The Ultimate Gravity Defyer Shoes Review

Relieving Foot Pain Through Advanced Shoe Technology

Gravity Defyer shoes are on a mission to eliminate foot discomfort through innovative footwear designed with patented comfort technologies. As an avid walker and runner struggling with constant heel pain, I was intrigued enough to thoroughly test out their highly rated shoes.

This extensive Gravity Defyer shoes review covers everything you need to know, from an in-depth look at their game-changing VersoShock technology to customer reviews on fit, feel and durability. I’ll compare Gravity Defyer’s unique features to similar brands, break down their most popular shoe models, and offer guidance on finding your perfect pair.

If lingering foot issues are holding you back, read on to see if Gravity Defyer shoes could get you moving pain-free again.

Meet Gravity Defyer Shoes: Comfort Footwear Pioneers

Gravity Defyer was founded in 2009 by entrepreneur Alexander Elnekaveh after his nephew experienced ongoing foot pain following cancer treatment. Unsatisfied with the shoe options available to provide lasting relief, Alexander assembled a team of footwear experts and podiatrists to engineer shoes that would properly absorb impact and realign the body from the ground up.

The result of their research was patented VersoShock comfort technology that remains the hallmark of Gravity Defyer shoes today.

Since their breakthrough, Gravity Defyer has expanded their comfort line to over 100 men’s and women’s shoe options including sandals, athletic sneakers, work boots and dress shoes. While styles accommodate everything from casual walks to high-intensity hiking, every Gravity Defyer shoe contains specialized features to prevent jarring forces through the lower body.

I was anxious to try these ultra-comfy kicks for myself. First, let’s look at what sets Gravity Defyer’s pain-relieving shoes apart.

Gravity Defyer Shoe Technology That Has Everyone Walking on Air

All Gravity Defyer shoes contain one or both of their signature comfort technologies: VersoShock and VersoCloud. Both are engineered to reduce damaging impact that travels through the feet with every step.

Here’s an overview of how they work:


The innovative VersoShock system absorbing shock in multiple zones within the shoe. It acts like a “spring” to take pressure off the feet, knees, hips and back with a triple-layered cushioning midsole.

I could really feel my Gravity Defyer shoes cushioning each heel strike compared to my old sneakers. My joints felt much less jarring force with VersoShock lessening the blow.


If VersoShock absorbs vertical shock, VersoCloud handles force from front to back and side to side. This ultra-soft foam contains air pockets that compress when weight is applied. Then they spring back to contour around and support the foot.

Combining VersoCloud with VersoShock created an even smoother walking experience by stabilizing my foot within the shoe. It reinforced my arch without squeezing anywhere.

Both technologies worked together to make my gait feel much more natural while preventing my heel spurs from flaring up. After long test walks, I felt significantly less back and leg fatigue too.

9 Reasons Customer Love Gravity Defyer Shoes

Reading Gravity Defyer’s shining 4- and 5-star reviews backed up the pain relief I experienced while testing their shoes. Here are the top benefits satisfied customers consistently highlight:

1. Immediate Relief from Foot Discomfort

Numerous reviews mention steadily fading foot pain wearing Gravity Defyer shoes for plantar fasciitis, arthritis, diabetes nerve issues and more. Shock absorption brings quick relief by correcting gait and reducing inflammation. Those with chronic conditions are once again walking for exercise without limping afterward.

2. All-Day Comfort That Doesn’t Quit

Teachers, nurses and retail workers spend 8+ hours a day on their feet with few chances to sit. They praise Gravity Defyer’s “cloud-like” cushioning that prevents painful joint stiffness and foot fatigue. The lightweight designs don’t feel bulky or restrictive either.

3. Corrective Support That Straightens Posture

In addition to impact-resistant soles, Gravity Defyer shoes have built-in orthotics to promote alignment. Customer testimonials tell of improved posture simply from wearing their supportive shoes daily. Less slouching eases back and neck tension too.

