 25 pairs and I’ve got my workout buds hooked on them too."

"The combed cotton inside makes them super soft. Plus they have great arch support and padding around the heel and toes. Not too thick either which I like for wellies and trainers."

Based on the hundreds of 5-star reviews across TrustPilot, Google and more, HEXXEE socks deliver on quality, performance and style.

Score Discounts On HEXXEE Socks

While $25 per pair represents solid value considering the athletic-grade construction, you can often save on HEXXEE socks with these promos:

👉 10% off when you join the email list

👉 15% student discount with verification

👉 Contests & giveaways like the Instagram photo challenge to win a £100 shop credit!

Where To Buy HEXXEE Socks

Based in the UK, HEXXEE socks ship worldwide from their site and various retailers like:

👟 SportsDirect
👟 Rxrox
👟 2Pood
👟 MyFeelFit
👟 GeneJack

UK residents can also find select designs through brick-and-mortar stores for local convenience:

  • Selfridges (London, Birmingham, Manchester)
  • Harvey Nichols (London, Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh)
  • JD Sports (all locations)

Shop HEXXEE Socks & Apparel Now

👉 www.hexxee.co.uk

Beyond funky sock designs, HEXXEE also crafts matching headbands, hats, face masks and other athleisure apparel so you can coordinate head-to-toe.

Their sister brand Hexxie offers larger sizes for a comfy, inclusive fit.

HEXXEE Shipping, Returns & Exchanges

HEXXEE aims to process and dispatch orders within 1-2 working days on average. Here are the estimates once shipped:

UK Delivery

  • Standard: 2-4 business days
  • Express: 1-2 business days

US Shipping

  • Standard: 7-10 business days
  • Express: 5-7 business days
  • Super Express: 2-3 business days

See their website for delivery timelines to other countries worldwide.

Returns and exchanges are accepted within 30 days of purchase if the socks are unworn. Simply print a return label from their site and drop the package at your local post.

How To Reach HEXXEE Customer Service

By email: [email protected]

By phone: 0121 622 668

Or mail written correspondence to:

95 Moseley Street
Birmingham B12 0RT
United Kingdom

Alternative Athletic Sock Brands

While I wholeheartedly recommend HEXXEE‘s quality and self-expression, here are a few comparable performance sock brands to also consider:

👟 Bombas: cushioned casual and athletic sock styles for men and women

👟 Darn Tough: wool hiking and lifestyle socks crafted for longevity

👟 Injinji: toes socks providing proprioception for runners & athletes

👟 Smartwool: merino wool socks regulating temperature for outdoor sports

Express Your Sole With HEXXEE Socks

If you‘re seeking moisture-wicking, blister-thwarting performance socks with way more personality than your average white tube sock, look no further than HEXXEE.

With over 200 vibrant designs bursting with self-expression, you‘re guaranteed to find the perfect pattern to fuel your fitness passions.

So why settle for boring socks when you can make a bold statement and crush your PB at the same time?HEXXEE brings the fun while taking performance functionality to the next level.

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