What are the Best Ways to Profit Online from the Growing eSports Industry?

The eSports industry is blowing up and continuing to balloon at an astonishing rate. It’s projected to earn revenue in excess of $3.5 billion by 2025, and this will open up plenty of opportunities for business-savvy people to profit. There are three key areas that are set to grow in tandem with the eSports sector, and you can get into any of these from a laptop with an internet connection.

If you’re looking for a business opportunity related to eSports, it’s wise to look at what exists in traditional sports and replicate it with competitive gaming in mind.

Get Into eSports Journalism

Ever since the dawn of sports, people have been making money from writing about it. Before the internet, this was always done in newspapers and magazines, but now, virtually anyone can write about it online.

This means that anybody could start creating articles about eSports as well. As the competitive gaming industry attracts more viewers, greater numbers of people will want to read about matches and enhance their knowledge.

Setting up a dedicated eSports news site is simple, and you can do so using a template website building tool. All you have to do is pay for a domain and hosting service. To get attention, you’ll need to post regular content and promote it through various social media channels.

A bit of prior knowledge about the games would help, but it isn’t essential. Writers can easily learn on the job and get to know the various competitions and teams by researching them and watching the events.

Start a Betting Site

There’s already a booming betting industry around eSports, as bettors have found that the games have many similar elements to traditional sports. This means that they can study the numerous factors surrounding the games and make predictions about who might win.

Setting up an eSports betting site is much simpler than you may have previously believed. Because the gambling industry is so competitive, there are now services such as sportsbook software providers that help people build sportsbooks without needing any coding or website experience.

These have all the tried and tested systems in place and provide expert advice about how to develop a betting site. This service can easily be applied to regular sports or competitive gaming.

Become an eSports Streamer

Live streaming has become one of the most popular forms of technology over the last three years, and gaming has been a driving force behind its rise. Players have been streaming on Twitch since 2011 and, in recent years, the service has also witnessed an increase in the number of people broadcasting eSports events.

More than 5 million people watched the Free Fire World Series in 2021, highlighting how many fans are keen to watch these events. A business opportunity could be to set up a dedicated eSports channel with commentary from gaming experts.

In a few years’ time, there will be a plethora of dedicated eSports sites that give users another way to enjoy the games. Getting a business out there early could give you the edge over your competitors.

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