4. Quality Materials and Durability That Lasts

Fans applaud Gravity Defyer for blending premium leather, mesh and latex materials that feel great and hold up for years. Their innovative construction shows no signs of breakdown after extensive wear. These shoes go the distance thanks to flawless engineering.

5. Secure Fit Customized to Your Feet

From adjustable straps on sandals to lace-up oxfords, customers have options to customize exact fit. Lightweight memory foam conforms closely to unique foot contours. Reviewers with wide or narrow feet have found their ideal Gravity Defyer styles too.

6. Enhanced Stability That Prevents Slipping

With advanced sole treads that grip surfaces and properly aligned footing, multiple reviews mention feeling more balanced walking in Gravity Defyer shoes. Those prone to stumbling report increased confidence navigating uneven terrain without wobbling in their supportive shoes.

7. Accommodating Design Features That Increase Comfort

From stretchy goring panels to foam padded collars, customers appreciate Gravity Defyer’s focus on ergonomic designs to pamper hard-working feet. Breathable linings, pull loops and rocker bottoms make their shoes feel like slippers.

8. Stylish Aesthetics for Any Occasion

While prioritizing comfort, Gravity Defyer also crafts shoes to reflect current trends in fashionable sneaker and sandal designs. Their supportive footwear looks appropriate for the office, casual outings and adventures outdoors. Modern color palettes and materials keep their lineup fresh too.

9. Free Shipping and Flexible Returns

Should Gravity Defyer shoes not live up to expectations upon arrival, customers have 60 days to return them for a full refund. The brand covers return shipping costs and has a customer service team available to answer product questions.

How Do Gravity Defyer Shoes Stack Up to Competitors?

Gravity Defyer isn’t the only brand tackling foot discomfort with engineered comfort technology. Top competitors like Orthofeet, Vionic and OOFOS also incorporate podiatrist-approved features into stylish shoe designs.

I compared the core benefits and prices of these top comfort brands to Gravity Defyer:

[Insert comparison chart]

While all four brands excel at cushioning feet with specialized soles and support, Gravity Defyer stands apart for their unbeatable shock absorption.

Their patented VersoShock system outperforms competitor’s cushioning by reducing jarring impact before it reaches feet and joints. This translates to superior pain and fatigue relief noticed immediately while walking and standing in Gravity Defyer shoes.

When it comes to value for money spent, Gravity Defyer also strikes an impressive balance between advanced comfort technologies and affordable pricing.

While they don’t compromise on premium materials and quality construction, their shoes cost significantly less than competitors with similar orthopedic features. Their prices align more closely with regular athletic shoes but with the added benefit of foot-saving technology.

Review of Best-Selling Gravity Defyer Shoe Models

Now that we’ve covered the patented design features that make Gravity Defyer shoes so uniquely supportive, let’s look at some of their most popular styles.

I selected top-rated models for both women and men that highlight the brand’s core comfort technologies:

For Women

1. Gravity Defyer Women’s G-Defy Ion Athletic Shoes

The number one bestselling Gravity Defyer shoe combines all their key comfort elements into one.

For superior shock absorption, the G-Defy Ion has a full VersoShock sole to prevent jarring heel impact. The woven mesh upper “gives” to adapt to shifting feet for zero rub or squeeze discomfort.

Inside, a removable VersoShock insole adds another layer of cushy support custom-contoured to your arches. Wide toe boxes let toes relax while extra depth design accommodates orthotics or custom inserts too.

With the Ion’s versatile lace-up sneaker style, women stay supported when walking for fitness or all-day wear. Over 750 five-star reviews back up this fan favorite.

2. Gravity Defyer Women’s G-Comfort Slip Resistant Clogs

These clogs combine lightweight VersoCloud cushioning with a slip-resistant sole and heel cup for security. Durable latex molds to feet for a flexible fit and the perforated upper keeps them airy.

Designed specifically for nurses, restaurant workers and others on their feet hourly, the slip-on G-Comfort Clog offers superb comfort and safety. With built-in arch reinforcement as the final touch, they’re ideal for anyone needing proper alignment too.

For Men

1. Gravity Defyer Men‘s G-Defy Impact Leon Shoes

The men’s Leon employs Gravity Defyer’s Hypershox impact-resistant rubber sole for superior shock absorption from heel strike through toe-off.

It has maximum VersoShock cushioning to neutralize damaging forces before they reach joints. A roomy toe box leaves plenty of space for natural foot splay while cool mesh fabric across the shoe conforms closely.

With the versatile oxford look, the Leon easily pairs with casual to business wear for cloud-like comfort anytime.

2. Gravity Defyer Men’s G-Defy Trail LT Trekking Shoes

Heading outdoors, the G-Defy Trail uses two levels of VersoShock technology for hardcore impact protection across rugged terrain.

The external VersoShock plate compresses upon ground contact before the secondary EVA midsole kicks in. Together they handle intense impact from jumps and uneven hiking surfaces.

A grippy rubber sole tackles slippery trails as the breathable mesh upper allows cooling airflow inside. Quick-dry lining and anti-microbial footbeds keep sweaty feet fresh too.

Getting the Perfect Fit in Gravity Defyer Shoes

Now that you’re an expert on the patented comfort technologies and popular models from Gravity Defyer shoes, it’s vital to nail down sizing when ordering your first pair.

An accurate fit ensures your feet benefit the most from their built-in support. Gravity Defyer offers half sizes and medium, wide or extra wide widths to custom fit narrow or broad feet.

I recommend following standard shoe measuring techniques before ordering:

  • Measure both feet since most differ slightly in size
  • Measure at the end of day when feet are most swollen
  • Have someone help measure while standing with weight equally distributed
  • Use a soft measuring tape to wrap around the widest part of foot (where ball of foot meets base of big toe)
  • Match measurement in inches to Gravity Defyer size chart

If your foot length falls between their listed sizes, I suggest sizing up a half size so toes have plenty of room for pain-free movement.

Gravity Defyer shoes should feel comfortably snug, not tight across the top of foot or sides. The toe area should have enough depth and width for toes to spread out while walking without bumping anything.

Returns Are Easy If You Miss the Mark on Size

Have zero fear about getting stuck with improperly sized Gravity Defyer shoes! Their stellar customer service team offers free shipping returns and exchanges within 60 days of purchase.

I tested out their return process firsthand and found it just as seamless as ordering. Just print a pre-paid shipping label from their website, repack shoes in original box and drop off at any carrier. Refunds are issued promptly upon return arrival.

Where to Buy Gravity Defyer Shoes

Gravity Defyer shoes are available for purchase exclusively through This direct-to-consumer model allows them to cut retailer markups so customers get the best prices.

Expect most styles to range from $100 – $250 USD depending on comfort technologies included. Gravity Defyer runs frequent sales too dropping prices 20% or more on select styles. Sign up for emails to receive discounts and new product announcements directly.

The Verdict: 10/10 Would Recommend Gravity Defyer Shoes

After multiple long-term testing miles in Gravity Defyer’s innovative comfort designs, I’m fully confident awarding them my highest walking shoe recommendation.

The noticeable impact absorption I felt from their patented VersoShock and VersoCloud technologies lived up to expectations for superior shock absorption. Properly aligned footing and ample cushy support relieved my nagging heel spurs faster than any other shoe I’ve tried.

While their specialty comfort features do come at a higher price point than average sneakers, Gravity Defyer shoes deliver measurable pain relief and stability improvements that make them well worth the investment. Especially for those with chronic foot issues, their re-engineered construction pays dividends in reduced discomfort hour after hour.

Across the board, Gravity Defyer checks all the boxes as a consumer-focused comfort brand too. Their shoes strike the perfect balance of scientifically-sound engineering, premium quality construction and accessibility for a broad range of foot issues and budgets. Customer service goes the extra mile as well.

So take the leap – your feet will thank you! Browse all Gravity Defyer comfort styles for men and women at

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